This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Thanks for the energetic root center restructuring through dream space, Penetrating Stare.

Welcome to all new subscribers, and hello to all of you who have been around for some time. Most of you signed up at, but today I'm sending you the newsletter from because the transparentmatrix emails have been blocked from sending mass-mails. Sign up and password recovery continues to work, but I can't send out the newsletter (bulk emails) as usual.
This happened timely with the Design earth in 54.3 and the transit on October 8th that I amusingly titled "The wisdom that results through having been blocked from the wrong thing, and having been rerouted toward self-fulfillment and refinement of one's conditions." I don't know if it's self-fulfillment, but it certainly must be a self-fulfilling prophecy or something like that. 🙈
Right now I don't have the motivation and energy to look into what's wrong with the DNS and fix the mass-mail-problem, so I'm just sending you the emails for both websites from the humanarchetypes-domain which is set up with a different structure, and I hope it won't experience these same problems, at least not until I truly have the motivation and time to look into it.

The previous solar week was about endings that led us through slow and steady change and transformation, which might have led to the recognition of what has future potential and is worth to invest in. It was about exploring and maybe truly understanding the value of things. In relationships, not all ambition has to be answered. Not everyone has the potential that is needed and that fits, and not all drive leads somewhere helpful. As much as this was about the recognition what has future potential, this also was about the recognition of what does not have any potential.

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This solar week is about difficulty at the beginning that demands value refinement and taking responsibility for ourself. It can bring resolving confusion around responsibility, values, laws, and wishes: There is a full moon of “doing me” that can either keep people stuck in conditioning, old structures, and living out other people's opinions and dreams despite inner resistance - or it can bring individual mutation through sticking to the process of inner growth and accepting guidance only selectively when it feels true and right for US individually. This also is about rummaging through misinformation and figuring out how things truly work for us individually.
Two weeks ago there might have been great insecurity and doubt. Now this might all resolve because we stuck to the process of self-development and have gone the extra mile. This moon cycle is all about learning to trust ourself first. Only in trusting ourself can we resist being held back by the wrong outside influences. Only in trusting ourself first can we live the life that is truly ours.

Some weeks ago, I wrote about the Venus-South Node-Moon conjunction on the 9th of October and about what extreme and weird of a transit this looked: It brings up lots of old baggage and stuckness on one hand, and incredible potential for transformation on the other hand.
I have this 48.3-life environment which sometimes brings the wildest things, not just in regard to magic. Some days ago someone sent me what I think might have been an attempt at mirror magic coming from pretty uncontrolled upset and emotional devastation, trying to reroute their pain of still being stuck in a bad situation and being upset with me for the perceived misinformation of relationships ending. Trial and error with how one uses or misuses physical power, metaphysical power, and misinformation, that's the current energy of the south node. Power is only great if it serves the common good. It was irritating, but that was when I realized that the Venus-South Node-Moon conjunction brings such incredible potential for transformation BECAUSE it can bring such horrible baggage and devastation, and it can bring relationships to a breaking point, especially when one is dealing with someone violent. It brings the potential for transformation through making the situation horrible enough for people to ultimately realize that they can't stay stuck there, and that they need to do EVERYTHING in their power to escape it. It might have made situations so horrible and devastating that everything seems better than to stay stuck in the comfort zone, and that we face our fears and transform, or that we activate enormous power resources within us and do everything in our power to get out of things that are absolutely unbearable.

19 October 2021 13:20 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 50.1 ䷱ (Libra) – active channels of the moment: an integration field consisting of the channel of charisma ( South Node- North Node) // completely open ajna

Keywords: Understanding RESPONSIBILITY and finding a new VALUE system. Understanding that true intelligence does not mean to know it all and have answers to everything. Intelligence means to face the question of responsibility despite fear and to have good and refined values, or to have the awareness and responsibility to develop such values.

Futile action, or having learned to overcome compulsiveness through imagination and day-dreaming while we do what's practical and wait for the right thing and moment in time when change can take place.

