Weekly report 11-17 Aug 2021 ䷃ Being burnt out by work or by codependent relationships finally kicks off the necessary change. Explaining patiently. Transformation of principles leads to the establishment of new formulas for the future.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Henry Herbert La Thangue - An Autumn Morning

The previous solar week was about collective leadership and establishing patterns that can lead humanity into a better future. It also was about moving toward better balance in relationships through listening with empathy and creating a good relationship framework with healthy and balanced power dynamics. Last week started the yearly quarter of duality and seeking greater balance.

This solar week is about relationship transformation, and finding answers and formulas. It is about beguiling and succeeding despite ignorance and folly. It also is about succeeding through answers that we only came up with in order to feel certain and less afraid of life's unpredictability. These answers might not necessarily be true. They can range from piousness rooted in simple fear, to creating oneself material opportunities through inventing "new" formulas and selling them to others. Ideally, next week brings a transformation of principles and formulas that we might have clung to out of gullibility, or that we might have gotten sold on, and that we are now able to judge better with greater discernment. We might find new better working formulas. But, to be frank, it might also be a week where people seek for stimulation and answers that they hope will give them greater security, and they are bought by enthusiastic formulas that promise all of that, but that do not work at all.

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This week brings an energy of burnout. But at the same time it brings up themes like getting by with less effort, and the need to transform or reject relationship principles that do not work. So if your boss just puts more and more work on your plate without giving you a break as if you were a donkey, take yourself that break and get by with less. Change your formula.
This can also be about contaminating others with one's unbalanced feelings and burning them out emotionally, due to not working through them on one's own and lacking that introspection.
Where are we taking on too much from others and don't know our limits instead of taking enough rest and focusing on the small steps bit by bit, day by day, whenever we actually have the energy?
Another imbalanced aspect of this week's energy can push people to act out of emotional rage and to reject relationships impulsively and rather violently, without having emotional and mental clarity, possibly when they are upset over other people's needs or demands.

This week can also bring funny answers and nonsensical comedy that loosens people up and reignites enthusiasm.

11 August 2021 7:51 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 4 ䷃ (Leo) – active channels of the moment: the channel of synthesis ( Saturn- Earth)

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Being unable to be alone and to self-reliantly spark one's own enthusiasm and joy. Being too dependent on others, or having others being too dependent on onself, and thus struggling with negative attention from people.

    11 August 2021 9:00 UTC: Mars in▽ (Virgo) square the North Node in (Gemini)

Collective challenge: Being stuck in codependency, depending on other people's approval or on their cheer-up and enthusiasm, and being unable to be alone, even if it means to remain in toxic and very unhealthy relationships and to hold back on one's truth.

Mastering the challenge: Stopping to hold on for dear life to what is objectively unhealthy, and learning to let go. Being able to accept rejection for speaking one's truth, being happy with little, and being one's own best company and entertainment, which plants the seed for the manifestation of a new good future.

Patience or impatience with explaining one's position, insight, and principles.

    11 August 2021 22:45 UTC: Venus in (Virgo) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)

Collective challenge: A struggle with thinking only oneself knows best, and with needing to be right might lead a person to reject otherwise purposeful relationships. Resenting to be challenged, and perceiving legitimate questions as being controlled or teased. Taking other people's doubts and questions as a personal offense and attack against one's self-perceived competence.

Mastering the challenge: Change through relationships. Adapting to prevailing conditions in order to bring about change and transformation because others need it. Understanding that others need to understand and see the value of something, in order to be willing to support it, or to be involved in it. Securing support and influence by being patient with explaining something to others.

Being considerate and listening to others can lead to acceptance of people's limitations and to stopping to judge them – or if they take advantage of our or other people's kindness and lack of understanding, it can lead to restructuring and to planning one's way out of something.

    12 August 2021 18:34 UTC: Neptune R moves back into gate 22 (22.6)

Being corrected in one's bad relationship choices and in letting oneself be depleted by quantity over quality and throwing one's resources at the wrong people – or letting oneself be conditioned into catering to the wrong unhealthy relationships. Good organization brings the necessary alone time and tranquility, and the possibility to be called to exactly the right thing instead of all the wrong ones.

    13 August 2021 16:26 UTC: Mars in▽ (Virgo) in waning quincunx to Saturn in (Aquarius)

Not only is this a week where Mars squares the North Node, it also is a week of many waning quincunxes and difficult lessons possibly having been learned. For a long time, we were almost exclusively dealing with waxing quincunxes and a real challenge to learn these lessons. Now, collectively, we have come to a point where lessons have been learned and where understanding has been gained.
And yet, this particular transit is triggered into the detriment, and it is about being corrected because one is still caught up in living out unhealthy energy to one's detriment.
This can be about rejecting relationships with people that are not self-sufficient, but that are too dependent on others to the point of smothering them, depleting them, or being an interference. Also, this can be about simply learning to say no within existing relationships.

Just letting someone go and liberating oneself from their demands, instead of being burned out.

