Weekly report 19-25 June 2021 ䷎ Extremes and extremism. A change of the flow and pattern through love or hatred. Jupiter retrograde: Ruining others and being ruined, or hoping for issues to resolve. Full Moon of double standards and hypocrisy, or of authentic embodiment and being a role model. Mercury direct: Self analysis followed by embodied or hypocritical correction

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Frank Xavier Leyendecker - Loose Tooth

The previous solar week was about upholding peace and harmony, which might have lead to temporary standstill and aloneness. It was about evaluation and assessment that lead to social caution, restraint, inaction, and only being social when we are in the right company and when we are truly in the mood for it.

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This solar week is about learning to love humanity through integrating our own extremes, finding the right behavior, and finding love for ourself first. Much is going on this week! Most of it is challenging - or simply extreme. This week, Jupiter goes retrograde, Mercury goes direct, both of which can bring up difficult things to deal with, and on top of that there is a full moon of hypocrisy versus actually walking one's talk.

Let's call to mind that we are in the middle of a Pluto retrograde that on one side is about not being able to accept extremes and disturbing the flow, and on the other side it is about acceptance and growing through experiencing extremes. During this week, there is the possibility that all of this is very present and very challenging. Ultimately though, there can be an important lesson in it. If we do not let ourself be pulled into futile mulling over how extreme this is (is just is), and if we do not let ourself be tempted to rush into futile action, then this week can bring huge lessons to be understood that can help us to navigate the future, and it can bring tremendous growth.

19 June 2021 7:30 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 15 ䷎ (Gemini) – active channels of the moment: the channel of transitoriness ( Neptune- Mercury) & channel of the wavelength ( Moon- North Node)

Jupiter retrograde: Struggling against taking responsibility and ruining others - or recognizing that failure is always possible despite innocent actions and best intentions, which does not have to throw us down into a bottomless pit. Spitting out when we have bitten off too much, or hoping to resolve things with enough patience -> having the discernment between what can never work and between what does not work in the moment but might be worthwhile working at.

    20 June 2021 15:04 UTC: Jupiter goes retrograde in

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Together with the Saturn retrograde, this can bring a huge look at major things that went wrong in the past, for example a cheating husband having crawled back, and having worked through that together with them after they returned, or not having worked through it and never really having listened to their side of the story and the shame and regret that they carried with them. This does not mean that there is anything to fix, in some cases the other person might even long be dead because this truly can be a look at the worst struggles of a whole life time. It just means that there can be a new understanding and a new perspective gained in a past that catches up with us, which ultimately can help us to make peace with what happened and with the way in which it happened. This reflection process can help us to find renewed hope for the future despite things that have failed in the past.

Generally though, this can be about the possibility of things not working out in the present. We are all in different stages in life, and this transit does not mean that something is meant to fail right now. I don't want to induce paranoia and paint stuff in your mind that's not there. If something is not supposed to work out, you will notice early enough.
For those who are affected by this transit though, something might not have worked out, something was rejected and maybe needed to be rejected because the principles were misaligned and needed to change. Possibly, someone constantly tested out the healthy boundaries and overstepped them, or didn't have their ego trip under control.

There are two ways to handle it:

Holding back energy out of concern for others (for example respecting people's boundaries, and either backing off from people, or possibly even working together with them to figure out those healthy boundaries), and yet being so fixed on success that we are able to restrain ourself and do the necessary detail work in the hopes of finding correction and/or success in our endeavors while we find reward and continuous motivation in the small victories.

The other way is to fall prey to one's own ego trip, to jump ship without giving any thought to the larger framework and in disregard on how it impacts others, to hold back energy selfishly, endanger others, and ruin them.

Let's be noted that both has impact. If you are at the receiving end of another person's ego trip and boundary violation, if someone is trying to ruin you, they are pushing you to step into your power, to enforce your boundaries, and to find deeper autonomy and self-reliance. As I mentioned in a previous report, life and the human condition is about being inventive enough to turn shit (or simply limitation) into gold. Us humans are incredibly resilient. The other person might not change and might continue to try to ruin you or feed off you. You have no control over them and can't pull them to grow up or to do what you desire them to do, and if it is only to leave you alone in your peace. But you can control your own actions. What can you do to make the best of your situation, so that ultimately a few months or years later down the road you will find success and be on the good side of life?

