This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Astrology Report
Frederic Cayley Robinson - The Long Journey

The previous solar week was about codependency, or about liberation and being able to enjoy aloneness. It also was about recognizing when relationships are futile and removing those from power who destabilize the group and thus truly deserve it.

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This solar week can bring confusion and a difficult transition that requires determined strength. There is mental pressure, and there are endings, but despite all doubt, in the spiral of life all ends are beginnings. Often times, this might be about a transition out of traumatic, toxic, oppressive, or simply unhealthy relationships toward greener pastures. Other times, this is an internal transition from confusion toward mental clarity, a mental and emotional transition that continues throughout the coming weeks.
In the worst case scenario this is a transition from something somewhat stable into chaos and trauma, such as it is currently happening for many in Afghanistan.
But on a private relationship level, ideally we have learned a lesson and transition out of something, or through the midst of difficulty.

Let's have a quick look at Afghanistan:
The Taliban conquered Kabul during the moon cycle of abdication (New Moon in 7.4▲), but then being way too peaceful toward spiritually inferior forces (the Taliban in this case who deteriorate the spirit), struggling to eliminate them or to at least offer resistance, and failing to enforce right action (Full Moon in 30.6▽). The 30.6 is looking toward the 55.1, and ultimately, what this leads to is that the spirit can not be found through cooperation, because there is no one worthwhile cooperating with, at least not in terms of finding abundance, and refining the spirit through the shifting and transformation of outdated and messed up perspectives. No chance to find the spirit for the Afghan people, and this is what we see: They are stuck in the bottom part of the mystical way and stuck in the old outdated tradition and “this is how things always were, and if you don't follow our traditions and principles, you get decapitated”. The day the Taliban conquered Kabul, Mars in 40.6 brought the energy of decapitation, up to misogyny and possible genocide and deeply cruel cleansing of ethnic minorities in the shadow frequency. As I've mentioned over and over again, a main underlying challenge of 2021 was victimization and profiting of other people's success, especially so victimization of the feminine energy and everything to do with the female body.

While the Earth was in 49.4 and the Sun in 4.4 on the cross of Explanation, Ghani still propagandized and persuaded people, and made some promises as if there was no tomorrow. Promises that were not even in his power to decide over and to keep, even in case that he might truly have wanted to keep them. Ghani's words were along: “It is important that we uphold national security. I instructed the ministry of defense to ensure the security of the people of Kabul. We will fulfill this responsibility.“ By the way, Ghani has a fully open and undefined ego center with absolutely no ego gates defined, so all these tribal promises would be none of his business, but he knows how to ride along and take advantage of it.

The next day with the Earth in 49.5 and the Sun in 4.5 on the cross of Revolution, either the fear of chaos took over, or he recognized what's impractical, he abdicated, and disappeared. Later that day, still on the 5/1 cross of revolution (oh the irony), the Taliban entered the government palace and took it over. At the late evening of August 15th (Kabul time), they entered the palace. In the night they declared victory, around 1 AM (Kabul time, August 16th) or before that.

Now you could argue at least it didn't happen with the Earth in 49.3, and the Taliban might find a formula that's practical... at least they talk as if they are generally willing to consider the practical needs of the people. And yet, is it one of those 5th line expectation that they might be practical? Is it just another one of these unrealistic expectations that is being well nurtured and marketed as an expectation, but that has no actual substance and remains unfulfilled and will inevitably be disappointed? Or is there the possibility for real practicality? The 49.5 is not just about being practical, though – there is always a flip side to it as a possibility, and the flip side is about being deeply impractical. With gate 49, if its principles are being obeyed (if the Sharia is being obeyed), there is the possibility for practicality.
But what means “practicality” to begin with? Together with gate 55, the 49 is part of the histidine codon that is under mutation. There is a genetic connection between the 49 and the 55, and with the 55, everything is a matter of perspective. So called "practicality" is a matter of perspective, as well. If you ask your neighbor what would be practical, you get a different perspective than if you ask yourself or if you ask a Taliban.
This kind of practicality is not about dark magic or bureaucracy as a power trip and selling indulgences, such as the 25 in a toxic frequency does not let people pass the doors of awakening and pushes them back toward staying stuck in the bargain with God.
This kind of practicality is about actual power as a power trip. The 49 is emotionally charged, but the 40.6 is cold, cold ego-distortion. The 49.5 coupled with the 40.6 Mars can be extremely cruel and sadistic: Either you obey the rules, or you will be tortured or killed. For those in power, it's a very practical strategy. Everyone else is powerless in the face of fate. The younger generation, who lives this as a 40.3, struggles with the attention of the rulers and with all that cruelty.

