Weekly report 24-30 July 2021 ䷞ The unexpected. Influence and collective leadership through focusing our energy and maintaining right action.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The previous solar week was about accepting limitations, upholding continuity, and building on what we already have through practical short-term activities. It was about being in movement, storytelling, and high quality versus low quality stimulation. It brought a full moon of either depression, or being able to handle rigid restraint.

This solar week is about the unexpected. It brings influence and collective leadership through focusing our energy and attention on the one important dream that we might have.

24 July 2021 16:43 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 31▲ ䷞ (Leo)

Ongoing transformation and preparation – or reaching out to share and have wide-spread influence, once the transformation is complete and the details are organized.

    25 July 2021 20:14 UTC: Mercury in (Cancer) opposite Pluto in (Capricorn)

Jupiter back in gate 30: Feeling, yearning, or burning. Another round of eliminating negative experiences and relationships, and yet possible cooperation with quality people.

    27 July 2021 8:31 UTC: Jupiter R moves back in gate 30 (30.6)

This week and the next solar week with the sun in gate 33 can bring the recognition of who is important to us, simply because we miss them. It's not about missing the benefit or the comfort they bring, and missing what they can give us, but this is about missing the actual person with all their quirks, and missing the shared experience with them - and thus recognizing what they mean to us.
The weeks after that, starting with the week where the quarter of duality begins and leading through August, those weeks can bring us the recognition of what qualities we generally miss in life, and what we would like to experience independent of the specific individual that might or might not bring them to our life.

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Struggling with expediency. This can play out in so many ways. Three of them are: 1) Being nervous and afraid of being unmasked and eliminated. 2) Being afraid of losing the progress and emotional stability that has been gained, or veiling one's emotional pain. 3) Being a megaphone for collective solutions, or for stories.

    28 July 2021 1:44 UTC: Mercury in (Leo) in waxing quincunx to Jupiter in (Pisces)
Giovanni Strazza - The veiled virgin

1) Being nervous and afraid of being unmasked and eliminated.
The Saturn retrograde that started two months ago in gate 13.1, in the worst case brought a harsh lesson on ulterior motives, misinformation, and false propaganda. Now, by the end of July, people who came in with ulterior motives and the wrong intent might be fearful to be unmasked and cut off, especially when they secretly have their foot in two opposing doors and play one party against the other. People who have bitten off more than they can chew and overextended themselves, as well as people who made deluded claims, might now be afraid that they can't keep up and lose what they have gained, and that they will lose support. People who know that they can't contribute a whole lot to the current project (but who might greatly be suited for other projects and applications) might be nervous that they are going to be judged for not being able to greatly contribute in what is not their area of expertise to begin with. Some people might just generally be afraid of other people's judgment, even if they are doing a fabulous job, but try to not put their nervousness on display.
But generally, I see this transit as those people getting nervous who have something icky to hide, and they might get so nervous that they can't stop talking, or they might try to distract from it by trying to redirect your attention toward other things and stories. This is not a transit about eliminating those who have things to learn, and who are willing to learn them and driven to do a good job. Those people who have that drive and motivation to learn and to keep up with others, are the people who can do well with this transit.
The air is mainly getting thin for those who don't have their ego, spirit, and general character in the right place. It also is about eliminating those people who come in with ulterior motives, and about the initial challenge to spot them.
If your spirit is in the right place, and if you approach people with the right intentions, there is nothing for you to fear, even if you do not know everything, and even if you feel as if you lack experience. You don't need to be a master at something in order to make a good contribution to a team. Even the best have started ignorant and at the bottom, and then they built upon that through having experience after experience that refined them over time. It doesn't matter the (in)experience, it matters the drive to evolve, the willingness to learn, and the clean intention. If that's present, people in your team will likely be welcoming, meet you where you are at, and recognize your talents and those things that you can contribute.
Again, if your spirit is in the right place, there is nothing to fear. After all, the majority of you who are reading this does not live in a sadistic culture where you truly have to fear for your life and for cruel revenge if you do not veil yourself, veil your individuality, and obey the rules of a tribe that is stuck in the dark ages. It's always good to remind ourself that it could be way worse, and for many people in the world it sadly is way worse. On a global scale, for many people this transit will be about having no other option than to mask themself in order to survive. As a popular example, Ri Sol-ju, the wife of Kim Jong-un (the ruler of North Korea who inherits godlike-status by this position), is very likely to have this theme in her Venus placement, dependent on her birth time. I don't think any of us can imagine what it takes for her to veil herself, to grin and bear it, especially after people from her past life have been executed to save her reputation, and after her whole past has been veiled due to her unfortunate role as the flawless wife of such "God" and leader of the state. If you look at cases like this, you realize that most of us have a lot of freedom and little to fear when we claim that freedom.

