Weekly report 19-24 July 2022 ䷷ Storytime. Limitation meets distraction and extremes. Chiron retrograde: Refusing to withdraw from danger and distraction, or being able to discern between what is practical, safe, and valuable, and what isn’t.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Jessie Willcox Smith - A Childs Garden Of Verses

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The previous solar week was about details, data, statistics, facts – and our own inner knowing, as well as that which is not known yet.

This solar week is about the stories of what we experienced, and about searching for stimulating input. It also is about limitation and working with limitation. Sometimes, limitation can only be transcended through sharing.
This is a week where extreme meets limitation. Some people have to deal with a lot of limitation and don't do well with additional extremes imposed on them. Some people don't face a lot of limitations and restrictions, and they are seeking the distraction and extremes. When both meet, it can be challenging to truly consider each other's experience of life. It can be challenging to not thwart each other's flow, but to just let the other person be.

19 July 2022 0:57 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 56 ䷷ (Cancer) – active channels of the moment: the channel of structuring ( South Node- North Node). // completely open and undefined ego/will/heart center.

Chiron retrograde: Making irrational excuses, refusing to recognize when something does not work or has no value, and refusing to withdraw – or recognizing what can work and has value, and what does not, and acting accordingly.

    19 July 2022 15:21 UTC: Chiron retrograde in (Aries)

This Chiron retrograde is about recognizing the nurturing and protective influence of some people, and aligning to them. But the main energy and challenge is about recognizing when something is not nurturing and protective, or outright dangerous. Sometimes we have to experience the extremes in order to truly see both of it for what it is through our experience.
Basically, if we do not withdraw from the wrong influences, we might end up feeling powerless. Some people simply are destructive and might interfere and struggle with us instead of minding their own business and empowering autonomy in themselves and in others. With some people we simply don't have the greatest karma and aren't the best match. When someone does not feel right or feels bad from the beginning, they can be the nicest person on the planet, but they are unlikely to be a good match for us. If we withdraw from the wrong influences and only team up with people and projects who are good for us and who feel right, life can be very enriching, beautiful, and harmonious. There might still be growth struggles, but no degeneration and total decay.

Jacques-Emile Blanche - Painter Sickert and his Mother, Breakfast at Neuville

Sometimes, people might try to convince and pressure us into something that we know is not right for us and that we do not want. Sometimes people might simply not give us a break when we need it. For example, a healthy person might not be able to relate to the struggles of someone with a cardiac defect, and they might try to relentlessly cheer them on when they go hiking although it would be outright dangerous if they do not take a break. We are dealing with limitations during this transit, and with the need to accept certain limitations and be practical about it. When someone shares their limitation with us, for example said cardiac defect, we are well advised to take that seriously and not pressure them into doing things that are not healthy for them. Likewise, if you are the one with the cardiac defect, you might want to withdraw or even rant at them when they call you and try to get you to hike, and you already know that half the day they will push you beyond your limits and get you to do things that are dangerous for you.
That's the social component. In regard to survival, this transit can bring a tendency to leave behind common sense and to do extreme things just for the thrill of it, although nature and circumstances are too forceful to not be threatening. For example. When there is a thunderstorm with really strong lightening, it's common sense to not ride by bike over a blank hill that has lantern after lantern or other steel items lined up one after another, because the lanterns and the bike are the most likely place where the lightening strikes. But common sense can go out the window with this transit and lead to trouble. Some things are best approached or done only with caution and after thorough assessment.

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On the other hand, when we know when to withdraw and what to withdraw from, we can save ourself and other people a great deal of pain. Some days ago, I saw an article advertised in a place where there are usually no spam articles. But it looked weird like a clickbait, and I clicked on it out of curiosity. The article was about a company with an automated trading system that invested cryptocoins and generated a large return on investment. This alone should ring some alarm bells, because when the return of investment is so large, then why would anyone who already has a lot of money deal with customer support and many small amounts of money instead of just trading with their own large amount and investing all time and energy into refining their systems. If someone has made it so far, they likely will know better about efficiency. It would be an energetic leakage, a time leakage, and sometimes a leakage in joy because no matter how good your bot and your company is, there will always be one customer who will be pissed. You'd really need to be religious about an idea and about bringing it to the people in order to bloat it up to such a large organism when you can do it way more efficient on your own. The kind of people who would be religious enough to do that are mostly nerds who would not pay much attention to marketing and convincing people, they would just be nerding away and the average citizen like me would never know.
However, when I googled this trading company, the first two pages were positive reviews with a bit of critique and disadvantages listed, so that no one would notice that these reviews are fake. But when looking further into it, I started to find the first pages that warned about it being a scam.
With this Chiron retrograde, many people would or will not recognize such scams, and maybe the scams will be better advertised or go the next level and become more tempting, who knows.

Transcending limitations through recognition, support, and sharing. Growth and maturation.

    20 July 2022 1:38 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) opposite Pluto in▽ (Capricorn)

Linkage, mediation, empowerment, and nurturing the potential of someone or something – or simply staying stuck, even in situations where the initial limitations may no longer exist.
This energy can bring situations where someone feels insecure and needs positive reaffirmation or genuine compliment.

Thinking that there is nothing else to learn and that this is it, and resenting people for pointing us to what we do not know yet, or for their power – or recognizing and genuinely appreciating the positive influence of powerful, knowledgeable, and nurturing people on us and on our journey, and aligning to such influences.

    23 July 2022 17:51 UTC: Mercury in (Leo) trine Jupiter in▽ (Aries)

The next solar week is about influence and manifesting a dream.