Rave New Year 2022: The energetic beginning of the new year. A fantasy, and aligning to the unexpected.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The previous solar week was about realism, limitations, preservation, and storytelling. It is about the acceptance of limitations - or seeking distraction in all sorts of stimuli.

Jessie WiIlcox Smith

This solar week starts the energetic beginning of 2022. Everything starts with a dream.

22 January 2022 1:49 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 41.1▽ ䷨ (Aquarius) – no active channels of the moment on the personality side, and a completely open head center, ajna, and ego.
On the design side as an underlying energy: The channel of awareness, feeds the open head of the personality side. The channel of preservation, and the integration channels of charisma, power and the brainwave define the spleen center on the underlying design side. Nothing defines the ego on the design side, except the Venus.

So now we have arrived at the beginning of the rave new year 2022. January already felt like a weight having been lifted off my shoulders, but the time between the last report and this one brought quite a big energetic transition. I feel so freed, more on that later, that now I feel like doing a short intro to the 2022 energies

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2022 is the road to your unique path, whatever that path will be. Whether it's the road to your dream profession, whether it's receiving a child, whether it's communion with the love of your life, whether it's to plant a tree in Gobi desert, whether it's the road of amassing the money for your SpaceX ticket - only you know what it is and what it can be, no one else does. Generally, this is about gaining momentum when it comes to two things: Our individual most authentic contribution that we can make on planet earth. And holding together and communing with the right people or person. 2022 brings the buildup of momentum and growing certainty on our path towards the right relationships and the right contribution. There can be impatience, but also the recognition that the unfolding of our path is not in our hands, and that our life path is in the hands of the divine and yet God's will. We do our part to be successful, then the rest will align. Sometimes it's the other way around: Everything will align to pressure us into doing what we need to find success. Who knows.

The nodes and the moon of 2022

2021, all nodes were in tribal gates. 2021 was very tribal and dealt with exclusion. The most difficult aspect of 2021 was possible victimization. I certainly struggled with this and managed to plan my way out of it.
2022, all nodes are individual gates. 2022 is a very individual year that deals with gaining momentum in new beginnings and growing in certainty despite generally uncertain volatile times. It is about slowly finding onto our unique life path, and letting everything fall away that's not in alignment any longer while new cycles are slowly opening and unfolding (53.1 Moon).
On the downside, we are going to be held back by past criticism and regret. Past critique can make us hesitate and feel unworthy of our life path, or of even discovering who we are so that we can find the path that is right for us. On the positive side, we are reflecting on the past and on the mistakes that we might have learned from over the course of last year, and now we are doing it differently. The better we know ourself, the more we can act from integrity, and the less problems are going to occur that we beat ourself up over, and that we regret. (47.3/8.6)

2022 is going to be about uncertainty, and sticking with maintaining right action nonetheless. It is a deeply individual year, and as such it is deeply mutative. It can bring great change.
Uncertainty about events and the outcome can lead to a lot of doubt around when to act, and at the same time a lot of pressure to start something new. Essentially, this year it's very easy to stress yourself out. It can easily lead to so much worry than one then shoots from the hip and later regret it instead of waiting for the moment where it truly feels right to act. It can also lead to worrying so much that one doesn't act when it would be fortunate. In the most fortunate cases, we might just take the December 2021 eclipse energy of calmness and inner peace over into the 2nd half of 2022. We stay centered and well attuned to the signals within us and to how we feel, so that we intuitively know the timing because we are centered and calm enough to perceive it. Inner momentum. The north node in even trines Pluto in Waiting for communion with the right person or group, waiting for the right moment to act or to contribute, or seeing and accepting that some things are not the right thing to wait for. Some are and some aren't.

Moon quincunx Saturn – possible emotional challenges and learning to deal with bottled up emotions.

