Weekly report 1-7 July 2022 ䷦ Tension, individualism, and obstacles. Provocation and fighting for purpose.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Ganesha by Stefan Keller

The previous solar week was about sitting still and observing the flow. It was about learning from our mistakes and the impact of our actions, and correcting accordingly. If before we might have talked a lot or were physically and mentally restless and all over the place, this week might lead us into a deeper stillness.
We are in the quarter of manifestation, but only stillness and tranquility births good manifestation. When we are out of touch with ourself, and not still, what we manifest from such a state results in chaos.

This solar week is about tension, provocation, and fighting for purpose. It is about dealing with the right obstacles and challenges on the road because we know what's worth fighting for and what's to be avoided. Sometimes the universe creates struggle and obstacles, which will then either ultimately expose people's hidden intentions or prove their good intentions. Obstacles will show you who stays and who doesn't stay because they were just in for a quick and easy gain. Triggers will show you whose ego is at ease and who has a healthy mindset because they can not be triggered easily at all because they have a healthy sense of self that does not depend on outside approval, and who rather is surprised or laughs than to be upset, insulted, or even starts to gaslight you because they are offended. It's a journey to get to that healthy sense of self, and to get to the right people, and challenges are part of that road. In the end at least you know where you stand with people and who can be emotionally healthy for you.
This week is rooted in no communication, withdrawal, and temporary disengagement, maybe even temporary withdrawal from the right people if there is a situations in which it is necessary and makes sense to do so. And yet, it can bring an absolute determination to persevere with the right thing, and to do anything to get there, because we are certain. In some situations, temporarily disengaging might be necessary to focus on developing solutions to an obstacle, to uphold your independent integrity and not end up powerless, to evaluate something, or to simply stay disengaged until it's the right time to fight. In other situations, we might let go of people whose motivation is not pure and who try to persuade us of something just to take advantage of us, and we might go no communication with them, or throw their bullshit back at them.

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1 July 2022 8:12 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 39 ䷦ (Cancer) – active channels of the moment: the channel of structuring ( South Node- North Node), and the channel of mutation ( Pluto- ). // completely open and undefined head/crown center, spleen center, and heart/will/ego center.

Trusting yourself more than blindly trusting in what others say and what they advise you to do. Not letting others confuse you, and trusting yourself first.

    2 July 2022 2:13 UTC: Mars in▲ (Aries) square Pluto in (Capricorn)

The coexistence of self-hatred and vanity: Extremes that are not being integrated lead to insufficient action. Mistakes in social discernment lead to greater caution. Refusing to step down when it's not mutual, or stepping down. Persevering despite sabotage and victimization attempts from those who refuse to step down and won't accept no as an answer.

    2 July 2022 10:38 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) trine Saturn in (Aquarius)
    2 July 2022 20:52 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) square Neptune in (Pisces)

Either self-analysis and changing accordingly, or wallowing in self-pity, but not changing anything.
In many cases, not changing anything means: Being too vain to accept other people's judgment, being too entitled to step down when they don't want us, refusing to accept that someone is not a match, raging against fate and refusing to let go - or self-analysis and greater social awareness and caution on both ends, letting go of the old or of what is dysfunctional, and focusing on building the new. Even if someone tries to persuade you, exploit you, and keep you trapped, you can't just let them take advantage of you.
In some way this transit is sort of pointless to write about, because it's tricky to discern shadow from right action. Both sides will stick to their answer, one in the not-self and in dysfunction, the other one in their self while they resist to be pulled into dysfunction. This transit brings the possibility for self-awareness and transforming the not-self, but it can as well be that dysfunction stays dysfunction, and only the person who already follows their path evolves into having greater determination and social caution because they recognize the extent of the dysfunction around them. Both sides might perceive their action as correct, because in order to maintain incorrect action, you have rationalize it and make up excuses why it is the right thing to do. One exception might be those people who are born without empathy and who simply don't care and are consciously deliberatly predatory. They need no excuses and justifications for their peace of mind. But most people who want to maintain incorrect action will have to tell themself that the most terrible action is “not that bad”, or that someone deserves it (even when they didn't even murder your child and might truly deserve it, but when all they did was say “no, I'm not giving this thing you want to you”). The one who actually does the right thing might sometimes be more doubtful of doing the right thing because they have less entitlement-issues and they consider the larger picture and know that they can't just rule over others and impose their will onto them.
The main thing to consider is whether it's mutual. If it's not mutual, it is not something to hold on to. Some times we do not know if it is really mutual, and only time can tell. We just have to do what we feel is right, or what is the best thing that we sense we can do, and hope that it really is the best objectively and in the long run. But in other cases, it's going to be clear whether it is mutual or not.

