Weekly report 12-18 July 2021 ䷽ The power of detail. Chiron retrograde brings interference and the need to develop a good strategy through focus and detail work, and adapting instinctively in response to a changing environment and changing conditions.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Albert Anker - Der Gemeindeschreiber

The previous solar week was about transitioning into new beginnings and cycles.

This solar week is about the patterns of the maya (the matrix we live in) and about bringing out excellence out of their limitations. It is about the organizing power of the small: statistics, details, facts, and reasonability. It is about sudden inspiration that then leads to research and possible discovery of new data. Venus conjuncts Mars in 4.2▽, and Chiron goes retrograde in 21.4, both of which doesn't bring the easiest energies, just as we expected for the 2nd half of 2021. It brings a real need for detail work and investigating what's hidden, in order to make the best of these energies, to seize the right material opportunities, and/or to protect our ground. It isn't necessarily the funnest transit to write about because things can just go fine, but dependent on whom you are dealing with, they can also become truly nasty. Probably it also is not the funnest transit to read about, but I hope some of you can draw something from it.

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12 July 2021 21:45 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 62 ䷽ (Cancer)

Taking advantage of those who don't understand what one is doing and who are easy prey – or recognizing that not everyone can understand, and accepting the limitations in oneself and others.

    13 July 2021 13:32 UTC: Venus conjunct Mars in▽ (Leo)

Venus and Mars meeting in gate 4.2▽ can mean a more mature female energy or the woman (Venus) and an immature male energy or the man (Mars, as opposed to the mature male energy Jupiter) are both on the same page when it comes to trying to take advantage of each other, and possibly trying to get the upper hand, or getting out of each other what one wants. With Chiron in 21.4, the only question is: who underestimates who? Do both sides recognize that both sides are playing that game? Or is one side thinking they are safe and that the other person doesn't get it anyway?

The 4.2 is always a double-edged sword to me.
I've been that naive 2/4 struggling to understand some people's maliciousness because I had the luxury of growing up in a comparably stable and safe household (deeply plutonic, but also with two Moon-Uranus-parents and this free and unforced 9-centered way of relating), and I was generally was quick to cut off people who seemed off. When I later got thrown into such an adverse environment, I was just like “what the fuck is going on?”, so I was way too understanding and yielding with people due to my actual lack of understanding, and partly also due to curiosity and wanting to better understand what was going on on all levels. Especially since my Saturn return, my path has been a lot about having to deal with deliberate interference, persistent interference, manipulation, and generally boundary violation – which in part is the energy that we are collectively facing right now. Due to that, I'm always finding the 4.2 difficult, because there is a time to accept and don't judge others, but that time becomes exceedingly rarer the more you actually see and understand - at some point you simply have seen too much to turn a blind eye to what the maya consists of and what people are, and the delusions are fading away anyway as we move into 2027 and into the age of raw power. The uranian approach and thus the relationship approach of the 9-centered being is: why bother with all that trouble if I can be content on my own, or with people who just do themself and who don't create trouble. I'm not going to make other people's limitations my own.

There can be a time where it is necessary to not judge people, or to stop judging people. It's especially healthy to stop judging people for things that are not even important, are simply their individualism, and don't damage anyone. And then there is a time where it is extremely healthy and necessary for self-defense to apply sharp judgment and to judge others, because if you don't, they will exploit your forgiving nature and deplete you in trying to get more and more and more out of you or others. Both has its time and place, forgiveness, as well as judgment. It all depends on the situation.

This transit is about exploiting the lack of understanding in others. It basically is about exploiting people who are naive and gullible enough to let themself be exploited, sometimes because they don't have the life experience, sometimes because they are simply very goodhearted, sometimes because they simply don't get it and are extremely deluded. Hidden knowledge and investigating the details can help with that, sadly it can help both sides. It can help us to understand the situation, and it can also help us to discern whether it is time for forgive or to strike back. Hidden knowledge helps us to understand why people acted the way they did, and forgive people from our past so that we don't carry grudges any longer and can move on. On the worst side, hidden knowledge can help people to understand others and know exactly how to manipulate them in order to take advantage of them. There is always a bad side and a good side to everything.