Moon is in in waning quincunx to Saturn in, and Lilith is in This is about having learned to maintaining right action when it comes to hatred and being tolerant instead, even when it's difficult to make sense out of things and people, and some things might be difficult to accept. In the shadow, self-hatred and intolerance go hand-in hand. Basically, at its worst, especially since 2021 was a year of rejection, this is the incel-mechanism: The person with an incel mindset does not take personal responsibility and accountability. They assume that they act right, but they don't act right and haven't necessarily earned the respect they ask for. They refuse to see and to work with their own potential and shadow, and refuse to make something out of themselves out of convenience. They stay stuck in feeling sorry for themselves. Because they don't do anything to change their outlook on life, self-hatred accumulates, and they spiral down even further. They deflect and push all their self-hatred on others, and are intolerant and hateful toward a certain group such as women or attractive men (or a certain person). Often, they blame their looks for their misery, even when their looks are not that bad, and they do not acknowledge just how bad their character and general energy needs some refinement because it smells like trouble from a mile away, and the stink of it repels everyone. If a person does not know themselves and does not maintain correct action but always lets their unconscious shadow sabotage them, then this can be hatred that emerges from wallowing in self-pity. This is how the mechanism works. But this is not just about people who identify as incels, that's just an extreme example.
On the other hand, this is about working through these issues, working through all the bottled up self-hatred and hatred against others, and working on doing the right thing so that we can get rid of the hatred and don't have to take it over into the future. It's a process, but when we start to take personal accountability, it only gets better and better. Especially it gets better after we have passed a pivotal point where we have experienced some minor progress already and see that we are not as helpless as we think, but we (and no one else) are in control of becoming the person that fits into the life that we want to live. We are in control to become the person that deserves the life that we yearn for, and that has earned the life that we yearn for. Some things are being given and can not be changed, but then we make choices with what we have been given. As such, this can be a year of finding humility and taking back one's power and self-governance. Roughly translated, and I'm not religious, but the theme of the 14.6 and 2022 is: Accept that material success is Gods's will, you can't just manifest it by your own will only. And yet, your mind has access to the control room of YOU and if you let it, it will sabotage everything that God wants to give you. Whereas, if you make it your ally and try to become the best version of yourself and live your best potential, your mind will support and enhance your God-given journey, and you can go very far. There is this story about someone whose ship got wrecked and who stranded on an island. He was praying to God to save him and waiting for God to answer his prayers. So he waited. And he waited. Finally, a ship came by and asked if he wanted to hop on. "No, God is going to save me." The ship passed by and the man continued to pray. Another ship came and the captain asked if he wants to go on board. "No, God is going to come and save me." A third ship comes by, but he said "I fully trust that God is going to save me." Then a huge wave hits the island and the man dies. After death, upon meeting God at the doors of heaven, the man complained to God: "Why did you not come to save me?" And God said "I sent you three ships."
God can give you a lot, but do you take it and make something of it? Maybe the man would not have gotten along with two of the crews from the ships, or one was good to not get on because it ended up wrecked, as well. But maybe one of those ships would have been the right one to get him somewhere else if he would not have been so stuck on his blind belief, and had a conversation with the captain to assess the options.
(P.S.: I kindly ask to please don't send me messages about God and bardo, this is just a story)
For those who don't struggle to maintain correct action, this simply might be about defying other people's hatred and intolerance, deriving strength from one's self-awareness and from one's capacity to do the right thing, and thus also being able to have a basic level of tolerance towards others. This can be about letting bounce haters off and realizing that one is really alright.
At the same time, all tolerance has its limits, and we are wild enough to not to be messed with (21.1 and 17.6 Chiron looking toward the 21.1). We do not tolerate interference from those who do not maintain right action.

Jupiter in 55.6 squares the Nodes in 14.6 and 8.6

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Jupiter in squares the nodes in and This is deeply material, and at the same time deeply spiritual. The 14.6 knows that spirituality is the source of power, and the 55.6 finds the spirit through materialism. Basically, we stay in good spirit through eliminating poverty and survival stress that drags us down emotionally and erodes our attitude. This is the stepping stone of 2022.
For some it can bring an enormous power and wealth, or growth thereof. Note that at the same time, it's beneficial to know how things work (26.5v Venus, Mars), not just to manifest something somewhat random, but in order to manifest maximum potential.

The South node in gate 14 attracts the resources that we need. These might not be all the resources that we want, but these are the resources that we need for this stage in development. Jupiter is in the gate of abundance. Internal abundance effects external abundance, and vice versa. Mercury in 41.4 brings survival of the fittest, Venus in 38.3^ brings the standard of mutually beneficial alliances, and the 55.6 can really overdo the material obsession, but ideally it brings a healthy selfishness (20.2 our path!),

Again, the lunar nodes.

The – is about gaining momentum when it comes to making our authentic contribution, and gaining momentum in waiting for communion with the right people. The other way around, this can also bring growing certainty and increasing momentum that grows out of holding together with the right people.

The / makes 2022 a year of spiritual dogma, intentionally limited understanding, and leading others down a restrictive path - or a year of gaining momentum on our unique path. Lilith in brings in the question of leadership.

On the downside, the linked to the can bring in great spiritual bullshitters and tricksters. Such as in the 45.5-Lilith: Leadership that hasn't earned the right, but is convinced of it nonetheless, and extremely eager to convince you and persuade you (^, by all means, also emotionally by establishing an emotional field that feels terrific (^, 22-Neptune, 55.6). Dionaea muscipula, after all the 49 is the gate of the butcher. This can be leadership that knows exactly what to tell you when, so that you can be profited off and be taken advantage of. Leadership that might even persuade you to abandon yourself and to abandon correct action (47.3) by selling you a great fantasy (41), only to later regret that and beat yourself up over it. Leadership through spiritual delusion (20.2-14.6), spiritual whitewashing and toxic positivity on one end of the spectrum. Leadership through hatred (13.2) on the other end of the spectrum. The design Black Moon Lilith in brings a real challenge to find the middle ground, and to find the realistic assessment of these two extremes and the healthy balance in between. It brings extreme conditioning to be open to false propaganda. Always trust your own senses, such as your own intuition. If it feels off, but someone else is deeply convinced and tries to convince you too – it still feels off. There is nothing to do about that than to trust how you feel about something and how someone or something makes you feel. No matter what they are telling you, even if they do believe their own misleading enthusiasm, you always need to trust yourself. They are not going to carry the consequences of having persuaded you to make a wrong decision. You are going to carry the consequences, and further down the road you are going to feel the consequences of a wrong decision in your body. Always trust yourself how you feel about something.

