This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Edmund Dulac - Father Time

The previous solar week was about the awareness what can bring us purpose and meaning in life, and it determined the endeavors we chose to take on in 2022. The third day of last week was the underlying energy for the Rave New Year 2022. Finding those meaningful endeavors can be a big thing, but it doesn't have to be. It is not a rocket science, it's quite simple: something will bring us a feeling of purpose and meaning in life because it is a cause or a person that we care about on some level. This can also be about refining our recognition of what's meaningful through receiving or giving nurturing.
Last week could have either bring enlightened awareness and knowing exactly what to fight for, or it could have brought foolish or quite random and unfounded risk taking and blind gambling, especially when we turned a blind eye to obvious problems.

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This solar week is about overcoming irrational justifications, finding inner renewal and greater rationality, being alert to the shadow in others, and coming to meet only under the right conditions.

30 October 2021 20:18 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 44.1 ䷫ (Scorpio) – active channels of the moment: an integration field consisting of the channel of charisma ( South Node- North Node), the channel of the brain wave, and the channel of power ( Mercury), and the channel of awareness ( Pluto-▽ Uranus, 24.1 Earth) // completely open G and ego (initiation)

Keywords: Mental renewal leads to changed patterns and a refined awareness of the patterns that we recognize in ourself and in others. Finding the right conditions and the right ego quality through inner renewal. Initiation. Being alert to what is off in ourself or in others, or ignoring it intentionally. Recognizing the worth of what is in alignment with our higher direction. Balancing ego with self, and with our direction in life.

Sticking to what's practical, and creating new social structures and structures or organization.

    1 November 2021 4:18 UTC: Mercury in▲ (Libra) trine Jupiter in (Aquarius)
    1 November 2021 15:19 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) in waning quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)

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Collective challenge: Failing to do what's practical and dropping out of a good thing out of a fear of lack of potential. Failing to maintain right action, breaking with consistency, rebelling against the basic principles that brought success, and getting lost in self-blame and destructive mental habits (which won't help either, only right action helps to prevent regret, if not now then next time). Focusing only on goals at the expense of the social component, and failing to recognize the problems in others, which might lead to calling in the wrong people and taking opportunities with people who do not have what is needed, and ultimately that results in qualitative failure.

Mastering the challenge: Sticking to what's practical despite doubt and fear of failure, maintaining right action, and recognizing that we are really ok. Being able to attain goals through knowing the right place and the authentic role for people in the larger structure. Instinctive recognition of where they fit into the picture, and knowing exactly how much power they can handle, and if they can handle any power to begin with, or if they have to be severely restricted and controlled to not sabotage the whole structure. Not underestimating others and having learned to pay attention to inferior elements and problematic people, and restricting them by integrating them with superior forces, so that they can't do any damage while we keep our eyes on the goal.