    19 October 2021 23:15 UTC: Venus in (Sagittarius) in waning quincunx to Uranus in (Taurus)

Full Moon of individual mutation and of learning to overcome immature unquestioned acceptance of other people's guidance and conditioning. Struggling to reject or learning to rejecting misleading propaganda and misinformation and finding deeper solidity in our OWN judgment. Seeking new forms. Separating from conditioning or staying on our path despite all conditioning, resistance, and doubts, and maybe even enjoying overcoming these obstacles, to flip people the bird without giving a shit. Truly enjoying the strength derived from doing you.

    20 October 2021 14:56 UTC: FULL MOON in (Aries) in waxing quincunx to the South Node in, opposite Mars in
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in▽ (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in (Gemini)

Fending off interference, machos, chauvinists, misogynists, bullys, deliberate or delusional misinformation and propaganda, and all the wrong suggestions for collaboration or for projects.
Persevering in the face of opposition and conditioning, and rejecting even well-meant advice if the shoe doesn't fit. There might be a lot of advice that is well-meant, but totally unfitting, and that only stirs people's fears of failure and of doing something (possibly through misinformation) instead of supporting them.
People can be extremely immature with this transit and trample on other people's emotions, totally running them over. There might be extreme conditioning going on to bring the other person to either stick something out that should not be stuck out, or to abandon something that should not be abandoned and that is really close to the person's heart.

At the time of me posting this, we are past the weeks of people showing others the way, or trying to do so. Now we are headed into finding out own path and expressing that awareness despite what other people think the way is. A movement creates a counter movement. Pressure creates counter pressure. Now it is time for a 2nd line mutation, which means: differentiation in its deepest possible form, emancipation of the individual, which is what Ra's approach to Human Design is rooted in and which is a part of what Human Design is supposed to empower.

This full moon brings a 2nd line mutation, and it is especially important to my fellow 2nd line profiles (2/4, 2/5, 5/2, 6/2): If you let other people persuade and condition you into walking a path that's not your very own path, you are road kill. You need to push them back and go your way. You are the epitome of individuation and differentiation, and as such, you can be trailblazers, you can empower others to live themself as well, and you can even have enormous impact on society although that's not the point. The point is that you can only find and uphold your spirit and get to your true calling if you refuse to follow all the wrong calls, and if instead you blaze your own trail against all resistance.

Up to this week and including this week, we have been dealing with an evolutionary direction of finding deeper self-awareness, and finding out how things work for us individually. In order to walk your path, it is absolutely not necessary to know how things work for you – but it certainly helps to know who you are, how things work for you, and if it simply gives you the necessary certainty to hold momentum. The less we know ourself and how things work for us, the more mistakes we make, and the more we suffer.
There also will be those who reject to look within and to look at their shadows, especially the unpleasant ones that evoke shame and deep uncomfort.
They might even think that their avoidance is what it means to be harmonious (despite that lack of inner harmony), or that there is something wrong with the other person who has found awakening and tries to raise the bar.
That's rubbish, and just an attempt to avoid having to look at ones own shadow lingering in the depth, because looking at it is painful and because they are utterly afraid of what they will see, so they don't look and blame it on you or try to condition you into a direction that's unevolved and disharmonious - into their direction full of shadow. But you are you. And you don't have to put up with it. You have your own path, and you are totally equipped to walk it.

Denying evolutionary standards, and being conditioned into the wrong sterile collaboration or relationship – or upholding our values and truth, and establishing action on the larger social realm. Rejecting misleading collaboration, staying calm and finding our place in the flow, and recognizing what collaboration and relationship can be fruitful.

    22 October 2021 4:19 UTC: Mars in (Libra) square Pluto in (Capricorn)

Restructuring and working on small things that will ultimately have us prepared for the big thing when the time will be right, and withdrawing from false opportunities. Being pragmatic and not throwing our resources at others for such temporary recognition only, but focusing on our own feelings and dreams, and caring for ourself first.

