This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Max Nonnenbruch - Die Bogenschuetzin

The previous solar week was about opening up emotionally, or emotionally closing down toward something. The fear of being too inexperienced, the fear of intimacy, and the fear of emotional instability, crisis, and conflict are all fears that could have lead to self-betrayal and to staying stuck when it comes to these kinds of intimate decisions. Ultimately though, we might have recognized what's worth opening up to through overcoming such blockages or through busting through sexual blockages (sex unlocks hormones and emotions). Or we might have recognized that despite the possible difficulties and emotional darkness that we will encounter on the way, something is worth every second of experiencing it nonetheless. Sometimes in life, there are those things that are worth all the trouble, come what may.

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This solar week is about being in the body. It is about having a spirit that allows us to persist, which at some point leads to success (even if the success is different than what we thought it would be). This solar week is about unconditional love and innocence, or a lack thereof, and about love or hate of the body.

21 September 2021 0:23 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 46 ䷭ (Virgo) – active channels of the moment: the channel of charisma ( South Node- North Node)

Moving toward our destiny through finding greater realism – or hating reality and refusing to change (“this can't be it”).

    21 September 2021 1:03 UTC: Mars in (Libra) trine the North Node in (Gemini)

One hour prior to this aspect, there has been a full moon that was part of last week's report. This is a full moon that brings a humbling crisis. With it comes the energy of adjustment of perspective and what we might have learned about ourself (or not). Crisis can change us, or we can stay stuck despite all the pushes from spirit toward our inner evolution.

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Collective challenge: Refusing to see things that we do not like, and not being strong enough to handle reality as it is. Refusing to change out of dissatisfaction with reality, and rebelling against healthy authorities instead of applying the necessary changes to oneself. Advertising one's perceived or imagined selflessness in order to profit of others, and being unwilling to see the reality about oneself, but instead projecting it outward onto others and bickering about other people's assumed unhealthy authority. Just seeing the bad in others, not the good aspects and not the full picture. On the other side of the fence: Being dissatisfied with others who advertise their false selflessness and with having to keep them at bay.

Mastering the challenge: Opening up to the full picture of reality. Seeing things that we previously didn't see, gradually changing our judgment and understanding, and becoming more realistic. Rebelling against unhealthy unjust authorities, interference, and unjustified control only where it truly makes sense. Not all control is unjustified, even though it might cause dissatisfaction. For example, a child that is sent to their room for overstepping their sibling's boundaries after having been explained why the transgression was not acceptable will often be extremely dissatisfied with that despite all necessary explanations. And yet, it is a necessary enforcement of healthy boundaries and a necessary action to be taken so that the child can learn about the consequence of action and about healthy relating for the future. It's the same with adults and seeming adults: there can be dissatisfaction with necessary control.

This energy can also be about being discovered due to being selfless and not overly identified. It's about acting as if we were personally responsible for having been given our talents and gifts, or about not claiming them and knowing that we are just fulfilling our role on planet earth. In knowing that we are just fulfilling our role on this planet, there is no dependency on being pumped up by other people, and as long as we have enough to survive and aren't dependent on recognition for survival, there is no resulting dissatisfaction when nobody recognizes us and tells us how great we are.

Either blind opportunism and mental reasoning that causes people to invest into the wrong projects, people, and collaboration that then might not even be implemented – or maintaining our principles and establishing right action: Rejecting distracting suggestions and mediocre collaborations even if others feel offended when we don't follow their genius advise. Keeping our focus on what is true for us, and waiting for the right thing and for the right moment when change can take place.

    22 September 2021 13:11 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) square Pluto in (Capricorn)

The way in which we approach love, creativity, and direction. A new way of relating that might challenge tradition.

    23 September 2021 9:40 UTC: Venus in▲ (Scorpio) opposite Uranus in (Taurus)

Collective challenge: Breaking out of the norm but not getting very far and staying stuck in lust, ego, and shadow. Getting distracted and stuck in carnal desires and neglecting the things that we want to implement and do with the life that we have been given. Refusing to recognize what collaboration and relationships can not work or might have failed. For example, one could be stuck on the wrong person that doesn't match and complement us and our character at all out of pure lust. Or one could be stuck on a person that does not match one's values and standards, and refuse to see things realistically.

Mastering the challenge:
Valuing individual freedom. Lightness in love and relationships where desires have their place, but not at the expense of creation and practicality. Values and ideals enrich and nurture genius creative implementation. Being direct and outspoken with people, but having no further expectations and maintaining one's creative process first. Recognizing which relationships and collaborations can survive and be fruitful, especially when we consider who has a way too different relationship approach than us, and who has a similar relationship approach. Accepting that some relationships fail and are not meant to be, whether values are aligned or not, and yet having faith in inner regeneration and in getting back onto one's feet despite disappointment.

Maximizing the potential of where we can go and manifesting through enduring temporary hardships (if it makes sense and is necessary). Sharing our suffering and struggles with others, and possibly receiving help, healing, and advice. Recognizing the necessity to say no to impractical, restrictive, and degenerative commitments, despite being torn by internal pressures and conflicts. Correcting our judgment on what can work.

