This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The previous solar week was about being able to be an individual example and role model through attracting the resources that we need for our journey. It is about making an individual contribution to a group process, or losing one's individual direction and voice in the conditioning of a social environment.

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This solar week is about deepening our awareness through contemplation. At the same time, it can bring temporary increased energy levels to help get things done and to bring things to a finish – if we manage to spend that energy efficiently instead of wasting it on things that are not essential, and if we don't give in to nervous fears that would lead us into self-betrayal and meaningless distractions, but if we stick to what we know is correct for us despite temporary difficulties or darkness. On one hand, this can be a week of bottling it, dropping out, abandoning our individual path and that which is the most true to us, and seeking numbing distractions or meaningless replacement, which just keeps us stuck and restricted. On the other hand, this can be a week of enduring change and crisis, accepting a temporarily increased work load if that is truly necessary for us to do, and bringing old cycles to an end. This week, the gods energetically support an increased effort to close out old cycles or to get projects done, and might give you tailwind. This energy might be best used if we do not get distracted and dragged into other people's journeys, but if we manage to maintain proper focus on our own immediate life tasks and on what we need to advance our own journey. Not only that, through spending our power and energy correctly, we stay in our flow, and we naturally find greater awareness and awakening as a byproduct. When we are well centered and take thoughtful action, we just happen to see more and to perceive and recognize things more clearly.

21 May 2022 4:29 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 20 ䷓ (Gemini) – active channels of the moment: the channel of structuring ( South Node- North Node), and the channel of charisma (34.1 Earth-20.1 Sun & Mercury). // completely open head/crown center, ego/heart center, and spleen center.

Staying on the surface.

    21 May 2022 19:17 UTC: Sun conjunct Mercury in (Gemini)

Being conditioned to open up to something, and that something might not always be correct for us to open up to, and might as well lead to frustration. Sometimes it might be the right thing, other times it might be a distraction that is supposed to keep us from pouring our energy into what's meaningful to us (cheating on a life partner). To steal Ra's words: “Mutation has to be tested.”
We might go with the opportunity when it is what we desire and what we can identify with. In this case, this transit can be about staying on the surface for now, but simultaneously working through blockages which might be too destabilizing if we dove right into them, or if we spoke about them with someone.
Or we might stay right where we are at, because it is not what we desire and not what we can identify with at all, even if the other person naively thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread and doesn't see the complete picture with all the trouble. In the latter case, this transit is about saying “no thank you” and staying on the surface with someone. Some people, you can only meet through shallowness and some amount of embodying teflon and being superficial and maybe also uninteresting, because if you don't, they get too attached, or they see it as a challenge and try to get a foot in the crack beyond the surface. Some people are turned on by a no. When we refuse to be bullied into intimacy, frustration and power misuse in the other person might temporarily increase. They might even add more pressure or give us the guild-trip. But staying on the surface and pretending to be shallow and dumb, they are likely to lose interest just as quick as they gained it. It is better to deal with the initial frustration and shitty behavior of someone not coping well with rejection, than to steadily spiral down into endless frustration and into a sustainably damaged immune system and health from detrimental conditioning because we let ourself be pressured and conditioned into something that was definitely not good for us.

Claiming to be selfless, but really being not, and seeking self-gratification – or being selfless and real in one's enlightened self-interest.

    22 May 2022 22:14 UTC: Mars in (Pisces) sextile Pluto in (Capricorn)

This sounds like a contradiction, but it's not. We can look after ourself first, but at the same time not identify too much with this whole trip, and not have any hidden motives. If you care for yourself first, that is the only way you actually can be selfless: Once you know how to maintain your own stability and interest, you get to a point where there stops being a lack. At that point, you are more unlikely to feel the need to get your needs satisfied through others, through propagandizing others, and through generally unclean methods. Some people will always be fake, and some people will always be real no matter how little they possess, but many people are only fake because they are desperate and feel like they have to adapt in order to survive. If you look after your own interest first, you come to a point where you can afford to actually fart on what other people think about you, because their rejection has no financial impact on you – and that's when the last need (or perceived need) to be fake has disappeared. There is no longer a need to advertise falsely claimed good intentions, because what do you lose if you don't? Instead, you can just be self-dependent, and do whatever you feel is correct, without any particular agenda behind it.

