This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida - Research

The previous solar week was about working on what has been spoiled, fixing what needs to be fixed, and about more temporary hardships or challenges that require a practical approach. It brought a Mercury retrograde of accepting change and accepting the impermanence of changing circumstances, which leads us to gradually correct and adapt.

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This solar week is about depth of solution, and about being able to develop deeper solutions through maintaining control and fending off interference.

2 October 2021 11:44 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 48.1▽ ䷯ (Libra) – active channels of the moment: the channel of charisma ( South Node- North Node), the channel of beat ( Venus-▲ Uranus)

Refusing to lower our healthy standards for people who want to drag us down because they don't live up to those standards, don't have the right spirit and ego, and feel offended by the insistence on healthy standards.

    3 October 2021 15:50 UTC: Sun in (Libra) opposite Chiron in (Aries)
    4 October 2021 0:04 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) trine Jupiter in (Aquarius)
    5 October 2021 13:52 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) in waning quincunx to Neptune in (Pisces)

Boldly rejecting interference and distracting suggestions despite indecisiveness and insecurity over what has potential. Paying attention to all the details for good evaluation, and looking at suggestions, but ultimately trusting our own inner knowing and conclusions and sticking to what is practical and doable and what ensures a secure and solid foundation, instead of falling for other people's pipe dreams and misinformation. Not getting lost in abandoning the most positive attributes just to please others. Being realistic about things and just keeping to work at things without further expectations.

Overcoming our insecurities to head into the direction that brings us greater beauty and harmony. Overcoming a feeling that we are not deserving of more, and overcoming the resulting self-sabotage that might have kept us stuck. Alternatively: Pressuring and conditioning others to take action toward something, which can be both good and bad, dependent on the circumstances. Mostly though, considering the state of mind that most of the world is in, most conditioning is pretty toxic, so if you don't feel it's the right moment yet, keep preparing yourself while you wait for when it feels right for you to take the final action.

    6 October 2021 9:26 UTC: Mars in▲▽ (Libra) in waxing quincunx to Uranus in▲ (Taurus)

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This transit can also be about being hindered to take action by misinformation: Misinformation that feeds into our insecurities, misinformation that makes us doubt if something can work, or misinformation that makes us doubt whether we are prepared enough. People might tell you you can't do it, and make you feel inadequate and unequipped, possibly based on misinformation. There is a lot of conditioning going on. It can be as simple as someone giving you the false information that the company you want to apply to only takes people with a certain qualification that you do not have, which prevents you from even starting to write your application, although it's not even true that they only take people with the qualification you are missing. It also could be the other way around: They might be telling you you need to act now and send your application because the company will decide in 3 days, which is misinformation and causes you to send a somewhat unrefined application too early despite your inner resistance. The application itself might have misinformation in it.
This is about being able to properly assess people's expression and outside information, and either acting or remaining in inaction as you need it. Often, this might simply be about knowing what to do and taking all the steps to be thoroughly prepared, but not completely being at the final step yet and not being able to correct something quite yet.

This is about refusing other people's conditioning who try to get us to move into a direction that is disharmonious and simply not right for us. And it is about finding the trust in yourself that you are equipped for the challenge, and that you truly deserve a beautiful and harmonious life.

This is about letting oneself be confused and discouraged by misinformation – or stopping to listen to misinformation, including people who try to condition us into seeing things a certain way that we know are simply not true FOR US, which might lead us to find our self-fulfillment separate from such sources and people. Recognizing such sabotage and self-sabotage, and correcting that.
Other people's delusions are not our delusions, and on the other end of the spectrum: other people's limiting beliefs are not our limiting beliefs. Other people's way of doing things also can never be our way of doing things. What they appreciate having in their life, what they derive strength from, what they find beautiful to experience, and what feels right for them can also never be exactly the same as we appreciate. With some people we have a greater overlap and consensus and with others we have none, and that's okay. We just have to do what WE feel brings greater beauty into our life.

New Moon of waiting for the right moment to take action despite external pressure, conditioning, disapproval, and subjective judgments - or actually taking action in the hope for a life direction of greater beauty and harmony. Making the best of a situation that we can't correct right now, while we apply the necessary small steps, and while we apply power and force objectively and evenhanded based on higher principles, but also reject flagrant interference with absolute severity and without regret.

    6 October 2021 11:05 UTC: NEW MOON in▲▽ (Libra) conjunct Mars in▲▽ and Mercury in, opposite Chiron in, in waxing quincunx to Uranus in▲, trine BM Lilith in▽, trine Saturn in▲
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in▽ (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)
Rupert Bunny - Angels Descending