Jupiter will go direct in the^ on the 18th of October 2021. That will be the point where we might have learned from the failure and exclusion and where we can externalize what we learned. That might be the point where we have established a solid foundation of standards and principles that we can influence others with. How did we establish it? Through now being fixed on success, being fixed on making it, and persisting throughout difficulties. If people want to struggle with you, they are going to try to struggle with you, but it is not your duty to engage in that more than necessary. The part that is necessary is to be prepared for interference, to not underestimate other people's ego, and to have the proper response ready. But beyond that, you can always decide to be fixed onto your own success, and if it makes sense, to communicate that you are going for your own survival, and that you are not going to engage.

On a side note, Jupiter going direct in October also will be about conditioning others with unhealthy outdated principles, or with fixed principles that are simply not for them. It can be about trying to press others into a box of what do to, how to behave, what norms to follow, what relationship standards to conform to. It can also be about contaminating other people's emotional field and pressuring them into stuff.
When running a spell check through the search engine, I just stumbled upon this article. It might be a good read right now: https://quintessentialldr.com/2013/01/06/self-aggrandizement-an-unquintessential-leadership-trait/
Beware that an ego trip is not always as obvious with some people as described in the article. The hype around narcissism is only the tip of the iceberg, and it probably has been so present because it is the most obvious and easy to spot for anyone (except for the narcissist :D). There is also machiavellianism and other stuff. The best phoneys have an artificially crafted sly teflon-personality that feeds your hopes or expectation that they care, but actually they don't care how you are doing and they only care about what they can get from you at your expense. With good phoneys, you can only tell by their energetic frequency, or by their actions not meeting their words, often when it's too late because they know that until their end goal they will have to keep up the facade and play by the rules, and their ideal end goal will be to keep up their facade either forever, or in transitory connections long after they have accomplished and left so that no one will ruin their reputation or give them any sort of repercussion. Ideally you sense it by trusting your instinct and by smelling it on an energetic level by the way they carry themselves - not all distorted people display their distortion through the weird, nonsensical, and obviously irrational self-aggrandized behavior of a narcissist. Many are much more subtly manipulative. I don't want to make anyone paranoid though, I just want to mention that these things exist, and if a person acts perfect on the surface, but something or someone smells off, trust it. There are people out there you wouldn't believe they manage to exist in the distorted state they are in and that they manage to breathe day in day out while refusing to budge from their distortion, those impossible ones. Your mind wouldn't even believe it if you saw it with your own two eyes because it is so far off from your own reality, so it's best to just trust your inner warnings instead of letting your mind making excuses for people. Does it feel off? Bye. Words can be dishonest, behavior and gestures can be dishonest, all these things on the surface can be dishonest. But people can not simply change their energy, someone's energy always tells you what's up with them. Also, it might not even be them, it might just be mutual difficult karma that you pull out of each other. The energy will always let you know.
Also, there sometimes are those people who are both self-aware and honest enough to tell you right away that they are assholes. If they tell you that, you better believe them, even if you can't imagine it. In my experience, the good thing with those people is that you can honestly (and calmly) tell them what you don't like and will not work with, without them being offended, they will just take it and at some level understand it, so the parting of ways does not end in drama. Them knowing their shadows and communicating them openly is a protection for themself, as well, because they save themself another disaster with a person who comes at them with all sorts of naive hopes and deluded expectations. Those people who stay after they communicated their character are the tough ones who don't care either, who are straightforward, and who thrive in some struggle.

Back from the detour: Ideally, and as a potential, Jupiter going direct in October is about bringing deep changes through benefic influence and through a platform that adheres to and promotes human rights.