Then, it also can be that the leadership says: Here is this practical formula, let's do it this or that way to fulfill our purpose and to satisfy God so that we do not have to fear God anymore. But they underestimate the ego distortion of their own people (Chiron in 21.4). Mars as the foot soldier and simple warrior (Mars in 40.6) is too immature, ego-distorted, cruel, and generally uneducated to recognize these instructions and obey them – especially in a war ridden country where many of these warriors are so young that they aren't even past their Saturn return and past the first stage of the 6th line yet.

Astrology Report
Henry Herbert La Thangue - Travelling Harvesters

Mars brings mutation, and the 40.6 is the 6th line, the visionary, of a gate that is a mystic switch, and that decides whether we go toward initiation and individuality, or whether we stay stuck in the tribe. As I already mentioned, Mars is likely going to be too immature and ego-distorted to change the switch into the right direction and to take the right route. Chiron is in gate 21. At the time Kabul fell, there is no initiation and leaping into the void (51), there is no one saying “come here walk through this door toward your individuality and your spirit” (25), there is just control and controlled manifestation. That's practical, after all.
Saturn is in the and brings the potential to receive the call, but it is incredibly challenging to get there. If there is anything that is not aligned, and if people are conditioned into taking all the wrong conditioned and homogenized calls to God, there will be no mystic call and the call toward awakening will be missed. And yet, there is the possibility to be called, but with Saturn being there, it's not an easy point to come to.
“I was looking for God, but I only found the forces and the Gods, and regardless whether I prayed for their mercy, or whether I raged against their cruelty, it would not change a thing” (Jupiter in 30.4▽). “I was looking for God, but I found only myself”. The 40.6 is the one who will stop to deliver to and work for a bargain, for a tradition, and for a God that it could not find. And if they manage to mutate through initiation, then they will remove those inferior people from positions of power who destabilize the group (the tribe, the country), and who thus deserve such drastic treatment. And then everything changes. Mutation. Liberation. Evolution of consciousness.
At some point, the 2027 mutation knocks on the door. Homogenized religion is not meant to stay with humanity forever.

3 September 2021 16:11 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 64 ䷿ (Virgo)

The last two days of last week we were dealing with delusions about the actual extent of one's own cruelty, immaturity, and ego distortion, so this report is sort of only for the people who have to deal with other people's mess because the distorted people won't get it either way - unless they go through a lot of suffering and purgatory where their defense mechanisms are continuously weakened so that at some point they are forced to surrender, to face all their delusions, and to face the reality of who they really are. Sometimes you can try to make someone understand and go for the conflict and friction, but most often when they are so distorted and deluded to begin with, it will simply be futile and a waste of your precious time and energy, and in the worst case it will keep you powerless – but you've got a life to live. Often times, life is going to be the only one able to take care of that. No sympathy for the devil (that would be focusing on the wrong people), and no fucks given about someone's self-built torture chamber – and they suffer in there, they just don't understand why, and they simply don't understand that it is upon them, and only upon them to change that – until the day that they have suffered enough and something suddenly changes within them. Today, we are still dealing with a transit that brings wounding through ego distortion:

Harmony furthered through emotional maturity, emotional control, and control of power applied to correction and transformation – or self-obsession and rash action that leads into chaos.

