Weekly report 25 June-1 July 2022 ䷳ Observing in stillness. Working on what brings us joy. New Moon. Neptune retrograde of gathering covert and secret information in preparation for crisis.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
Stefan Bakalowicz - The Shepherd

The previous solar week was about learning to love humanity through integrating our own extremes and finding love for ourself first. It was about collective correction and changing the pattern.
It was a week of rethinking expectations and our expected return in any relationship or endeavor, and caring without expectations and demands, simply because we care, because it is right to do, or because we authentically feel responsible for something. No strings attached. What will be will be, and until we get there, our effort is best put into getting there, not into publicly fantasizing about what we think we will do. If we make these claims, people will take our word for it, and when we encounter obstacles and delays on the way, which is sort of inevitable, or even re-write a whole business plan, others might start to doubt what we said instead of continuing to support our striving.

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This solar week is about sitting still and observing the flow. It will be about learning from our mistakes and the impact of our actions, and correcting accordingly. If before we might have talked a lot or were physically and mentally restless and all over the place, this week might lead us into a deeper stillness.
We are in the quarter of manifestation, but only stillness and tranquility births good manifestation. When we are out of touch with ourself, and not still, what we manifest from such a state results in chaos. Often times, a lot of research and preparation has to take place before a new project can be started, and the actual start of it then happens very quickly. When it comes to starting a new experience, most of the time it requires to wait for emotional clarity, and then you might still need to do some work to manifest the experience. For example when you want to move to a new town, you'll have to search a place in your new town and close down everything in your old town. But once you arrive at the new town, suddenly everything might happen at once and demands your full attention, so that you might be very happy that you previously set yourself up with a solid foundation in the new town and that you have no unfinished business left in the old town, but that you can fully focus on the new experiences waiting for you. When you are in a new experience, unexpected things will happen. If you have built yourself a solid foundation, most of these things that happen will not throw you off track that easily, and you will have an easier time adapting to the unexpected twists in the unfolding story.

25 June 2022 10:41 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 52 ䷳ (Cancer) – active channels of the moment: the channel of structuring ( South Node- North Node, Moon), and the channel of transitoriness ( Neptune- // completely open and undefined heart/will/ego center.

Withdrawing from something that's utter folly or ego-gratification, or simply not the real deal, and correcting one's way. Waiting for someone to correct their way and withdraw from what has already been rejected and lacks common ground.

    27 June 2022 11:46 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) sextile Chiron in (Aries)

People might expect that you will make a sacrifice to take them somewhere. Some people might even try to take advantage of your resources or your vision, and most likely they will propagandize you, persuade you, and try to convince you. It is up to you to decide whether their talk makes any sense to you or not. Whether that's something worthwhile to be invested in, or whether you have had enough of that kind of stuff and are rather waiting for something bigger that really fills you up and makes you feel good because there is solid and stable common ground, and because everything is just and fair.

Self-actualization leads to a healthy sense of self and to greater composure.

    27 June 2022 22:28 UTC: Mars in (Aries) sextile Saturn in (Aquarius)

Neptune retrograde of anticipating crisis and gathering covert and secret information.

    28 June 2022 7:54 UTC: Neptune retrograde in (Pisces)
Albert Anker - Der Gemeindeschreiber

Seeing the next challenge or crisis approach, getting nervous, not feeling equipped, dropping out, and changing sides (or naively letting in people who will change sides, who might take advantage of the good time when it's easy, and betray you when it gets tough to take advantage of the next situation and person) - or persisting in the face of crisis and opposition, and seeking for secret and covert information to be well-prepared for the next obstacle on the road to new horizons.

Ultimately, this is a transit that's going to either lead to dissatisfaction with what we see, and dissatisfaction with the pace of the way in which things unfold. Such dissatisfaction might lead to emotional withdrawal and to abandoning what we value and hold dearly, especially when we are not self-sufficient and overly dependent on receiving input from the outside and truly struggle with being forced into stillness, inaction, and a lack of movement. On the other hand, some things might be not that promising or important for us to begin with, and when we take the time to do the evaluation we will find that there are better options.

Ideally, this Neptune retrograde leads to understanding the need and the value of inaction, to accept limitations and constraint, and to use the time to change, improve, and optimize our strategy.
This is a transit that can lead to deep restructuring and transformation, that in some way helps with fulfilling our purpose.
This can be an inner restructuring, but it can also be a restructuring of material and mundane things.
Maybe this one approach doesn't work, or maybe there is an obstacle because it is being shown to us that something needs correction. If we do the necessary work and re-evaluate what might be a good or better strategy, ultimately, this might lead to a way better foundation or outcome, that helps us to fulfill our purpose.
A simple example: If you are moving to a town that has a high risk for floods, it will be wise to do the investigation on what kind of house or appartment you need, and which area of the city is safest, to be prepared for the potential crisis, rather than to be caught unexpected.
If you are thinking about partnering with someone, you might be well advised to investigate who you are partnering with. If you already made the decision, such an investigation will help to understand the other person better, and to deal with conflicts in a better way.
Another mundane example: My credit card just expired, and I was being sent a new one. The new credit card doesn't work because the app for secure authentication is probably the most buggy and badly programmed app on the whole planet. If my credit card doesn't work, I can't pay the fee for the weekly newsletter. It's only a few bucks, but obviously it needs to be paid in order to continue to work, otherwise my email sending account would be suspended. This stressed me out a bit because I needed a quick solution to not have my account suspended - and when you order a traditional credit card it takes weeks to arrive. That's when I finally did some research into different neobanks, and I didn't enjoy doing that research as a duty under pressure, but it was something I had been wanting to do for years and never found the time to. Now I was forced to do it. It was not an enjoyable quest, but when I found my solution and registered, fifteen minutes later the outstanding fees were paid and the problem solved. And now I'm familiar with far better and up-to-date payment providers than the traditional banks, and these payment providers are more likely to continue working as they should in the long run, or offer useful features.