If it's in love: does the other person love you too? Do you both love each other? Or are you just hungry for someone or for something new, and the other person is not hungry at all or not hungry for you?

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If it's work: Are you the only one benefiting, or is the other person realistically benefiting as well? I've had to deal with people who were so draining, that they completely thwarted my workflow/lifeflow/energy and productivity, so I'd ask them to do some basic stuff because at least I wanted to have some kind of compensation for them being around and being so incredibly draining, constantly throwing bad energy and actual distractions and bad ideas at me. Yet they thought, they were doing something that added to me, or that helped me, when much of what they were doing lead nowhere and caused me additional work and lots of truly unnecessary sidetracks.
So just because we or the other person is doing something, it doesn't mean that that specific thing is of help, or that that is what is needed and beneficial. We are approaching collective energies similar to my experience that I described above. These energies can bring drain through delusion and false enthusiasm, and an attitude of “things will magically work out” despite being utterly impractical in one's actions, and taking advantage of those who believe one's propaganda and empty promises. It can be about claiming to offer practical provisions, but then ending up being a selfish drain. That's not for everyone to deal with, of course, but those who will have to deal with it are met with the challenge to not let themselves be victimized by letting people “help”, confuse, and disorient them, but to stand by their convictions, to maintain right action, and to enforce right action in others, or to find ways and create new forms in order to avoid or escape such people who are a hopeless case and not susceptible to acting right.
It happened to me, after I had been traumatized, that I was hoodwinked by others. Because I was traumatized and already confused, I was an easy target, and these kinds of people seek easy targets that are already confused, traumatized, and easily manipulated, groomed, and exploited. Multiple people said someone felt good, while I felt “nah, really?” and very defensive and paranoid. So because I was already traumatized and slooooow and burdened, I thought to myself “If I am the only one being paranoid, maybe I am so pessimistic and anxious because I am traumatized”, and I started to wonder “maybe my ego is distorted too, and I'm not surrendered enough and just stuck on the wrong track without noticing it”. For the record, I'm a root-to-spleen-to-ego manifestor, I manifest what's healthy through my big ego/big heart and through being in control. Due to these doubts, I decided to stay vigilant because on one side I was pretty sure that I was dealing with a highly manipulative person, yet I was going to take a look at it and see what was right or wrong. It turned out that all these people were wrong, and my intuition and defense system was still working despite being so traumatized, and it turned out how I thought it would turn out – only far, far worse than I could ever, ever have imagined.
For me, it's not true that the intuition can easily be overwhelmed. Maybe that's true with minor decisions that don't trigger strong signals. But if something or someone is really unsafe or outright dangerous, my intuition gets louder and more persistent. It adjusts to the level of threat.
Even if you have gone through some burdensome things that threw you off center, trust yourself. Especially after you have gone through some burdensome things that threw you off center, trust yourself. That's the time when certain people can smell that they might be able to take advantage of you more easily.

Frederick Cayley Robinson - In A Wood So Green

When it comes to the understanding of the effect of one's action - I truly think most (if not all) of those predatory people who victimize others will stick to their position and make excuses for it, and maybe they'll even claim that they only want the best for the other person by imposing their will onto them. Chiron in the 51.2 brings wounding through refusing to withdraw, and by the end of the year we are going to have another round of Chiron in 21.6 bringing interference and a truly futile war from ego-distortion.
But at least for those for who it is mutual, and where you know that it is mutual, maybe this can help to recognize possible side-tracks and attempted manipulation from those who want to have a piece of your cake and get you off track or discourage you – so that you won't underestimate the challenges in some people because you have “no solid evidence and proof that they are a problem yet”, but that you can be reaffirmed in your own knowing who to withdraw from, before people get a chance to create solid evidence and proof at your expense.