    4 September 2021 0:12 UTC: Venus in▲ (Libra) in waning quincunx to Neptune in (Pisces)
    4 September 2021 5:20 UTC: Sun in (Virgo) in waxing quincunx to Chiron in (Aries)

Collective challenge: Massive confusion and mental pressure upon feeling deeply powerless.
Powerlessness in a fight with absolutely deluded people, their interference, and their ego distortion. Making everything an ego trip due to a lack of self-worth and self-respect. On the other side of the fence: Powerlessness when rightfully being squashed like a cockroach in response to one's encroaching, molesting, or simply abusive actions. Failing to understand that it is futile to mess with certain people and situations, and that we need to separate from what only brings us (or them) suffering, deeper powerlessness, and that we need to separate from battles that we can never win and only lose.
Misfiring from the hip and acting upon the first hint or upon having reached some amount of understanding that isn't complete yet – which keeps us powerless and/or in futile struggle with others. Acting too early merely out of impatience when transition is in sight. A quick reminder, we are in the midst of a Chiron retrograde in gate 21.4, which brings careful and strategic forearming in response to other people's deliberate or persistent interference and their ego distortion.

Mastering the challenge: Searching for the right conditions in interaction that empower everyone involved instead of making us or others feel powerless. Searching for the right conditions that ultimately will lead us to greater independence, autonomy, and healthy power used justly. Not shooting from the hip, but being able to take oneself back to maintain harmony, and yet remaining in control. Knowing which relationships, jobs, and situations are a waste of energy, but transitioning out of it organized and gracefully without interfering with others, so that all parties can remain in dignity and maintain the autonomy and freedom that they need.

Lunar Nodes in gate 34 and 20: Suffering deluded interference and power struggles, but also finding a massive increase in awareness (as opposed to ignorance, naivety, and illusion), and gaining greater social sensitivity toward those relationships that are mutually sensitive through the recognition that we are all connected.

4 September 2021 19:57 UTC: The nodes shift from gate 9 and 16 into gate 34 and 20. North Node in 20.6 trine Mercury in▽ trine Saturn in
5 September 2021 1:30 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) trine Saturn in (Aquarius)

Thomas Eakins - Wrestlers

The nodes will be in gate 34 and gate 20 from September 2021 to mid January 2022 (4 months).

Not taking an opportunity with those who mess with us and disturb the harmony, or who have a hidden agenda that they try to pressure onto us at our detriment, but being grateful for the greater perspective and the wisdom that we gained and that we now know to apply.
Being so vain that one is unable to hide and watch, and draws in the wrong attention and all the bullshit of this world (let the other people have it, there are enough people out there who have no self-worth, no standards, and who want all the bullshit because they lack the discernment of what is worthwhile to have) – or sticking to our unique rhythm and flow no matter what, despite all interference and false propaganda that tries to throw or lure us off track. Knowing when enough is enough and when something is not worth our time and energy. Doing the necessary detail work when it might be a help in assessing someone's motives and their possible level of delusion. Recognizing what qualities we will need for transition and transcendence, and waiting for that which has those qualities.

Having the self-discipline to not get side-tracked by our own mind and to catch ourself when we spiral down into getting wasted in confusion and mental burden. Slowly but steadily transitioning into a new order through having the awareness what's practical and what needs our detailed attention. Again: Recognizing what qualities we will need for transition and transcendence. Slowly but steadily transitioning into a new order through having the discipline to do that which is necessary and practical, instead of wasting our energy in all the wrong places. I'm not saying this to tease you, it's simply what I read in the transits. Waiting as a guarantee for survival: Moving forward day by day, step by step, while we find gratefulness and continued motivation from the small victories. As a quick reminder, we are in a cycle of slow stop-and-go manifestation: [ Mars conjunct the North Node ].

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, many people have the theme of burnout due to an unrealistic pace in their Solar Return (30.4▽ Jupiter). When they do not deal with the 34-20 consciously, when they don't know when enough is enough and waste their energy in all the wrong places, or simply overdo it even with the right thing, then they will get exactly that burnout, or they will even deepen their already existing burnout.

