Weekly report 17-23 Aug 2021 ䷜ Perseverance despite worry and mental burden. Full Moon of struggling with maintaining right action, eliminating negative experiences, and eliminating negative feelings and thought loops. Struggling with memories or basking in good old memories.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Gustave Caillebotte - Les Perissoires

The previous solar week was about relationship transformation, and finding answers and formulas.

This solar week is about commitment and persistence, or no commitment and no persistence.

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17 August 2021 4:23 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 29 ䷜ (Leo) – active channels of the moment: the channel of discovery ( Sun- Venus)

Adapting and persevering in difficult times, or returning to normal after a time of struggle. Persisting to transmit wisdom and truth, and being fixed on succeeding.

    17 August 2021 13:31 UTC: Sun in (Leo) in waning quincunx to Pluto in (Capricorn)

If we can't let go and stop struggling and fighting, we keep on going and burn ourself out, or we mentally go over things again and again, and get lost in heavy confusion and mental strain. This week can bring confusion, but difficulties to find clarity.

If we can let go of recent struggles, this week brings a determined transition out of old struggles back to normal, and what remains is those memories that were good and worthwhile remembering.

Struggling with knowing what's the right strategy to apply in response to interference, and getting deeper and deeper into the mental burden and wasting the energy and resources one would need – or pragmatically thinking things through, finding what makes sense, and saying no to restrictive commitments instead of overextending ourself. Securing a safe foundation through calm perseverance without expectations.

    18 August 2021 14:09 UTC: Mars in (Virgo) in waxing quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)
    18 August 2021 22:19 UTC: Mercury in (Virgo) in waxing quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)
    19 August 2021 3:28 UTC: Mercury conjunct Mars in (Virgo)

This can also be about mental burdens from the past. It can be that we want to say yes, but at this time we can't yet, because we don't have what it takes, and we would overextend ourself and fall flat on the face.

Excited or despaired evaluation of the situation, and knowing when it's better to wait and fight another day than to overextend oneself.

    20 August 2021 0:28 UTC: Sun in (Leo) opposite Jupiter in▽ (Aquarius)

Uranus retrograde in Overwhelm through inner and outer pressure can keep people stuck in limitations and old structures that they have outgrown - or withstanding confusion and conditioning attempts, and finding our very own way. Being on track and persevering despite temporary inaction, and yet struggling with massive doubt when the resources and right time for transition might not be there yet. Being receptive to the direction that we need to head toward for ourself, despite massive doubt and confusion.

    20 August 2021 1:40 UTC: Uranus retrograde in (Taurus) trine Mercury in▽ and Mars in on the 3/6 cross of contagion. Venus in trine the North Node in
Sydney Long - Spirit of the Plains

By the time Uranus goes direct in January 2022, all the confusion and returning imagery might have resulted in a rational concept – or in irrational delusion.
By the time Uranus goes direct, someone is or has been victimized and dominated by the ordering power of others, and appeases them to get at least some rest while truly suffering the situation (which was the main challenge of 2021) – or they have stood by their conviction against all confusion, and they have found their very own way.

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This Uranus retrograde also deals with the delusion that knowledge can help us to get everything that we want, and it can lead us to actively overextend ourself in the process - the typical story of someone who spends all their savings on an expensive manifestation course, doesn't manifest what they expected, and struggles to pay their next rent. It doesn't work that way if the ego is severely unhealthy, misaligned, distorted, and simply hungry for power. Either you are aligned, or you are not. If you are not well aligned, you can do the inner work to clear your energy field and reorient yourself, but you can't try to force your will onto life and onto others. This Uranus retrograde brings the backlash and the negative feeling and raging against fate, or it brings the simple acceptance of what is and the natural alignment to OUR path and to OUR call, regardless of circumstances and people who try to mess with us and push their will onto us. Either we are going to be stuck in the raging against fate, or we are just going to be on our way without the ego and power being a huge issue, and we will arrive when we will arrive. When we are receptive to the flow of life, to the signs on the way that resonate with us, and to our inner pull, we naturally align to where we are supposed to go, and the resistance that we meet lessens.