Refusing to be generous with wanna-be's because we need to maintain stability. Having the discipline to investigate people, and to chose or stick with the right people and structures for us who won't bring us trouble.

    29 June 2022 0:59 UTC: Sun in (Cancer) square Jupiter in▽ (Aries)

New Moon of the restless, scattered, and confusing explanation, and maybe being blamed for it – or change and alignment to meaningful relationships through a terse, focused, well-structured, and perfected statement. Conditioning others into being still, or conditioning others into doubt, restlessness, hyperactivity, and sharing with the wrong people. Working on being more disciplined and socially cautious, or conditioning others into being disciplined and socially cautious.

    29 June 2022 2:52 UTC: New Moon in (Cancer) conjunct Black Moon Lilith in, square Jupiter in▽
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Cancer)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Cancer)

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Self-discipline and perfecting oneself. The drive to avoid stagnation and to always seek something new to work on or with ultimately leads to greater will for discipline, especially when we see the fruits of past success and corrections. Working well with restraint, and maintaining proper focus or correcting one's focus and becoming still when before we have been restless. Of course it can also be the opposite: becoming restless when before we were still. Together with the nodes in the channel of structuring and Black Moon Lilith in 52.5, this also is a new moon of structuring one's mental chaos or confusion and finding a better and more on point way to explain oneself. Stillness helps to do that mental work.
This is a moon cycle of finding purpose through aligning to the right relationships and investigating whether there is common ground with others. Are these people who have the genuine motivation and spirit that we need, and who can back up what they say and what we need in action and resources? Or aren't they, and do we need to withdraw from them because there is no common ground? This brings the energy to withdraw, or to reject withdrawal, and as such it can also bring social pressure to explain ourself although we know we should not explain anything at all to certain people, or it can bring social pressure to explain ourself when we know that we are not ready yet, which might result in verbal chaos and social confusion and the need to withdraw from that. If you want to explain something important, but you feel agitated and scattered and you already sense this isn't going to go so well, maybe it's best to just write an email that you can read a couple of times before sending it. On the other hand, a successful on-point explanation can bring just as much confusion and be quite shocking to people. It can be a lot to digest, so they withdraw.
Summed up, for some this might result in an actual explanation that brings change, for some this might be a pure energetic or inner alignment to the right relationships while staying withdrawn for now, for others this might be about withdrawal from relationships where there was no common ground.
This moon cycle peaks in a full moon of temporary disengagement and taking the time to investigate occult knowledge because we need it. Occult knowledge and systems like Human Design mixed with psychology can help to evaluate common ground and to make sense of some things that we noticed in others, but that we can't really explain, of that we misunderstood, because it's quite foreign to us. Typing systems like the enneagram can provide a valuable re-source for inner growth and self-actualization. I actually do think when it comes to inner growth, it can be quite healthy to start with simplified systems like the enneagram first before meeting Human Design, because Human Design is so mechanical, complex, and rather advanced, so you really have to be motivated to dig into it. Most people only become motivated after they start to have the first epiphanies from something that was simple and easy.

If we take my changing of banks as an example where it truly made sense to withdraw: If I wanted to live this new moon's energy in the detriment, I probably would not have withdrawn from the old bank institute and I would have stood trying to make this buggy app work - without any success. So then I would have tried to contact the customer support of the bank and the customer support of the email provider trying to explain to them what needs to be fixed, which would have resulted in confusing explanations on either end because the customer support can not fix a broken app, only a developer can. By that time, maybe my unpaid email account would have been suspended because I would have lost healthy focus and invested my energy inefficiently in the wrong places, trying to remain organized with a bank institute that does not have what it takes to meet my needs. It would have resulted in total standstill and lack of progress, and i would have been wounded by being rejected and forced to withdraw from the email service that is essential to me.
Maybe this is a bit abstract and far-fetched, maybe it's just a confusing explanation - but by withdrawing from the wrong thing, correcting course, and seeking an organization that was adequate and offered good service, I stood aligned to the main thing that is important: I was able to stay with my email service provider and can continue to do my work and fulfill my purpose.

The sharp shooter.

    29 June 2022 3:51 UTC: Venus in (Gemini) sextile Jupiter in▽ (Aries)

Underestimating the trouble in others and facing cynic bickering, degrading, or being made fun of without good reason. Or bursting through people's false claims, making fun of it, and enjoying exposing their ulterior motives and contradictions when their words are just manipulative smoke, or when someone makes aggressive money-hungry claims. Judging objectively, knowing what's real and what isn't, and recognizing what or who should be nurtured, and what or who shouldn't be nurtured.

The next solar week is about tension, provocation, and fighting for purpose. It is about dealing with the right obstacles and challenges on the road because we know what's worth fighting for and what's to be avoided. Sometimes the universe creates struggle and obstacles, which will then either ultimately expose people's hidden intentions or prove their good intentions. Obstacles will show you who stays and who doesn't stay because they were just in for a quick and easy gain. Triggers will show you whose ego is at ease and who has a healthy mindset because they can not be triggered easily at all because they have a healthy sense of self that does not depend on outside approval, and who rather is surprised or laughs than to be upset, insulted, or even starts to gaslight you because they are offended. It's a journey to get to that healthy sense of self, and to get to the right people, and challenges are part of that road. In the end at least you know where you stand with people and who can be emotionally healthy for you.