This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Edmund Dulac - The Garden Of Paradise

The previous solar week was about depth of solution, and about being able to develop deeper solutions through maintaining control and fending off interference.

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This solar week is about penetrating awareness, aliveness, and extreme presence in experiencing the world speak to you. It is about developing a survival awareness through a competitive perspective, and can bring intuitive clarity and courage in the face of possible challenges and shock. It can be about stepping onto uncharted territory and leaving the known behind, or being empowered in leaving the old and sticky behind and immersing in the new challenges of the present moment. That's for the things that end. For the things that are starting right now, there can be an energy of getting stuck in old emotional and relationship patterns that are a real challenge to work through and can easily make us feel held back. That might be one of the reasons why last week's new moon that started this moon cycle was about waiting for the right time to act. But don't trust me, especially now, we are in times of misinformation, trust yourself.

8 October 2021 4:41 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 57.1▲ ䷸ (Libra) – active channels of the moment: an integration field consisting of the channel of charisma (▽ South Node, Venus-▲ North Node), the channel of the brain wave, and the channel of power (▲ Mercury, 57.1▲ Sun)

A necessary inner renewal and transformation that eradicates misinformation and misleading enthusiasm and propaganda. Truly understanding the right values and ideals that we need to manifest a purposeful life.

    9 October 2021 16:18 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in▲▽ (Libra)

Withdrawal, and stepping down for the greater good - or hiding the dirt under the carpet, trying to outsmart the program and natural forces, rejecting the inevitable, and refusing to withdraw from something that doesn't work.

Venus conjunct the South Node (and the Moon): Value refinement and letting go of an old set of values. Dealing with machismo, necessary misinformation, and new ways of handling power.

    9 October 2021 19:10 UTC: Venus conjunct South Node in▽ (Sagittarius) (conjunct the Moon in▽). Mars, Mercury and the Sun are in the 57.2▲▽
    9 October 2021 22:48 UTC: Mercury conjunct Mars in (Libra)
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The thing with the necessary misinformation might sound strange, but it can be as simple as your neighbor telling your abusive ex that you just left and are not at home, when that's not true. Whatever helps to get rid of flagrant interference is legit, in some cases people ask to be lied to, that's still better than having to beg them for a respect that is totally alien to them and that they won't grant you, which is the place where the wounding takes place this week. Either we are wild enough to not be messed with and use force only as a last resort (either when the wildness doesn't help, or when the misinformation doesn't help), or we try to ask for respect that certain people obviously do not have toward their fellow human beings.

This is a very strange aspect. One one side this is very karmic and stuck in the comfort zone, on the other side there is lots of mystical potential and potential for transformation. This might be an aspect where one person evolves and undergoes and incredible transformation, and the other person does not. It might be an aspect that concerns those relationships that were or will be there for only one purpose: Transformation, change, maybe mystic initiation, and finding greater self-awareness.

What makes this aspect so strange is that it is an integration field with 7 activations in integration - that's half of the main activations! The emphasis is on the channel of power with 3x the 34.3v and 3x the 57.2. I'm looking at a lot of charts day in day out, but this one is incredibly odd to look at, I haven't seen such an extremely tight cluster before.

The male energy is in the 57, either hiding the dirt under the carpet or finding inner renewal, proper values, and being determined to maintain those values. That's also how we manifest our way through whatever this transit may bring: upholding our values, even if it means that certain things will end. The female energy is in the gate of power, and because females usually don't have such a raw physical power and men can be more easily a physical threat to women, than the other way around, so due to that I assume that the female energy is fixed into the detriment: Defense through misinformation, not through raw power. Defense against what or who? Against those who hide their dirt under the carpet, fail at inner renewal, continue to interfere and violate boundaries. If the male energy is incapable of justly sharing and apportioning power and tries to overpower and control the female, they are being met with misinformation.

