Weekly report 1-7 July 2021 ䷦ Tension, provocation, interference, and disengagement. Withdrawing from people who want to get us into the wrong things, and letting go of futile conflict.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Stefan Keller - Ganesha

The previous solar week was about concentrating on working on what brings us joy.

This solar week is about provocation, teasing, tension, and individuality. It is about fighting to overcome obstacles and to find the liberated spirit. Sometimes it might be about confronting some of the obstacles that we might have pondered and strategized on during last week, but most often it might be about choosing our battles wisely, disengaging from what doesn't feel right for us, letting it be what it is, and simply letting it go, or waiting some more.

1 July 2021 2:39 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 39 ䷦ (Cancer) – active channels of the moment: the channel of emoting (39.1 Sun- Jupiter)

The challenge of letting things go and focusing on regeneration upon having been excluded and feeling unrecognized. Letting go of futile conflicts, and letting go of old relationships that have long served their purpose.

    1 July 2021 13:08 UTC: Mars in (Leo) opposite Saturn in (Aquarius)
    2 July 2021 8:41 UTC: Mars in (Leo) trine Chiron in (Aries)

Collective challenge: Stirring conflict while insensitively continuing to get a foot in the door with the wrong people who are not available. Sulking, doubting, blaming, and focusing on all the things that have gone wrong, instead of focusing on regeneration and instead of saving what still can be saved.
Refusing to withdraw, aggressively making a total mess in other people's lives, and harvesting the devastating backlash for it. On the other side: avoiding the right and productive conflicts even to the point of underestimating other people's maliciousness or their shadows and failing to defend our ground or the ground of our people. This can also be about dissociation after shock, interference, and boundary violation (a trauma response, that is healthy at least in that particular moment).

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Mastering the challenge: Completely letting go and leaving everything behind. Disengaging, and focusing on regeneration and on saving what still can be saved. Not getting caught up with trying to get a foot in the wrong doors that are obviously being slammed into our face, and rather focusing on those few correct and existing relationships that do in fact work.

Failing to make a necessary sacrifice and only wanting one's own way, or sacrificing for the wrong thing because someone else expects us to – or doing what the situation itself demands. Only in receiving can we continue to give.

    3 July 2021 22:50 UTC: Sun in▲ (Cancer) in waxing quincunx to Saturn in (Aquarius)

Collective challenge: Making the wrong sacrifices because people expect us to do so, or being irresponsible and failing to make the right sacrifices. Losing our power and strength by overgenerous sharing with the wrong people and giving to the wrong people who either use us and take one-sidedly, or who can give nothing back to us that's of value and benefit to us.

Mastering the challenge: Standing up for others where needed (when boundaries are being overstepped), but also recognizing when we need to make a sacrifice by letting things be and letting things go. Not sharing with the wrong people who don't recognize and respect our needs in return.
All of us have to make sacrifices in life, we have to chose one thing over the other. But this is about only sacrificing what makes sense for you to sacrifice for those you care about, not because anyone pressured you to do so. It is about making a sacrifice when your sense of responsibility and integrity drives you to do so.
Toxic relationships make us feel guilty and flawed for refusing to make those sacrifices that do feel wrong to us. The first step to break free is to acknowledge that something or someone is toxic, and to remove that out of your field. It is about recognizing that the first person you are responsible for is yourself. The first person you owe integrity to is yourself. And then, you get to decide for yourself what and what for you are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the whole, and what you are not willing to sacrifice.

Steamrolling into disaster – or correcting one's path and walking toward greater beauty and harmony

    4 July 2021 1:39 UTC: Mars in (Leo) square Uranus in (Taurus)
    4 July 2021 15:38 UTC: Sun in▽ (Cancer) square Chiron in (Aries)

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Collective challenge: Staying stuck in thinking only oneself knows best, hardheadedly trying to get one's way although it makes no sense, and really messing with people. Insisting against all odds to run into complete disaster and to head toward devastation, deterioration, and disharmony, to the detriment of others.
Vice versa: Being so stuck in needing to be right that we do not recognizing the direction that can actually lead us to greater harmony.
Conditioning others to head into a detrimental direction together with us or for themselves only. On the other side: Being receptive to such conditioning.
Only you can know what is right for you. No one else can ever know that, feel that, and decide that for you.

Mastering the challenge: Correcting one's own disharmonious direction with strict severity, and having the right strategy ready when people try to mess with us. Rather, waiting for the right thing than to get messed up in the wrong thing.
Sometimes this can even be about offering other people practical correction to get them off a disastrous path, but mainly this is very personal. What is your direction and path in life that can lead you to greater beauty and harmony? Your own direction in life is the main thing to care about, and the only direction that is at least partially under your control.

Alienation, isolation, or active withdrawal from unhealthy conditioning and from folks who are not in the right spirit.

    5 July 2021 19:14 UTC: Earth in (Capricorn) trine Uranus in (Taurus)
    5 July 2021 19:46 UTC: Venus in (Leo) trine the South Node in (Sagittarius)

Not letting confusion get the best of us, but trusting our inner knowing in when and how to act. Continuing to fight alone. Recognizing retreat as an opportunity for regeneration, and for finding back to our own strength, power, and clarity. From such a place, we can find ways to bypass the problems that we are facing, and we can also find appreciation and thankfulness for the long way that we have come, although we are not at its end yet.

To all the women who struggle with this, who struggle with boundary violation, and who have to deal with interference and with men not knowing their place and men trying to get their way against your will and at your expense - in 2 months ahead, Lilith transits the North Node, which is a major step on the way to liberation of the feminine energy through the wisdom that has been gained in the process of struggle. This mostly applies to women, but it also applies to the feminine energy in men, who then apply more discernment, become more selective, and set better boundaries in intimacy.
It is going to bring the need to find joy in waiting rather than to follow all the wrong expectations for an experience or for intimacy with people out there. Even with the right call to intimacy it might be a process that demands waiting rather than hopping in, overextending oneself in the process, and then crashing.

Withdrawal in times of crisis. Persisting in isolation. Being a voice of change that is supported by the community.

    6 July 2021 7:39 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) square Neptune in (Pisces)

On the challenging side, this can be absurd withdrawal in times of misunderstanding, and totally closing down to everything emotionally, even to the good and healthy relationships. This can be about hiding one's own dirt under the carpet and insisting on the other person being wrong and being the only one who is mistaken.

As I previously mentioned though, as a trauma response, withdrawal and dissociation can be a healthy protection mechanism when everything else would just be too much to deal with. Absurd withdrawal can sometimes also be necessary to recuperate, and it can be very healing to people when we give them the space that they need, when we don't force them to hang out, to speak with us, or to speak about certain things. This is about being supportive of people's social withdrawal in times of crisis, because for them it is necessary, and they need it.

Generally though, the previous transits were about retreating from unhealthy conditioning and from people who try to steer us into the wrong direction. It does not have to be traumatic conditioning. Today's withdrawal can be about avoiding conditioning that is unhealthy and simply not right for us.

The next solar week will bring the drive and the pressure to start ambitious new cycles – but only if correct. I can't emphasize this enough: only if it feels right and sits well with us. Next week will be about secret relationships and new beginnings that might take place unnoticed by others. It also is about the need to not give in to internal or external pressure with these beginnings. Acting too early out of an unnatural pressure might lead to falling onto deaf ears. It is about avoiding letting other people have a say in our timing. Ideally we do things when we have come to a decision, when we are in the mood to do them, or when something simply feels right to us.