This can also be about having learned from past failure, and then (in October) being ready and equipped to change the state of our relationships through being persuasive. It's the time where we might have pulled ourself back up from being excluded, and do everything to change the status quo. In the shadow, this will be about spreading misinformation and bullshitting people. In the high frequency, we will act in alignment with higher principles, and we might be able to win over even spoil sports or reluctant and fearful people who are initially not very enthusiastic about something, but if that something is for the benefit of everyone involved and rooted in good and solid principles, they might at some point recognize the value and change their mind. The higher principles and the just nature of the agenda is the key. If our principles are embodied in human rights, and in what is right, or if we try to win someone over coming from a place of truly, truly authentic feelings and embodied emotions, and if we try to influence for mutual benefit, instead of trying to manipulate people against their will and by overstepping their boundaries, it might take time, but people might at some point understand it and notice that we are real.
Especially, if we are persuading someone from a state of emotional clarity, having then come to a place of inner certainty, there probably will be some upheaval and crisis on the way, but in the end we will be prepared for those crises and obstacles because throughout the year we took the long road that prepared us for the challenges by the end of the year and further down the road. We might have found the emotional clarity that gives us the determination to persuade with patience, even if the other person is still reluctant. We might have built a platform that we then can use as a megaphone to pull people's attention toward important issues, be it domestic violence, freedom of speech, new perspectives on God and religion, or anything else that needs to be tackled. Or we might have build a platform or organization, that is going to be truly solid and firmly rooted, because during the Jupiter retrograde we eliminated the inferior destabilizing elements, and from that stable foundation we can continue to generously give resources to good causes.
When Jupiter goes direct, the moon brings the energy of “those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”. And actually for some, the coming months between now and October might already bring some madness, likely to induce necessary inner and outer changes. For example, to overcome ego distortion and unjust ulterior motives, and to find deeper into innocence (see the Saturn retrograde, and it might feel shitty, but it is what it is). This could also be about finding emotional clarity through experiencing the lowest of low emotional states that make it painfully clear to us what's truly important to us, and at the end we will have come to a point where clarity and the inner knowing "just is" and where the nervousness about it has fallen away, and we just know that we must do something even if it contains crisis, difficulties, and challenges. Generally, crisis and hitting rock bottom can be the greatest motivator to induce necessary changes, to rise, and to go beyond the status quo, where before we might have just rested on our oars. When you are at the bottom, the only way you can go is up, and necessity drives you to do so. Also, crisis helps us to focus on what is important, and everything else that was never so important falls away because we no longer have the capacity for it in times of crisis.

First comes the crisis, then comes the progress. Now, collectively, we are in times of crisis, actually for several years, and with the eclipse at the end of this year comes another tiny portion of the progress and change. Without the crisis, there would not be progress. We need crisis in order to find progress and in order to grow into our full potential.

Sometimes we also have to experience severely toxic things for us to appreciate the good things despite the difficulties and challenges that come with those good things. Sometimes we have to get it worse and experience how it can be worse, to be able to truly appreciate the good stuff.

Persisting through difficult times, and being willing to do necessary but monotonous detail work, which can lead to the discovery of unusual details that will make the essential difference, but that we would have missed if we had not persisted.

    21 June 2021 13:57 UTC: Venus in▽ (Cancer) trine Neptune in (Pisces)

Collective challenge: Not doing the necessary but monotonous detail work and being bored and dissatisfied with having to do it, although we know we might need it to save our butt.

Mastering the challenge: At some level flourishing in challenging times, sticking to what can bring success with determination, and doing the detail work, which can lead to the discovery of unusual details that help us to in difficult times to correct our situation, to maintain success, or to get closer toward success.

Mercury goes direct after a couple of weeks of the beginning stages of self-analysis: Butting into people's business with rigid correction and a hypocritical delusional pseudo-transformation that is not yet embodied – or soft and patient but sustainable correction bit by bit, and waiting for the right opportunity where it's done, and where we truly embody the change.

    22 June 2021 21:59 UTC: Mercury direct in
Lawrence Alma-Tadema - An Eloquent Silence

Mercury went retrograde on the 29th of May and brought self-analysis, confession, and the letting go of old baggage, or not. It was about recognizing what's worth changing for and shedding skin.

