This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Giuseppe Castiglione - Cherries and two Birds

The previous solar week was about creation through receptivity to higher knowing and higher guidance. It started the yearly quarter of mutation. Creation independent of will - one year ago, I wanted to work on lots of things for the website. Then I was rerouted toward different tasks and paths through necessity and through all the signs that I received. I still haven't done all the things that I wanted to do, but now I'm in a much better place to continue from, and this is much better than my initial plans and what I initially thought that I needed to do.

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This solar week is about facing the fear of rejection. It is about mental breakthrough, and about expressing what we know. It is about structuring and efficiency.

11 November 2021 1:33 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 43 ䷪ (Scorpio) – active channels of the moment: the integration channel of charisma ( South Node- North Node), the channel of awareness ( Pluto-▽ Uranus), the channel of structuring (43.1 Sun-23.1 Earth), the channel of synthesis (▲ Moon,▽ Saturn-▲ Jupiter) // completely open G and ego

Keywords: Understanding the necessary conditions of where we are heading. Does it work as it is, or do we need a different structure and framework of interaction? Failing to enforce healthy boundaries because we are afraid of rejection, which leads to degeneration and destabilization also when it comes to health – or separating from external conditioning, even if it creates temporary disharmony and strife, because it's necessary for us in the long run and can bring greater harmony in the long run. Sticking to our process and refining our understanding on what kind of conditions we need and what kind of things we don't want anymore. Understanding that we can't let people run over us and fail to enforce healthy boundaries because we are afraid that they will reject us if we insist on our boundaries. If they have no sympathy for our healthy boundaries, they are not the right people to begin with.

The challenge of stopping to maintain detrimental relationships, and stopping to ignore issues, and recognizing that we can't reach a goal with the wrong people. Rejecting those relationships or principles that do not serve the whole and that need to be abandoned because others (the rest of the team) needs that to be able to plan properly and to function on a practical level.

    11 November 2021 14:05 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Scorpio) in waning quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)

Ignoring the social component and people's actual capacity, and guiding and nurturing the wrong people, or not. Not restricting inferior elements and focusing exclusively on goals while the social level truly suffers. An extreme example: If you are training a selfishly manipulative person in Human Design, it might not be very good for everyone involved since they will work with it with the wrong intentions and in the worst case they will misuse their power of knowing and use it to manipulate people to get more than they need and then people would otherwise be willing to give them. A mild example: If you train a chaotic dreamy person to be a flight controller – it's not going to be the right person for this job that requires a high amount of concentration, focus, and responsibility. Everyone has a place, and we can't put people in places where they don't belong just in order to fulfill a goal. It might work in some way or another, but it won't be of any quality, and it's unlikely to last and endure changing times.

The freakish opening line. Mental breakthrough through dedication, simple directness and attunedness to others, yet knowing when to strike out upon threat. Sticking to the process of seeking understanding. Recognizing that also odd mental habits are valuable and no reason for being rejected as long as they are not a threat and do help.

    12 November 2021 16:23 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) trine Neptune in▲ (Pisces)

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This is also about understanding that if you are yourself, no beating around the bush, but if you are direct but sensitive, you don't have to fear rejection that much. You can say the oddest things as long as you are sensitive and direct, because things are in the open and people know what they get from you because you make your intentions known. Even if they do not agree and think it is freakish, they will appreciate a freakish oddball much more than someone who hides, masks themselves and beats around the bush, lets them guess and either makes things unnecessarily complicated or makes them suspicious. My brother and my grandma are both 5/1's, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. My grandma has her good sides, and she can be very direct, but she is also an irrational overly self-entitled hypocritical covertly manipulative narcissist with a savior-complex while my brother is direct, outspoken, and capable to admit mistakes on his own initiative, not just when someone points them out to him. Two days ago I had this funny conversation with my brother where he told me that he talked to my grandma on the phone, and she was trying to come at him with something indirectly that she knew he wasn't very positive toward. She wanted to send him money as a gift, but he didn't want it because he did not want to have any hidden expectations attached to it as usual. He only wants to do things when he feels like, and give what he feels like giving without having someone tell him “but I did this and this, do more”. That's why he continues to refuse to give her his bank address, because she tries to build these codependent structures under her control. Instead of directly saying what she wanted and what's up, she beat around the bush like the 5th line does in their shadow state, and that's when my brother got really suspicious, and felt he knew where she was going, and that this was another call to fulfill some weird unjustified 5th line expectation or hers. People who are in good spirit will appreciate direct and attuned outspokenness, even if they do not agree with everything you say. Generally, avoiding direct confrontation and friction leaves a lot of room for speculation. Sometimes that does not matter because there is nothing to be saved, sometimes it matters. If it's a general match in values and if there is a good foundation for a relationship, disagreements are not a big deal. When you are honest, you might not say what everyone likes you to say, and both sides might even laugh at each others ideas because they seem so weird, but at least you are not hypocritical and secretly unfair and fake, and people do appreciate that. When they are the same, they do appreciate encountering that in others. To those people who have good relationships, having good relationships is more important than being right, that are their priorities. A disagreement is no big deal as long as the basic value system overlaps. The right people appreciate when you are you and when they know where they stand with you. Again, a disagreement is no big deal. What's true for us might be conditioning for someone else. Tolerance is key. People also will be much more open to communicate openly with you when there are none of these elaborate rituals and norms that just create more distance and barriers between two human beings.

Again, ignoring problems and focusing exclusively on goals, ignoring people's shadows – or manifesting through recognizing that we need to have a certain quality met, and that the social component and ego quality matters. Both can seem or even be practical in different situation, sometimes you don't have a choice, and sometimes you do.

    12 November 2021 23:18 UTC: Mars in▽ (Scorpio) in waning quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)

Missing an opportunity with “me, me, me”-people who don't have what it takes and can't see the larger picture. Not being involved if someone has the wrong quality of ego that is not surrendered, and not being bothered by people's resentment when they receive a no.

    13 November 2021 15:56 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in▽ (Taurus)

Sensitive or insensitive conversations that bring change, attract support, and establish a new order.
Knowing when to take relationship breaks to not lose ourself in others, or when to reject other unhealthy stimuli.

    15 November 2021 8:06 UTC: Venus in (Capricorn) square Chiron in▲ (Aries)
    15 November 2021 19:58 UTC: Sun in▲ (Scorpio) square Jupiter in▽ (Aquarius)

How much assimilation, stimulation, and relationship immersion is ok? Maintaining identity because we know when to retreat, or not knowing when to withdraw, losing oneself, losing identity, and being conditioned.

The next solar week will be about attracting conditioning, or attracting resources through being ourself and through making our individual contribution as ourself. It is about attracting, keeping, and working with resources and power to be able to invest them into our unfolding path and vision, or about not being able to keep them.