Moon in is opposite Neptune in 22.4^ and 22.5. This is very psychic, and thus possibly plays into the spirituality. But it can also be emotional conditioning that gets people off track and gets them to do the most horrendous stuff. No matter how good someone else feels, and how much allure their emotional field has, it should never lead to abandon correct action.

Wanderer Edmund Dulac - Arabian Nights

On the up side, the linked to the is about relative retreat to focus on your path only, and not paying attention to all the things that do not matter for your path. The simplest form of this energy combined with the 41.4 that does not fuel weak relationships and links, and the 24.4 that is about transformation in isolation, might be a social media sabbatical month or year to fully focus on realizing one's dreams. For a person who is not as active on social media either way, they might simply place their priorities elsewhere. Generally, it is about people who walk their unique path, and as such empower others to do the same. Perfected leading is one and the same as perfected following (17.6 Chiron), and all propaganda or platform work is going to be embodied in human rights (^) or is going to be conditioned and persuaded to have a more sustainable and humanitarian approach that respects people's actual needs.
This also can be leadership that goes with the times and knows exactly what to do when (11.6), so that they and you too can emancipate yourself, find greater awareness, and find your unique path.
This is all about individuation. Individuation is not possible when everyone around you nags at your ear and tries to get your attention with stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with who you are and where you want to go.

Does someone try to stir you into a direction that gets you hyped and sounds very tempting, but at the same time not true to you? Or does someone's action, word, and company empower you to walk your unique path?
That's the main thing to discern in 2022. If you don't know, rather retreat into aloneness outside of people's persuasive influence and their emotional field. What is this person bringing to me? Is this where I want to go?
Not just: does it feel good? But also ask yourself: is this in alignment with who I am?

Some more details:

Mercury (41.4) conjunct the Sun (41.1v) might bring people to sell you a fantasy that's not even yours, but to think that there is something to it and that there is potential where there isn't. On the other hand, this Mercury-Sun-conjunction can lead to truly, truly understanding your unique life path, and to get you fixed on fulfilling it.
In regard to fantasy as propaganda: Pluto is slowly catching up with all that stuff that's being told to us over and over again. In 2027, he will be there and transform that speech, and above all transform the fantasy that brings purpose.

Chiron in trine the Earth in 31.1v – the bodhisattva whose wisdom is nurturing, or the person who doesn't have their shit together themselves, isn't properly organized, and can only promise manifestation, but never gets to it in all their chaos. (which might lead to self-oppression)
So it's not just that some people will try to profit of others. Some will also try and have big fantasies that they did not think through, and then not manage to keep up with organizing and administrating all the details that will make their plan work, and then things just fall apart. On the other end, upon biting oneself through the problems and getting everything organized and under control, also important details, we might even manifest more than we think we would – slower, but very sustainable, secure, and stable.

Mars in 50.2 and 11.6

The 50.2 is about manifesting this year's potential through trusting our own intelligence and overcoming adversity, including persuasion and attempted emotional contagion if it's not correct. We skip all the wrong opportunities (24.6v) and only take those that lead to greater beauty and harmony. Maybe we can even enjoy to oppose persuasion and conditioning and to not play by the established rules. There are the moments where opposition and conditioning feels like a burden, but especially after you have avoided another culprit and fended off another interference, there can be a real joy in that. Somewhat along “haha, you motherfuckers are not getting me to abandon myself and what's correct”.

Mars in the in waning quincunx to the North node in 8.6 in the worst case scenario is about speculating on other people's expense and to their detriment. In the best case, it is about adapting to circumstances and knowing what is of value when, even when the bigger things might take their time.
The 11.6 is about knowing what to do when, but it also is about recognizing that ideas come and go. Mind and mental concepts are never the be all end all. There will always come the day when something will happen that will change the current order, or that will simply change the way in which we see. As long as we are alive, we never stop learning. This is about knowing that as times change, the maya shifts, and so do we and what we believe in. Changing times demand changing approached and ideas.

It's not as if a belief truly matters. A belief is only thought and talk, but no action. It doesn't matter most of the time, even though many people obsess about their beliefs. But belief and dogma gets really important when it comes to inner strength. There are some beliefs that give you strength and lift up your spirit. And then there are other beliefs that weaken you, drag down your spirit, or drag down other people's spirit when you share your beliefs with them. That's what beliefs do. They build you up, or break you down. Thus, we are advised to pick our beliefs wisely. Beliefs can also make you vulnerable and easy to be exploited, or they can lead to you unknowingly and unintentionally damaging others. A belief that builds you up, might in effect damage someone else, and a belief that builds up someone else's spirit might in effect damage you, and vice versa. A belief might make you feel as if it builds you up, but ultimately it leads to a failure to apply correct action, which in turn weakens you.

