Full Moon of Justice and the inevitable survival of right. Ego-delusion, and incurring the big fat humbling crisis that destroys the false sense of self and shatters the shadow and not-self. Cynicism, or acceptance of authentic and correct crisis as part of the way and knowing that all struggle has its beginning and will also have its end.

    20 September 2021 23:54 UTC: FULL MOON in (Pisces) conjunct Neptune in, in waxing quincunx to Mercury in, and trine the South Node in As if that wasn't self-explanatory already, the ajna center and the ego center are completely open and undefined.
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in▽ (Gemini)

Sharp judgment and a cutting tongue. Establishing correct action on the larger social realm, using power only to annihilate interference and to keep inferior elements weak so that they can't misuse power and destabilize everything, and then immediately returning back to normal purposes and letting people leave in peace. And yet, a possible dissatisfaction with always having to release power in response to interference.

If the crisis isn't induced by having to deal with outside interference, or with being on the other side of the fence and facing one's own carefully crafted false persona and having to look at one's actual motivations [ Saturn retrograde in 13.1 ], then this crisis can have to do with recognizing our path, purpose, and the only risk that is worthwhile and purposeful to take. As eye-opening as it can be, it can also bring huge emotional turmoil – as a necessary part of the way. This can be a necessary crisis that burns away some of the fears, false inauthentic concepts, false inauthentic standards, and old patterns and conditioning that block the road, especially the fears that have kept us from experiencing truly authentic intimacy.