Now, three weeks later, Mercury goes direct.

After having been rejected and corrected in one's shit and having been censured for inappropriate action that might have even destroyed oneself or others emotionally, and after having reflected on oneself during the previous weeks of the Mercury retrograde, now Mercury goes direct and brings the potential for correction.

On the problematic side, this can bring overly rigid and overly severe correction and not knowing when enough is enough even to the point of interfering with others. It can bring dramatic presentation and overly rigid correction that is absolutely overdone, that is met with resistance, and that alienates people, rather than winning their support.
It also can be hypocritical correction that is wishful thinking and not embodied, and yet claims applause for a seeming metamorphosis that actually hasn't happened yet - “hey look how I changed, let me prove to you that I did it, can we now make it work?” but still bringing the same old shit to the table, butting into other people's lives, and being a pain in the neck. A couple of weeks is not a long time to induce changes. Inner transformation takes some more time to sink in and to truly become it and be the change - and that's okay! All good things take their time.
There might be severe impatience with doing the inner work, or being afraid of missing the boat if we take too much time. You will not miss the right boat, the one that's truly for you will still be there when you are ready for departure.

On the productive side, we bide our time and patiently wait for the right opportunity when our self-analysis is complete, when we have all the details and understanding, and when the change is truly embodied. If it's not embodied, it's a setup for failure. If someone asks us or pressures us, we can always say “I'm on my good way, but not fully there yet”.
Sensitive and effective correction leads to progressive change now or in the long run.

This can also be about dealing with rejection and disappointment, possible due to having said yes to restrictive commitments, not having had the integrity to communicate our limitations clearly and having gotten someone's hopes up, opportunistically having bitten off much more than we can chew, overextending ourself, and now not being able to meet our words and promises with actions, and needing to spit part of it out. Or it can be the other way around: that we might have to deal with people who didn't live in integrity and who we might need to continuously fend off as they persist to interfere with us (obviously still from their lack of integrity and refusing to take any responsibility for their shitty behavior and actions).
Other times, this might be about not having committed to something to begin with, because we knew we did not have the resources yet and had the integrity to refuse, or have that integrity now.

Unhealthy extremes and hatefully ruining others – or sensitively trying to work things out and understanding the diversity of human beings that sometimes cause things to fail or to simply turn out to be a mismatch that calls for withdrawal and stepping down.

    23 June 2021 10:11 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) trine Jupiter in (Pisces)
    23 June 23:39 UTC: Venus in (Cancer) opposite Pluto in▲ (Capricorn)

Collective challenge: Rigidly refusing to correct, or compulsive overcompensation in changing times (maybe even overcompensating for that lack of actual healthy and sustainable correction), insensitively disturbing the flow, and selfishly ruining others.
Possibly having the gifts, but not the discipline to transmit insights to others than can bring them clarity. Not having the discipline to work at embodying one's inner truth and authentic values.

Mastering the challenge: Being sensitive enough to adapt to changing circumstances, trying to work things out, but accepting that some things are or were meant to fail despite best efforts. Knowing what's worth to adapt to, and what isn't. Knowing what's worth it to sit through extremes (e.g. emotional extremes and crisis), and what isn't worth it (letting our flow be disturbed by extreme and selfish persistent interference of others).
Having the discipline to transmit insights to others than can bring them clarity (obviously where it makes sense and is possible to begin with, e.g. reasoning with someone who threatens one with a knife might not always be the best option). Having the discipline to work at embodying one's inner truth and authentic values.