    14 August 2021 10:57 UTC: Venus in▲▽ (Virgo) in waning quincunx to Jupiter in▽ (Aquarius)
    15 August 2021 4:13 UTC: Sun in▲ (Leo) in waning quincunx to Neptune in (Pisces)
Briton Riviere - His only Friend

As in the transit above, the male energy might be sticky and so hungry for progress that it burns the other person out, and the female energy might either insists on having her conditions fulfilled, or they simply let the other person go in peace. By genetic programming, in average (in average, and collectively!) men are programmed to seek the other and are struggling way more with being able to be alone and with not being clingy. Women's mental, emotional, and physical health is not as negatively affected by being alone, women tend to be rather relieved when they have some space for themself. Despite that, men, including many public figures, often project their own clinginess and need for someone to be there onto women. And why wouldn't they. It helps with one's fears to think that someone you need needs you the same (we are only speaking about need, not want, which are two very different things). Often, these men see women as clingy, or they assume women as a collective (not as individuals) benefit in exactly the same ways as they do from a relationship. Yet, women do not necessarily benefit from having a relationship in general, women are much more selective and benefit from the health and the quality of the connection within their relationships, not from the simple fact that a relationship exists and that it looks good from the outside. In average, women's standards and demands for a relationship to add to their life quality are much higher than men's standards. It is women who set the standard, because women are the carriers of the vision. That can be extremely unpleasant for those who do not meet whatever the standard happens to be. As a result, sometimes, men don't see the value that a good vision can bring, they don't see how a good woman can show them their unused potential and guide them toward the greatest version of themself, and they refuse to change and level up. Those people who don't meet whatever the standard happens to be, and who refuse to go for their best potential in life become even more insecure and compensate with a false sense of ego and superiority, misogyny, self-pity, and entitlement - which gives birth to phenomenons like Incels or Men Going Their Own Way. Going one's own way is quite healthy, but often the way it is done by these folks is a bit deluded.

I want to emphasize that these are all the general biological archetypes within us, there are men who are more feminine and women who are more masculine, and who show characteristics of the opposite of what you would assume.
Some women are more needy than the man or men in their life, but many are not. For some couple or singles it's this way, and for other couples or singles it is the other way around. If the relationship is healthy, balanced, and mature, both people profit somewhat the same, but collectively and globally speaking that's truly, truly rare. Most women don't profit the same. In contrary, dependent on the local tradition and upbringing, they have to put up with a lot of shadow, disrespect, statistically more violence, they do a lot of unrewarded work, and they have more disadvantages especially when children are involved. The myth of the woman who needs a relationship has to continuously be propagated in order for women to actually think they need a relationship and to not realize early on in their life all the disadvantes of being in the wrong relationship with the wrong standards that are not high and discerning enough.
eing in a situation where one is more emotionally or mentally dependent than the other can be a tough position to be in for both sides and both genders. And there is not much to do about it, it's just the genetic programming. The only thing that helps to find healthy ways to work with this imbalance is awareness and growing maturity. With growing maturity, it becomes less about need and using others to fulfill one's needs, but more about want and about truly being able to appreciate the cherry on top of the cake. Speaking in archetypes, today's transit looks like a female letting a clingy and overly emotional male go in peace, who wants in at her expense, or who simply is so hungry and lustful for her that he burns both of them out. That person might still not get it because they are so dependent on others and can't be alone, so they continue to cling to their fantasy of what they want things to be and continue to burn the other person out. Many people don't know the difference between lust and love, and between yearning for a specific person and yearning for an experience where the person does not truly matter, and so they claim with deep conviction that their lust is love, which might add to the confusion and delusion.
This transit can also be about over-delivering at work and being so worn out that it leads into burnout and loss of power. The only viable thing to do is to let go of those relationships and activities that are a drain, to reduce one's activity to the absolute minimum that is necessary, and to recover. Are your priorities the right ones for you? Do they really serve you, or are you trying to push your mental agenda against lots of resistance and against obvious warning signs? If something drains you, or if someone clings to you, drags you down, and can't pull their attention off you, then at least you can decide for yourself to pull your attention of them, let them go, and focus on yourself.

That being said:
The past weeks have been about dealing with a lot of unhealthy relationship dynamics, especially co-dependency. Regardless, if both are co-dependent, sometimes it might work pretty well under certain conditions as long as none of both people outgrow that energy, and as long as both get comfort out of it. They might even be reasonable happy with it, mothering each other and being a safe haven to each other, “us against the world”. Or they might need to go through that process in order to heal and to see that they can get the care that they never got in their childhood and never thought they deserved. If both are happy with that, why try to get them to change anything, it can be best to just let them be. Immature, but happy, nothing to prove. Personally, if I had to pick between the two, I'd rather be immature and happy, than to see right through all delusions and layers of strange conditions and be unhappy. That's something worth considering, especially before giving advice to others. Sometimes these things can work. Most of the time though, it simply does not work that way for both parties because they are not on the same page, and that's when friction occurs and change needs to happen.

Still stuck in feeling lonely and being impractical enough to maintain negative relationships rather than enjoying to be alone, and possibly being cynic and cruel when one doesn't get what one wants – or rejecting negative relationships and demands with a sharp tongue, and removing overly cynic and cruel people from positions of power.

    16 August 2021 2:45 UTC: Mercury in (Virgo) square the North Node in (Gemini)

Organizing well to maintain deliverance. Having the discipline to stay separate and away from negative demands - or not: excess and hasty actions that make no sense.

    16 August 2021 23:35 UTC: Mercury in (Virgo) in waning quincunx to Saturn in (Aquarius)

The next solar week will be about commitment or not.