This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Joseph M Gleeson

The previous solar week was about attracting conditioning, or attracting resources through being ourself and through making our individual contribution as ourself. It was about attracting and keeping resources and power to be able to invest them into our unfolding path and vision, or about not being able to keep resources.

This solar week is about not having a lot of awareness and messing with others - or about the awareness to display and apply power in order to serve the common good.

22 November 2021 5:31 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 34 ䷡ (Sagittarius) – active channels of the moment: the integration channel of charisma ( South Node, 34 Sun- North Node, 20 Earth), the channel of awareness ( Pluto- Uranus) and the channel of power ( Saturn-▽ Jupiter) // completely open ego and spleen

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Keywords: Maintaining momentum on our path and understanding its value for our own well-being. As long as we ourself are in a good place, we are able to use our power for something good. Understanding and ideally resisting the extreme conditioning, propaganda, and manipulation that we might meet. Surrendering to life and the way that is healthy, and refusing to engage in everything that's not healthy, but that is mere conditioning that will make our life force deteriorate or that will make us sick in the long run. When someone chooses to go their very own way, they have to come up against a lot of resistance that can be frustrating and draining, but that it absolutely worth it to overcome. Nothing can live up to the certainty that you made the right decision and choice for yourself that was not someone else's decision and not someone else's dream, but uniquely yours.
The channel of awareness that has been defined by Pluto and Uranus for a while, brings inspiration from the infinite and transformation of our inner truth. Especially this week, it pushes us to return to old thought patterns and excuses in order to overcome them and to see things more rational. In seeing things more clearly for what they are without making up excuses for ourself or for others and making things what we want them to be and deluding ourself, we are able to find correct and individuated action, we are able to get ourself unstuck, and we can transcend limitations that held us back in the past. Now they might not hold us back anymore.

Sun conjunct Ketu: Making things public that are better kept secret, attracting negative attention, and losing momentum in draining and distracting bitch fights - or gaining momentum in focusing on the future and on gathering support for new beginnings despite all opposition.

    23 November 2021 19:02 UTC: Sun conjunct the South Node in (Sagittarius), also conjunct Mercury in

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Collective challenge: Attracting those forces and people who can thwart new beginnings. Being conditioned out of new beginnings. Over-assertiveness, pushiness, and being overbearing might lead to a loss of momentum and drive people away. Dependent on the situation, not being able to keep things secret might attract sabotage, as well.

Mastering the challenge: Maintaining direction despite conditioning an opposition. Focusing on maintaining purpose and vitality, rather than letting ourself be distracted by futile mud fights. Focusing on attracting support for new beginnings rather than letting ourself be pulled back into battles with opponents that we could avoid and that just drain us and don't help us with where we want to go. Moving forward rather than letting ourself be pulled backwards. There is always someone who will complain or who will try to pull you back down, and often times we can avoid these people and situations. We gain more when we focus on working toward the potential, rather than being distracted and drained by what can't be helped either way.

This transit can bring up ego imbalances and draining events that bring the potential to truly understand the weight and drain that ego distortion puts on us and on others, compared to the ease that comes with moving through life with dignity.
Is the ego healthy and truly an embodied authority, or does someone only act as if and make deluded claims and false statements?

Jupiter back in gate 30: Yearning or burning. Accepting the limitations of fate and the maya, maintaining composure, and being led by life into new beginnings and to the next stage. On one side, clinging onto feelings and onto yearning without being able to let it go might weaken us rather than strengthen us by letting feelings and emotions wander through. One might not really move ahead but get stuck in the yearning and burning. Or we might experience the yearning and turn it into a strength and motivation to attract support for new beginnings and for the next stage of the journey, despite limitations.

    23 November 2021 20:31 UTC: Jupiter D back in gate 30 (30.1▽) in a wide square to the nodal axis and the energies described in the last aspect (Sun conjunct the South node). The moon in^ in waxing quincunx to Jupiter

Mercury conjunct Ketu: Communication challenges and distracting mind trips.

    25 November 2021 17:24 UTC: Mercury conjunct the South Node in (Sagittarius), also conjunct the Sun in

Not losing oneself in constant recrimination, letting go when blocked and focusing on maintaining our creative drive, which is usually the only thing that will get us out of situations and into new situations. If we are looking for other people to save us, it's not necessary promising. Trying to overcome obstacles by mere attraction without any real possibility for application (distraction), either because the timing is not right yet or because it's not the right and mutual thing to begin with) – or attracting attention in a broader sense through sticking to the creative process.
I see this as a transit to let go of conflict and arguments that are not productive in the current moment, and to focus on making it. If a reconciliation is supposed to happen, things might be able to be resolved at a later point in time when everyone has reflected upon it, grown from it, and when circumstances are more fortunate. Other times, it might just holding both parties in a conflict back from walking toward a new future.

Alfons Mucha

Saturn sextile Chiron: Receiving the call to be of service to the highest values for the benefit of all sentient beings, and dedicating one's personal resources to that - or separating from the wrong call. Keeping up good boundaries and only receiving the call that is deeply nurturing. There might be some more interference on one's way out of the door, and maybe abuse due to self-hatred stemming from incorrect action and the need to push others even deeper than where one perceives oneself to be (a doom loop).

    27 November 2021 1:04 UTC: Saturn in (Aquarius) sextile Chiron in (Aries) #3

This is the third and last Saturn sextile Chiron that took place throughout 2021, and as such it marks one end point of the story that we have been experiencing throughout 2021. The Sun is in the 34.6^ which was the eclipse energy in summer 2021 that lasted until now and is slowly leaving the stage right now. The eclipse in summer 2021 and this transit was about having the common sense to know when enough is enough, admitting past mistakes mostly when it comes to not seeing things clearly, and ending what we can't maintain.
Likely, this is about letting go what did not work in the past, or having to deal with interference from the past. This can be about a person coming back, who is caught in subjective judgment and can't recognize that objectively this is not what they want it to be and that the other person doesn't want to have anything to do with them, and yet they try to get a foot into the door and they try to get the other person's resources nonetheless.

On the down side, it can also be about a person being overly enthusiastic about something new to the point of delusion where they intentionally limit their understanding because they want this so much. (Remember the eclipse of the phoney).
This is about getting carried away in false enthusiasm and maybe losing momentum on what would have worked. It is about being so caught up in one's feelings that one doesn't get to clear assessment and to manifesting the progress that is needed. For those who are working on transforming principles and values so that greater union can take place, it also can be about an irresponsible, imbalanced, and impatient approach to problem solving that creates more problems than it solves.

However, most likely this is about passing on a call or exiting something that we let ourself be called to and that was not right for us.

The next solar week will be about focus and detail.