Knowledge does help us with alignment, with finding our flow, and also with navigating life in general, but it can never help us to manifest something that is not on our natural trajectory. It can only help us to manifest what is for us anyway.

This Uranus retrograde is all about becoming selectively receptive: It is about being less receptive to unhealthy conditioning, and more receptive to the feedback of the maya (the program or matrix) and to our inner guidance that resonate with our truth and determination.

Exploring commitment and worth. What's worth committing to, delivering to, working for, biting through problems for, etc – and what isn't worth it?

    20 August 2021 8:05 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Virgo) trine Uranus in (Taurus)

Am I really on the right track? Is this where I need to go? Worrying although one is on the right direction that absolutely feels right. → Just because you don't see the results yet, or because you might go through a difficult time, it doesn't mean that you are on the wrong path.

More confusion and survival through temporary difficulties.

    22 August 2021 4:15 UTC: Venus in (Libra) trine the North Node in (Gemini)
    22 August 2021 6:37 UTC: Mars in▽ (Virgo) trine Uranus in (Taurus)

Deep anxiety, confusion, worry, general mental overload, and cynicism when we desire to correct something, but we can't just yet – or enduring those difficult things that objectively must be done or endured in order to at some point correct a situation for good.
Yes, it can be the right path although there is difficulty, mental burden, trauma, suffering. When you do what you can and simultaneously give it the necessary time for the right opportunities for change to show up and take place, even many of the worst experiences can somewhat work in your favor. These experiences can be catalysts to catapult you into a new version of yourself, into a new life that is more authentic, into a job that is more authentic, or they can simply teach you something that you might need at some point in the future.

All kinds of difficult situations might have sprung from the recent transits, I don't think today's aspects can be narrowed down to temporarily suffering through toxic relationships. Collectively speaking, either there is a situation that can't be fixed and just needs to be endured at least for a while until it can be fixed, or there is work overwhelm or some other kind of overwhelm.

Edward Okun - Golden Yarn

Full Moon of enforcing right action through seeing the full picture in all its details and recognizing what or who needs to be removed – or not, which can result in extreme dissatisfaction and huge emotional strain.

    22 August 2021 12:01 UTC: FULL MOON in▽ (Aquarius) conjunct Jupiter in▽, and square Black Moon Lilith in
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in (Gemini)

They are still there, trying to mess with us! Yikes! Alternatively, they are still there, on their way out, but the transition is not complete.

Collective challenge: Being misled into upholding toxic relationships and experiences. Being dissatisfied with the reality we see, being pulled back into yearning over old memories, over-indulging in negative feelings, and losing momentum by being overly peaceful and failing to lock the toxic people out that pull us down. Alternatively: Being dissatisfied with having people around that we don't yearn for, but either being too peaceful to end the relationship, or not having the emotional strength to eliminate negative feelings. General dissatisfaction with things and relationships that do not work. Not maintaining right action and not eliminating bad feelings and relationships, leads to hating what we see, raging against fate, and raging against being incarnated into form.

Mastering the challenge: Seeing the whole picture, including the opportunities for change and the necessity to eliminate bad feelings and inferior experiences and relationships. Not getting sloppy, paying attention to the details, and thus not losing momentum, but keeping at it, and enforcing right action. Right now it might be tough, but by persevering despite and throughout all these difficulties, ultimately we will get rid of them, and we will get somewhere good. It takes perseverance, and a sharp but objective tongue might help as well. Also, being busy and focusing on what must be done can sometimes help us to prevent getting too stuck in negative feelings and old painful memories and thought loops. Realism and the perfected form.

Remark in retrospect: during this moon cycle, Ghani abdicated and the Taliban took over Kabul.

The next solar week will be about finding union with another by being in the right spirit. It is about sexuality and breaking down barriers.