    24 October 2021 14:31 UTC: Uranus R moves back into gate 24 (24.6▽, triggered into detriment by Pluto in Mercury in in waxing quincunx to Uranus.
    24 October 2021 17:44 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) in waxing quincunx to Uranus in▽ (Taurus)
    25 October 2021 3:11 UTC: Sun in (Scorpio) in waxing quincunx to the North Node in (Gemini)

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This is about missing an opportunity that would just be a distraction and confusion and pull us off our authentic focus into disharmony and decay. It is about learning the lessons of the past, and trusting one's foreboding feeling of how things will or would feel in the future and what thus can (not) work.
Accepting change and accepting that not every opportunity has to be taken or has to last. Restructuring to do the little things that play into our long-term goals and that have us prepared when things will continue to move. This can be about restructuring and changing one's approach, possibly after an opportunity has been missed and one is sort of forced to correct one's judgment on what can work, what can be harmonious, and what can't work, what can't be harmonious.

It also is about learning to not alienate others unnecessarily when we stand up for ourself, and to maintain our values in ways that still preserve the basic harmony where it matters. Yet, it's quite normal that when you first liberate yourself, you overdo it and you go into the other extreme: from swallowing everything in silence to wildly rejecting everything. That's a normal and often necessary process. It will balance itself out automatically with time. Sometimes it might be better to overdo it than to say nothing at all and allow others to interfere. If you are in such a situation give it time, and sooner or later you will find a healthy balance in between the extremes. A healthy balance between acceptance and rejecting, between being forceful and being gentle.
When your grandma asks you the third time whether you want a breakfast egg, it's not a reason to get angry and shout at her. When your grandma asks you for the first time whether you considered becoming a doctor like your father, it's not a reason to shout at her, but to rather explain. When your grandma bickers at you the 10th time that you should follow your fathers footsteps because this is such a reputable job as opposed to the "crappy" job you picked for yourself, that's something different, she might need a clear and very blunt confrontation. This transit is about finding the proper balance.

