This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Edmund Dulac

The previous solar week was about difficulty at the beginning that demanded value refinement and taking responsibility for ourself. It could have brought resolving confusion around responsibility, values, laws, and wishes: There was a full moon of “doing me” that might have either kept people stuck in conditioning, old structures, and living out other people's opinions and dreams despite inner resistance - or it could have brought individual mutation through sticking to the process of inner growth and accepting guidance only selectively when it feels true and right for US individually. It might have brought us the recognition that we are not responsible for everything outside us, although some people would love to have us believe that. This also was about rummaging through misinformation and figuring out how things truly work for us individually.
In the beginning of the month, there might have been great insecurity and doubt. Now this might all resolve because we stuck to the process of self-development and have gone the extra mile. This moon cycle is all about learning to trust ourself first. Only in trusting ourself can we resist being held back by the wrong outside influences. Only in trusting ourself first can we live the life that is truly ours.

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This solar week is about the awareness what can bring us purpose and meaning in life, and it determines the endeavors we chose to take on in 2022. The third day of this week is the underlying energy for the Rave New Year 2022. Finding those meaningful endeavors can be a big thing, but it doesn't have to be. It is not a rocket science, it's quite simple: something will bring us a feeling of purpose and meaning in life because it is a cause or a person that we care about on some level. This can also be about refining our recognition of what's meaningful through receiving or giving nurturing. Whether someone who grew up as a neglected child receives personal care and warmth for the first time in relationships and recognizes that that feels meaningful, or whether your pharmacist tells you that Vitamin B1 could help you with eyesight which makes you recognize that it might be worth a try to at least take a test because that could restore a lost quality of life, it has all to do with care.
This week can either bring enlightened awareness and knowing exactly what to fight for, or it can bring foolish or quite random and unfounded risk taking and blind gambling, especially when we turn a blind eye to obvious problems.

25 October 2021 5:03 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 28.1 ䷛ (Scorpio) – active channels of the moment: an integration field consisting of the channel of charisma ( South Node- North Node); the channel of preservation (▲ Mars-▽ Earth), the channel of awareness ( Pluto-▽ Uranus) // completely open G

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Keywords: The RISKS that we take or don't take are determined by what we care about (or where we want to be taken care of and be nurtured by others), and those risks will determine our DIRECTION for the coming year, and ultimately also our life path. Envy and exaggerated selfishness is unlikely to be a good basis for taking risks. Wanting to be mothered or fathered by others and refusing to be independent might lead us to fall flat onto our face, as well. In the beginning it might work, but at some point when the other person figures out how we use them and sap them, everything crumbles, and we are left with nothing and maybe even with less independence and solidity within ourself.
This week can be about possible reconsideration, reintegration, and a just and valued new order if a past lesson has been learned and if there is the humility to admit that past rejection was an error and to work on one's values. Or missing a beautiful opportunity to rejoin with someone because we can't see the full picture and get stuck in paranoia and irrational suspicion. Or reintegration despite obvious issues and problems, but those issues are being ignored and intentionally overlooked. Or simply missing such an opportunity if the lesson has not been learned and reintegration would only lead to lots of massive problems.
Every direction is possible, it depends on you and the person or people you are connected to, where you are at, and what you feel is right for you right now and in the future.

Shaking hands with the devil that conceals itself while it sucks the life out of you – or eliminating negative experiences and opportunities, regaining your strength through forgetting, and recognizing those relationships that are worthwhile to be invested in despite obvious limitations.