The 11.6 is about going beyond all the beliefs that we have and that we have maintained for so long because we were afraid of darkness and needed the light, and maybe also because we clung to the certainty that the belief gives us. Mutation and change relies upon uncertainty.
We can't maintain correct action (8.6-47.3) when we desperately stick to wrong concepts. We need to make peace with uncertainty. With too much certainty, there is never going to be any mutation, because no one will ever try to go beyond. Oh, this is off-topic, but an answer to something I have been thinking about the last days: I just noticed that maybe this is why I am mutating so often, because my personality is based on tone 2 and on uncertainty.

Anyhow, you can see where I am going with this: I'm pointing at the spiritual dogma, or dogma in general. We manifest the potential of 2022 only through transcending such dogma and finding out how it works for us individually. Throughout all of this spiritual bias, there will be there who will profit from it or through it, and there will be those who transcend it:

The 20.2 coupled with the 45.5 can bring factionalism, and just cult. So if you are standing in the cult, asking the person right next to you whether they really think this is alright, they are going to tell you of course, this is the holy grail, this is terrific and so woke! Whether it's the incel asking the incel next to them, of whether it's the spiritually deluded person asking the spiritually deluded person next to them. When people gather around one particular person or one particular world view, they are just going to reinforce that, and it's very difficult to break out of it – unless you go see other opinions outside of that environment that help you to also see different perspectives and help you to put into perspective your own view on things (55.6).

The potential of 2022 manifests itself through us accepting transition and change, overcoming opposition and adversity and maintaining our values despite outside pressure, and knowing what is of value to do when. This also means to let go of old dogma and belief systems that limit us and hold us back from doing what truly feels right to do.

Mars in 11.6 will become very important later this year when Uranus conjuncts the North Node in gate 2.6, which in my view is the most important transit of 2022. The North node is where we are going in our evolution, and Uranus holds the individuated potential of what we are and can become as humans when we make authentic decisions and maintain correct action. Uranus is either going to keep us stuck with all the stuff that doesn't serve us, refusing to see that it's no good for us and making excuses for all of that, or he is going to lead us to manifestation of our unique individuated purpose where we are not concerned with the whole picture and being everbody's savior even at our own detriment, but where we are mainly concerned with what is correct for us. For others, there will be a path of crisis that is being induced through limited understanding. Even that serves a purpose: To bring deeper awareness and to wake us up to reality, which might be a reality that we have been afraid of because it is not what we have known. Generally, this Uranus-North Node conjunction is where we can have the dogmatic gurus (re-)appearing. On top of that, in mid 2022 the nodes will be in the 23.4 and 43.4 for quite a while and bring individual expression in disregard of rejection and the consequences, they can bring diverse and truly individual expression, but they can also bring fragmentation and/or just repeating the knowing of someone else that might or might not be corrupted. Repeating someone's else's knowing is not a problem at all, we all do it, from grade 1 in school to now. The problem is when we do not think for ourself and do not make up our own mind to figure out whether this is something that we find to be true and can stand for.


In regard to uncertainty, this is how I've handled mine last year:

2021 I spent all year planning (49.2 Mercury of 2021) to escape victimization (3.5 Lilith in quincunx to 46.1 Venus or so). For me, this was way worse than I ever imagined it could be. This was Pluto in 61 truly taking me to hell, the most draining and disgusting thing I have ever experienced, in order to learn hidden truth (61) and to developing new techniques. And I never knew if I will make it, there was uncertainty.
I think I basically just ignored it and didn't pay attention to it, and didn't give it energy, which is just like any 20.2 or 2nd line might handle this. And it was relatively easy not to focus on it because there was so much to do in order to save myself.
For me, things have calmed down by now, but the takeaway for me still is: What you feed that grows. I knew in the beginning of the year that I had to do something big in November, but I didn't know what exactly. Spoiler: It ended up being closing down Transparent Matrix. There were all these possibilities. But if I had obsessed over November, I would have gotten to do nothing in order to actually get me to November and to be able to close down Transparent Matrix. I stayed in the present moment, did one thing after another that was on my list. Sometimes I rearranged my list and as new perspectives emerged, I added new things to my to-do-list. But ultimately, I had this list, and I was only thinking as far as the next thing to do, sometimes the next three things to do. I was not focusing any further, and I was shutting out a lot of other things that were going on around me because it was simply not my business and too much of a distraction. I could have paid attention to a lot, but I didn't and stood on track. Slowly bit by bit, through doing all this detail work, my situation changed, and certain things suddenly started to make sense and fit together like the pieces in a puzzle. Also, through doing certain things, I build the basis upon which I then could create other bigger things. I just stayed in the now and did my work day in day out, just focusing to get the next thing on my to-do-list done. And suddenly I had come to a place where things that were absolutely uncertain in the beginning of the year, became very clear and I knew what to do when.
Momentum builds step by step. And so does the certainty and increasing awareness. When you focus on there here and now and focus on preparing the ground step by step, then the change and mutation will find fertile ground.

Now I have reached this plateau where I am relieved from all the stress, pressure, and oppression that kept me crushing through obstacle after obstacle, and now there is this calmness and I don't know what to do when, and where it's allowed to go beyond today. It's not fear, it's not worry, maybe it's confusion after mutation, I don't know what it is. I guess it really is some confusion. And there is still uncertainty.

