Weekly report 27 Jan-2 Feb 2022 ䷒ All things are interrelated, and yet not all things continue to be right for us on our journey. New Moon of separating and disconnecting.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Frederick Cayley Robinson
Yes, this illustration shows a full moon instead of the new moon/no moon of this week. But at least there is magic, and that's always worth dealing with visual misinformation.

The previous solar week started the energetic beginning of 2022. Everything starts with a dream.

This solar week ends the yearly quarter of mutation with a new moon of separating from what did not work and staying withdrawn unless it really is worth it. It can bring the revelation that all things (and humans) are interrelated, which can lead us to develop a greater sensitivity and considerateness toward others and to be careful and very selective where we give our resources to. To some, this week could bring a revelation that if we are going to implement another vision, we are going to create something more magical.

27 January 2022 14:35 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 19.1▲ ䷒ (Aquarius) – active channels of the moment: the integration and centering channel of exploration (▽ Mars -▲▽ Moon conjunct the South Node), the channel of the witness ( Saturn-33.1 Earth) // completely open head/crown center, spleen center, and ego center

Keywords: Someone might not be able to find acceptance over the past, is full of hatred, ignores limitations out of self-serving motives, and is being fought off with destructive force. By not letting such people mess with us, but instead moving forward despite interference, we find greater clarity that this mess is not where we will remain and that we are moving toward the right thing that can or will be more harmonious.
Alternatively, this is about shedding old patterns, shedding conditioning, finding deeper acceptance, and truly understanding what acceptance and surrender means. Through letting go of old baggage, we might become lighter and find greater harmony and greater certainty about where we are going.
People might condition others to be more polite and more tolerant, or less polite and intolerant, dependent on the situation. Some situations demand that we temper ourself a bit, otherwise we would violate others, and some situations demand that we stop tempering ourself so that we are not being run over, or so that outdated norms are being tackled and overthrown. We are currently in the midst of a Mercury retrograde that can bring over-sensitivity. Lots of people are being in their feelings and easily triggered and offended. What people think how polite or impolite you are and should be is one thing. What actually is okay and/or is needed in a certain situation is another thing. This is a week of following your convictions, and your convictions might not necessarily be what people expect them and want them to be.

Frederick Judd Waugh - The knights of the Holy Grail

Acceptance of limitations, or restlessness. Following the call that we need, and that is right and authentic to us. Not allowing other people to make us their moneybag or to pressure us to give what we have to all the wrong things and causes.

    29 January 2022 2:57 UTC: Sun in▲ (Aquarius) sextile Chiron in (Aries)
    29 January 2022 4:20 UTC: Mercury conjunct Pluto in▽ (Capricorn)

Venus direct: Asking of others to struggle discretely within usual behavioral norms.

    29 January 2022 8:45 UTC: Venus direct in (Capricorn)
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The Venus retrograde brought the need to accept that some things can't be corrected. It also carried energy of possible abuse due to a lack of self-worth, ego inflation, and staying stuck in old patterns.
Pressuring someone to struggle discretely can be positive, or it can be negative, it depends on the situation. If we try to make someone polite to the point of being servile, or if we try to give someone the guilt-trip because we want to make them more submissive so that we can better manipulate, control, and abuse them, then that's an example for detrimental conditioning. But if someone has serious problems with aggression and with controlling their aggression, and we work with them to find methods how they can temper their anger, then that is positive conditioning.
Venus going direct could also be about politely struggling one's way out of a situation that simply does not work, after we have come to accept that it does not work.

Collective challenge: Making up excuses for past mistakes, up to manipulation and abuse. Being in denial about one's own behavior, needing to be in the right at all cost, and being unable to let go of people because one can not see that it simply does not work.

Mastering the challenge: Admitting past mistakes, learning from our mistakes, accepting that things end, and letting go when the lesson has been learned to make room for a new chapter. Seeing that it can be a blessing to be thrown out in certain relationships, rather than a curse, because they would only accept us if we were what we are not. But we can never be what we are not, so we are better off without them, and without these demands and unnecessary stressors.

Selective cooperation with people who can keep up and whose company motivates us instead of dragging us down. Only going for the opportunity that we need and that allows us the amount of alone time that we need individually, and that is not overwhelming and overbearing.

    30 January 2022 19:31 UTC: Sun in (Aquarius) square Uranus in (Taurus)

New Moon of separating from negative influences and expired people who can't let go and want to be taken back. Not letting them pressure us into nurturing them, and not getting lost in the search for who is to blame, but simply letting go.