    25 September 2021 21:49 UTC: Mars in (Libra) trine Saturn in▲ (Aquarius)
    26 September 2021 7:03 UTC: Sun in (Libra) trine the North Node in (Gemini)
Jacques-Emile Blanche - Breakfast at Neuville

Collective challenge: Suffering the negative consequences of over-enthusiasm, inappropriate action, and a lack of integrity, but refusing to correct. Being absolutely unrealistic and impractical, deceiving oneself when it comes to actually implementing our ideas and plans, and making promises that we can't keep and will break.

Infecting other people's energy field with a perverted and horribly degenerated frequency and burning them out, or leaving them feeling violated, or even acting destructively out of such frequency and breaking their spirit. Obviously, that's the worst case, not the norm.
Dragging others down into a low and degenerated frequency that one refuses to fix, hasn't been able to fix, or ignorantly hasn't even acknowledged out of a need to be right, and out of an inability to truly hear other people's feedback because one sees only one's authority challenged. Not having the internal stability and self-worth to be able to take rejection or critical feedback (and seeing only one's authority challenged instead of not taking personal and seeing it simply as another person's opinion) results in abuse of power, which is censured. Upset: “How dare you tell me your opinion! (unless I like it).” An emotional pressure cooker that needs to be released somewhere and shared with someone. This sharing can happen in a healthy productive and relatively controlled way although it's steamy, but it also can unload as an absolutely destructive mess. It's good to remind us that our emotions are our emotions. Other people are not responsible for them, especially not those people who try to help and listen to our problems.

Not everyone has the ability or the desire to actually fix things, do better, and turn understanding into action. Sometimes inadequacies can not be fixed because of inadequacies. Insights can be offered, but if someone doesn't want to apply it or can't apply it, we can't do anything. Regardless whether they refuse to listen to advice that is worth gold, or whether the advice is self-righteous, impractical and thus not useful for them: If they don't want to apply it, they don't want to apply it, period. Sometimes there simply is nothing to do but to let them be where they are at and to focus on those things that we can correct.
Sometimes, people suffer their desires and lust for more than they need, and they will not have the integrity to hold back, overextend themselves, break promises, but also ruin themselves and their body and spirit and suffer the consequences of their lack of restriction. Because they don't maintain the right focus and try to fix the wrong thing (for example their job situation or boss), they don't get to the root of the issue (their greed and the desire to have more than they need), and they stay stuck. Some people actually prefer to stick with their suffering than to do something that might free them, but that is unfamiliar and feels uncertain.
That being said, this is not necessarily about self-inflicted suffering. Other times, things can't be fixed and must be suffered through because the time to resolve something has not come yet, or because a problem is not one's own problem, but stems from someone else who either can't fix it or refuses to fix it.

However, the difficulty with this transit can be that people might be too incompetent and self-righteous to listen - incompetence does not necessarily recognize its incompetence and might think it knows best. If they already have a low self-esteem due to feeling incompetent in not being able to escape their struggle, they might feel attacked by well-meant direct advice or simple suggestions and by the slightest things that could hint at their inadequacies and make them feel ashamed of themselves, especially if the advice giver is perceived as more competent. This can be a transit about people who are standing in their own way, and who can't fix things because they are standing in their way. This can be a transit about people who do not have the capacity to act on their understanding, or on your understanding, for whatever reason, or who might not even have the desire to do so and to fix something for their own benefit and for the benefit of others. They might to just want to pour their dirt onto others and assume that other people are going to overextend themselves and help them carry their load, despite their own lack of effort to fix the root cause.

Mastering the challenge: Maximizing the potential of one's incarnation and manifesting through enduring temporary difficulties and hardships - if that makes sense and if it is truly purposeful and authentic. Sharing one's suffering and all one's difficult feelings with others so that one can find help, greater understanding, and healing. Giving practical and applicable insights to those who struggle: Insights that can help them to transcend their suffering, even if it doesn't bring immediate change and relief.
Correcting our judgment, and recognizing when a commitment is restrictive, even if we do not want it to be that. Letting go of a lesson that has been learned, processing the experience, and sharing our feelings and insights that we derived from it.
Knowing when to say no. Not letting ourself be pushed into making overly enthusiastic promises than we can't keep up with.
Knowing when to say no also applies to the solutions that other people may or may not offer. If we are struggling and someone offers us a solution that we know is well intended, but that we don't have the energy for, or that we feel might be great for others, but it is not right for us, then it's best to kindly refuse.

Having the practicality to only commit to what can be implemented and applied, both when it comes to offering help, receiving help, or collaborating with others. Having the integrity to only committing to what is authentic and not restrictive for us. Saying no to commitments and people who degenerate our energy and life force. Having the integrity to say no to tasks that we are not competent enough to make them work. It's better to say no now, than to break promises later and let people down. If we already know that we are not going to be able to work with someone's inadequacies, needs, or shadows, or that it's not worthwhile and correct for us to be in that relationship, it's best to just say no.

This week, the article on the open ego center might be worth a read.

The next solar week will be about working on what has been spoiled and about more incompetence and/or temporary hardships that require a practical approach. The next week brings a Mercury retrograde of accepting change and accepting the impermanence of changing circumstances, which leads to gradual correction.