18 February-14 March 2022: Jupiter transits gate 63, the gate of doubt, questions, and healthy suspicion.

Jupiter enters gate 63, “After completion”: In the spiral of life all ends are beginnings. Investigating all doubt and questions thoroughly while we persevere with the right thing, and while we maintain and enforce right action.

    18 February 2022 16:01 UTC: Jupiter goes into gate 63 (63.1) and leaves on 14 March 2022

Jupiter is a very benefic planet. Gate 63 it not the completion of consciousness, although it is named “After completion” - but consciousness never is complete. There is always one more question to resolve. Instead, gate 63 is the mastery of consciousness. Because there is always one more question to resolve. And it never ends. But also, it never stops. So it ultimately leads to mastery. Master the questions, and you master consciousness and playing with consciousness. Master the questions, and you master evolving your own consciousness and the consciousness of others.

We recognize inferior influences that need to be eliminated through asking the right questions. We recognize the wrong relationships that would be a waste of energy through asking the right questions.

Jupiter in gate 63 is about not wasting our resources against overwhelming odds for temporary recognition only, and pragmatically letting things unfold naturally while we continue to persevere with what is right even in times where everything seems uncertain and doubtful. Doing that we build momentum and align to the right people. It is about asking the right questions, and exploring our questions and doubt, which ultimately might lead to a conclusion whether we can trust something or someone, or not. Jupiter in gate 63 brings a period of transformation and inner purging that might bring greater mental clarity.

Mars and Venus conjunct in gate 54, which brings extreme relationship transformation – through allowing room for all doubt to be explored and asking the right questions. Venus in waits for steep transformation when she knows it's worthwhile, while Mars in manifests such transformation because Venus or others need it.