This can be about waiting, preparing, and acting on the small steps, while recognition through feelings nurtures the right perspective. It is about enduring disapproval and not letting ourself be discouraged by others who do not recognize our talents, or by those who trample on us while wanting to be nurtured by us. A typical situation under this new moon might be that someone is working on their dream career, but still remains unrecognized by certain people, institutions, or relatives who condition and pressure them to head for a standard job that will break them in the long run, or who try to condition them into working with them to get a piece of their cake. This new moon is about the need to overcome the uncomfortable feeling that comes with having to boldly reject such interference, or with rightfully having to react in extreme ways to any other flagrant persistent interference without any regret. Especially, you can't have regrets about not supporting those who fuck with you and who use force against you out of lower emotional motivation, and you can't accept any of the manipulative guilt trips they give you because they don't manage to milk out of you what they want. There are people who are here to be a reward to others, and there are people who are here to be a punishment to others, and then there is a lot of mishmash in between. There are abusers and there are those who are being abused, and that becomes blatantly obvious when we study Human Design deep enough to truly understand its ways. We need to stop trying to use the Human Design system, “no choice”, and “love yourself” as a rationalization and excuse for the ongoing abuse carried out by the abusers. It's delusional to think that someone who violates others can and should find self-love because Human Design shows that that's who they are born to be and that's not their choice. Who we are born as is not who we are born to remain for our whole life, a persons chart also shows their evolution. A person who acts abusively can change and evolve. Many never do and never find awakening and transcendence of their beast, but some do. Someone who abuses others can only find self-love through correcting their action. They can delude themselves and focus on other things that distract them from the issue, but if they do not find correct action, somewhere hidden deeply in the back of their mind, they will always feel like a piece of shit for a reason (and realistically their self-hatred is not even your problem and not your cross to carry, that's theirs and their thing to overcome). They can only love themselves if they stop violating others, find awakening, and find correctness of action, and that will never happen if we continue to tolerate their shit. It's not your obligation to accept violation and to willingly turn the other cheek. It's your obligation toward yourself and toward those people who are important to you and who don't want to see you suffer, to draw healthy boundaries, if necessary with extreme severity, or if the situation is too threatening and dangerous, with misinforming the abusers as a mean of defense. Let's not underestimate the danger in others, or the general challenges on the way.

By the way, as we are already talking about not being held back by insecurities or not feeling ready yet - bear with me about the spelling mistakes in the recent reports and the many reports cyclically published all at once in a row. I'm currently just trying to get the reports out there whenever it fits well despite massive work load and things on my plate, and if there will be mistakes there will be mistakes. I hope it's not that bad that the meaning gets distorted.

Pluto direct: Being conditioned and coaxed into collaboration, distractions, and confusion applications – or having found the inner truth and certainty that we need to resist such kind of conditioning, pressure and guilt trips, and continue to do our research and exploration of our inner truth. Being fixed on our inner truth, also in regard to the right bonds and what we are open to.

    6 October 2021 18:28 UTC: Pluto direct in (Capricorn) square Mercury in, in sextile to Neptune in, in sextile to Venus in, in semi-sextile to Jupiter in▲

Pluto went retrograde by the end of April 2021 and brought a major lesson of acceptance, growing through experiencing extremes, and allowing ourself to experience all emotions so that we can find emotional clarity if we have a defined solar plexus center. Now, after months of having grown through experiencing extremes and finding deeper sensitivity toward ourself and toward our environment, Pluto goes direct and brings a fixation on the inner truth that we have found and a fixation on deepening our inner exploration or our outer research of universal underlying principles.

Those who try to condition others against their will either develop the self-awareness to admit their inadequacies and past mistakes, and they step down for the benefit of the whole and for the benefit of others - or they refuse to accept the judgment of others and their “no” and have to be removed from power. Either they realize that there is no consensus, or they don't and continue to interfere. These current times can bring people to deep violence and rage: The South Node is in gate 34 (possible frustrated towering rage and violence), Jupiter is in gate 49 (possible emotionally motivated and emotionally fueled cruel rage and violence) and Chiron is in the 21.2 (wounding through flagrant and persistence interference, and the need for the most extreme reaction in response to that). Let's not underestimate those who we already know or sense are abusive.

A challenge to find the courage to make moves toward what is purposeful instead of self-sabotaging. Maybe also self-sabotage through escaping into a direction that's disharmonious because we don't feel we deserve the harmony and beauty that we might truly want.

    6 October 2021 23:10 UTC: Sun in▲ (Libra) in waxing quincunx to Uranus in▲ (Taurus)

Taking steps toward deep purpose, and granting ourself true purpose, beauty, and harmony, when before we might not have felt worthy or equipped enough. Simply coming to a deep, deep realization on what is right for us and fixing that direction even when we do not act yet. Or conditioning others into action on a direction that is harmonious or disharmonious to them, or conditioning other to remain in inaction, and sabotage them by prevent them from heading into a direction that is harmonious to them. Such conditioning can be good or bad, but at the end of it each person has to know and decide for themselves, and we need to leave them their right to choose for themself. Also, I want to emphasize it's alright to not be prepared and ready to act yet. This transit is about a real challenge to overcome insecurities and to start doing, but it doesn't mean that for everyone this is the right time to act upon things, and especially it's not about acting although it does feel utterly wrong. I see this more about learning to push through fear and to overcome fearful self-sabotage that keeps us from doing the things that we would love to do. I see this as learning to move toward the things that we would love to have in our lives. I don't see this as a transit to actually do tomorrow what will turn one's life around, but about stepping down from something disharmonious for the greater good, and building up one's confidence in actually doing what's necessary to move toward something harmonious and beautiful.

The wisdom that results through having been blocked from the wrong thing, and having been rerouted toward self-fulfillment and refinement of one's conditions.

    8 October 2021 4:00 UTC: Sun conjunct Mars in (Libra)

Only in receiving can we continue to give. Receiving something that is of use to us fills us up in the same way as we will fill up others.

The next solar week will be about penetrating awareness, aliveness, and extreme presence in experiencing the world speak to you. It is about developing a survival awareness through a competitive perspective, and about intuitive clarity and courage in the face of possible challenges and shock. It can be about stepping onto uncharted territory and leaving the known behind, or being empowered in leaving the old and sticky behind and immersing in the new challenges of the present moment.