Another difficulty during the coming months might be the fear that something lacks potential, possibly because we have to endure difficulties on the way toward a change and correction that we do not see yet, or because we are impatient for the results of our work.
There can be a lack of continuity and survival through suffering. Chicken or egg first, it can be both ways:
1) Constant reevaluation and indecision can lead to dropping out of a good thing, biting off way too much elsewhere due to false propaganda and delusion, and finding oneself in a situation that first seemed too good to be true (the devil is in the details), but quickly turns into something that's not worth suffering through.
2) Having to suffer a temporary difficult and adverse situation (likely to do with interference and delusions, or simply with not having come to a point where we are ready to act) can lead to doubting the future potential of where we are heading, and can lead to constant overthinking and re-deciding, possibly at the expense of actually doing what's practical, and at the expense of progress. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Fear of rejection can lead to being afraid of failure and of missing out on potential development and on people's recognition – which can cause people to suddenly drop out totally unexpected.
Actions and mind clouded by confusion, fear, and impatience are the main traps laid out on the ground for us. Watch where you place your foot. Just because it's not happening now, it doesn't mean that it will never happen. What are the essential qualities and conditions that we will need, and that are necessary because without them action will fail?

Mastering the challenge: Going step by step. Correcting now what we can correct now, and waiting for the rest to resolve later when it will be able to be resolved. Not letting ourself be discouraged by a situation that we can't seem to correct now, focusing on the small accomplishments, and being grateful for them. Not losing perspective. Likely, this will be a transition that requires patience and a thick skin.
Being in the moment and having one's mind freed of nonsense allows us to contemplate what qualities we will need. What will we need to escape powerlessness, and to find freedom or to grow into out power? What will we need in order to be able to correct a situation? What are the right values, ideals, and conditions, that can and need to be applied for the benefit of society? The coming months can also bring huge altruistic impact through supreme awareness.

Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node: The way of wisdom. A possibility for a mutation in awareness. Altruism that is applied with the sharpest discernment and judgment. Self-emancipation, liberation, and taking back our power through finding the highest form of understanding of the world we live in where nothing really is what it seems to be. The authentic or inauthentic expression of having found awakening.

    6 September 2021 1:54 UTC: Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node in (Gemini) square the Moon in, trine Mercury in, trine Saturn in
Max Nonnenbruch - Woman on a dune

Liberation and breaking free through correcting our judgment and finding greater awareness, awakening, and joy as we understand that we head off to new horizons, but that the time might not have come yet where we have the necessary resources to complete transition. It also is about the understanding that when we are patiently in our rhythm and flow, life will at some point bring us the help that we need.

As a secondary interpretation, this can also be about trying to fix other people's awareness or lack of awareness. It can be about judging and correcting other people's self-righteousness, their ulterior motives, and their lack of altruism. Or it can be both: Finding embodied awareness and correct action through understanding that not all is gold that glitters, and through heightened discernment and recognition of all that is going on around us for good or for bad. It can be about bringing beneficial change to the whole and establishing right action in the larger social realm through being above things, watching with distance, and understanding and communicating the principles of interaction.

Lilith conjunct the North Node is a place in time where women are thrown back into the dark (such as in Afghanistan), or where they find liberation. This is about women, but also the feminine energy within men, emancipating themself through having found greater awareness, understanding, and wisdom. Knowledge is not always power, but understanding is empowering.
Feminine energy is extremely selective, and it is only becoming more selective and discerning through experience. This transit is about having developed the awareness that empowers such discernment, and that empowers us to set good barriers and boundaries and to emancipate ourself from what is inferior.

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Seeing beyond the illusion, and seeing the harsh truths is not necessarily nice, it can be very disappointing. At least this is not a conjunction of the 20.5, but the 20.6. It is deeply mutative, but we might not necessarily see many of these mutations in awareness.
Despite the disappointment with recognizing harsh truths, seeing beyond the illusion helps us to live our life with greater awareness, to not be distracted by this and that bullshit, and to just be ourself.
On one side this can bring a purely mental understanding of the maya – when you only think about things but don't apply any of it, you stay stuck exactly where you are. On the other side, we apply and embody our understanding, and we correct what needs to be corrected through seeing through the illusions and not being fooled any longer by smoke and mirrors.