Outsmarting those who try to take an unfair advantage of you

Henry Juley Jean Geoffroy - Bastille Day

Chiron has been in gate 21.4 for a while, and he will go on a retrograde journey this week. This can bring massive interference and the need to be fixed on resolving it and developing a good strategy to defend one's rightful ground. Sometimes the only way you can meet someone who deliberately tries to exploit you while you just want to be left alone in peace, sometimes the only way is to turn their manipulative strategy and calculated behavior back onto them and to use their manipulation to your advantage and let them underestimate you, underestimate what you perceive and recognize, and what tools you have at hand. Just watch and be prepared for their strike. I don't agree with Sun Tsu on “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.”, although I'd surely recommend reading his book “the art of war” in these current times. Keeping your enemies close is the worst and the most stressful thing to your body that you can do. They are enemies for a reason, and constant alertness and being on the edge is not healthy. But if you already have the enemy close to you, if you realize that someone who you thought or hoped to be your friend actually is your enemy, I think it's best to be silent, to observe carefully, and to wait for the right opportunity where it is possible to do damage control or to get out. When you are dealing with a monster, don't stay the guinea pig, you can always return to your guinea pig habits later. Sometimes, it's time to act stupid, but be smart. Let them underestimate you, instead of the other way around. Don't get caught up in brooding and hopelessness, try to stay level-headed, and to navigate your way out of it in the best that you can. It might take some time, but nothing lasts forever, and this situation will not last forever either. Chance is, you are in this situation because you can find a way to handle it and grow from it.
That's that. I know it's not nice, but it is what it is. I recently read the sentence “someone has to get the short end of the stick, and I don't want it to be me”. That's not what most relationships are like, but there are enough people out there who function like that, and with them it's what relationships will be like. In an ideal world, no one would get the short end of the stick, and people wouldn't mess which each other to begin with. They'd be supportive instead of intrusive, and just leave each one their peace, space, and freedom. But the reality is that the world is not ideal, and it is not fair, it's a truly odd construct that we live in. Many people don't care. Many people are exploiting something to get where they want. Others simply can't be bothered for the good or the bad. If you can't believe it and need confirmation on that, study Human Design in depth ... and observe.
If there are those situations that you might be pulled into against your will, where one party has to get the short end of the stick because they won't stop messing with you until you hand it to them, then please do yourself the favor and hand it to them.

Jean-Leon Gerome - Polyphemus

Chiron retrograde of the ego battle and the destroyer of the false-ego (v_v°) - or of being fixed on being of service and on biting through problems in order to ensure manifestation. Wounding through underestimating the danger in other people and being outmaneuvered - or victory through adapting to the new circumstances and conditions of a changing environment, and victory through focus and detail work which can lead to unusual discoveries and the right defense-strategy.

    15 July 2021 8:48 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) trine Neptune in (Pisces)
    15 July 2021 16:40 UTC: Chiron retrograde in (Aries) trine the South Node in, fully open ego with Uranus in

An extreme, but nonetheless a good example of this energy is the Dutch reporter who was shot some days ago, who was involved in a law suit against organized crime and who turned down a protection offer from the state although other people involved in this case before him had already been shot.

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Collective challenge: Interfering with others, possibly due to not being able to cope with rejection. Underestimating people's ego distortion, underestimating their sense of entitlement, and being overly naive all can lead to being victimized. As you might remember from the 2021 forecast, the most difficult challenge of 2021 is to be victimized and dominated by the ordering power of others, which leads to appeasement and suffering. There truly is a need to stand our ground, regardless of what other people say. Some people can't take a no for an answer and unleash their cruelty, or try to take revenge upon feeling rejected. For them, this is about learning to let go, learning to not take rejection personal, and becoming more humble. For them this is about learning to respect other people's boundaries and their right to say no, and learning to focus on their own business instead of trying to have a say in everyone else's business. As I mentioned in last week's report, no ego is strong if it can't take rejection.
Another huge challenge is to not let ourself be discouraged by inaction that is enforced upon us from outside, and to not let ourself be discouraged by doubt, by things that temporarily do not seem to make sense, and by frustration with detail work. Things will resolve if we keep at it, it's just a matter of time and doing what's necessary.