January 2022 has brought great energetic shift from the first days of January onward. Much of the stress fell away, and I'm now getting more rest. On top of that, on January 7th, I woke up with sound outside my right ear, and it has stood with me since then and has become way more refined. In the beginning it was a basic sound like an ambient techno track, and only when I focused on it, I noticed that it actually was like a routing noise of these old cable modems back in the beginning times of the internet, just way softer. It's like the acoustic version of these “The Magic Eye” books: When you unfocus your eyes, you see different things than when you look at the pictures with your usual everyday focus. I think I caught that tune not as a routing noise but as a melody because I was not focused on it. My seemed to be making these very basic tracks of what I think is someone's 61.6 input. I recorded some. But now, they have become so complex, I can't record them anymore. I'm having an orchestra in and around my head! Right now, there is someone playing a complex guitar riff. Some days ago, I heard some kind of Japanese banjo. You must be thinking I'm mad. I don't think so, but who knows, let's check back in a few months. I know that Pluto transited a (high sound) on the 5th of January, a bit more than a day before this sound system started running. I don't know what's going on with that, but I'm having the hell of a experience, hahaha. And I'm grateful for it.

Instead of being drained by severe oppression, I'm now creating myself and others some first world problems to maintain a base level of disorder. One night last week, on the night of the full moon that might transit-wise have resulted in staying stuck, I set the car into a grassland. The substance of the grassland didn't look that bad when it was dark, or maybe I simply wasn't using my brains properly that moment, but the ground turned out to be very muddy and the car got stuck. In the morning I called the car repair service nearby, and they said they would look at it and call me back to let me know whether they can get it out. Then they asked for the number plate. I said “Oh damn, I don't have the number plate right here, wait a moment”, but the man from the car repair service then said “Wait, we might not even need your number plate, your car is probably the only car in the meadow” and he bursted into infectious giggles. Later he called and told me it's not going to be a problem at all to get the car out, they just need me to bring the keys. At the same time that he called, my alarm clock started ringing, and while he was talking and I was trying to understand him, my phone constantly made bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz.

But then, I'm also managing to do some useful things.
Last week, after Jupiter shifted in the 55.4^, I finally installed a new router after half a year of working with unreliable connection, and having to move the room when I did something where I needed 100% reliable internet. Before last week, for half a year, I never found the time to install a router! But now, progress! Feels good. Being asked for it by several people independently, I finally added a description of the emotional authority of channel 6-59, which had fallen off the cliff since years. (https://humanarchetypes.com/emotional-authority-in-human-design/#intimacy). I indulged and surfed Facebook for a couple of hours, to consume input instead of always doing and producing so much. That was very relaxing and fun, like a speed-holiday. Now I feel so rejuvenated, mainly because all the pressure around the rave new year, how and whether I will be able to do it, it is just gone. Off to new adventures.

An addition to the Rave New Year 2022, published January 26th 2022:

The following two videos were suggested to me, and the titles made me curious. Both of them fit well with what many people will be caught up in in 2022, or work through in 2022. Independent of that, they are truly worthwhile to watch:

Painting Painting

I have one thing to add to the second video (the man's video).
Assuming equal return when you give a lot is one side he talks about.
But it also goes the other way around: Assuming the right to demand when there is no real basis upon which demands can be made. For example, 5 years ago, I had this brand-new friend who got unintentionally pregnant. She was overwhelmed with the decision of being a mother versus abortion, especially since there was a time limit for the abortion option, and she has an emotional inner authority and would have needed more time. She would have liked to keep the baby, but she would have been a single mother without having her career set up in any way. Tough situation. She then said maybe she can keep it „because I have my friends, such as you [Juli] who can help.“. She said that before even asking me if I was willing to help. I don't know about her other friends, and I told her so, but I was really flabbergasted about the „such as you“, since we didn't even know each other that long for me to be really committed to anything, and for us to be sure if we will like each other some years down the road. But there she is, already acting as if there was a guarantee of support. I never wanted children myself, long before knew I was a manifestor with an open sacral center, one main reason being that I simply do not have the energy, energy consistency, and reliable sociability for raising children, especially not other people's children. I think she did not know that, but she knew that I had just become a freshman of chronic trauma and was really burdened already, so there was nothing additional to push on me. Essentially, she was saying: I get to have the experience of being a mother even though I do not have the resources to back it up, and my friends are going to help make it possible and back it up with their resources even at their detriment. When I'm over-extending myself and can't take full responsibility, they will do that for me. It's very 41.4v-like, which is the Mercury of 2022. So it goes both ways: You can be ready to die for someone who will do nothing for you in return, which obviously is a bad position to be in. But you also can demand that someone dies for you without any basis. Most people simply have way too many burdensome unjustified expectations and do not realize that other people have their own struggles. A friend is not just an extra and an actor in our own life, a friend has their very own life that is as complex as ours, and we meet where the lives overlap, and that's about it. Some people struggle less with age and after retirement - provided that a person has a reliable pension. In such a case, many people wish to do something useful and put their freed up energy into other people and projects. But before retirement, especially with the youngest who haven't figured out anything about where their life might be supposed to go, it tends to be difficult to get them to make authentic continuous and reliable investments into anything other than their own path. Simply because that's not what they need in their phase of life. Also, some people simply might enjoy the free time that they have once they have built their life in a way that works well for them and does not add any burdens that they do not want to deal with. Time and health are the most precious things that we have, and it matters how we spend it. I don't think any of us has the right to make big demands on people. Before we make them, it's good to consider the other person's situation.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema - A votive offering

