New Moon of gradual development and transition into new beginnings. Either being self-righteous, or letting go, separating from the old, and making space for a new cycle of experience. Having hope in waiting for and persisting with those new beginnings that truly reflect us and our inner truth, and resting reassured that for the right thing it's worth to wait and to make sacrifices along the way (but the wrong thing isn't worth the sacrifice and distraction).

    10 July 2021 1:16 UTC: New Moon in▲ (Cancer) opposite Pluto in▲, trine Neptune in, and in waxing quincunx to Saturn in
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)

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This week starts a new moon cycle. The coming two moon cycles (July and August) will bring difficult energies to deal with, but they can also instigate extreme transformation. They will bring new beginnings, but also endings that can be very difficult. The coming months can bring a healthy separation from toxic cycles, both of which can bring a yearning, burning, and raging against fate, either due to still having to deal with that mess, or due to being excluded, taking it personal, and losing one's self-worth. What goes around comes around, but mostly it comes around for us to understand the consequences of our actions, and to induce necessary change and inner transformation, or to teach us something else about life that otherwise we would not have learned. Rejection brings introspection on what needs to change. Sometimes the lesson might be that we didn't act right and something needs to change within us so that we can feel more confident about ourself and our actions. Sometimes the lesson might be that we can't always have what we want to have or what we think we want to have, and that some things and people simply are a mismatch, and there is nothing personal about that. It might simply mean that we might vibe much better with someone else out there, but in order for such a true match to work, we might have needed to make a few other experiences in order to learn through experience and be ready for the real thing. Sometimes, the rejection might be as simple as phoning someone for an appointment or for getting work instructions, but each time they are out of office or in a meeting, and it might take a few approaches to get through. Sometimes, rejection such as work place gossip might push us to find our inner sense of worthiness, to rise beyond external rejection, and to set better boundaries. It also might show us what does not work with a project or approach to a task we are supposed to do, and what we need to approach differently, or it might show us where we are in the wrong environment with the wrong people that we better separate from and seek new beginnings elsewhere. No ego is strong if it can't take rejection, and for any material endeavors in general, it might also be necessary to accept a bunch of “no” in order to get to the “yes” that's correct and authentic for all parties involved. It is about persisting because you know that you can bring the benefit to others and to the whole.

Gerome - The Two Majesties

Upon separating from old toxic cycles, there will be those who can't let go, who take rejection personal, go on a crusade, and will create problems and interference. It's upon us to have the proper strategy and response ready, and to not let ourself be distracted from what matters to us.

Essentially though, this moon cycle is about new beginnings, being careful in what we commit to, rather restraining ourself than to say yes to the wrong thing, and sticking to it if we happen to face something worthwhile to commit to from a place that is truly authentic. If there is no new beginning right in front of our nose that is authentic to commit to, this moon cycle can bring energetic new beginnings and steep inner transformation to get us ready for outer changes at a later point.

This moon cycle is tricky in particular.
If we follow a call that feels right, new alliances might be introvert relationships that are very nourishing because everyone is self-sufficient. Alternatively, they might lead us into deeper self-sufficiency or support us in our self-sufficiency. If it's an intimate new beginning, we might get to know ourself a lot better through having this experience with another person.
If we follow the wrong call for the wrong new beginning, which means if we rush into new beginnings when they do not feel right altogether, or when they do not feel absolutely right yet because there is still uncertainty, then we might end up being depleted and sapped in our strength by those people and new beginnings that weren't authentic. If it's an intimate new beginning, it might as well be about secretly cheating on a committed partner. In such "new beginnings gone wrong", anxiety and depression might then easily keep people from functioning well in every day life, or from doing the detail work they might need to do in order to understand the situation and to make the best of it. Sometimes, a bad surprise might need to happen for us to get somewhere else and to get us to transform our life - and in such a case, even a bad surprise can turn out to be a good thing in retrospect. But if you already know beforehand, that something doesn't feel right for you and that it is merely a distraction from what actually matters to you, and if it simply does not feel right to engage in it, then that's not something to be argued with. That's your truth to be trusted. It's of essential importance to your well-being to honor your inner truth.

As I already mentioned, the underlying energy during this whole moon cycle is about either having the humility to accept rejection, or a lack of humility and taking rejection personal.

If this is an immediate new beginning, for example lets say someone is dating and looking for a mate, then over the course of the next weeks it might become clear when the values are not aligned, and rejection might happen.
Let's call to mind that we are in the middle of a Jupiter retrograde where some things might not work out, and the eclipses that determine the 2nd half of 2021 also align with that energy. That means, even if something feels correct for us to do, it's best to enter with caution, without expectations, and to just see where it goes. And if it doesn't go anywhere, and we reap rejection or have to reject someone, then we investigate what we can learn from that, and we recognize the value of the experience in teaching us something new that changes our future approach and trajectory, and can bring us further toward progress. With all its difficulties, and often due to all of its difficulties, this moon cycle can bring extremely strong transformation that can completely change someone or completely change where they are going in life.

The next moon cycle in August

This moon cycle in July is about being humble and strong enough to accept rejection (or not). The next moon cycle in August is about rejecting misleading enthusiasm, being objective enough to recognize what can't work and stepping down for the greater good. On the other side, the next moon cycle in August can also bring the refusal to accept rejection and to step down, and thus having to be removed from power by other people (one big ego mess).
On the other side of the fence where people have to defend and protect themselves against persistent interference, this either will be about being way too peaceful, having misplaced sympathy, and thus having trouble to maintain right action and to eliminate people and experiences from our life who pull us down into their mud, but who deliberately want to have us down at their level, who deplete us, and who refuse to step down and leave us alone. In the healthy frequency, it will be about enforcing right action, enforcing solid boundaries, and having the proper strategy ready for oneself and for those who struggle to defend themselves on their own – leading those who are weak and eliminating those from our life who are inferior.

On both ends of the conflicting parties, this can bring difficulties with eliminating bad feelings. Yet, we are not responsible for the feelings of entitled people who overstep our boundaries. We are not responsible for someone else's happiness and for making them feel good.
The key to recognize is that having the wrong people in our life and being too peaceful too cut them off, always creates bad feelings. They are there at the expense of our emotional well-being. That's not healthy for both sides. It's a recipe for decay.

When we have the right people in our life and entered into these relationships according to our inner authority and truth, the good outweighs the bad, and we will only experience those negative feelings and struggles that are authentic and worth it.

Also, if you maintain right action and enforce right action in yourself, you are unlikely to have trouble maintaining your self-worth because you yourself know that you are alright, and that even if things failed you did the right thing.
If you don't maintain or maintained right action though, the loss of self-worth is supposed to point you to something that needs to change. It's very simple. We did not choose as who we were born, and we do not choose our life lessons, but we choose what we make of it in the here and now. We choose whether we hide our dirt under the carpet only to repeat the same bad experience over and over again, or whether we look at our own dirt and try to change within ourself what needs to be changed, so that we can live in integrity, love for ourself, and generally have a better life.

Life is meant for us to mature from it. When we are 40, we are not supposed to do the same stupid shit that we did when we were 15. But we need some difficult lessons in life to teach us that.