4 Nov 2021: New Moon of missing the wrong opportunity that keeps us stuck and rising above it, or irrational suspicion and paranoia that keeps us from going for the right opportunity that we desire with someone who has a healthy ego. Coming to meet, or not. A moon cycle of aloofness and very selective availability.

New Moon of indifference toward the condemnation of those who we reject and toward being rejected, and simply ensuring our well-being. Ignoring the wrong opportunities, and only going for the absolutely right relationship and the right quality of ego in others that is surrendered and willing to create something that goes beyond the ordinary, independent of their own will and ego.

    4 November 2021 21:14 UTC: NEW MOON in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in▽ , in waxing quincunx to BM Lilith in, square Saturn in▲
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in (Gemini)
Edmund Dulac - The Garden of the Woman Learned in Magic

Collectively, this is about rising beyond the ego-issues that rejection creates. It is about rising above and being indifferent to the condemnation of those who were rejected.

Collective challenge: Losing the momentum for recognition and being impatient with recognition. Losing recognition, support, and momentum by shaking hands with toxic people. Being impatient with others, specifically being impatient with the right people. On the other hand: Missing an opportunity because one is overly suspicious and paranoid. Patience will tell.

Mastering the challenge: Truly trusting your instinct in discerning who is a match and who has the right quality of ego. Either being called to find purpose through a relationship that might need quite some value refinement for it to truly go somewhere. Or, if it's not the right thing for you, not taking that relationship opportunity. Rather, waiting for the people that truly match. If it's with the right people, or with the right person, both is a viable option: It can be absolutely viable to take an opportunity that demands a lot of work, brings uncertainty if it can work, but feels worthwhile and like the right thing, and it can be viable to miss an opportunity and rather wait for the right person. It truly depends on where we are at in life.

This will lead up to a full moon of expressing a new social form, especially in having to deal with people who are abusive because they lack self-worth and feel like needing to push others down – or staying stuck in old patterns. Often times, this will be about staying stuck in social limitations, whether an opportunity is being taken or not. We can take a very unhealthy opportunity and stay stuck in that toxicity and total social restraint. We can also miss a healthy opportunity due to paranoia, suspicion, and exaggerated arrogance, which keeps us stuck right where we are at for the good or bad. This kind of missed opportunity might not have been the most healthy for the other person though, who otherwise would have to deal with the exaggerated arrogance and with constantly being put down and dissed, when in fact they were looking for a healthy ego to work with. Whether we take an opportunity or let an opportunity slide, what matters is: What are the right limitations? Are we better off dealing with the limitations on our own and/or with the support of those relationships that we already have in our life, or is there an opportunity that's truly worth a try?

There also is the possibility that through a distasteful alliance, and that through being willing to join forces with just about anybody, ultimately a mutation in awareness and a social mutation might be manifested for you or the people you are connected to. The question is: does it feel right (it likely will bring a good social mutation, whether it is the possible emergence from standstill, or if it only teaches us greater realism when we are being met with some people's abusive tendencies), or does it feel wrong (it likely will bring a bad social mutation, or none at all, and just keep you stuck, waiting and hoping).

I think summed up, from what I can tell, I'd say: Joining forces with someone who is solid in their self-worth might work in the long run and bring in a capacity for collective leadership. Joining forces with someone who has self-.worth and ego-issues to work through might bring a challenging lesson and constant difficulties when they start to push you down in order to make them feel better about themself.