I was also thinking about another thing in regard to the Rave New Year 2022, the 11.6 (speculation), the 49.4 (through a platform), and the 20.2 (intentionally limited understanding and leading others intro restrictions), which is connected to the 14.6 (questions of money and authentic ways to accumulate wealth):
Leading others down a restrictive path can also be finance-related. I think we can agree that restrictions on finances and existential resources limits someone's overall life quality way more than restrictions on beliefs and false beliefs.
My own Solar Return in June 2022 has an environment of 14.1 (which can be about throwing money at problems) connected to the 23.4, which is about diversification that has no collective value. This can be all kinds of stuff, but it certainly looks like an ALT-Coin pump and dump to me. And if I remember correctly, it is exactly this 4th line (23.4) that will stay in transit for the longest and bring diversification, also financial diversification without collective value, and maybe also paranoia and fear.
In case you don't know what ALT-coins are, there is no need to look it up or even read this. But in case it is already hip, or in case it is going to be a hype in 2022, you need to really, really know how pump and dump works before you decide to have anything to do with it.
Many people treat cryptocurrency as a religion that promises a lot and wants you to believe blindly. They do not treat it as a logic system. But it is a logic system. If you buy an established yet not outdated and still promising coin for a long-term investment at a point in time when you can buy it cheap, and then you wait for it to grow slowly and keep it until the beginning of the next crash - ok, that can work well for many. Even if you miss the crash and are forced to ride it out, it might work for you. But short-term speculation with coins that are not yet established works differently, because it truly is speculation. Because they are not popular and "big" yet, one single person can easily influence and manipulate their trajectory to their own advantage. Whenever someone wins because the coin gains value and the person sells to someone else before it drops in value, someone else loses. The person who bought the coin right before it dropped in value loses. That's the reality. Youtubers will buy a coin. Then they will make a video and really hype that ALT-coin to get newbies to invest into it. Because their followers all go buy that coins, the coin experiences an extreme rise in value due to the sudden increase in demand. The coin gets pumped. When the coin is worth a lot because it was artificially pumped, the Youtuber withdraws the coins they bought and exchanges it for other coins (they trade the pumped coin for another coin currency, for example a stable coin). They make enormous profit, I better not say up to how much. Now, the coin does not rise in value anymore because the hype from the video is now over and everybody who felt called to "invest" into the coin already "invested". From here on, the coin is just going to lose value because the demand is back to almost zero - because no one is advertising and pumping it. No one wants to buy it, so the coin loses value. Most of the followers of the Youtuber, except a few witty people, still hold their coins because they do not know how this works. They did not withdraw when it was high in value at the peak. Some of them even bought the coin when it was very high in value at its peak (that's not when you buy). Some wanted to sell their coins at the peak, but because no other Youtube followers were left who wanted to buy the coins, they had no one to sell them to - there was no demand. Most followers trusted the Youtuber and think they made a good investment. And now they sit on all these coins that are continuously losing value. They just continue to slowly use value because no one advertises them, and because they are not yet established, there is no huge natural demand that would keep their value up.
Imagine the Youtuber bought the coin for 0.1 USD. Then he pumped it by presenting the coin in a Youtube video. At the peak of the pump a follower of the Youtube channel bought the coin for 10.0 USD. At 10.5 USD no one is buying anymore: It stops rising and continues to drop further and further. That follower thought they were making a good deal, but all that's going to happen is that they will lose most of their 10.0 USD. And probably they bought several coins, so they will lose more than 10 USD. And where does it go? To the Youtuber who already withdrew his coins at the peak. Under these Youtube videos you might see comments like "still licking my wounds from last time." Or maybe pump-and-dumpers now have made enough millions to employ someone for deleting all these unwanted comments, I don't know. On paper, pump and dump is illegal. But in reality, no one cares. If you happen to stumble upon ALT-Coins and people sell it to you as THE SHIT THAT WILL MAKE YOU RICH QUICK, inform yourself before you do anything. You can win a lot, yes, but you really have to know what you are doing. And if there are winners and losers, and you have no clue what you are doing and just blindly follow the trend, how likely is it that you will end up being able to retire from your wins? If you have no idea what you are doing, or even investing money that you can't allow yourself to lose, how likely is it that you will end up at the side of those who lose?
P.S.: No, I don't gamble with coins, I just looked into it a bit a while ago. I'm neither a valley nor a market person. Looking for the news, exchanging gossip, and being under pressure to stay up to date with all of that otherwise useless because expiring man-made information is really not my thing, although I would probably know what to speculate on. I do not have the time for this. I'm a kitchen person with color 3 motivation, and I'd rather cook something brand new. But in case this is going to be a hype in 2022, and that hype stumbles upon you, you need to know that it is not as simple as people might want you to believe. Inform yourself well before you participate in anything. Also inform yourself on what you need to make successful transactions, and test that beforehand, so that you do not get stuck when it would be critical to make one. For example, people regularly are unable to trade their ALT-coins in the right moment because they did not know they need the mother coin to pay for the transfer. Proper research is always needed. That's my two cents.