The female energy undergoes a steep transformation, recognizes what can not work, withdraws from shock, and lets go. She Independent of gender, this is about endings in relationships and letting go of them. Why? Because we are refining our values, and realize that all these old things don't match up to them anymore. Especially this might apply to these relationships where people just hide their dirt under the carpet, and try to convince us with misinformation or present a persona that is way better than actual reality.
For things that now start anew, or that would start exactly under this aspect, this can bring about a feeling of familiarity and emotional comfort, but also alienation through initially very convincing misinformation, and a feeling of being held back through relationships and the unhealthy emotional patterns and habits that people stick to because they don't want to leave their comfort zone and they don't want us to evolve either because that makes them a hell of a lot uncomfortable. Especially, one person might not want the other person to evolve beyond the misinformation and tries to keep them stuck through persuading them. Often, as soon as the karma of transformation and initiation has been worked through, these relationships might end as they have served that special purpose. However, it's a pretty mystical conjunction that can bring mystical experiences, initiation, and extreme transformation.

Mercury conjunct Mars can bring the hope for inner renewal and the awareness on what or who is worth waiting for, and who isn't because they will never manage to work on themselves, or for other reasons that might be as simple as that we can't force people to like us and to want to have anything to do with us.
It is about hoping to establish the right values as we realize that it is worth it to take a thorough look at our own shadows.

Saturn direct: The power of feelings and authentic desire. Deepening emotional awareness: Having found hope in the emotional process, and having realized throughout the recent months that emotional clarity it truly worth waiting for. Sharing our reflections on the past and the emerging self-awareness that helped us to transcend old patterns and maximize our potential.

    11 October 2021 2:16 UTC: Saturn direct in▲ (Aquarius) trine the North Node in▲, and sextile the South Node in and Venus in▲
John Singer Sargent - Smoke of Ambergris

Collective challenge: Thinking that we can pull grass to grow and teaming up with people who hold us back and do not benefit us in the same way that we do benefit them. Being hindered in reaching or recognizing emotional clarity by repressing one's feelings. What you repress, you can't recognize, and the progress and change that it would bring will be missed out on. As a consequence, you never get anywhere meaningful in life. Repressed feelings also contaminate the energetic field around a person and drain other people. It's not a pleasant challenge to face, especially when you relentlessly have someone else's emotions dumped into your system that are not even yours and forced upon you. It's a disservice to both sides, to the represser who can't reach clarity that way, and to the recipient who is drained and destabilized by foreign energy and might be forced to fend the other person off. This does not only apply to emotional energy, but also to other energy such as sexual energy that is overbearing and intrusive.

Mastering the challenge: Through having reflected the past and past experiences, and through having come more in touch with our emotions, we might have found the hope, optimism, or intuitive knowing that waiting for emotionally clarity is worthwhile, and if only to stabilize the emotional wave and have an easier time dealing with them [ 50% of people are well advised to make their decisions this way. You can read about it in this article on the emotional decision making process ]. If clarity has not been reached yet, this is about sticking with the emotional process and resting assured that it's worth waiting for, and having hope and growing faith that at some point we will know. We recognize that we can't force the timing and that clarity and pleasure is not dependent on how much discipline we have. You can't speed up the process, your job is to stick with it consciously so that you can recognize it as it takes place and grow in self-awareness. We can't speed up the process, it happens as it happens, and in order for such a mutation in the emotional consciousness to take place, the sacrifice of waiting for it has to be made, no matter how impatient we are. If clarity has already been attained: Having recognized through feelings what's worth waiting for despite current drains, shocks and challenges that might not allow it to manifest yet. Recognizing what's worth waiting for because it's mutually beneficial and enriching. Not letting ourself be lured and conditioned (back) into relationships that hold us back, and instead maintaining perspective. Resisting energetic contamination and contagion and verbal persuasion if it simply does not feel right to us. On the other side: Being able to share a relatively stable emotional field with others, knowing when to retreat into one's own aura, but also being able to lift others up and stabilize them emotionally in certain moments, for example when they are being drained by challenges they face.
It can be infectuous bliss, it can be infectuous laughter. Saturn is restriction though, and the infectuous bliss might not necessarily always fall onto open ears and be reciprocated. Neptune is in gate 22 and brings us a slow process of starting to refuse to be open to all the wrong things and inferior influences. 5 minute before Saturn went back into gate 41, I was in town and there was someone walking up to people and giggling like mad, probably in bliss about the chemistry caused by the substance he was on. The laughter was contagious indeed as it was shared, but no one took him on a cup of coffee.

