Mercury direct: Questions of recognizing authentic potential and self-worth, which allows us to do what's practical – or letting oneself be being discouraged. Recognizing the practical steps and actions to take. Being wild and warning people can also be practical, especially in times of such heavy conditioning. Uncovering the depth of our inner wildness, untamedness, and freedom.

    18 October 2021 15:16 UTC: Mercury direct in (Libra) opposite Chiron in trine Saturn in▲ and trine Black Moon Lilith in and the North Node in, sextile Venus in The Moon in is in a wide waxing quincunx to Mercury.
    19 October 2021 2:36 UTC: Mars in (Libra) trine Jupiter in (Aquarius)

Collective challenge: Deep insecurity, and letting others condition us into feeling insecure, not equipped, not ready, and so on. Letting oneself be conditioned and dampened in one's enthusiasm when it comes to one's inner vision - and staying stuck. Having others project all kinds of things onto us without truly seeing us, and watch them try to fix things within us that are legit, thinking there is something wrong with us when there might rather be something wrong with them and when that's their own issue. Letting these things get way too close to us, allowing them to doubt ourself, and to make us feel to insecure – which keeps us stuck and keeps us from moving.
We can't talk others into things against their will. But talking others out of things can be equally damaging. We can offer critical feedback and questions, but ultimately we need to let each person decide for themselves and encourage them to do what feels right for them and what they feel enthusiastic about.

Mastering the challenge: Recognizing the potential that's authentic, recognizing what's practical to do, including on the material realm, and having learned to accept change. Possibly going for the depth in life – if that's authentic. Sometimes, this might bring recognition of the secrets of time, what will happen in the future, or when it might be a practical time to act. Sometimes, these secrets can be encouraging, sometimes they can be discouraging, but ultimately we must decide what's right for us authentically regardless: When you know what's due in 1 month, and it does not seem very favorable to you, nonetheless you still don't know what's due in 3 years. If you stick to the right thing for you, the wind might have turned by then.
Mercury went retrograde in the 32.6, and now as he turns direct the Sun is in 32.6. This is all about accepting transformation, change, and impermanence as the nature of life. Impermanence and change can be temporarily strenuous, but it does not have to make us feel insecure about ourself. Things come and go, but what we learned in that process always sticks with us as a valuable lesson. It can lead to deeper solutions through the lessons having been learned, and to a deeper ability to experience life.
This is also is about waiting for clarity, of for the right moment to share our feelings, or whatever things we learned, WHILE WE DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO DISCOURAGE US AND TO DAMPEN OUR ENTHUSIASM FOR WHAT EXCITES US! Rejecting when others project their own imbalanced energy and shadows onto us.
It can also go the other way: Positive encouragement of others, seeing how things work well, and finding deeper enthusiasm.

Once again, there is a similar energy to the one from October 15th.
This energy that accompanies Mercury going direct is about manifesting transformation through being able to restrain oneself and about maintaining harmony through control. Obviously this can be the self-control to do what we need to do and what's practical in order to develop solutions, or to create or maintain a platform for change. But it also is about controlling others when they interfere and need to be controlled, or when they simply are the type of person that does not have an independent character and needs clear instructions to follow. First and foremost, this will be about controlling one's own power in the right ways, and putting one's wildness on display as a warning, but not using the power against others unless someone really wants to test our boundaries and starts to interfere with us.