The year 2022 in the greater context, published January 12th 2022 when I thought I would write nothing on 2022 at all:

2022 has its Mercury in the 41.4. To me, the 41.4 is the line of political incorrectness. It is called “survival of the fittest”, and it is about shunning weak associations and relationships in order to be able to make it and to then flourish. Can it get any more political incorrect than “survival of the fittest”? I don't think it can get any more politically incorrect. For example, I know a woman who has this in her Chiron wounding, and she has two disabled children who are totally dependent on her.
I have Mercury, Mars and Lilith in gate 39 square my Nodes, I'm supposed to trigger the shit out of people. Maybe there is a reason why I'm not supposed to touch this and talk about the 2022-energies in detail. It's just going to be politically incorrect, and when people paid for it, it's going to upset them even more, because they paid for being triggered. Better stick with the weekly tragedy and comedy. Lol. And when I'm mentioning a few thing here, at least people get offended for free, so they can't really complain.
Disabled children is probably not what 2022 is about, but for example China is isolating itself to maintain its strength. Also, I've seen news headlines that the state needs to pay increasing sums of money for the daycare of elderly people, because they can't afford their care anymore. Businesses might be going to die off like flies if they can not adapt to the new and changing conditions of the market and of life in general (57.1 Design Mercury and 26.5v Design Venus as an underlying energy for 2022). Then, like I mentioned in the 2021 report on page 53, in 2022 we are still dealing with the question of vaccination or not, and the possibility for avian flu. That old prognosis must suffice as an outlook. I haven't looked any further because I simply lack the time. Sorry. [Edit: I forgot to mention, with the Omnicron variant that seems to be more infectious, but less heavy in average, many people seem to suggest that those who aren't vaccinated will either reach immunity through the infection, or die, and that herd immunity might be reached the natural way to some extent, that's also survival of the fittest.]
On page 52 or 53 of the 2021 report, I also discussed mammals and that in 2021 something was likely to change that impacted the end of humans eating mammals. I thought this might be related to a plague, for example African Swine Fever, but then what it ended up being was Singapore approving the first laboratory grown chicken wing. That's something worth mentioning, to me it was really a surprise. Way more gentle, than I thought it would be, but the route of bioform engineering totally makes sense with the Mercury of 2021 being in the 49.2: altering the form through planning.

In 2022, we are still 2 years away from the year of the big crisis and transition, as mentioned somewhere in a timeline of a previous yearly forecast. If any of you remember that, I can't find where, but also I'm in a hurry. I think this coming year is about adapting in order to be well equipped for later. A solid foundation, if you will. Sink or swim. I would interpret it as: Leave all that old stuff behind that doesn't serve you anymore, adapt to changing times, and swim. Don't take old baggage with you, because it will drag you right back down with your face in the mud if you take it over. Focus all energy on the good stuff that truly, truly, truly matters to you. Just like last year: Only mutually beneficial relationships. That's basically it.

On a private level, this is just about sticking to one's one big dream, not getting distracted by weak relationships and side-projects, and focusing all energy onto the one big dream it in order to make it and find eventual flourishing. So it's sad, but it looks like for me the 2022 forecast would be a side project, because I simply can't find the energy and time without endangering my main project (which I can't say anything about, a 48.3 long-term developmental and experiential process of solutions).

Another addition to the Rave New Year 2022, published February 1st 2022:

More on 2022

For three more months, until the end of April 2022, we are still in the old Venus-Jupiter cycle that was defined by the 19.6. This has been a relationship cycle that was all about separating from the wrong relationships that were too demanding and dependent, or simply not the right ones, and finding the fool on the hill. It might have been about making an effort to get through to the right person, or to find the right person. It was a cycle of relationship transition. In three months ahead, the quarter of initiation will end, and the old Venus-Jupiter cycle will end with it. Both of these cycles that are about endings and the pressure to separate. And both of these cycles will come to a closure and make room for new cycles.

The new Venus-Jupiter cycle that starts by the end of April will be about justice and about accepting that crisis and temporary darkness is part of life. Crisis and temporary darkness is correct to experience when it emerges out of true feelings and is part of our authentic path. Crisis purifies us and strips away everything that is not essential and that is untrue.