I'd like to emphasize that this is not about the way of the form and suffering all the consequences blindly. This is about being wise. This is not about: “ok, life is handing me this pile of shit, and that pile of shit, and one more pile of shit, I will just stick it out although there is an opportunity to fix it, no choice.” It is about the potential for objective observation and the wisdom to know what to stick out and what to separate from – and when such a transition is possible.

That being said, Lilith and Rahu both aren't the easiest archetypes to embody in healthy ways, rather the opposite, and on the downside, there might be talking, but there is no right action, there is no understanding, and there is just the wild unknown coupled with a deep fear and a deep powerlessness and struggle. There might be the charisma to attract nurturing guidance, find greater understanding, and overcome delusions. Or there might be egoic demands that alienate others, and leave one alone basking in one's self-pity, bitterness, and absence of any joy.

As much as this is about knowing when enough is enough and separating from it, it also is about avoiding stasis and preparing to head off to new horizons. It might not be an immediate departure. In intimacy, the new horizon might be in sight, but there is great shyness and hesitation, and one needs to let the other person have their doubts and questions. Back and forth, back and forth. Doubts are of value! That's part of the wisdom. The standard is to establish right action on the social realm, and if right action can't be established, if there is no right action but only wrong action, then healthy and firm boundaries might be upheld and the guard might not drop, and rightly so. This can bring a fear of rejection, but it can also bring the ability to maintain our individuality after having approached someone due to knowing that we have nothing to fear as we act right, and we just watch and see and take our time, or let the other person take their time.

The way in which we face disorder.

    6 September 2021 3:06 UTC: Venus in (Libra) square Pluto in (Capricorn)
    6 September 2021 12:19 UTC: Mars in (Virgo) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)
    6 September 2021 13:04 UTC: Venus in (Libra) trine Jupiter in▽ (Aquarius)

Collective challenge: Needing to be right, refusing to adapt, continuing to condition others with one's perceived truth, and resenting being challenged, and being rejected when the other person feels controlled. Clinging to feelings at the expense of progress and getting stuck in toxic and disruptive relationships.

Mastering the challenge: Staying safe through masking one's inner light. Collective influence through flexible adaptation to changing times and conditions. Transforming outdated forms, and building strength from a weak position. Loyalty, or not (as previously mentioned, this can easily be codependent loyalty to someone who is disruptive and has a negative impact on us).

Such as in the moon cycle that might have brought about a distasteful alliance, promiscuity, and depression or rigid restraint, here we have the promiscuity back in the field, and due to the south node in 34.6 where enthusiasm can override better judgment to the point of interference, I don't think this is a threesome or a fun trip to the swingers club, it looks more like a struggle: Knowing when enough shit is enough shit with the old person, and waiting or hoping to embrace another person – or not knowing when enough is enough and creating additional drama and lies through promiscuity, for example sitting at home with the spouse and looking forward to the evening with the affair, while the spouse struggles with fate and maintaining composure.

New Moon of highly pressured memories and confusion, yet bending to the inevitable flow of life and being convinced that we will make it. A moon cycle of maintaining practicality in difficult endings and transitions.

7 September 2021 0:51 UTC: NEW MOON in▲ (Virgo) in waxing quincunx to Chiron in, in waning quincunx to Saturn in, opposite Neptune in, trine Uranus in
Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Gemini)
Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)
7 September 2021 1:28 UTC: Sun in▲ (Virgo) trine Uranus in (Taurus)

Astrology Report
Herbert James Draper - The Mountain Mists

Hesitant reconsideration: Being conditioned to take someone back or to integrate someone new, but whether you do or not that's up to you, two people will not necessarily have the same perspective on what can work and what's worth making it work to begin with. Memory, doubt, and questions. Calmly facing transformation, impermanence, and change while focusing on what's practical, and sitting with the confusion, knowing that life will bring order and lead us to the other side.

