Pluto direct: Being conditioned and coaxed into collaboration, distractions, and confusion applications – or having found the inner truth and certainty that we need to resist such kind of conditioning, pressure and guilt trips, and continue to do our research and exploration of our inner truth. Being fixed on our inner truth, also in regard to the right bonds and what we are open to.

    6 October 2021 18:28 UTC: Pluto direct in (Capricorn) square Mercury in, in sextile to Neptune in, in sextile to Venus in, in semi-sextile to Jupiter in▲

Pluto went retrograde by the end of April 2021 and brought a major lesson of acceptance, growing through experiencing extremes, and allowing ourself to experience all emotions so that we can find emotional clarity if we have a defined solar plexus center. Now, after months of having grown through experiencing extremes and finding deeper sensitivity toward ourself and toward our environment, Pluto goes direct and brings a fixation on the inner truth that we have found and a fixation on deepening our inner exploration or our outer research of universal underlying principles.

Those who try to condition others against their will either develop the self-awareness to admit their inadequacies and past mistakes, and they step down for the benefit of the whole and for the benefit of others - or they refuse to accept the judgment of others and their “no” and have to be removed from power. Either they realize that there is no consensus, or they don't and continue to interfere. These current times can bring people to deep violence and rage: The South Node is in gate 34 (possible frustrated towering rage and violence), Jupiter is in gate 49 (possible emotionally motivated and emotionally fueled cruel rage and violence) and Chiron is in the 21.2 (wounding through flagrant and persistence interference, and the need for the most extreme reaction in response to that). Let's not underestimate those who we already know or sense are abusive.