Mastering the challenge: This Chiron retrograde can bring interference, and thus it also comes with the necessity to have the right strategy at hand, or to develop a new strategy that can fend off persistent interference. Often, relationships might be of great help to find the right strategy. In many cases, it can also be of essential importance to do the necessary detail work even though it is boring. Doing the monotonous detail work can give us the missing detail that can make our defense strategy a success. A general situation that we are in might restrain us, or we might feel restrained by the need to do monotonous detail work, and to experiment with formulas, but when we are fixed on succeeding it becomes doable. This is about knowing when to go the extra mile, and knowing what's not worth the effort. It is about not letting the doubt get the best of us and not allow it to hold us back from doing what we need to do.
The simplest “real-world” example of this energy is that of a lawyer preparing their case and digging through endless amount of data in that process. Only in doing that unexciting detail work, can they find the missing links and evidence to win their case. Now that I think of that example, Jupiter going direct in October can bring legal justice through persuasion.

Alois Schram

Self-actualization. Exploration of ego, ego delusion, ego distortion, and self-worth issues. Realizing a healthy sense of self and the values, vision, and life direction that come with that

    At the point in time where Chiron stations retrograde, Uranus is in the 2.2, and the Ego center is open and fully undefined. At the same time gate 21 is an ego gate, Chiron just does not activate it in the body graph itself. The Sun is trine Neptune.

The ego is a huge area of exploration, especially in regard to misusing knowledge solely in order to gain power, to gain control over others, and to enhance one's ego distortion, instead of being of service.
If your self-confidence and trust in yourself is solid enough, you don't need that kind of shit to make you feel better about yourself, or about where you are at in life, which means that self-worth issues are the number one area to explore, and that knowledge is better used for self-exploration, living the best version of yourself, and for developing self-worth rather than trying to manifest for self-aggrandizement and to overpower others.
It's good for people to realize when they are assholes. There is no need to feel sorry for them. Once they realize it, they are given the power to change it. Of course not immediately, but this is where the transformation can start.

If others overpower you, and you have accepted it thus far and living for others in unhealthy ways, now it's time to get your values straight and to recognize that you are worth more, that you don't need to put up with shit, and that you have all the right to defend yourself and enforce your boundaries. This can be a time where you realize that you need to stand your ground and persist in the face of intrusive opposition.

You do not need to have a bad conscience for defending your rightful ground and throwing people's shit back at them. They were the ones who chose to go for a power struggle or to use you for their agenda, so if their decision is to struggle with you, they need to be able to take that. And if they chose to use you for their own agenda, they obviously need to accept when it doesn't go their way and reckon with people not tolerating such crap.
They need to be accepting of being outsmarted because it doesn't take a whole lot of intelligence to recognize that that is always a possibility when one makes things difficult for people. They probably recognize that very well, and if they try to talk you into having a bad conscience for defending yourself, that's because they want to continue to profit of you. You do not need to have a bad conscience. People reap what they sow.

Read about the ego center here, it is also called the heart center: https://humanarchetypes.com/ego-center-in-human-design/

The Chiron retrograde is also about controlling manifestation and being fixed on getting things manifested, sometimes through unlearnable knowing and genius discoveries. My two cents on that: You can manifest a peaceful direction from a healthy solid ego, but you can't manifest a peaceful direction from ego distortion, be it a defined distorted ego center, or an open distorted ego center. Good luck with that. When you misuse knowledge to manifest from a distorted ego for personal power in order to have your way against the divine order and to the detriment of others and the detriment of the whole, it's going to create chaos, and it's not going to work properly. At some point there will be retaliation from other people, or simple the maya throwing a karmic lesson at you that might not be the most pleasant because it is supposed to destroy your false ego. In the bigger picture, the ego is a tool, it is at its best when it works for others. The 21.4 at its best is fixed on biting through problems in service to others.

Involving others, and privacy concerns. Other people can help with the right strategy.

Thomas Eakins - The Count

I am quadruple left, I am the most deeply strategic you can get, and I recognize how easy it is for me to tell people to have a strategy ready. If you are a righty and absolutely not strategic AT ALL, I don't want to imply you should try to be all left. But there are situations where a strategy is needed to defend yourself, even if you are not a strategic person. There are situations where the right person needs the left person (and vice versa). If there is a situation you don't know how to deal with it on your own, maybe there are those people in your network who you have already built trust with and who you know truly have a big heart to be able to take control for other people's benefit and help others to tackle their problems. It's alright to tell those people about what went down with the person who you are struggling with, so that they can help you resolve the problem. You don't need to keep the secrets of someone who is abusive and violates your boundaries. In fact, it can be good to collect the dirty secrets of people who are fake, because when they start messing with you, you have a means of pressuring them back and letting their false facade crumble in front of everyone else. Most often, they'd rather stop messing with you and not risk losing their fake facade and public clean sheet.