This transit is also about learning from past mistakes. These lessons learned could be about being intimate too quickly without truly knowing the other person and without knowing whether they might have a destabilizing impact on us, or not. The lesson learned might be about ignoring our intuition and other warning signs, and giving the oh-so-selfless propagandist the benefit of the doubt. Especially, we might have done that if we are selfless and unmotivated and naturally assume that everyone else is like that, as well.

Healing through self-awareness, being filled up with transcendent love, and starting to be able to celebrate - or endless projections and losing hope in someone's capability to self-reflect and learn from the impact of their actions.

    23 May 2022 11:04 UTC: Sun in▲▽ (Gemini) sextile Jupiter in▽ (Aries)

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Looking back at the previous week, I recognize that last week had an aspect that was about being conditioned into filling ourself up with love or being filled up with love: Love entering us as we are walking our unique path. This one is similar, but more conscious. It's about healing through self-awareness and waiting for love to grow. When we recognize the unpleasant ways in which we behave, and transform them, we find greater self-love, and that impacts everything. It opens us up to pure transcendent love.

On one side: Being hateful and not knowing ones impact, and refusing to look at all the pent up hate and ugliness because one hates one's own shadow and really doesn't like to look at all that junk. Filling oneself up with hatred, or being conditioned with hatred and getting lost in that.
On the other side: Being loving and filling others up with love (as long as people don't make demands and start to project, or even interfere with us persistently and deliberately) because we know the impact that our actions have on others.

Chiron still brings flagrant interference. I think in some cases this might bring the realization that some people simply can't look at their shadows and are doomed to continue to spew hatred, because the shadows are so dark that it would break them and their self-image, or because they always get through with it, without having to self-reflect because everyone around them is an enabler. It's unfortunate, and there might be a deep melancholy about the world and a good portion of its inheritants being so messed up and not innocent, but it's not our business to fix that, to fix them, and to fix everyone else who enables them in their toxicity. Our business is to live our own best life. Our own journey is being dramatically enhanced when we retreat from people who are projecting misers unable to look inward and see the way they project, from people there is something wrong with us that's actually their own thematic they can't see, and from people who want to be healed by us but who make no effort on their own. Life is much more terrific and joyful without these people. Even if the projection is coming from someone who is otherwise correct for us to be with – it still is healthy to withdraw from them until their have worked through their things and come to greater awareness and reason.
If they are lucky, they get a ticket to self-awareness. We might even play an essential role in that trip and carry responsibility in it and accompany them through the difficulties. But we can't buy them the initial ticket and force them to go on a trip that's not in store for them.

If we don't project and assume, but just let things be and exist in transcendent love - then this aspect is about being filled up with healing love and uncondionally loving those who help us become self-aware, or about loving people for helping us find transcendent love. It is also about living transcendent and truly awakened aware love, or about having found self-awareness, self-acceptance, and developing love for everything that is. This is a very mystical aspect, and I think it's quite complex. I'll stop here before i start to confuse myself.

One last thing though, this can also be superficial or seem superficial to people who are heavy in the mundane love department and in having all kinds of expectations and conditions tied to their „love“, and when you don't fulfill them their „love“ stops and they don't care whether they wreak havoc on you or not because you are not giving them what they want anyway. Everyone deserves to be treated nicely, unless evidence proves otherwise and they start to be a real disturbance that needs a different kind of re-action. But treating others well doesn't mean that treating people lovingly is about actual caring about someone on a personal level or being interested in them. It just means that one knows one's impact enough to not wreak havoc as long as there is no need for it, and that one has appreciation for everything that is part of the maya, even if one is not personally tied to it and not emotionally involved.