There will be different levels of interpersonal difficulty. But basically, at the most difficult levels, the inferior elements can hate themselves all that they want for their fuck ups. You don't underestimate the threat and have the right response ready, or you have the self-restraint to develop such a response to manage them, and you will be fine. They will feel sorry for themselves because that's just what us humans do. They will wallow in their self-pity because they failed to maintain right action, but it will not cross their mind that they might as well do everything in their power to try to fix things and become a better human being. Their self-pity is really not your problem - unless it is truly practical to pay attention to it. Again, just to prevent misunderstanding, I'm not talking about harmless mistakes within healthy relationships that are best talked through and that can easily be resolved that way because both people consider each other. I'm talking about serious fuck ups, often coming from self-serving motives and people who simply don't have the character to cooperate well because they are incapable of considering other people's perspective and the larger framework. It is their karma (actio reactio, cause and effect), and not your cross to carry. It's not productive and not healthy to try to maintain harmony with those where it is impossible to maintain it, because they will always destroy the harmony that you put so much energy into maintaining. This only creates a downward spiral: You give them power, way more power than they can handle, and doing that they feel reinforced and confirmed and handle it even more irresponsibly because they get away with it. Overly harmonious actions signal to them that you are willing to make all the sacrifices to maintain “harmony”, and thus they get away with all their shit and can even use it to their advantage and ruin your mental and physical health while they thrive as a parasite. Dependent on character, they will not understand their parasitic nature because they simply are incapable of seeing beyond their own satisfaction, and they do not understand the toll that it takes on you as a mental defense to enable them to maintain their own unhealthy habits, alternatively they see it but do not even care, or they fluctuate between the both in a bipolar fashion. Parasites are inbuilt in nature, and organisms have developed ways to defend themselves against parasites. That's just the way of the world, there is no sense in denying that parasitism exists, also in humans. In fact, the way that it has worked for me, is that in the worst cases of parasitic humans that I have encountered, their psychic intrusion sometimes carried that kind of parasitic imagery from the animal kingdom, or like the suckers from matrix movies or the aliens movies (HR Giger, who has RAHU in 50.4, breakdown of the defense system). In dream space, I'm not a manifestor aura type. When I sleep, my aura is more vulnerable then, and that's when they got to me (and how the visual imagery of the energetics got to me). I then had to forcefully wake myself up to get out of this immediate intrusion. I've only been able to make sense of it later through spotting the stuff in their Human Design charts and dream raves. If you sense this kind of unhealthy energy, asleep or awake, and it doesn't even have to be so extreme, I'd run for the hills. Personally, at this point of understanding where I have arrived, I'd even throw their shit right back at them full force and then run for the hills and not give a shit about how they deal with it, because they attacked first when no one forced them to violate me – their bad. If they are the one's who started an ego war and can't let go of it, I refuse to be considerate and take any responsibility for it, and I refuse to take responsibility for another person's shadows.
However, if you feel that's a legit option, but you don't know how to do that and if all that you would throw back would be your own peace, gentleness, and kindness - you already sampled their violent energy when they infused it into you, which means that they gave you a sample of something that you can work with, that is NOT NICE, and that you can generate when necessary and throw right back at them so that they will leave you alone at least for a while. Then, quickly get it out of your own system. You can turn their error into an “advantage”, even if it is and stays annoying as crap and you would much prefer if there was no error to begin with. It probably works even better with the current 34 south node, but it also works without. It does. And most people do not take a lot of resistance until they will leave you alone. It needs quite some heavy dark triad traits for a person to persist against such resistance.
However, what I described above is just part of my approach, and I only came there through years of torture, not wanting to hurt people, and thinking they must at some point get it (which they don't), and this time slowly eroded my patience for these kinds of people. You do what you need to do. Some of you might just need to hear, that: Yes, these kinds of threats do exist. And if you do not want to, you do not need to lead everyone and their mom around the block. You have no obligation to do that. You do you.
Just like plants and animals, humans have defense mechanisms, as well, and we are at our best when we use them. We are at our best when we use them. When I started to write transit reports years ago, within the spiritual community and within the Human Design community, there was this delusion and desperate belief in the good within Humans - at the expense of totally ignoring the bad, or even making excuses for it, often reinforced by those people who are the most avoidant to look at their own shadow and who'd rather keep things as they are because for them that feels somewhat comfortable and pain-free. Back then, it was just pointless to say anything, I don't felt like people were ready for it, they just saw reality as a spoil sport, so I said nothing. Now with Chiron in gate 21 and soon 51, I feel the collective will have their last illusions destroyed and come to a more wholesome and realistic picture that includes both: the good and the ugly. And by then, the background frequency of delusion and false enthusiasm will be gone and will have been replaced by wisdom and the potential to have found authentic awakening through experience. I really do hope that collectively, people will tolerate way less crap by then. Human Design (the Rave I Ching) is filled with all kinds of different defense mechanisms, and the more we live ourself in integrity, the more we apply them.

I feel like I lose focus in trying to explain defense, which is quite funny because my Neptunes (finding the spirit through enforcing right action) are in the 58.5 (defense) and in the 58.4v (loss of focus)... Oh well.
To come back to the actual topic and to this transit, if it is harmless karma within the right relationships, this transit can be about receiving nurturing guidance after having made a mistake, and truly being able to learn from that. This can be about growing through mistakes. There is no human past their baby stages who did not make a mistake before. We all make them, and we are built to make them so that we can learn from them and gain greater self-awareness and understanding about how things work, and how they don't work.

Maintaining one's principles and rejecting irrational interference. Maintaining harmony even in severity – if efficient, effective, and purposeful. Imbalanced and moody leadership that alienates others and/or leads them into unhealthy limitations and restrictions - or balanced and harmonious leadership that leads them toward self-emancipation, independence, greater harmony and purpose, and right action on the larger social realm.

    2 November 2021 8:13 UTC: Mars in (Scorpio) in waxing quincunx to the North Node in (Gemini)
    2 November 2021 9:38 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) square Pluto in (Capricorn)

This is a fun one considering my previous rant that will definitely alienate some people (deliberately in a quest for the right spirit, because I honor the necessary truth, awareness, and healthy empowerment more than stroking people's ego). There is an element of alienation with this transit, and you judge yourself what is correct and appropriate from your perspective, but my approach has always been: To empower the right people you sometimes have to alienate the wrong ones. This will not be the right approach for everyone, though, and this transit definitely brings a challenge to not wreak havoc, and to maintain harmony despite severity in situations where it would really matter.