Paul Charles Chocarne-Moreau - I Told You So

Saturn sextile Chiron: Not everyone is worth dealing with and responding to, but if you have to, have the proper response ready to their interference. Avoiding people who mess with us and who have shitty self-serving principles tends to be the best strategy of all (why bother with crap if you don't have to and can just enjoy yourself and life)

    24 June 2021 4:28 UTC: Saturn in sextile Chiron in #2

Saturn-Chiron brings wounding and restrictions through harsh lessons or having built bad karma, or it brings lasting rewards and healing through difficult lessons and good karma having been built.
This transit reads very much like the 39.5 to me, and it brings karma in regards to our autonomy and relationships. If you know someone doesn't have the spirit and will bring interference, boundary violation, and intrusion, you might feel guided to just give them the silent treatment: You don't respond, and you do not allow them to make their shit your problem. Some things are so corrupted, they can't be fixed, and this might be a lesson that we have learned by now. We have zero obligation to be available for other people's violation and insensitivity, but we have an obligation to look after ourself and to respect our own boundaries.
If ignoring such people is not possible, then this is about having the proper strategy to be able to deal with them and fend them off, or developing a proper strategy together with others (with those who have the spirit and are trustworthy).

Full Moon of hypocrisy and double standards – or of authentic embodied behavior and being a role model that leads by example. Is it practicable to be a role model as long as almost no one is a role model, and as long as the structure rewards hypocrisy, because few can discern hypocrisy from actual authority, and so it happens that people get away with it?

    24 June 2021 18:39 UTC: Full Moon in (Capricorn) in waxing quincunx to Venus in (Cancer) and in 10°-square to Neptune in (Pisces)
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon/Solar Eclipse in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in (Taurus)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in (Taurus)

Admittedly, the question in the headline is a deliberate provocation. Ultimately, if you are a role model you have your standards which means you don't care too much if it's practical or not, you just do you, and you will get by in doing you. For the most part, you don't care much about what other people do and don't do and how they should live their life, you rather focus on doing yourself what you feel is right and needs to be done. If you are not a role model though, and if you are double faced instead, there is no motivation to overcome it as long as people do not recognize it and the structure even encourages it. I think the question is a fun one because there is so much truth in it. Without awareness on both sides (not just those who fool, also those who are fooled), nothing changes and nothing can ever change. The pressure to change and to move toward authentic embodiment will not come from those who fool others, but from those who are being fooled, once they recognize that they are being fooled.

This fool moon of potential hypocrisy marks the height of a moon cycle that started with the solar eclipse of exclusion and potential aggression upon being excluded.
I'm not sure if there is any necessity for hypocrisy, maybe in some situations where you really have to deal with severe interference and aggression, and need the double face to prevent further violation because it is the only thing that is practicable, at least until you have established the right strategy to get out of a situation - and this full moon could bring such an energy.

But in general, this full moon certainly lets us deal with the necessity for embodied authentic behavior and for role models who have natural authority – and the challenging situation of a lack thereof. Where are the role models in this world who make their contribution not from their status, title, and position, but from actual authentic embodiment? Where are those who walk their talk and thus are respectable? With this full moon's energy they might be especially hard to find and the double standards might be especially present.

Also, this is about recognizing what can't be corrected, accepting that it can't be corrected, and putting one's focus on regenerating mentally and emotionally instead of trying to fix a situation that just can't be fixed. Maybe that's just what something is going to be: hypocritical and not embodied, and the only thing that we can do is to decide whether we want to partake in that or not. Both can bring its crisis. The next moon cycle will be about new beginnings and simultaneously letting go when the lessons has been learned, or not being able to let go and to see only one's authority challenged (whether that authority is actually there or not). For the most part, it will be about separating from the wrong relationships and finding new beginnings elsewhere, although the situation might be complex, confused, and messy.

I want to repeat because I can't emphasize this enough:
Let's call to mind that we are in the middle of a Pluto retrograde that on one side is about not being able to accept extremes and disturbing the flow, and on the other side it is about acceptance and growing through experiencing extremes. During this week, there is the possibility that all of this is very present and very challenging. Ultimately though, there can be an important lesson in it. If we do not let ourself be pulled into futile mulling over how extreme this is (is just is), and if we do not let ourself be tempted to rush into futile action, then this week can bring huge lessons to be understood that can help us to navigate the future, and it can bring tremendous growth.

The next solar week will be about inaction and concentrating on working at what brings us joy.