A New Moon of leaving a person or situation alone. Continuing to interfere with others - or self-analysis, self-restraint, and abdication. Learning when to let go.

    8 August 2021 13:49 UTC: NEW MOON in▲ conjunct Mercury in▲, opposite Saturn in, square Uranus in, and trine Chiron in
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)

Collective challenge: Drama, dependence on others, and excess, all of which can burn others out. Judging a situation subjectively, being unreasonable, not seeing it clearly for what it is, maybe failing to assess other people's expression and making it what we want it to be – and thus having to be removed from power by others.

Mastering the challenge: Impartial, level-headed, and objective judgment leads to the recognition when something can't work out, no matter how much we want it to. Having the self-awareness to accept the judgment and “no” of others without making it personal, and to leave them alone when they ask for it. Finding greater self-awareness, but not getting hung up on past mistakes, and not developing a self-hatred that blocks inner growth and keeps us stuck. Recognizing what can't work and what can't last, applying self-restraint, stepping down for the benefit of the whole, and finding greater independence from other people. Understanding when something is just not for us, and understanding that those things that aren't for us are not worth waiting for, because we will wait for nothing.
Alternatively: Hoping that someone will step down and just get it, or waiting for the moment of someone leaving. Stepping down from one thing in the hopes of meeting something better elsewhere when we remain free and open. Some things can't be balanced and need to be left alone, so that something greater and more suitable can emerge for all parties involved.
Understanding the weight of the human experience and how difficult it can be to find one's way through life, which allows us to maintain harmony with our oppressors without hypocrisy, while helping the oppressed – but also knowing when and how to abandon harmony and enforce our boundaries.

The son of my parent's neighbors is a reflector with a difficult 7.4, and with a 22.2▲-Sun, and he is constantly running around getting attention, “Look! Look!”. When people are busy and too occupied with themselves to pay attention, he starts doing things that he is not allowed to do, just to get their attention. Some of it is just provocation, but some of it is really not healthy and sustainable to do. If people tell him to stop, 5 minutes later he is doing it again. That's that kind of energy of this new moon, it can be very exhausting to those who have to deal with someone who just won't get it. I don't expect that kid to change with this new moon, he is always like that, and he is quite resistant to having things explained to him and then respecting it. In the beginning, I was the one who could easily silence him just by a stare and having him sit with me, because I was the frightening stranger he did not want to sit with. Now that he has gotten to know me better and figured out that I can make him feel uncomfortable sometimes, but that I won't eat him alive, even I can't silence him anymore that easily, because to him, wronging people and negative attention is still better than no attention at all. There are adults like that, even though in them it's much less notable and somewhat covered up through adult behavioral norms and etiquette. With this new moon, these people might realize that they are adult now, and that they are responsible for their own life, entertainment, and stimulation. They might recognize that they need to accept a “no” for a “no”. Some people might realize that they are an interference to others as long as they do not accept a no and continue in their familiar ways. In less extreme cases, some people might simply realize that their place is not where they thought or hoped it to be, or they might need to accept that not everybody agrees with them and their actions.
This new moon really supports this kind of recognition and realization. It can help us to realize where we might have been disrespectful and intrusive. It can help us to realize where we might have gotten in other people's way, even if we did not intend to do that and simply weren't aware of the extent of our interference. This new moon can truly bring a new level of self-awareness. Let's be real though, there is also the other side to it: Some people might not have such a realization, and they might continue to get in other people's way and have to be removed from power and put into their place due to their intransigence.

Remark in retrospect: during this moon cycle, Ghani abdicated and the Taliban took over Kabul.