This can bring moody irrational episodes where one is not able to tame one's ego, and alienates others within important relationships.
First and foremost, it brings moody irrational interference due to an inability to accept that something can't be corrected, or it can bring situations where one alienates others to a point where the relationship can't be repaired anymore, and one then struggles to accept that.
It truly depends on who and what you are dealing with. Sometimes, alienating others is what leads to harmony (harmony within yourself and your environment by getting rid of them as a disturbance). Sometimes, alienating others leads to disturbing the existing harmony in purposeful relationships.
Generally though, this can be an irrational struggle over failed relationships and opportunities that were missed for good reason, because a person simply can't accept things for what they are, intentionally ignores the truth, continues to mess with the other person, tries to take the back door against all resistance, and comes up with all kinds of nonsensical excuses for why they are in the right and why they are doing the right thing (which they are not).

New Moon of indifference toward the condemnation of those who we reject and toward being rejected, and simply ensuring our well-being. Ignoring the wrong opportunities, and only going for the absolutely right relationship and the right quality of ego in others that is surrendered and willing to create something that goes beyond the ordinary, independent of their own will and ego.

    4 November 2021 21:14 UTC: NEW MOON in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in▽ , in waxing quincunx to BM Lilith in, square Saturn in▲
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in (Gemini)
Edmund Dulac - The Garden of the Woman Learned in Magic

Collectively, this is about rising beyond the ego-issues that rejection creates. It is about rising above and being indifferent to the condemnation of those who were rejected.

Collective challenge: Losing the momentum for recognition and being impatient with recognition. Losing recognition, support, and momentum by shaking hands with toxic people. Being impatient with others, specifically being impatient with the right people. On the other hand: Missing an opportunity because one is overly suspicious and paranoid. Patience will tell.

Mastering the challenge: Truly trusting your instinct in discerning who is a match and who has the right quality of ego. Either being called to find purpose through a relationship that might need quite some value refinement for it to truly go somewhere. Or, if it's not the right thing for you, not taking that relationship opportunity. Rather, waiting for the people that truly match. If it's with the right people, or with the right person, both is a viable option: It can be absolutely viable to take an opportunity that demands a lot of work, brings uncertainty if it can work, but feels worthwhile and like the right thing, and it can be viable to miss an opportunity and rather wait for the right person. It truly depends on where we are at in life.

This will lead up to a full moon of expressing a new social form, especially in having to deal with people who are abusive because they lack self-worth and feel like needing to push others down – or staying stuck in old patterns. Often times, this will be about staying stuck in social limitations, whether an opportunity is being taken or not. We can take a very unhealthy opportunity and stay stuck in that toxicity and total social restraint. We can also miss a healthy opportunity due to paranoia, suspicion, and exaggerated arrogance, which keeps us stuck right where we are at for the good or bad. This kind of missed opportunity might not have been the most healthy for the other person though, who otherwise would have to deal with the exaggerated arrogance and with constantly being put down and dissed, when in fact they were looking for a healthy ego to work with. Whether we take an opportunity or let an opportunity slide, what matters is: What are the right limitations? Are we better off dealing with the limitations on our own and/or with the support of those relationships that we already have in our life, or is there an opportunity that's truly worth a try?

There also is the possibility that through a distasteful alliance, and that through being willing to join forces with just about anybody, ultimately a mutation in awareness and a social mutation might be manifested for you or the people you are connected to. The question is: does it feel right (it likely will bring a good social mutation, whether it is the possible emergence from standstill, or if it only teaches us greater realism when we are being met with some people's abusive tendencies), or does it feel wrong (it likely will bring a bad social mutation, or none at all, and just keep you stuck, waiting and hoping).

I think summed up, from what I can tell, I'd say: Joining forces with someone who is solid in their self-worth might work in the long run and bring in a capacity for collective leadership. Joining forces with someone who has self-.worth and ego-issues to work through might bring a challenging lesson and constant difficulties when they start to push you down in order to make them feel better about themself.

Stuck in taking or missing an opportunity because others need it (this can be about being stuck in making the wrong sacrifice and getting together with someone who does not have the right ego quality and instead a lot of ego distortion) – or moving closer to one's purpose and fulfillment through missing or taking an opportunity.

    4 November 2021 23:57 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in▽ (Taurus)

Do you go for an opportunity because you feel pressured and because you are afraid of making a mistake and losing out, or even are suspicious of the correctness of your own judgment although you anticipate nothing good with this opportunity? Or do you take an opportunity because this is what you truly desire, or might even have anticipated as something good coming your way before it knocked on your door? Trust whatever your anticipation is.

The next solar week will be about creation through receptivity to higher knowing and higher guidance. I starts the yearly quarter of mutation. Creation independent of will - one year ago, I wanted to work on lots of things for the website. Then I was rerouted toward different tasks and paths through necessity and through all the signs that I received. I still haven't done all the things that I wanted to do, but now I'm in a much better place to continue from, and this is much better than my initial plans and what I initially thought that I needed to do.