Full moon of either depression, anxiety, and restlessness - or rigidity and the capacity for extreme restraint until the desired change can take place.

    24 July 2021 2:36 UTC: Full Moon in (Aquarius) in waxing quincunx to Venus in & Mars in▲
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in (Gemini)
    24 July 2021 16:34 UTC: Mercury in (Cancer) trine Neptune in (Pisces)
John Singer Sargent - Atlas and the Hesperides

The framework of this full moon is about mundane commitments, alliances, and intimacy. It is about staying on the surface in relationships. That can be exactly perfect for us, or it can't and we might desire more, it all depends on us and on what we want. It also can be about relationships that could go beyond the mundane, but that need to stay on the surface for now because everything else would just be too much for the other person and would overwhelm them.

This full moon also brings the energy to be empowered through union and possibly superficial intimacy and being called to take a risk.
Is it an utterly distasteful alliance that is way too restrictive and not authentic to commit to?
Or is it something worthwhile where the actions match the words?
If it's not worthwhile, we might rather stay on our own, focus on self-sufficiency, and display an extreme capacity for restraint until the right kind of intimacy or relationship shows up. This full moon can bring the knowing when it's not the right time to fight, or what is not worth fighting for and what would be too much of a restrictive and burdensome commitment.

It brings the energy to be careful what we can authentically commit to, and maybe that's also why it stays on the surface: Careful and cautious evaluation, taking on step after the other, and not rushing into things head over heels before the actual decision has been made. Once a commitment has been made, this is about sticking to the commitment. It is about knowing oneself well enough to know what one wants and what one can commit to. There are always two sides in which energy can manifest, though, and on the other side we do not know ourself, we do not know what we want, need, and can realistically give, and we wander from one person to the next always searching for the thing that we could live by. As I already mentioned, that lack of self-knowledge and self-awareness can lead to the need to have just another intimate experience where one could find oneself, and it might lead to infidelity. This can be a time where one partner takes a distasteful alliance, has an affair and cheats on the other person, and the other person sticks to the commitment and rides it out. One, or both, or all three people are staying on the surface.

For some, the restraint can lie in not having gotten the progress they desired. They might have been turned down by the company they really wanted to work at. They might not have gotten the residence permit they desired. They might simply be stuck in an unexpected lockdown because a country they spent their holiday at was flagged as high risk for COVID-19. For some, the restraint can lie in having been rejected by someone, and struggling with self-worth issues that lead into depression, but they might mask it and stay on the surface in interaction with people. When someone is put together on the surface, it doesn't mean that there isn't anything underneath. They could be full of inner turmoil or deep depression, so this is also a time to be considerate of people and to just let them be when they don't want to engage on a deeper level and just want to somehow get through their day. For others, the restraint can lie in having to take rejection as part of the process of mending old wounds with someone who doesn't believe in our sincerity, or who doesn't know who and what to commit to.
The restraint might lie in being friend-zoned, having to listen to someone's past or present experiences and problems with someone else (be it a current partner, a former partner, or an affair), and being forced to stay on the surface and restraining oneself from expressing the depth of one's feelings because it would overwhelm the other person. The restraint can also be to stay in the friend zone while they try to figure out their messy private life and commitments, and generally their emotions and fears. The restraint can lie in having to wait for someone to sort themselves out. There is never a guarantee that things work, all you can do is to rely on your inner knowing and to persevere with what feels right for you.

This full moon can bring a real struggle to persevere with detail work and investigation. It can bring restlessness and anxiety that makes it difficult to focus and to actually “use” one's mind. When we manage to push through the anxiety and do the detail work that we might need to do though, we can make discoveries that might help us to persevere, or that can help to strengthen the trust that is missing. Worry never solves problems. If worry does anything, it is to create new problems that didn't even exist before.

The best recent example that I can come up with for this energy of restraint, and yet keeping in movement to take the small steps forward, is yesterday's traffic. I was in town at the main station, and the bus home arrived late because there was an accident and a huge road block with a helicopter ambulance and everything. It was scheduled that the bus would take us back that same blocked route, so we had a problem. The bus driver was discouraged, and he gesticulated when he told us how big of an accident and road block this seemed to be, and how he managed to escape the traffic jam by a hair's breadth. In fact, when he left the bus, the first thing he told us was that the bus can not drive today and that we should take another route. But for some people who had to exit at smaller stations in between there was no other route. So the bus driver phoned his boss, and then he told us to enter the bus, and they tried to figure out the best route. When we arrived at the station right in front of the road block, I showed him on which street and corner google maps had located the road block, and there was another huge discussion on how to procede. Most people thought it would be the safest to make a huge detour in order to bypass all the traffic jams that the bus driver was so worried about. He didn't seem convinced. I said that the worst thing that could happen on that detour is stop-and-go traffic, but at least no road block, so we would make it. Then he suddenly looked at me as if something had clicked, he nodded, said something along "ok, stop-and-go just like rush-hour", and started the bus - and took the most direct road straight through the WORST traffic jam on the street right next to the accident. Maybe he had a 33.5, a 2.4 where Uranus transits right now, or something similar, it was really funny to watch. We were stuck in traffic for a bit, and sometimes we did not move at all, but overall it wasn't as bad as he had thought, and when we were past the traffic jam he was very excited to have made it and bitten through it. That can be the kind of energy of this full moon. It might feel like being deeply stuck in the mud, and there might actually be a road block, but there are always, always, always those tiny steps that we can take to keep moving toward a better place, or to prepare for the time when movement resumes.