This new moon leads up to a full moon of a deeply humbling crisis, justice, and the possible survival of right. It is about the necessity to respond to interference with the strongest possible reaction without having any regret – some people won't get it otherwise and will just continue their abuse as usual as long as they always succeed as abusers. Most people might have the crisis because someone messes with them (again) and they are just so over it and fed up with interference and the level of stupidity and violation that some people are capable of.
It also is about being sensitive or finally starting to be more considerate to the practical needs of others, finding the wisdom and realism to correct one's judgment, and letting someone go in peace, even though there might be a deep dissatisfaction with how things went. There is the possibility to recognize that other people don't need one's ego distortion, or that they generally need a different direction than we thought, or and that their natural direction and purpose in life is not aligned with ours.

On the more positive end, it brings remembrance and remembering the good old times, and nonetheless having some kind of emotional crisis over it that emerges out of pure feelings and that is deeply authentic. This full moon can bring the need for a severe reaction to interference, but also the blame that comes with it from people who don't like that, and who are uncomfortable with solid healthy boundaries. It can bring justice, the survival of right, and even attempts to establish justice and right action on the larger social realm, and yet it can bring a dissatisfaction with what we see. Sometimes, the dissatisfaction might stem from reaping an unpleasant karmic backlash of one's unclean motives or general actions that is supposed to bring us a crisis that destroys the false sense of ego and pushes us deeper into our innocence (cause and effect). Sometimes, the dissatisfaction might stem from the fact that some things can't be undone and can never ever be balanced out and forgotten on the side of the victim, even if the victimizers get their legal sentence, and things seem „just“. It can never undo the knowingly inflicted trauma of the victim. Sometimes the dissatisfaction might stem from disappointed expectations, or from being disillusioned about what humanity is, and letting oneself be discouraged about that instead of simply making the best of one's own life. Sometimes the dissatisfaction might stem from not seeing that it's worthwhile yet, and not being able to appreciate the long way that we have come.
On the other hand, we do appreciate the small steps and victories, and we don't focus too much on the negative things, but we see the full picture: the good and the ugly.
That's going to be the energy of the full moon in two weeks. Back to this full moon:

During the previous moon cycle, it might have been difficult to eliminate painful memories, feelings, and to not get lost in confusion or let toxic people run over us. This moon cycle brings the determination to overcome all of that confusion, emotionally charged memories, or even trauma. It can bring a feeling of powerlessness in the face of old memories, confusion, and especially in the face of traumatic situations and events, or it can bring a feeling of being independent, empowered, and powerful.

Securing strength out of a weak position, and securing support in times of disorder - or not. Emotional depth and loyalty might enrich our relationships, but there might be a struggle with emotional composure and overall progress.

    7 September 2021 3:50 UTC: Mars in (Virgo) in waning quincunx to Jupiter in▽ (Aquarius)

Resisting inferior influences and nonsensical power struggles and accepting that some things end even if that's painful, while being emotionally present and transforming the right bond(s).
That being said, this is also an energy that can be about raging against one's fate in the face of getting someone pregnant without intending to do so, and then having no control over what happens next. It can be about feeling deeply powerless and depressed over losing one's freedom due to the new course that one's life is taking.

Struggling with anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and personal powerlessness, or being overpowered, not being heard and seen at all, and being left forgotten.

    8 September 2021 4:30 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Libra) opposite Chiron in (Aries)

Collective challenge: Being unseen and unrecognized by others, and feeling powerless in that (or not).
Mentally obsessing over our perceived inadequacies and lack of depth, taste, or skills and making ourself way smaller than we actually are. Being obsessed with refining ourself, our values, or our talents due to being so embarrassed with where we are at. We do not have to be perfect in order to be well enough prepared and to offer good solutions. These things do take time, and they are being refined through practice – which is a process that naturally only takes place after we push through our fears and simply start.

Hoping to be (re)integrated, but having no further expectations to receive communication or to be received in one's attempts to reach out, and just seeing where things go.

This is a transit for some of the people in Afghanistan who no one cares about and who are just left to face their fate for themselves.

The next solar week will be about self-oppression due to one's disgraceful actions, or about trauma through oppression from others, often in response to one's grace or disgrace toward others and due to one's social openness or closedness to them (with some people all that you are doing is wrong and causes them to oppress you).