Weekly report 30 July-5 Aug 2021 ䷠ Retreat into privacy and reflecting on the past. Revelation and major realizations. Sharing secrets or keeping silent.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Rudolf Ernst - Das Grab Sultan Mehmets I

The previous solar week was about the unexpected. It brought influence and collective leadership through focusing our energy and attention on the one important dream that we might have.

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This solar week is about retreat into privacy. It is a week of reflecting and remembering, and it brings the potential for deep revelations. This kind of energy can help us to understand coherences, that previously we did not see. It could also make it easier to express things that we held close to our chest and to share our reflections on our own past with others. When someone might have stood on the surface and just kept silent and functioning for the last weeks, this week might bring new insight to them (and if only the insight to never do or allow something again), or the energies might cause people to suddenly talk about things they previously avoided.

30 July 2021 14:01 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 33▲ ䷠ (Leo)

Having learned a harsh lesson on the necessity to reject negative relationships, and continuing to uphold good boundaries with vigilance.

    30 July 2021 16:26 UTC: Venus in (Virgo) in waning quincunx to Saturn in (Aquarius)

On the challenging side, that lesson hasn't been learned yet, and we think that we can pull grass to grow. On the challenging side, we positively project onto others, we are unrealistic and hear what we want to hear. We accept people in who don't have what it takes, or who have too many demands toward us, but we think with time it will sort itself out. Well, it won't. Relationships are only supposed to be work as long as we haven't reached the maturity to make them work without all the trouble. Once we have gotten to that point of ease, the old relationship mess and drama is no longer satisfying. People either level up with us and go together with us to the next stage, or things naturally get more distant and develop into different directions, or people completely fall away, and maybe even need to be removed, dependent on how bad it is.

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Dedication to right action, and giving up unnecessary resistance to necessary change (surrendering). Knowing or investigating where to turn to, and where purpose can be found.

    31 July 2021 21:37 UTC: Sun in (Leo) trine South Node in (Sagittarius)
    1 August 2021 6:35 UTC: Mercury in (Leo) trine South Node in (Sagittarius)

Trying to find the right conditions, secrets, and strategy through disciplined attention to detail. Recognizing when we need to completely withdraw from a situation in order to survive. Surrender to more powerful forces, and/or being called to work with powerful people lays the foundation for future success. On the downside, we secretly hold resentment against them because they knew better than us (because they knew something before we did, but we didn't pay attention), or because they are more powerful than us. Yet, when we continue to learn and grow and find into our own power, we won't feel threatened by other people's power anymore, and such resentment will quickly dissipate, as well.

Frederick Cayley Robinson - In a Wood so green

Evaluation in retreat. The mindset that turns retreat into victory.

    1 August 2021 14:07 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in (Leo)
    1 August 2021 17:16 UTC: Venus in▲ (Virgo) in waxing quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)
    1 August 2021 21:49 UTC: Mercury in (Leo) opposite Saturn in (Aquarius)
    2 August 2021 6:14 UTC: Sun in (Leo) opposite Saturn in (Aquarius)

Collective challenge: Being torn in between bridge burning and the need to be wanted. Being afraid of losing one's individuality in relationship to others, and disappearing on them from one day to the other. Or the other extreme: Letting oneself be conditioned and manipulated into sticking it out due to being afraid of losing emotional or financial support. Understanding how we might have allowed others to make us dependent on them for resources and having our needs met, and how that makes it difficult to speak up for ourself, to uphold our own boundaries, and to say no, because with every "no" we might risk losing the support we are so dependent on. Some people think they can allow themselves everything simply because they provide for another person. On the flip side, some people are only with someone in order to be provided for, not because they actually like or love the other person. Needless to say, all of these variants are quite a foul deal. This transit can bring understanding of such unhealthy dynamics through taking alone time and reflecting on things. In today's transits, the thematic of cheating reappears again: One party might have cheated on their partner, and the other person might just want to run, but in some way they are bound and don't have the resources yet to make that transition.
There is a healthy balance in between bridge burning and beating a dead horse:

Mastering the challenge: Temporarily taking time off to think things through, and letting those people know who need to know that we are taking time out. Retreating and shifting through the data (the data on one's desk, or the data and confusion in one's mind) to figure out what is needed, and to figure out the right strategy to approach a situation, to deal with other people's distortion, and/or to defend oneself against interference.

It is what it is. Not taking it personal, just letting the conflict go, and rising above (while upholding necessary defense). Staying on the path that feels right to us, even if circumstances might be deeply confusing, and ultimately coming to natural insights and knowing.

    3 August 2021 3:41 UTC: Mercury in▲ (Leo) trine Chiron in (Aries)
    3 August 2021 6:53 UTC: Venus in (Virgo) trine Uranus in (Taurus)

A superiority complex, and trying to influence the direction for personal power – or serving the will of the majority, and naturally knowing the direction that is of benefit to everyone involved.

    4 August 2021 1:56 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Leo) square Uranus in (Taurus)
Jean-Leon Gerome - Bonaparte ante la Esfinge

Again: Just letting go of the drama in surrender to life, while carefully evaluating those you struggle with and their inflated ego, and continuing to uphold boundaries against interference. Continuing to interfere with others - or accepting the judgment of others, and being willing to step down for the benefit of the whole. Some things hurt, but they are never personal. It's just life playing its games on us, possibly trying to steer us into a healthier much needed direction.

    4 August 2021 22:41 UTC: Sun in▲ (Leo) trine Chiron in (Aries)

The next solar week will be about collective leadership and establishing patterns that can lead humanity into a better future. It also will be about moving toward better balance in relationships through listening with empathy and creating a good relationship framework with healthy and balanced power dynamics. Next week starts the yearly quarter of duality that is about convergence of two, which allows the future to be more stable: It is about integrating the two different souls within us (the design side and personality side) and seeking internal balance, and it is about balancing our shadows with our gifts, all of which translates to external balance in relationships.