    1 February 2022 5:45 UTC: NEW MOON in (Aquarius) square Uranus in sextile Chiron in A Yod on the Earth in Venus in in waxing quincunx to the Earth and Jupiter in▲ in waning quincunx to the Earth
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)

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First and foremost, this new moon is about separating and disconnecting from a situation. This can also be about taking back a person when they are both determined and pure enough, and simply a match. But honestly, I don't really see this as very present in the transit field. For the most part, it is simply about sitting on the shore and watching all the half-wrecked ships float by, and not going on board, but rather continuing to wait for one's ship because most of the time the right ship might not be in sight yet. It can be about continuing to wait for the right person to take back, or for the right moment to (re-)integrate someone and to reconcile, while we disconnect from relationships gone sour and from distractions that did not work out well.
In many of the situations that people are facing right now, if one went on board now, one would be asked to repair a ship while the captain continues to consciously or unconsciously do damage to it, which makes full repair and recovery impossible. Often times, letting go and detaching completely might be the only viable option. You can't save people who are not willing to save themself, or who even destroy those who tolerate them and try to help them, but who nonetheless have the impudence to think they know best despite being such a disturbance. Some people simply don't know what an imposition they are, and that's not going to be your problem anymore. There is no pill for ego dysbiosis.

The next solar week will be about looking back at the past, listening to its secrets, understanding ourself better through our personal story, and creating balanced frameworks for the future in which each one of us can grow. It starts the yearly quarter of initiation.

And before we end, I have to make two additions to the Rave New Year 2022 report:

The following two videos were suggested to me, and the titles made me curious. Both of them fit well with what many people will be caught up in in 2022, or work through in 2022. Independent of that, they are truly worthwhile to watch:

Painting Painting

I have one thing to add to the second video (the man's video).
Assuming equal return when you give a lot is one side he talks about.
But it also goes the other way around: Assuming the right to demand when there is no real basis upon which demands can be made. For example, 5 years ago, I had this brand-new friend who got unintentionally pregnant. She was overwhelmed with the decision of being a mother versus abortion, especially since there was a time limit for the abortion option, and she has an emotional inner authority and would have needed more time. She would have liked to keep the baby, but she would have been a single mother without having her career set up in any way. Tough situation. She then said maybe she can keep it „because I have my friends, such as you [Juli] who can help.“. She said that before even asking me if I was willing to help. I don't know about her other friends, and I told her so, but I was really flabbergasted about the „such as you“, since we didn't even know each other that long for me to be really committed to anything, and for us to be sure if we will like each other some years down the road. But there she is, already acting as if there was a guarantee of support. I never wanted children myself, long before knew I was a manifestor with an open sacral center, one main reason being that I simply do not have the energy, energy consistency, and reliable sociability for raising children, especially not other people's children. I think she did not know that, but she knew that I had just become a freshman of chronic trauma and was really burdened already, so there was nothing additional to push on me. Essentially, she was saying: I get to have the experience of being a mother even though I do not have the resources to back it up, and my friends are going to help make it possible and back it up with their resources even at their detriment. When I'm over-extending myself and can't take full responsibility, they will do that for me. It's very 41.4v-like, which is the Mercury of 2022. So it goes both ways: You can be ready to die for someone who will do nothing for you in return, which obviously is a bad position to be in. But you also can demand that someone dies for you without any basis. Most people simply have way too many burdensome unjustified expectations and do not realize that other people have their own struggles. A friend is not just an extra and an actor in our own life, a friend has their very own life that is as complex as ours, and we meet where the lives overlap, and that's about it. Some people struggle less with age and after retirement - provided that a person has a reliable pension. In such a case, many people wish to do something useful and put their freed up energy into other people and projects. But before retirement, especially with the youngest who haven't figured out anything about where their life might be supposed to go, it tends to be difficult to get them to make authentic continuous and reliable investments into anything other than their own path. Simply because that's not what they need in their phase of life. Also, some people simply might enjoy the free time that they have once they have built their life in a way that works well for them and does not add any burdens that they do not want to deal with. Time and health are the most precious things that we have, and it matters how we spend it. I don't think any of us has the right to make big demands on people. Before we make them, it's good to consider the other person's situation.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema - A votive offering