When a person has been in an abusive relationship, they are likely to have been manipulated into not speaking up for themselves. In the extreme case they might have been threatened that if they tell someone about the abuse, the abuser will run their life. But often it happens much more subtle. They might have been subtly manipulated into feeling bad about letting other people in on the abusive person's secrets. Abusive people often tell you, that „you are not being nice and respectful“ when you are just being honest and tell it how it is without sugarcoating it, while they are the ones being mean and disrespectful toward you or others. That leads to slowly erode your trust in your own voice, and it can cause you to lead a secret life. They tell you this in order to protect themself and be able to continue with their abuse without having to face the consequences. They do not tell you this because it's not okay to say it how it is – that's just their made up narrative to keep you small, powerless, and under their control. So what happens is that the victim becomes smaller and smaller, questions whether they are a victim, questions whether they are in the right on calling people out on their shit, and hides the abuse, even starts to support it.
If you need to defend yourself, and if you need the input, advice, empowerment, and strategic thinking of other people, you have all the right in the world to share with them the secrets of the person who violates your boundaries and of the things that happened between you.

I'm a person who is very private, and my relationship approach is defined by a 4th and 6th line. Being able to trust someone is a huge thing for me, and also keeping other people's secrets. I don't have a lot of secrets on my own, it's much easier to just be straightforward myself and see how people react to myself, people will think what they will think anyway, and people will say what they will say, and also if you are always yourself straightforward, people don't have anything to pressure you with and make you conform to them. But I know it's not like that for everyone. So I'm big on trust and being able to confide in each other. But: not everyone's secret is worth being kept. If someone makes themself your enemy and violates you, it would be stupid to not use their secrets against them in order to defend yourself. Your safety must always come first. If there is someone who you have a positive history with and who you really trust, and you tell them about all the hurtful things that your ex did, so that you can get a second opinion, objective feedback, a better understanding, and find the best way of dealing with it and to defend yourself against continuing intrusion and violation – then that's absolutely legitimate and even necessary!

Gossip and indiscretion is very different from sharing things because it is needed and sharing your truth when you are directly affected. When a colleague told you secrets that you kept, and then they are gossiping out there about everybody else's secrets and belittling people without reason, if you've got nothing to hide yourself, reminding them of their own secrets in front of everyone is the best way to silence them.
It's integrity and good human behavior to keep the secrets of those people who are genuine. But if someone is physically or energetically violent toward you, you are under absolutely no obligation to keep up a facade and to suffer silently. Your first obligation is to speak up for yourself, and to do everything that you can to defend yourself. If that involves letting other people in on someone's secrets in order to not be outmaneuvered by them, then so be it.
Basically, otherwise you would be letting an asshole who lacks integrity outmaneuver you and you would be a willing door mat to them, while you try to be too good of a person, and while you would deserve much more than them to get the better end of the stick, also because you are the one who is much much more considerate with how you apply your power once you get the better end of the stick. Give someone power (or the illusion of power) and you will see their true character. Willingly taking the short end of the stick for someone who is beneath you and does clearly not deserve it because they can't handle power would be a false sense of integrity. Those who are responsible with power must allow themself to be in power and to enforce their power.
You don't need to take on the burden that other people push onto you.

If you have gate 21 in your design

People with a gate 21 in their chart might be especially affected by this Chiron retrograde.
If you have gate 21 in your chart, you are here to be in control. You are here to be in control of yourself, your life, and thus of your own kingdom, and sometimes also of other people's kingdom if they ask you to manage their kingdom and reward you properly for doing it. You are here to be in control of what gets manifested on the material plane, and how it gets manifested. You are here to manage material manifestation through being in control. It's your birth right to be in control of your own kingdom, and people are going to try to take that from you deliberately or unconsciously, but you can't allow them to. They will amplify your 21 and claim that control for themself - although it's not their birthright, and they don't have what it takes to apply it: they don't have the big heart, they don't have the big healthy ego and the potentially unbreakable confidence, and they don't have the toughness to actually follow through with all the challenges that you need to face when you are in control and when you manage things for yourself and for others. They claim your control for themself although they wouldn't do the same good job. Some people might not even understand the ways in which they interfere with you and think they are acting with the best of intentions or even helping you, while in fact they are putting spokes in your wheels. Some people interfere with you deliberately because they think they can exploit you and they underestimate the backlash you could give them, maybe because you are not yet standing in your full power, or maybe simply because you are kind and don't always display your power. With this Chiron retrograde it's time to give up your tolerance and to grow into your natural power and birth right. If you have a gate 21 in your chart, you are the one who is supposed to be in control in order for you to be of service and to solve problems that are way too tough for others to bite through.

