New Moon of highly pressured memories and confusion, yet bending to the inevitable flow of life and being convinced that we will make it. A moon cycle of maintaining practicality in difficult endings and transitions.

7 September 2021 0:51 UTC: NEW MOON in▲ (Virgo) in waxing quincunx to Chiron in, in waning quincunx to Saturn in, opposite Neptune in, trine Uranus in
Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Gemini)
Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)
7 September 2021 1:28 UTC: Sun in▲ (Virgo) trine Uranus in (Taurus)

Astrology Report
Herbert James Draper - The Mountain Mists

Hesitant reconsideration: Being conditioned to take someone back or to integrate someone new, but whether you do or not that's up to you, two people will not necessarily have the same perspective on what can work and what's worth making it work to begin with. Memory, doubt, and questions. Calmly facing transformation, impermanence, and change while focusing on what's practical, and sitting with the confusion, knowing that life will bring order and lead us to the other side.

This new moon leads up to a full moon of a deeply humbling crisis, justice, and the possible survival of right. It is about the necessity to respond to interference with the strongest possible reaction without having any regret – some people won't get it otherwise and will just continue their abuse as usual as long as they always succeed as abusers. Most people might have the crisis because someone messes with them (again) and they are just so over it and fed up with interference and the level of stupidity and violation that some people are capable of.
It also is about being sensitive or finally starting to be more considerate to the practical needs of others, finding the wisdom and realism to correct one's judgment, and letting someone go in peace, even though there might be a deep dissatisfaction with how things went. There is the possibility to recognize that other people don't need one's ego distortion, or that they generally need a different direction than we thought, or and that their natural direction and purpose in life is not aligned with ours.

On the more positive end, it brings remembrance and remembering the good old times, and nonetheless having some kind of emotional crisis over it that emerges out of pure feelings and that is deeply authentic. This full moon can bring the need for a severe reaction to interference, but also the blame that comes with it from people who don't like that, and who are uncomfortable with solid healthy boundaries. It can bring justice, the survival of right, and even attempts to establish justice and right action on the larger social realm, and yet it can bring a dissatisfaction with what we see. Sometimes, the dissatisfaction might stem from reaping an unpleasant karmic backlash of one's unclean motives or general actions that is supposed to bring us a crisis that destroys the false sense of ego and pushes us deeper into our innocence (cause and effect). Sometimes, the dissatisfaction might stem from the fact that some things can't be undone and can never ever be balanced out and forgotten on the side of the victim, even if the victimizers get their legal sentence, and things seem „just“. It can never undo the knowingly inflicted trauma of the victim. Sometimes the dissatisfaction might stem from disappointed expectations, or from being disillusioned about what humanity is, and letting oneself be discouraged about that instead of simply making the best of one's own life. Sometimes the dissatisfaction might stem from not seeing that it's worthwhile yet, and not being able to appreciate the long way that we have come.
On the other hand, we do appreciate the small steps and victories, and we don't focus too much on the negative things, but we see the full picture: the good and the ugly.
That's going to be the energy of the full moon in two weeks. Back to this full moon:

During the previous moon cycle, it might have been difficult to eliminate painful memories, feelings, and to not get lost in confusion or let toxic people run over us. This moon cycle brings the determination to overcome all of that confusion, emotionally charged memories, or even trauma. It can bring a feeling of powerlessness in the face of old memories, confusion, and especially in the face of traumatic situations and events, or it can bring a feeling of being independent, empowered, and powerful.