I was also thinking about another thing in regard to the Rave New Year 2022, the 11.6 (speculation), the 49.4 (through a platform), and the 20.2 (intentionally limited understanding and leading others intro restrictions), which is connected to the 14.6 (questions of money and authentic ways to accumulate wealth):
Leading others down a restrictive path can also be finance-related. I think we can agree that restrictions on finances and existential resources limits someone's overall life quality way more than restrictions on beliefs and false beliefs.
My own Solar Return in June 2022 has an environment of 14.1 (which can be about throwing money at problems) connected to the 23.4, which is about diversification that has no collective value. This can be all kinds of stuff, but it certainly looks like an ALT-Coin pump and dump to me. And if I remember correctly, it is exactly this 4th line (23.4) that will stay in transit for the longest and bring diversification, also financial diversification without collective value, and maybe also paranoia and fear.
In case you don't know what ALT-coins are, there is no need to look it up or even read this. But in case it is already hip, or in case it is going to be a hype in 2022, you need to really, really know how pump and dump works before you decide to have anything to do with it.
Many people treat cryptocurrency as a religion that promises a lot and wants you to believe blindly. They do not treat it as a logic system. But it is a logic system. If you buy an established yet not outdated and still promising coin for a long-term investment at a point in time when you can buy it cheap, and then you wait for it to grow slowly and keep it until the beginning of the next crash - ok, that can work well for many. Even if you miss the crash and are forced to ride it out, it might work for you. But short-term speculation with coins that are not yet established works differently, because it truly is speculation. Because they are not popular and "big" yet, one single person can easily influence and manipulate their trajectory to their own advantage. Whenever someone wins because the coin gains value and the person sells to someone else before it drops in value, someone else loses. The person who bought the coin right before it dropped in value loses. That's the reality. Youtubers will buy a coin. Then they will make a video and really hype that ALT-coin to get newbies to invest into it. Because their followers all go buy that coins, the coin experiences an extreme rise in value due to the sudden increase in demand. The coin gets pumped. When the coin is worth a lot because it was artificially pumped, the Youtuber withdraws the coins they bought and exchanges it for other coins (they trade the pumped coin for another coin currency, for example a stable coin). They make enormous profit, I better not say up to how much. Now, the coin does not rise in value anymore because the hype from the video is now over and everybody who felt called to "invest" into the coin already "invested". From here on, the coin is just going to lose value because the demand is back to almost zero - because no one is advertising and pumping it. No one wants to buy it, so the coin loses value. Most of the followers of the Youtuber, except a few witty people, still hold their coins because they do not know how this works. They did not withdraw when it was high in value at the peak. Some of them even bought the coin when it was very high in value at its peak (that's not when you buy). Some wanted to sell their coins at the peak, but because no other Youtube followers were left who wanted to buy the coins, they had no one to sell them to - there was no demand. Most followers trusted the Youtuber and think they made a good investment. And now they sit on all these coins that are continuously losing value. They just continue to slowly use value because no one advertises them, and because they are not yet established, there is no huge natural demand that would keep their value up.
Imagine the Youtuber bought the coin for 0.1 USD. Then he pumped it by presenting the coin in a Youtube video. At the peak of the pump a follower of the Youtube channel bought the coin for 10.0 USD. At 10.5 USD no one is buying anymore: It stops rising and continues to drop further and further. That follower thought they were making a good deal, but all that's going to happen is that they will lose most of their 10.0 USD. And probably they bought several coins, so they will lose more than 10 USD. And where does it go? To the Youtuber who already withdrew his coins at the peak. Under these Youtube videos you might see comments like "still licking my wounds from last time." Or maybe pump-and-dumpers now have made enough millions to employ someone for deleting all these unwanted comments, I don't know. On paper, pump and dump is illegal. But in reality, no one cares. If you happen to stumble upon ALT-Coins and people sell it to you as THE SHIT THAT WILL MAKE YOU RICH QUICK, inform yourself before you do anything. You can win a lot, yes, but you really have to know what you are doing. And if there are winners and losers, and you have no clue what you are doing and just blindly follow the trend, how likely is it that you will end up being able to retire from your wins? If you have no idea what you are doing, or even investing money that you can't allow yourself to lose, how likely is it that you will end up at the side of those who lose?
P.S.: No, I don't gamble with coins, I just looked into it a bit a while ago. I'm neither a valley nor a market person. Looking for the news, exchanging gossip, and being under pressure to stay up to date with all of that otherwise useless because expiring man-made information is really not my thing, although I would probably know what to speculate on. I do not have the time for this. I'm a kitchen person with color 3 motivation, and I'd rather cook something brand new. But in case this is going to be a hype in 2022, and that hype stumbles upon you, you need to know that it is not as simple as people might want you to believe. Inform yourself well before you participate in anything. Also inform yourself on what you need to make successful transactions, and test that beforehand, so that you do not get stuck when it would be critical to make one. For example, people regularly are unable to trade their ALT-coins in the right moment because they did not know they need the mother coin to pay for the transfer. Proper research is always needed. That's my two cents.