12 February 2022: Mercury trine Rahu (the north node of the moon) brings respected decisiveness and understanding the need for restraint.

Practical provisions and ensuring a solid and safe foundation. Adapting to limitation and exercising restraint when and as long as it is necessary. Understanding that some things require restraint, and that the respect of others toward us rises and falls with exemplary behavior and with being able to restrain oneself when it is really necessary.

    12 February 2022 6:38 UTC: Mercury in (Capricorn) trine the North Node in (Taurus)

Just to clarify: I'm not talking about earning respect through restraining yourself from eating a huge chocolate cake. That's necessary for yourself only, and your decision only, and no one else's business. It impacts only you, and no one else should care, unless maybe you have diabetes, they are your spouse and afraid of a life-threatening situation. I'm specifically talking about restraining oneself when others need it. For example, my grandparents experienced war and had to work with limited resources, some of which they had to travel for a longer way. That's demands a necessary and healthy restraint. When someone is lusting after someone but it's not mutual or the person has sexual trauma, they need to restrain themselves. When someone is angry and might feel like beating someone, they need to restrain themselves.
Otherwise, it's a quick way to lose respect because it is not being deserved.

You don't chose your shadows, but you chose how to work with them. You can tell yourself you are doing just fine when you are absolutely not and when you might see that reflected in a chain of broken relationships where people run from you, or you can take accountability and do the inner work.
Chiron is not back in gate 21, which brings control issues and deliberate or persistent interference. If someone pushes their garbage onto others, there simply is no way they can be respected. None. And some of them know it. Which causes them to compensate more through control and force "respect", often through the hierarchical status (e.g. head of the family, kiss daddy's hand), but status does not mean anything. Others do not know when they do not deserve respect and try to force people to give them a respect that they actively robbed themself of by behaving like a bastard and humiliating (exposing) themself in doing that, way more than the people they originally tried to humiliate. But respect can not be forced. It either happens and is naturally established as a result of one's actions, or it is not.