Yet, if you have a gate 21, this is also a good time to ask yourself whether you have been interfering with others and overstepping their boundaries, especially if you have an open ego center. Maybe you have been overstepping people's boundaries to prove something, to prove that you are in control and of service more than you actually need to, or maybe you have been trying to micromanage others, or to take control not just for yourself, but also for others against their will. The healthy 21 is about being in control of yourself, while leaving others the same autonomy and freedom.

At the risk of annoying you, I'm so tired of seeing beaten down 21's who don't even know their power because they never got that positive reinforcement. As 21's, you are the one's who control and organize actual tangible material manifestation. You are the ones who make difficult things work. That's truly intimidating to others who can't appreciate how they as well profit off your organizing power, but who instead are in power-struggle mode and feel threatened by competence, by your discipline, and by you having your shit together. It's threatening to others who don't know healthy boundaries, and who feel entitled to a piece of YOUR cake. So what they do is that they push you down, and by doing that they artificially lift themself up, or they try to profit of your organizing power and get you to manifest what they think they want, not what makes actual sense to meet the most tangible basic needs of a situation.

I think you can only avoid witnessing this transit if you are retired, or if you work self-employed without a team, and basically live under a rock with a very tiny and high quality social circle. As soon as you are in a work team, someone in that team is likely to have the 21, and someone in the team or outside the team and company is likely to not have their shit together, take no responsibility for their mistakes, let others in the team or your whole company carry the load of their mistakes, and ruin others (55.3 Jupiter retrograde). The 21 is going to be the one who needs to be allowed to defend itself, the team, or the company against outside (or inside) interference, against false accusations, against unfairness, against all these things.
If you don't have a 21 yourself, but if you work together with a 21 or with someone who doesn't tolerate shit, the best you can do is to support them in their fight against interference, and to defend them in front of those people who expect others to have as bad of boundaries as they do themself, who would rather eat all the crap they are being handed than to speak up and disturb the fake peace and harmony, who are conflict avoidant, who think that defending the team is wrong, who would rather take on the guilt and negative consequences of other people's glossed over mistakes than to stand their ground and enforce healthy boundaries, and who'd rather have the 21 play small in the same way that they do.
By the way, I want to advertise that living reasonably isolated and under a rock is the greatest thing ever! For real. It makes life so easy once you have come to a place where things simply work and no one interferes with it, where no one makes life difficult, pulls you off your center and inner centeredness, and drags down your spirit. It's just you, and the universe, and those few mostly easygoing, but definitely mutually beneficial relationships that you enjoy entertaining. That's how, with growing awareness within the collective, separation is going to be the background frequency after the great mutation in 2027.
Getting to that place is fantastic, and truly worth the effort.

Last, but not least, this Chiron retrograde also is about waiting for the right material opportunities and then taking them or initiating them. On the other side, if we act out of blind opportunism and don't apply proper discernment, we might be going to underestimate the challenge in others and end up with the power struggle described above.

[ Update 12 December 2021:
Here you can find the report of Chiron going direct on the 19th of December 2021:
https://humanarchetypes.com/chiron-direct-in-aries-dec-2021/ ]

Not walking the talk and struggling with resentment when we have to acknowledge the understanding of others – or unearned reward and recognition through seducing others, letting them take responsibility, and/or succeeding through understanding one's opponents.