    27 October 2021 1:05 UTC: Venus in (Sagittarius) square Neptune in▲ (Pisces)
Edmund Dulac - Bluebeard

The upcoming eclipse is about superficial intimacy, and the earth of today's transit is in the 27.2▽. Let's be clear, if we put it together in all honesty, these are all gold digger transits, even gender-sterotypical ones where the feminine energy marries for money only, and nothing else. Or where the feminine energy is being depleted by a manchild and remains silent while figuring out her way out. Alternatively, this can be about raising a difficult and demanding child and being pushed to one's limits. I struggle to call this "less problematic" because it still can be very challenging for the mother, but when a person actively chose to sacrifice their own life and unlimited freedom to nurture a new life, then that's a very different story emerging out of a conscious decision. It can be demanding as well, but that's the natural and in some way healthy course of life, because the child is truly being dependent on the mother or father, while an adult depleting another adult is not necessarily so, and simply might not have been raised to be independent. Today's transit brings in male energy that is sexually possessive and thus might be willing to shake hands with the devil. Sex for money and being provided for. It can work, or it can't.
Let me clarify what I mean with gold digging, though: If one is digging for love and for a genuine connection and the gold just happens to be there, that's not gold digging. If two people are looking to start a family where one earns the money and the other person stays at home and takes care of the children, and the deal is clearly articulated straight to the point and genuinely agreed upon from both sides, that's not gold digging, that's cooperation and working as a team. Gold digging is bezness. It is marrying someone you might not even like or someone you find disgusting or disinteresting, but acting as if there was more to it than there actually is, to get their money, to get a citizenship, etc. That's gold digging. Carried to the extremes, there actually is a whole industry around this. An industry that lives off people's lust, greed, and irrationality, where young women who in reality don't even exist build “relationships” with mostly greedy horny old men who don't have the self-awareness to identify the pond that they fit into and might fish in more successfully, so they are being scammed of large sums of money that they have amassed over a lifetime. Greedy people are willing to do everything to get more than they actually need, and to get what they desire, so a greedy personality can make someone an easy target since their defense system is weak, especially since on top of it the self-reflection and self-awareness is missing. Anyhow, these businesses scam greedy men by creating narratives where the made-up women needs a flight ticket out of her country, good education, or whatever else works.
On the other side, this can be about a woman genuinely in need, maybe desperate to feed her children, and she simply doesn't mention that she is not that serious. There are people who try to buy themselves a relationship upfront, who tell others “if you will be my girlfriend I will pay for your furniture” - and that is exactly what they will get, not a tad bit more, because that's obviously what they signed up for.
With this kind of energy, red flags can be silently overlooked. Things can be forgotten to mention, and the information is simply left out due to being afraid of losing support. A double face, because they know the other person wouldn't flow with the truth and end the relationship: If I don't let them know, they won't notice, and they think I am here for them, and not for their money, and all will be fine.
Maybe the person who is not given the full information and disclosure intuitively knows it, but they don't listen and deliberately don't pay attention to it, because they are emotionally invested in the other person and desperately want to make it work, or because they simply want to try.

As a third option this could be a triangle, where one male lust driven energy depletes the female energy, and another male energy steps in to either provide or to forge a serious bond, and both decide to just forget about the horrors of the past.

This can be about eliminating negative experiences and removing such inferior relationships from our life. This can be about not dealing with people who aren't in the right spirit, not making a huge drama out of it, and simply moving on to greener pastures through forgetting them and forgetting all the hassle. It can be about overcoming adversities, opposition, and obstacles, including those that try to block our way because they want to have us stay where we are so that they can continue to deplete us.

Yesterday, I have scrolled through Facebook a bit, and I have seen a lot of comments on mad manipulative exes and restraining orders. Most people who have a problem seemed to be very aware of the scope of their problems, but then again, those who might not be aware might not post it on Facebook, so who knows. This can be a grey rocking transit. Say nothing, be silent, and emotionally closed, and if you need to say something talk about mundane things that offer no room for attack and don't give any real information to the abuser that they could use in negative ways and use against you. Don't give them your new address. This also can be about avoiding futile confrontation that does not lead anywhere constructive, and instead conserving energy, observing and not saying anything to analyze the situation and to make up one's own mind about what's going on.

On the everyday mundane level, this can be about being a bit out of it with one's head in the clouds and simply forgetting to share things that might have been important to know for the other person. It can be about naturally assuming that something is not relevant for someone, when in fact they would have liked to know, and if only to partake in the other person's process.

This can also be about withholding information from people because they do not have the spirit and the character to know, and they would wreak havoc with it, so they need to be saved from themself in that sense.

This is a leadership transit. Indiscriminate sharing and failing to maintain right action leads to loss of power. Right action, reason, and embodied purpose naturally leads to influence, to transformation of relationships, and to recognition of one's nurturing and protective influence that is of value to others in difficult times.

    28 October 2021 19:15 UTC: Venus in (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter in▲ (Aquarius)

For a short moment in time, the theme of misinformation returns to the global energetic field. Based upon such misinformation, we might be conditioned and persuaded into an opportunity, and into caring for something that will make us lose our strength and power, or into caring for people who will turn against us and weaken us.

