This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Frederic Cayley Robinson - The Day of Rest

The previous solar week was about finding union with another by being in the right spirit. It was about sexuality and breaking down barriers.

This solar week is about codependency, or about liberation and being able to enjoy aloneness. It also is about recognizing when relationships are futile, and about removing those from power who need to be removed because they destabilize the group and thus truly deserve such drastic treatment.

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28 August 2021 20:39 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 40 ䷧ (Virgo) – active channels of the moment: the channel of community (40.1▲ Sun-37.1 Earth) & the channel of the wavelength (▲ Venus- North Node)

False enthusiasm, fantasies, and delusion about a relationship because one can't be alone and can't value aloneness – or enjoying our daydreams in aloneness and relaxation.

    29 August 2021 6:55 UTC: Sun in▲ (Virgo) square the North Node in (Gemini)

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Stealth mode.

    31 August 2021 8:45 UTC: Sun in (Virgo) in waning quincunx to Saturn in (Aquarius)

Collective challenge: Attracting the attention of people who aren't good for us or demand too much, which results in being oppressed and conditioned by them

Mastering the challenge: Having learned to avoid negative attention and relationships. Enjoying to be alone. Recognizing and appreciating how alone time allows us to uphold our individuality within those relationships that are healthy. Pushing toward our success with humility despite external constraints and oppression.

Needing to be the center of attention and always coming up with rigid and deluded judgments that offend others and create as many (or more) problems than they solve – or natural leadership, correcting false enthusiasm and what we falsely identify with, and removing those from the group who destabilize it.

Astrology Report
    2 September 2021 17:42 UTC: Mars in (Virgo) opposite Neptune in (Pisces)
    3 September 2021 13:17 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) trine the North Node in (Gemini)

Acting on our understanding, and removing those from power or from the group who truly deserve it, or stopping to follow bad and corrupted authorities. This aspect brings energies of futility, oppression, and having to endure a situation that can't be fixed in the moment. Once you remove someone from power because they don't have the maturity to leave on their own and have to be removed by others, or once you end a relationship, there still is the aftermath that hasn't resolved yet. Someone might not accept to be removed and rejected, or there might be an emotional process to go through before real closure can be found. In such a situation, hatred, cruelty, anger, and frustration, might make it challenging to find or maintain inner balance and can easily lead to futile action. Being pragmatic about it and not wasting our energy on those kind of feelings that keep us stuck can help us with inner regeneration and spiritual renewal. I know it's easier said than done, and in some situations that's just not possible and the emotional devastation is a process to be gone through and to be experienced, so I do not want to generalize this. But in other situations, it is possible to stay pragmatic and at least to not let oneself be pulled back into other people's pointless drama and into all sorts of things that pull us down into negative energy and sabotage us. Sometimes the people who think they are the most mature, selfless, and woke can be the most immature and toxic, and they can't see it no matter what, so it is up on us to recognize it and choose not to invest in it.

The next solar week can bring confusion and a difficult transition that requires determined strength. Sometimes a transition out of something old into something new is not pleasant at all, but nonetheless it is absolutely necessary to make that transition. Other times, the transition might be work intense but relatively easy, and it might bring up lots of old memories and emotions.
The next solar week brings a new moon. As every few months, the lunar nodes shift gates. Black Moon Lilith joins the North Node, which is huge. It brings wisdom, greater awareness, and emancipation to the feminine energy.