    16 July 2021 6:41 UTC: Venus in (Leo) in waxing quincunx to Neptune in (Pisces)

Collective challenge: This can be about people using others to succeed while not putting in a lot of effort themselves, and just keep up a facade of values that they only talk about in order to succeed through you, but that they don't live out. Such a cynical nature might project their own motivation onto others, and they might expect everyone else to have ulterior motives, as well, and not recognize people for the contribution they make.
The other person who is being used by others, might be overly generous, not maintain their proper focus and boundaries, and let themselves be pulled and seduced into way too many nonsensical projects and applications that distract from what is actually important to focus on. People might try to create themself new work and new meaningless projects around something good that already works and that others built. They will do that to create themself a place in the organization, a new job commission, and generally legitimization for that, even if objectively it's not necessary and efficient, but merely distracting. And then they might act as if it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Bakalovich Pompeii - At the Walls

Mastering the challenge: Succeeding through other people's understanding doesn't have to be as bad as it sounds, though, and it doesn't have to come with cynicism and ulterior motives. Just because it is unearned success, it doesn't mean that it is selfish at other people's expense. When there is a team where one is the brain and the other one is the brawn, the brawn succeeds through the brain and the brain is being supported by the brawn, or in some life circumstances also succeeds through the brawn – which can be a win-win. When someone gives you helpful advice or a good strategy, you succeed through their understanding. It can be that simple. Studying Human Design is about succeeding through other people's understanding, through the understanding of those who came before us: I succeed through Ra's understanding, and ideally, you might be a step closer to success through my understanding of the transits and of what is globally going on and worth paying attention to. All of us have been closer to success, after somewhen in our life someone has taught us how to read, although we didn't earn it and did just do as we were told. If someone decides to go to therapy, they succeed through the understanding and mediation of the therapist, and they pay the therapist for it, so it's mutually a good deal. If you hire an employee or a freelancer for something that needs to get done, but that you can't do yourself, you succeed through them, and if you pay them well, they also succeed through you.

The Chiron retrograde in the 21.4 truly might bring a need for a good strategy in response to deliberate interference. Other people's understanding, insights, and formula can help us to successfully persevere in the face of such opposition and interference – when we can adapt to changing circumstances and accept the change and transformation that new-found understanding brings.

What and who exactly am I dealing with, and how am I going to deal with it?

    17 July 2021 22:46 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) opposite Pluto in▲ (Capricorn)
    18 July 2021 7:47 UTC: Venus in▽ (Leo) in waning quincunx to Pluto in▲ (Capricorn)
    18 July 2021 17:13 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Cancer) in waxing quincunx to Saturn in (Aquarius)
    18 July 2021 18:21 UTC: Mars in (Leo) in waxing quincunx to Neptune in (Pisces)

The collective challenge: Mars and Venus just conjuncted, so Venus is now moving ahead and Mars follows at a slower pace, which equates to refining our standards and leaving behind everything that is too immature. Mars does not exactly repeat the aspects that Venus forms with other planets, but he is forming similar aspects. Similar to the above transit with Venus on the 16th of July, this is about either cynicism, a double face, and exploiting others, or simply succeeding through their understanding. Transit-wise, it tends to lean toward exploiting others to succeed through them, though, and exploiting their lack of understanding of what is going on. I don't want to scare anyone, but this is a good time to be careful when it comes to people's intentions and their integrity. It might be beneficial to do detailed assessment. Only saying yes to what is authentic to us and in alignment with our inner truth. Today can bring the refusal to see that a collaboration or relationship with someone can not work, and it can also bring the refusal to see what other collaboration or relationship could work instead.

Mastering the challenge: Understanding that success might depend on detail, and having the necessary self-discipline to investigate, and to assess the situation to come to a good judgment. Finding the right conditions and terms, knowing one's worth and setting good boundaries. Preparing, and generally doing what it takes and what is practicable. Not folding on your values and dreams, but upholding them with determination. Recognizing and discerning between where we might be dissatisfied with other people's contributions out of bitterness or where we might fix our low self-esteem through pushing others down, and recognizing where others actually do a good job that we haven't acknowledged and valued enough.
Recognizing and discerning which relationships can be fruitful and which can't. Is team work possible, and under which conditions? Are they one-sidedly trying to benefit and not worth the commitment? Is the other person genuine, in good spirit, and in the right mindset that makes it possible for us to work with them? Or are they full of unhealthy ego, easily triggered, which makes it difficult for us to work with them?

The next solar week will be about accepting limitations, upholding continuity, and building on what we already have through practical short-term activities. It is about being in movement, storytelling, and high quality versus low quality stimulation. It will bring a full moon of either depression, or being able to handle rigid restraint.