Last but not least, this transit can simply bring an attempt to do it better. Last week brought trial and error and to learn from our mistakes, and if we made mistakes (I know I already made some), then this transit can bring a greater understanding of how our action can hinder progress, destroy composure and create chaos, or how our action can maintain a relatively harmonious atmosphere for us and for others that leads to progress.

The possibility of a new social understanding and approach. Recognition of right or wrong opportunities as they arise, and trusting one's intuition in recognizing who brings deterioration, unhealthy extremes or hatred, and needs to be avoided. Waiting for someone to change and withdraw who still refuses to withdraw because it still nags at them. Greater faith despite limitation, and decisive action without expectation when it comes to the people and relationships that are right for us.

    4 July 2022 2:12 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) in waxing quincunx to Pluto in (Capricorn)
    5 July 2022 6:36 UTC: Mercury in (Cancer) sextile Mars in▽ (Taurus)
    6 July 2022 17:17 UTC: Venus in (Gemini) sextile Chiron in (Aries)

IF you are going to be hoodwinked into something draining, one best case scenario is that you are simply being sold a vacuum cleaner that is actually pretty cheap in quality although expensive in price, and that is going to explode and cover your whole flat with dust, which will take you a whole day to clean up. After the initial drain, you are rid of it. The worst case scenario though is that a living person is going to attach to you, who is going to refuse to leave you alone, and who is going to interfere with you when Chiron moves back into the 21.6.

If it's already too late for you to avoid a situation, because you are already in it, do not lose hope and try to find the opportunities in it. Likely, there is going to be something that you can and need to learn from it in order to be well-prepared for the future.
I'm not trying to make fun of you by saying this. I say this as someone who has been through really bad crap that I'm not telling anyone because it's so extreme that no one would believe it anyways, so what's the point. But I made it, and you can too. In fact, I was given an incredibly complex control mechanism, and I was pushed to hold a level of control that otherwise I would not have taken nor discovered to that extent, because it just seemed unnecessary, irrational, and absolutely nuts to me, but I was willing to try because the situation was so abysmally horrible. And slowly, I'm learning how to manage all the buttons in the complex control room of my spaceship, to even out the flow and create mutation and transition.

If I can avoid drain and crisis, I will avoid drain and crisis, and I think so will everybody else. But some things might just have happened already or will be supposed to happen, and we have no control over certain things on our path. These transits can bring drain and crisis, but drain can lead to initiation, and crisis can lead to progress. These energies can bring crisis, and with it they also bring the transition into a new order – truly into a new order. There is so much transformation and change in these current times. Crisis strips everything away that was false and that we might have tolerated, but through the energetic drain and possible burnout in shock and challenges, we are forced to focus on what is the most essential and stop giving energy nd attention to what does not really matter that much.

The next solar week is about manifesting new beginnings through intuitive clarity that leaves no more room for doubt, and adapting in the now to create opportunities or answer challenges and shock. This does not have to mean it's going to be big beginnings, or physical beginnings, or any beginning at all, because it's just evolutionary potential, nothing that will inevitably happen for all of us. Together with Chiron in 51.2 and possibly starting something, meeting a shock, and then withdrawing, or staying withdrawn to begin with, it can bring beginnings on the psychic energetic level, or it can be a secret relationship that no one knows about. It can be a week to start an affair. "I know I should not do this, but I'm doing it anyways". Or it simply might be no new beginning because there is nothing to start, or not the time to start something new yet. The next week can be about the ambitious and continuous development of what we have already started, which will take us to the next stage. Whether there is a new beginning and cycle, or no new beginning and cycle, it's going to be manifested or not manifested through trusting our inner knowing and intuition.