If clarity has already been reached, people might now persuade others by sharing their feelings for them, or by sharing the advantages of whatever they want to do or have done. Saturn requires patience with that process of sharing. This is about sharing new and hopefully valuable discoveries with others, and convincing those others of their value, so that they can benefit from it too, or so that something can be applied or funded. This is in line with Pluto having gone direct in the 61.4 and having brought us a focus on research and on the exploration of the principles that are the foundation of everything. On the downside, people talk others into a relationship and try to persuade them of their good intentions although the other person clearly has refused multiple times and clearly is not interested. Authentic emotions can have a great persuasive power, but this only truly works if it is also authentic for the other person to be persuaded. Our dream and desire is not necessarily someone else's dream and desire, and if we try to force it upon them and try to talk them into it against their will, it won't take off even when they commit to it, simply because it has nothing to do with them and in truth they will not be available NO MATTER WHAT WE DO.

Saturn is karmic, and so it also might about karmic contagion and difficult situations. It might be about difficulties and restraints, such as hoping to not get infected with COVID, or dealing with misinformation in regard to the infectiousness of COVID once again. That can be on the private level, coronavirus denier, it could be botched studies that distort information, or it could be other kinds of propaganda, such as the repeating invocations to get oneself vaccinated in order to protect others and the elderly who still have a 10% risk of infection even when vaccinated. To my understanding that's bollocks and a misleading propaganda guilt trip to get people on board of herd immunity, and the vaccination is only for yourself because when you are vaccinated, your infectiousness doesn't decrease notably. You might even get more infectious when you stop being cautious and when you don't notice that you carry the virus and thus don't go into quarantine. Having benefits from being vaccinated probably is the case for the majority of people. We are not a very healthy species and in most cases the benefit of a vaccine outweighs the risk or unpleasant side effect. But as far as I understand it, this is mostly for the individual and to protect the hospital staff from a heart attack due to work overload from severe cases, and not some kind of “loyalty to the general collective” in order to not infect others, which is the way I have seen it being sold to condition people. Who knows, maybe that's misinformation, as well, and in reality vaccinated people are way less infectuous. However, that's the only kind of sloganized propaganda I've been seeing all the time recently. But I'm sure there is loads of other misleading information and propaganda that tries to convince people of doing things they might otherwise not do.

Stopping to procrastinate and taking action on the truly necessary things because others need us to, remaining in inaction because others need us to, or coming to understand what is and will be truly necessary to act upon.

    12 October 2021 5:29 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) in waxing quincunx to Uranus in (Taurus)
John Singer Sargent - Carnation Lily

There could be worse of a transit to take action, but who knows. There is still a struggle with feeling inadequate and not worthy, and a fight with one's mind that shouts “no you can't”. And in the worst case, we compensate by being overly competitive and pushy to prove that we can, even if it makes no sense.

There is a cute joke in the energy of this aspect: Symmetry is needed to ground today's potential, and as the underlying energy from 3 months ago we have Mars and Venus conjunct (and if you will in symmetry) in gate 4.1: Ultimate pleasure cannot be achieved without perfect timing. This is about knowing when to act, and also recognizing that there is a natural timing to the understanding process. There is a natural timing for reaching mental or emotional clarity (and without emotional clarity pleasure is not ultimate, or at least the price to pay is extremely high). There also is a natural timing in overcoming one's feelings of inadequacy, growing in confidence, and understanding what is necessary to act upon - and when.

Sharing in collaboration and learning from others – or creating great frustration.

    13 October 2021 19:26 UTC: Venus in (Sagittarius) sextile Saturn in▲ (Aquarius)

Collaborating with others to overcome the frustration of not being able to correct a situation in the current moment.

Collective challenge: The frustrated, angry, controlling, pushy relationship dictator who makes others feel unseen

Mastering the challenge: Sharing one's feelings and what one knows will help in collaboration with others. Staying hopeful in a frustrating long-term process of developing depth, solutions, or emotional clarity despite anxiety.

The next solar week will be about endings that lead us through slow and steady change and transformation, which might lead to the recognition of what has future potential and is worth to invest in. It is about exploring and maybe truly understanding the value of things.