On the other hand, it can also bring actual power, service to the common good through experience, and natural authority and leadership quality that knows the importance of social selectivity. Loss of power and purpose can easily happen if you share your advantages with the wrong people who will use it against you to get the upper hand over you and control you.

Necessary renewal, transformation, and recognition through feelings because others need it. Knowing the right conditions for correct alignment that won't hold us back from finding and living our individual life purpose, and gaining momentum with those who are in service to higher principles and goals. Accepting if now is not the time for things to move, while we make the best of the current situation. Restricting inferior elements and people that are not in alignment with us and a mere disturbance. Being able to take rejection and simply aligning elsewhere - or losing self-worth.

    30 October 2021 9:53 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) square Saturn in▲ (Aquarius)
    30 October 2021 11:40 UTC: Chiron R back in gate 17 (17.6). Sun in in waning quincunx to Chiron and in sextile to Saturn in Mars in▽ and Lilith in▽ .
    30 October 2021 19:39 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) in waning quincunx to Neptune in▲ (Pisces)
Edmund Dulac - The Sleeve of Night, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

This can be a Saturnian restriction on life purpose. On the other hand, this can be about benefiting from difficult Saturnian lessons, including the lesson of knowing how to be patient, when to wait, and what to wait for.

When Chiron moves back into the 17.6, this brings the possibility to be called, but it can be a call from unhealthy conditioning, pressure, and guilt trips. This can be about conditioning others to be of service to higher values (the Bodhisattva), or it can be about letting oneself be corrupted and being conditioned into receiving a call and giving one's resources to what is not embodied in higher values and not authentic to us. The things that are not embodied in higher values and the things that are not authentic to us are essentially the same. If we live the full potential of our design, if we are in authentic alignment with our spirit, we embody the higher values that are laid out in us as a potential.
This is about being wild enough to enforce healthy boundaries and following our unique authentic calling and purpose – or being overly peaceful, failing to enforce right action, and tolerating people who drag us down and away from our right path. Right action or not. Surrender to superior forces, or being dragged down by inferior forces. For the longest time I have underestimated the impact that others can have on me, and I think I'm not the only one. Some people can turn you into a walking zombie.
Trust your own judgment on what's worth for you to align to, and don't let other people tell you otherwise. They know nothing about your life and about where your journey is supposed to go. If you don't even know all the details (and it's your journey), how are they supposed to know anything about it? Usually, the more evolved people are, the less they try to convince you of things, the less they cling to you, and the more they let you roam free on your own journey. Usually, those people who are the most convinced when it comes to having a say in your things are the ones who can back it up the least if they were only being honest with themself. These tend to be the people who need to be removed. I've had to deal with such a person for the last 3 years, it was the most toxic, energetically degenerated and perverted, and covertly abusive person that I have ever had to deal with, and today I think they are still not getting it and continuing to delude themself about me and about their own state of being. While they told me that for them it was the time with the least amount of fights, for me it was exactly the opposite with the most interference and the most strenuous social experience ever. As a good 2/4, I just reverted to saying nothing and concentrating on me, because it wasn't even worth the conflict since nothing came out of it, no considering my perspective, no spirit. This time of the South Node on my Saturn and Saturn trine my South Node within the same year was way worse than the time of my Saturn return, especially since the Saturn return hardships were authentic and had meaning and purpose. This recent time just made things so bad that I was willing to try out the weirdest things and sacrifice on lots of sleep to get out of it, that's what Saturn-South Node does. My point is: There are those hardships in life that have meaning and are purposeful to be endured and that you can roll with until it's over, and there are those hardships that have no meaning and need to be avoided or escaped at all cost. This transit is about the choice between the two, and about going for what's authentic and meaningful (if there is something that is meaningful), even if it demands a lot or if it forces us to change and transform.

