This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Albert Lynch - Jeanne d'Arc

The previous solar week was about confusion and a difficult transition that required determined strength. There was mental pressure, and there were endings, but despite all doubt, in the spiral of life all ends are beginnings. Often times, this might have been about a transition out of traumatic, toxic, oppressive, or simply unhealthy relationships toward greener pastures. Other times, this might have been an internal transition from confusion toward mental clarity, a mental and emotional transition that continues throughout this week with the Sun in gate 47. Despite all difficulty, awareness to detail can result in the perfected form.

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This solar week is about self-oppression due to one's own disgraceful actions, or about trauma through oppression from others, often in response to one's grace or disgrace toward others and due to being socially open or closed to them (with some people all that you are doing is wrong and causes them to oppress you).

9 September 2021 11:17 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 47 ䷮ (Virgo) – active channels of the moment: an integration field of the channel of charisma ( South Node- North Node), the channel of the brain wave, and the channel of power ( Moon)

The maximization of potential and the perfected form. Self-fulfillment and natural alignment brings us what we need to keep going.
Struggling with a superficial vision and superficial solutions that at worst create more resistance; - or natural alignment that leads to wise, deep, and genius solutions, and to receiving as we give.

    10 September 2021 15:03 UTC: Saturn R moves back into gate 41 (41.6▲)
    10 September 2021 16:17 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) in waxing quincunx to Uranus in (Taurus)
    11 September 2021 2:14 UTC: Jupiter R moves back into gate 49 (49.6)
Alfons Mucha - Madonna of the Lilies

Understanding that not everything that we give and receive fills up both people's cups and is in alignment with our natural life path and vision. The challenge to separate from failed relationships, and to recognize the right path through feelings.
Again, we are in the midst of a Pluto retrograde that is about growing through extremes, and finding acceptance of one's emotional authority which can lead to emotional clarity and to one's authentic life path. This Pluto retrograde is about the evolution and maturation of the solar plexus center and its wisdom that is starting to emerge more and more. If we have an emotional authority, but it we stay on the surface, we are not getting anywhere. If instead we observe our feelings and emotions, over time we will recognize our natural path through feelings and emotions.

Collective challenge: No matter how generous we nurture, if the problem solving is superficial and if there is no real depth of solution in consideration of the actual situation, then that nurturing does not fill us or others up. In the worst case it only creates weird structures of expectations and of feeling unnaturally obliged to the other person, while it makes us more dissatisfied with the reality that we see. If something that is being given to another person doesn't fill up both people's cups, or doesn't solve an actual problem, it doesn't do a thing, especially if it only happens to make us feel better about ourself or to influence the direction of others to our own benefit and away from what is natural for them. It has to be the right path, the right giving, and the right taking for both parties.
Most of us aren't designed to see what others need, and even those few who are designed to see what others need can't read other people's minds most of the time and aren't in the other person's shoes, so communication is essential. Often it is best to just ask if a certain thing would be helpful or not, or to just ask someone what would help them right now.

Mastering the challenge: Understanding that if we mentally chose a path out of a hunger for power and solely for the enhancement of our ego, this path won't give us the things that we need to carry on, to continue to give, and to grow in wisdom. Understanding that we need to take the path where we don't just give and end up depleted, especially materially and physically, but where we also receive, and where we thus can find self-fulfillment and can continue to give. Being lead toward that natural path of ours, even if it's not fully clear yet with whom purpose can be found, and waiting it out while carefully observing those who might come into question. Possibly discovering our ambition along the way. The right path can unexpectedly make people ambitious who never ever thought of themself as being ambitious, but they turn ambitious because suddenly they have something truly worthwhile to work for. Recognizing that to be busy can sometimes be mentally healthy, especially in moments where we otherwise would get lost in overthinking and thus influence our emotional landscape negatively and piling up more and more internal negative emotional triggers that we then struggle to let them go. What is a feeling and emotion that arises naturally and thus needs to be felt even if negative, and what is a feeling and emotion that we talk ourself into or keep ourself stuck in through deliberate negative self-talk?

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Struggling with having unrealistic egocentric demands despite mediocrity and with the resulting dissatisfaction over the reality that we see, and taking absurd or simply unfounded risks to change that. Making excuses for losing the right focus and taking those risks although it's a futile setup for failure.

    14 September 2021 9:20 UTC: Sun in▽ (Virgo) opposite Neptune in▲ (Pisces)
    14 September 2021 23:24 UTC: Venus in (Scorpio) in waxing quincunx to the North Node in (Gemini)

This can mean: Feeling that nothing is ever good enough, and we know it, but we still make more demands despite knowing oh so well that if we got it it might not be good enough either. This can also mean having multiple options to act on and invest in, being overwhelmed by what to do, and trying to not miss out on anything and do it all, which is way too much to handle and does not work. The rationalizing of irrational risk-taking is a real challenge here, and many people will simply take risks that make no sense, do not work out, and will later on cause themselves to reevaluate their standards, values, and morals. If we assume that we fail, what do we have to lose and which result has the worse effect? Do we lose more if we take the risk and fail with it, or do we lose more if we do not take the risk and have missed out on it? And yet ultimately, which option does feel right to us independent of logic evaluation?

Arthur Wardle - The Lure of the North

Mastering the challenge: Even if we take huge risks we maintain cautious, careful, and we pay attention to all details in order to maximize the possibility that it will work. We might manage to simply separate from what is futile, from vain ego delusion, and from disturbances. We maintain modesty, a sense of purpose, and right action, and we know our place. We let all the wrong opportunities slide and focus on putting our eggs in the right baskets that feel purposeful to us.

Summed up, this week is about moving toward being more realistic. Some people are more pessimistic than reality is, and some people are more optimistic than reality is. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with being pessimistic or optimistic, reality remains reality, and neither pessimism nor optimism does need to neglect actual reality. Once we recognize reality more realistically we can start to work with it productively. And regardless whether we hope for a positive outcome, or whether we expect the worst, or whether we expect the worst AND hope for a positive outcome that then always surprises us positively because we expected the worst - once we assess and work with reality realistically, we have much better chances at succeeding and getting to a positive outcome.

The next solar week will be about opening up emotionally, or emotionally closing down toward something. The fear of being too inexperienced, the fear of intimacy, and the fear of emotional instability, crisis, and conflict are all fears that can lead to self-betrayal and to staying stuck when it comes to these kinds of intimate decisions. Ultimately though, we might recognize what's worth opening up to through overcoming such blockages or through busting through sexual blockages (sex unlocks hormones and emotions). Or we might recognize that despite the possible difficulties and emotional darkness that we will encounter on the way, something is worth every second of experiencing it nonetheless. Sometimes in life, there are those things that are worth all the trouble, come what may.