Weekly report 7-13 July 2022 ䷴ Steady and continuous development in new beginnings. Not letting ourself be discouraged by past critique in reconciliation, but also being honest with where we are at – or hiding the dirt.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Gerome - The Two Majesties

The previous solar week was about tension, provocation, and fighting for purpose. It was about dealing with the right obstacles and challenges on the road because we know what's worth fighting for and what's to be avoided. Sometimes the universe creates struggle and obstacles, which will then either ultimately expose people's hidden intentions, or prove their good intentions. Obstacles will show you who stays and who doesn't stay because they were just in for a quick and easy gain. Triggers will show you whose ego is at ease and who has a healthy mindset because they can not be triggered easily at all because they have a healthy sense of self that does not depend on outside approval, and who rather is surprised or laughs than to be upset, insulted, or even starts to gaslight you because they are offended. It's a journey to get to that healthy sense of self, and to get to the right people, and challenges are part of that road. In the end at least you know where you stand with people and who can be emotionally healthy for you.

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This solar week is about manifesting new beginnings through intuitive clarity that leaves no more room for doubt, and adapting in the now to create opportunities or answer challenges and shock. This does not have to mean it's going to be big beginnings, or physical beginnings, or any beginning at all, because it's just evolutionary potential, nothing that will inevitably happen for all of us. Together with Chiron in 51.2, it can be beginnings on the psychic energetic level, or it can be a secret relationship that no one knows about. Or simply no new beginning because there is nothing to start, or nothing to start yet. It can be about the ambitious and continuous development of what we have already started, which will take us to the next stage. Whether there is a new beginning and cycle, or no new beginning and cycle, it's going to be manifested or not manifested through trusting our inner knowing and intuition.

7 July 2022 5:46 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 53 ䷴ (Cancer) – active channels of the moment: the channel of structuring ( South Node- North Node), the channel of mutation ( Pluto-▽ Mars), and the channel of transitoriness (▽ Neptune, Venus). // completely open and undefined head/crown center.

Misplaced action and bulldozing through, or knowing when to withdraw in new beginnings, and gaining momentum through accepting temporary inaction and restraint.

    8 July 2022 13:22 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) square Chiron in (Aries)

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This can simply be about the recognition that we can't fight all battles at the same time, that we might need to gain more momentum or be better prepared before it can work, or that someone needs a break and thus forces us into temporary standstill, as well.

Explaining one's position and trying to be included. Embracing already existing disorder, but re-evaluating and being utmost practical in finding out how to best continue.

    9 July 2022 6:13 UTC: Mercury in (Cancer) square Jupiter in (Aries)

Absolute fixation on starting or continuing one certain big thing.

    10 July 2022 8:38 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) sextile Uranus in (Taurus)

Separating and disengaging from those who oppose our new beginnings or who try to keep us small and weak. Some things might not be able to be fixed right now, and might just have to be waited out. Maintaining our individuality while waiting, and not letting ourself be disoriented and side-tracked due to the complexity of the situation.
Causing crisis through new beginnings, or already causing crisis in new beginnings, and making up excuses for mistakes that we refuse to see - or just staying assured and mentally on track.

The next solar week is about details, data, statistics, facts – and our own inner knowing.