Jupiter direct: Platform. Revolution through persuasion. Transformation through persuasion embodied in human rights and a just agenda - or heavy conditioning and empty promises with the sole purpose to exploit another. Trusting the wisdom of the higher self and choosing the path of beauty and harmony despite the necessary restraint, adaption, and control that it might demand of us – or not, and flirting with disaster: Failing to acknowledge what truly has potential, following lower immature motivations or simply being hooked by fishy promises instead of trusting ourself, acting against better knowing, and running into disaster.

    18 October 2021 5:29 UTC: Jupiter direct in▲ (Aquarius) trine Mars in and the Sun in▽ and in a semi-sextile to Pluto in Jupiter in a wide trine to Uranus in, and Mars and the Sun in a wide waxing quincunx to Uranus in
Carl Spitzweg - The Butterfly Hunter

This is about manifesting transformation through persuasion and through the control of power. It's like the taming power of the great, gate 26. This brings sales and heavy conditioning through people trying to sell to each other and convince them of their principles, their God, their honesty, their good intentions, their projects, investing in their projects or collaborating with them, and so on. If the principles are solid and of a high frequency – great! Then this will bring a great deal of transformation and positive growth on the inside and on the outside. Collectively, it can bring progress in terms of Human Rights and resource distribution, but rather locally than with joint force. It might not be implemented through a global unit and coordinated joined effort, but by separate countries implementing their own solutions separately. Attempts for teaming up might just fizzle out of bring inefficient results.

Jupiter went retrograde in the 55.3 and brought possible failure. Over the last months, Jupiter, the archetype of the husband, wandered through the territory of godhead Kali, the destroyer of false devotion. It brought a process of acknowledging that things fail or have failed (e.g. world hunger is still unresolved), or that certain things are not meant to work out altogether (e.g. certain relationships or collaborations). Jupiter retrograde might have confronted us with the question for what we can take responsibility, for what we can't take responsibility, when it is good to follow orders, and when it is good to think for ourself. Jupiter retrograde exposed what does not work, not just in our own approach, but also in established structures. Jupiter going direct brings the transformation, change, and possible reorientation to make things work (not necessarily the same thing that failed, but the thing that leads to greater beauty and harmony).

Jupiter going direct obviously impacts people with gate 49, and on a social or private level this is about marriage or divorce, which has been a main theme of the year 2021. A major theme over the recent months for emotionally defined people was to accept their emotions and thus to slowly move toward emotional clarity. I talked about this endlessly. [ Read upon what it means to have an emotional authority and to wait for emotional clarity ]. Now might be a time when an emotional bond has been forged toward another person, where the potential of the relationship has been recognized, and maybe also the other person's transformative potential or the overall transformative potential of the relationship has been recognized. Now, people are going to persuade that person to be with them. Recognizing another person's transformative potential matters because if someone does not have the drive to transform and to work on themselves, but we do, then even if the relationship works at the moment, it will only be a matter of time until we have outgrown the other person, and divorce follows probably still within the first Saturn cycle. Ironically, the only way to make something last is to embrace transformation and change, which includes acceptance of the crisis that leads up to the change.

Jupiter going direct brings a deep capacity for social transformation. It brings a transformative capacity for others through persuasion and through being able to explain and transmit to them the value of just principles and standards, and the value of Human Rights.

Collective challenge: On the downside, people refuse to adapt to what would be healthy for them and follow their immature lower motivations, or alternatively they let themselves be held back from living a truly beautiful life because they are afraid of failure (self-sabotage). Some also might sabotage their own healthy direction, and then because they are so stuck (self-inflicted), they try to distract themselves from what they are missing out on, they go for option B, C or D, and they sabotage others into sharing that same unhealthy direction with them. They might want to force an unhealthy direction upon life, coming from a very immature and ego-distorted place. They might try to talk and condition others into things, possibly into a collaboration, and yet often these things might not be correct for the other person, and they might just watch and wonder why people insist on a relationship or a collaboration that is just nonsensical and that will only bring greater disharmony, distraction, and futile struggle.

Mastering the challenge: Rejecting adaptation to things when we truly need it and do not want to be controlled (sabotaged and conditioned) by others in unhealthy ways.
Overcoming our insecurities, our fear of failure, and our fear of lack of potential, and trusting our inner truth. Jupiter retrograde in 55.3 has brought things that did not work. That was then, now is now. Only because these things did not work, it does not mean that that pattern has to repeat in the future. We learn from it what we need to learn, and then the journey continues.
I don't know if this will ring true other than for my fellow north node-people who don't have any planets on their south node that keep them stuck in the sticky comfort zone and in what's familiar even if unhealthy - but here is the perspective of my Pluto in gate 28.6: I have zero regrets over the huge things that were right for me but failed. It even brought me the best and most worthwhile and purposeful experience of my life, although it did not last. It was the most purposeful thing, and when it failed it was the most painful thing, but at least I experienced it and I don't regret it, to the contrary I'm happy I experienced it. If I had died in it, I would not have cared, at least not about myself, only about the grief of my parents and brother, and for me it would still have been worth all of it. It was short-lived, but worthwhile every second. If I had let myself be held back by fears, I would have saved me a failure, but I would also have never experienced the feeling of purpose and the deep, deep fulfillment and meaning that comes with it – I would not even know it exists, and I would not know that fulfillment is possible. If you won't do what feels right for your whole being, but if instead you make foul compromises and self-sabotage yourself into way less than you could have - would you regret it your whole life? Would you stay wondering what would have happened if only you would have the courage to do it? Would you beat yourself up over not doing it? Deep regret sounds like a price that is way too high to pay. Regret and the pain over having abandoned yourself, your hopes, and your dreams is a very painful thing to carry. Often times, in the long run the regret will be a much higher price and a much more painful price to pay than the possible failure that we might risk. Failure might bring immediate pain that passes and at some point makes room for beautiful memories. Regret and the question on what kind of beautiful memory you missed gathering tends to stick. Imagining these different consequences of our possible action and weighing them against each other, we can realize what's truly important to us, and we can push through the fear.
Another aspect of mastering the challenge has to do with the restraint that we might need in order to get something across and to be able to persuade others and convince them of principles or of an agenda that is fair and embodied in Human Rights (or of our emotions and intentions with them). On the up side, this brings great capacity for restraint, adaptation to changing times, veiling our inner light when we need it and when it is socially necessary (which in some form is part of the energy of the coming eclipse in November), and explaining to people the benefits of something. We control our power in a way that serves the common good, and hold back our own sensitivities or even destructive tendencies for something greater. This can be about developing a healthy self-control. Also, you can only persuade someone if there is reciprocity. If there is no reciprocity at all, but instead a very clear statement of rejection or exclusion, continuing to persuade them would become boundary violation, and that also brings the need for self-restraint.