This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Edward Okun - The War and us

The previous solar week was about waiting and being attuned to the natural rhythm of the life pattern, including the day to day, moment by moment transits that drive us and our evolution. It brought an eclipse of resisting the temptation to act too early in uninspired ways. This eclipse brought us the energy to be in the flow and in peace with waiting, knowing that the change will come. It's about waiting to act until it feels right, or until we know that it's the right time to act.

This solar week is about immune defense, gathering together to persuade people, upholding continuity through education, and upholding continuity through maximizing the power and potential of memory.

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8 December 2021 21:12 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 26.1 ䷸ (Sagittarius) – active channels of the moment: an integration field consisting of the channel of charisma ( South Node, - North Node), the channel of awareness ( Pluto, Venus- Uranus), and the channel of synthesis (▽ Saturn- Moon) // completely open spleen center and G center

Keywords: The necessary healthy direction. Getting conditioned and lost in a multitude of possible applications, or treading our unique path and life direction because we need it.

Selling restrictive belief systems and dogma, or influencing with great truth. Biting one's tongue in mundane interactions. Accepting what is, and erasing emotional memories.

    11 December 2021 16:28 UTC: Venus conjunct Pluto in (Capricorn)
    11 December 2021 19:24 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter in▽ (Aquarius)
    12 December 2021 6:20 UTC: Sun in (Sagittarius) square Neptune in▲ (Pisces)

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Observing people having influence, possibly far-reaching influence to guide others through crisis, or to cause crisis in them by what one influences people with.
Such influence is either self-serving and covertly restricts others, or it is in service to higher principles. Insecurities might lead to giving away one's ideas just to be left alone without demands. And yet, things might be left unsaid, for example you might ask a person on topic A, and they will then go to topic B and try to get you interested in something else that they want to sell to you, or give you another thought to ponder so that your mind is stimulated and they will have their undisturbed peace. Insecurities might also lead to letting everyone know how selfless one is, instead of just being it. This might be a time when people come at others with dogma and beliefs that lack depth and understanding and that are not universal, but that are attempted to be universalized. No amount of advertized selflessness nor actual true selfnessness can make up for dogma that claims to be the only truth there is and restricts people from exploring the facts, how is works uniquely for them, and exploring other approaches and figuring out whether they work better.

This doesn't have to be belief systems as you would associate it with religion. This can also be belief systems in science. Science is great, but it can only ever be so great as what we make of it. Good science journalism is quite rare when it comes to carrying science to the general population. Most journalists write click-bait stuff and leave out the details and data that would show a more thorough picture. They jump straight to an opinion that is congruent with whatever they already believe, and then they transform scientific data into a belief to believe for the general public. It's work and time efficient, but not necessarily of service.

This is a transit where someone might know better, but they don't tell you that, because not knowing better makes them more money or gives them another kind of advantage, and when you ask for the details and don't just blindly believe the dogma when they actively try to sell it to you, they get upset. By that, I don't mean involving people into discussions that they are not interested in, that they might have led a thousand times before, and that are boring to them but exciting to you, or that they have never led, but that do not interest them and that they do not want to spend their time on. That's not what I try to describe above. When everywhere they go, they hear the same questions over and over again that they are not even interested in and have long resolved for themself, it's their right to stay uninvolved. Sometimes, a perspective might be exciting and new for us, but the other person has had enough in-depth discussions on it to be bored, or they simply don't care about the subject.
Instead, I mean people who actively try to influence you or others, but who don't really want to hear any doubtful questions and explain the facts. This might be a transit where people just ask you to believe, or where people blindly follow a belief or scientific dogma.

On the other hand, some things better stay left unsaid. Some interactions and some conversations are better not had, because they are nothing but frustrating, and create a lot of inner resistance and NO. This is about eliminating what is not in alignment with our inner truth, eliminating what is devoid of purpose, or what saps our vitality.

The next solar week will be about peace or disturbed peace.