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2) Being afraid of losing the progress and emotional stability that has been gained, or veiling one's emotional pain.
In last week's report we talked about the full moon that could have brought the energy of depression, and yet staying on the surface. Today's transit can be about struggling to veil one's emotions, one's devastation, and burning feelings. There can be many reasons why one would do this, even many legit reasons. Sometimes it helps to communicate what we struggle with, and it helps to talk to someone about everything. Other times, it does not help and it would just make us feel worse for a variety of reasons. Talking things through might constantly remind us of something we would rather not focus on. No one might be able to understand the specific experience that we have been through, so when we talk about it we see that they try to understand and emphasize, but they can't, because they haven't experienced something similar and lack the frame of reference. Plain venting might make the other person feel worse while it would not change anything positively for us in that present moment, so by talking about it we would just create a lot of additional burden. Sometimes communication helps, and sometimes it does not. Sometimes we need to confront an issue with those people who are directly involved, but it does not help to talk about it with others who are not directly affected. In their most difficult times, people with an open solar plexus center might not want to stir more trouble and difficulties by telling an emotionally defined 3rd party who cares about them the full extent of how bad they really feel, because the emotionally defined person then sympasizes, drops down a lot in their emotional wave, and produces lots of negative emotions in response to hearing the painful story. That secondary emotional impact pulls the already struggling person even further down into depression. While it is great to know that someone has one's back, dependent on the situation, such kind of interaction might not always be very helpful to someone who is just trying to get through their day. They might be generally open to talk about it in more detail, especially once they are better and have figured it out for themself, but everything has its right time and its wrong time. There are situations where it is expedient to stay on the surface, where we truly need it, and where there is absolutely no malintent behind it.
If you have recently managed to get out of a toxic relationship, or to escape from people who tried to damage you, then this transit can be about being nervous that their interference might reappear, that you will have to deal with all this mess again, and that it might take a toll on you and your emotional well-being. It could happen that interference reappears, but if you are conscious about it and cautious, you will be prepared to handle it. And ultimately, nothing lasts forever. It's always good to remind ourself of how far we have come and of all the adversities that we already survived throughout our life. For some, it might be a very difficult life phase right now, but this too will end.

Last but not least, on the less depressing side, this is about stimulation and cooperation:
3) Being a megaphone for collective solutions, or for stories.
This can be about telling other people's stories, or about generally being able to stimulate others with interesting things, and leading enthusiastically. It can be about being a spokesperson for enforcing right action, weeding out inferior infuences, and encouraging authentic decisions. It also can be about being a spokesperson for solutions, and bringing new solutions to people.

Upholding deliverance through good organization and attention to detail. Attention to detail leads to objective judgment and to recognition of other people's contribution - quality over quantity.

    29 July 2021 11:38 UTC: Venus in (Virgo) square North Node in (Gemini)

Supporting other people's talents and solutions, but also being well organized in order to have one's alone time and to not be burned out by too many demands, or by the wrong people and bargains to begin with. Good management and organization leads to continuous development and empowers us to continuously externalize our influence.

Eliminating negative feelings and negative relationships and experiences, and just keeping on going. Perseverance despite confusion can bring blind luck.

    29 July 2021 15:50 UTC: Mars in▲ (Leo) opposite Jupiter in (Pisces)

Recognizing that we can't get stuck in negative feelings, and that we can't let ourself continuously spiral down, but that we just have to push through and keep on moving. If we just keep going, and focus on those things that we can do in the here and now, at some point, those things that we now struggle with will resolve.

The next solar week will be about retreat into privacy. It is a week of reflecting and remembering, and it brings the potential for deep revelations. This kind of energy can help us to understand coherences, that previously we did not see. It could also make it easier to express things that we held close to our chest and to share our reflections on our own past with others.