Collective challenge: Frustration and anger with the present situation and a perceived stagnation can drive people to do things that make no sense. Losing momentum by letting oneself be corrupted, aligning to the wrong people, and sharing one's resources with the wrong people who lack higher values, all of which leads to contagion, contamination, and a breakdown of the defense system. Energetically, this is about alignment to what others need, but first of all these are the global transits, and the transits do not necessarily reflect your own truth. Second of all, there might be different people involved, and not all people and their needs have the same importance to you, so we might align only to those people where we feel it has a mutual meaning when we meet the need. As much as this is about alignment because others need it, this also is about caring only for the right thing that's truly necessary, and about enforcing necessary restrictions on people. Third of all, when someone says they need it, or acts as if they need it and makes you feel sorry for them, it does not yet mean that they actually need it. They might want it, but they might not need it. They might just try to get your sympathy and make you feel sorry for them so that you tolerate way too much and say yes to way too much because you have a bad conscience. They might just "serve" the function of holding you back from your purpose and sabotaging your purpose. It might teach you to speak up for yourself and to find into your full power.
This transit can bring in an element of sexual obsession and unhealthy sexual distortion or sexually transmitted disease, or simply not knowing when a good thing is enough. It brings the possibility to totally ignore that, or to simply not recognize it for what it is right away and to ignore one's intuition or red flags because one can't believe it or fully grasp what's off, or because on top of it other people persuade and convince one that someone or something is trustworthy when it's not. [ Also see the article on the long-term transit of Neptune through gate 36 from May 2021 to February 2025 ]
Hypothetically, if someone's life purpose is going to be finding the cure for AIDS, they might need to go through that in order to be aligned to that life purpose. This is an extreme example that I used for purposes of demonstration, but there will be less extreme situations that follow this pattern. Practically though, most of the time, it's the best when we stay away from such distortions, especially if we recognize them as unhealthy right away and immediately are repulsed by them and by someone's distorted second brain and lack of healthy values. I let myself be talked into my first big not-self decision after being traumatized in the process of my Saturn return. At first, I simply wanted to curiously take a look at the synchronicites from a distance, what they meant for my current life cycle, and how this life cycle thing works, but then it developed a life on its own. It did not feel right and safe and it made me really paranoid, but there was a lot of smooth talk and multiple friends said it felt good to them, so at some point I thought "whatever" and that I am just too paranoid and too traumatized from my Saturn return to see things clearly. That turned out horrible. Now I know how it feels to be made confused within yourself by too much conditioning. I learned a lot about various mechanics of conditioning and deconditioning, programming and deprogramming. However, this transit can bring similar energy where something just smells off, but you can't necessarily put your finger on it, and people persuade you. Trust yourself. Trust me only in that it doesn't end well if you don't trust yourself xD

Mastering the challenge: Careful evaluation of what we authentically can commit to. Maintaining momentum through being of service to higher values (not to individuals who may or may not be devoid of higher values, but to the actual higher values itself), and surrendering only to superior forces with whom the spirit can be found. That leads to fulfillment of authentic purpose and to being able to share the advantages and preponderance that we gained so that others may benefit and find greater purpose and individuation, as well.
Accepting when we can't correct something right now despite understanding, and being willing to wait things out and to make the best of the current situation while we sensitively modify our behavior to the prevalent social situation: Being graceful but absolutely direct and confidential with the right people, and being absolutely closed to the wrong people. Accepting when we might need to wait for the right opportunity that truly feels right, or for the right moment in time that truly feels right when the other person is open for us. Not wasting our time and being straightforward with the potential that we do see or that we do not see when people try to get us into things that don't resonate and that never will, no matter how long they wait.

Looking at the other transits throughout this week, there is a conflict between withholding information and sharing information. Both can bring potential punishment and restraint, or lasting reward, rependent on the situation. Sometimes it might be necessary for others to withhold certain information, despite being frustrated about it, so that it can't be misused to victimize others or oneself, and to save the collectivity or certain individuals from itself and from their own shadows going rogue. Looking back at history, the blueprint for the nuclear bomb might be the best example for what would have better been withheld and forgotten. The scientists who worked at the nuclear bomb clearly would have been frustrated with not being able to share their discovery and their years of work, but it might have been the better option and saved many human being a lot of pain and suffering. Anyhow, with the current transit, instead of sharing it, the advantage can also be embodied and it can lead to deep renewal and transformation and embodied purpose.
Some advantages and information needs to be shared and will be of benefit to others by being shared. Some advantages and information will be of benefit to others by being held secret and fueling our own inner transformation so that you can embody it, and that others will be able to benefit second hand. Different situations demand different conditions.

The next solar week will be about overcoming rationalizations and justifications, finding inner renewal, being alert to the shadow in others, and coming to meet only under the right conditions.