So this is about missing an opportunity that doesn't serve us in the overall-picture, and restructuring to take advantage of short-term activities that ultimately play into our long-term goals, or taking an opportunity that can serve us in the long run even if it might not necessary last (for example a small side job to finance equipment that we need for starting a business).
On the design side, which always effects the current transits, and I've sometimes seen it play out as if the design side was the current transits, so on the design side, Venus is in▲, the soul mate or not, and Jupiter and the Moon are on the opposite side of the wheel in▲ and▲, cooperation. So this specifically might be a transit that effects these kinds of soul mate bonds. There is an element of separateness. For some this might be about cooperating with the soul mate, but not necessarily collaborating. For others this might be about cooperating in separation through the internet, or through spirit and the field. For some, this might be a triangle and about letting an intimate opportunity slide that is not the soul mate because one wants nothing less than the soul mate. For others, it might be about temporary separating from the soul mate or staying separate from the soul mate because right now in the given circumstances or lacking maturity of character, things can't work out.
One comment on this soul mate thing: If your being is not locked in on one person only, but if there are multiple options that you can truly and honestly see yourself with, and that do seem worthwhile and like a soul mate to you, and you alter back and forth between them, in my observation, understanding and so far experience that's a clear sign that it's not the soul mate (“soul mate or NOT”). That is either the transitory shifting through all the not-soul-mates in preparation for the soul mate, or it's not a soul mate process altogether, but a 5th line process and as such the polarity to the 6th line. It can be the utmost enjoyable and worthwhile to experience, but as far as I can tell, that's not the 6th line bonding that I'm referring to, and there is no need to try to force on a shoe that doesn't fit, and to wait or restrain oneself when it does not feel right to do so, especially when there are those other options that are true options. Soul mate is trending as we move into the sleeping phoenix cycle and everyone wants to have one, but if your are not with the soul mate, it doesn't mean that it's worth less, and it doesn't mean that you need that soul mate thing to begin with in order to be able to truly enjoy intimacy. Especially, you do not need it when it might be an alien concept to you to be so zoned in onto that one person and otherwise to accept only transitory experiences without any real commitment, or to stay sexually uninvolved altogether. Usually, dependent on design and there are always exceptions, a mature person who is looking for their soul mate won't be interested in something where there are other people involved and where there is serious competition. By serious competition I don't just mean interference, secretly envious 1st-line-people trying to separate you, or the surrounding 59.6-people with their wandering eye who recognize that there is something special going on that they want too and try to get a foot in the door, or on the other side being nice to people and having that misinterpreted as actual interest, but serious competition and intimate interest in other people. The grown 59.6 won't stay uninvolved because they think they can't win and fear the competition, but they will stay uninvolved because they are not interested in the competition to begin with (at least usually, it depends on design), because they recognize that if there is serious competition that is being seen as a serious option, then that means that the other person is not the soul mate and not worth the trouble, or even if it was the soul mate, then the other person would not have the state of consciousness to recognize one as their soul mate and to make it work. There simply can be no trust in the bond on that level that goes beyond. If you are looking for a soul mate, you don't want somebody who is not in there for a soul mate bond with you. You could have double standards and be on the hypocritical side of the 6th line and expect the other random person to see you as a soul mate while you don't have the commitment yourself because they are kind of random to you. But if you bring in the capacity for focused commitment to the actual soul mate, you expect focused commitment in return, and you expect the actual soul mate in order to be able and willing to commit. That being said, there are always exceptions, and a 6th line bonding strategy can't be seen in isolation from the rest of the design. For example, there are those who have two seemingly conflicting bonding strategies in their design (it only seems as if it conflicts, when we live our full potential it tends to work out well). Then there are those who naturally constantly change their mind and reevaluate, and in times of crisis they tell you there must be someone better, but when you later ask them again they tell you that this definitely is their person. But generally, and seen on its own, from what I've experienced and observed, the 59.6 is fixed on that one soul mate once it has met it, which may be long before their Saturn return if they are already self-aware and self-conscious enough to make it work that early in the 3rd line stage, or it may be long after their Chiron return, everything is possible. There are people who have the 59.6 fixed into the detriment and met their mate before their Saturn return, but never moved on and instead happily grew old together until one of them passed away. It all depends on the level of two individual's self-awareness.
However, if there are multiple interesting options (beyond temporary frustration, doubt, or emotional loops and if the options stay interesting after temporary turmoil), that simply is your process. I'm not sure if and how these soul mate transits would apply to you, so it's best to not let it get to your head. No need for a soul mate and waiting for that one person if it's not how you naturally approach intimacy. Not all people need that soul mate thing, it's simply not everyone's process. If you happen to be looking for one or be destined for one, somewhere within you, you will know that that is your process. It doesn't make sense to force oneself into a soul mate process, equally as it doesn't make sense to force oneself out of a soul mate process into non-soul mate intimacy, that stuff just happens the way in which it fits, no matter the label. However, my best guess is, that regardless of individual relationship approach, this transit can be about knowing our standards and only going for something that works for us.
However, especially for the soul mate people who just encountered another not-soul-mate or separated from the actual soul mate, this can be about discouragement in the face of such transitoriness despite a lesson learned, maybe in case we desire a soul mate but didn't get to the opportunity yet. This also can bring discouragement in the face of separation and moving toward the soul mate as a long term process. The challenge lies in seeing the value in slow manifestation and in restructuring. There will also be a value to be found in these “failed” relationships, and maybe it's a necessary evil on the way to greater union. The challenge can be to not let ourself be discouraged. We restructure, correct, and take on tasks and opportunities that move us closer to the direction that brings greater beauty and harmony into our life. And we let those opportunities for collaboration and intimacy pass that are a mere distraction. If it's not the right opportunity yet, it's best to focus on ourself, on our own self-care, and on building momentum for what we truly wish for.

The next solar week will be about the awareness what can bring us purpose and meaning in life, and it determines the endeavors we chose to take on in 2022. Finding those meaningful endeavors can be a big thing, but it doesn't have to be. It is not a rocket science, it's quite simple: something will bring us a feeling of purpose and meaning in life because it is a cause or a person that we care about on some level. This can also be about refining our recognition of what's meaningful through receiving or giving nurturing. Whether someone who grew up as a neglected child receives personal care and warmth for the first time in relationships and recognizes that that feels meaningful, or whether your pharmacist tells you that Vitamin B1 could help you with eyesight which makes you recognize that it might be worth a try to at least take a test because that could restore a lost quality of life, it has all to do with care.
The next week can either bring enlightened awareness and knowing exactly what to fight for, or it can bring foolish or quite random and unfounded risk taking and blind gambling.