This overlaps with the Mars of the Rave New Year 2022 in line 11.6:
Gate 11 holds the fear of darkness, and the 6th line transcends that fear. Collectively, this will bring deeper crisis resistance and resilience. Neptune is transiting gate 36. Yes, there will be darkness and crisis, and so what. We can still be afraid when it hits us - if it hits us at all. Until then, it's all just speculation that can be very helpful in order to be prepared, but very detrimental when it is fear-based. Pluto in gate 60 transforms the old structures and the way in which we approach limitations, and as such it also transforms the old ways in which we approach the obvious limitation of crisis and darkness - be it material existential crisis, or emotional crisis.
To come back to the dogma that permeates 2022, including spiritual bypassing: Fear of darkness is just another belief system, that does not help us one bit. It keeps us stuck and prevents us from evolving. Just as Jesus keeps you from evolving if he acts as an excuse to keep sinning. Beliefs are there to help us manage our path and our evolution, and to help us to realize our potential. If it is not a helpful belief, it can go out the window.

I'll add a slightly modified comment on fear, that I wrote in the Facebook group:

Looking at it from another perspective: in my view, 2021 was really, really extreme due to the possible victimization and being dominated and overpowered by others. That was the 2021 Achilles heel. It's the energy of young Tina Turner who endured a lot of domestic abuse.
In 2022, there isn't anything of this. It always depends on the transits to your individual chart, but generally if you made it through 2021, chance is 2022 will be much easier. 2020 is not about being made a victim by others often without a real choice, but about assessing other people's expression so that we can make the right choices for us. It is about assessment, so that we do not fall for false propaganda, integrate other people's concepts only as it fits (my concepts included) and just do what is us individually. It can also be about stopping to pay attention to what's going on out there in the world, not paying attention to doomsday scenarios, and focusing on building our own life instead. Knowing that there might be a crisis some years down the road means we will not be caught in shock and disbelief when it happens. We will be mentally prepared for it and can handle it well and adapt instantaneously because it doesn't catch us by surprise. I don't know what exactly will happen either, but also for me it doesn't matter so much, because I know I will not be in denial and disbelief (for example as we were about climate change for the longest time) and so I will be able to focus on doing what's necessary quickly.

Photo by me

I found the timeline that I thought I had inserted into one of the yearly forecasts. It's just a few sentences though, and I found it in the 2021 forecast in the chapter on line 49.2 where it speaks about Universal Basic Income (UBI), which fits the planning of the 49.2. The 14.6 of 2022 and 2023 would also fit UBI, yet that's a 6th line mutation, and the 6th line mutates rarely. Whether and how it could take place is up to question and quite debatable. There were aspects of the recent years that looked like a possibility for UBI to me, but they ended up being pandemic financial support packages. Who knows what kind of wealth and success the 14.6 will end up being for the upcoming two years.
However, in the 2021 forecast and also in the regular reports, I mentioned the shock and crisis energy of the upcoming years. I assume, Chiron in gate 51 will bring an increase in natural disasters. When you look at the usual suspects and the countries where many natural disasters occur, they usually do have a 51 in their charts. A proper structure of wealth distribution that guarantees basic safety could help to even that out. But that's somewhat optimistic.

Maybe there isn't even going to be a huge crisis in most of the countries you are located in. We are already seeing a lot of crisis in certain places, and only few of us live there. At the cost of upsetting some of you (and of course I don't want to experience a crisis either), it probably would be fair if the crises would be more equally distributed, unless these are crises that lead to leapfrogging and that allow the often exploited places that lag behind catch up with further evolved places in the world by skipping a few developmental steps in between.

The crisis and big transition ahead do not have to be anything that we can't recover from. It could be as simple as turmoil on the stock markets, and then a shift toward digital coins that might have been progressed in their stage of development by then, e.g. Cardano. Whatever it is, is brings a huge transition. Not just destruction and then nothing, but transition into something new, and who knows, maybe that will be very exciting. I would not focus too much on either end - neither too much on the positive to the point of delusion, nor too much on the negative, because fear is a bad advisor.

Difficult times make strong people. Strong people make good times. Good times make weak people (also people who are afraid of darkness and who are overly sensitive). Weak people make difficult times. And then it starts all over again. Different places on earth will be in different points at this cycle, but the technologically advanced part of the world, including myself and where I live, especially my generation who was risen by the 68-hippie generation, I would locate them and most of us in the transition in between "good times make weak people" and "weak people make difficult times". We are used to being spoiled by good times without major disaster and have become weak people who do not take existential problems seriously (because we do not know how it feels when they become serious). In the recent years and over the coming years, some or even many of us might have to adapt to some challenges, but these challenges have made us grow, and they will continue to make us strong and resilient. There is nothing to fear in that. Just be in the now and live your life, and pay attention only to those things that matter for your path now or later.

I almost forgot the transits for the rest of the week!

Pragmatically being led by life
23 January 2022 10:27 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in (Aquarius)

Angry exile, or empowerment of independence
23 January 2022 12:29 UTC: Mars in▽ (Sagittarius) in waning quincunx to the North Node in (Taurus) (last quincunx for half a year, next are the waxing quincunxes in June starting with the Sun waxing to Pluto- ego and power struggle, or renewed vitality)

Resourcefulness. Understanding the limitations that we face and making the best of it to move forward.
26 January 2022 19:28 UTC: Mercury in▲ (Capricorn) trine the North Node in (Taurus)