Chiron in gate 51: The Arousing. Being wounded or healed through the advantage of previous crisis experience, strong willpower, and feeling deeply alive - or by the lack of experience and weakness in willpower.

    23 May 2022 22:53 UTC: Chiron enters gate 51

Chiron in gate 51 brings wounding through nasty ego, shock, disempowerment in the face of challenges, competitiveness, competition (think for example of China catching up to the US, astrologically those both are direct astrological competitors and opposites), reckless risk taking, and military putsch.

It also brings healing through successful initiation, courage, will power, brand new territory, a competitive drive to be first and break new ground, and through all of the above. Where one person is hurt, the other person might be healed, take the China-US competition as an example. We are now in a Venus-Jupiter cycle where justice is being dealt, and often time it is being dealt through crisis. The US might perceive it as deeply unjust how an oppressive system can get ahead so far, but it might as well be just because the Chinese have the better work ethic and they put in the actual effort that it takes to be successful. Here is another example for one person's wounding being another person's relief: If someone is going to remove Putin, Putin is going to hurt (the effect of his actions), but everyone else is given space to recover from the trauma.

There are two factors in this energy that stand out to me due to my own experience over the recent years.

On one hand, this can be about breaking down barriers through the lightness of love. The transcendental love that I described above is light, and experiencing darkness might have send us there through a spiritual awakening. If we find ourself in this position, now it's the time to draw from what we have learned, and to build a new order from the ashes of the old. To build ourself and the other person up in their strength, so that now we can give each other what we need.

On the other hand, this is about being conditioned and possibly seduced from a place of power imbalance and using sex as domination, which causes a big big big fat crisis.
Here are my messy notes: being conditioned into service and selfless service. being conditioned into collaboration. being conditioned to give your resources to people. Being conditioned by the weak to nurture the weak.
D-Sun 55.5v being conditioned, being conditioned, being conditioned.
But design Saturn is projection. When we naively assume that the other person has the same interest and approach, instead of listening to them to evaluate common ground, we might run into trouble.
Some people want to be of service.
Some people want to be first.
Some people just want to make money and don't care whether they are of service or not.
Some people profit from collaboration or cooperation, and some even need and want to be told what to do, or have a lot of energy to organize others and instruct them.
Some people are sabotaged by collaboration or cooperation.
If you are a very competent one man show and the hardest working person in the room (e.g. China), you are likely feeling restrained by cooperating with others when they don't add the same to the table, or when they don't walk the same direction, think less logical and practical, and want to add stuff to the table you can't use, are too competitive or not competitive enough. I know I tend to feel held back, although I am a fourth line, which is about co-operation. But by the specifics of my design, in co-operating, I also tend to be oppressed and held back from my power - unless maybe the person is very self-aware, autonomous, and a total match.
Venus in 42.5v might even require reclusiveness. Why? To save your time, energy, and authentic direction and to not be conditioned into collaboration that is frustrating for you. Some people might be a fit, but the transits indicate that there are many situations in which people will not be a fit.

The Sun in 34.3 is about applying power for the common good, and it is prone to mistakes in doing that. But the common good is not some individual person who thinks that they out of all people have a right to hop onto your train and profit from it, too, although there is no other real basis for a relationship (e.g. emotional investment or wanting to start a family). The common good is the common good. It's your contribution to the collective or the whole structure that you are in. It's not about giving your energy and resources to individual people who have hidden motives and their own personal agenda (25.2v Mars), because if you are busy feeding these folks and "cooperating" with these folks, you will not conserve your energy and time for your true service projects to the common good and where you and others most need it. You will just be slaving away for one person who refuses to try to get their shit together, and in doing that, they keep you trapped.
In the worst case what ends up happening is this: someone comes to you with ulterior motives and conditions or manipulates you as if there is no tomorrow. You give in and accept their advice. That leads to the deterioration of your project or company, and competitors outsmart you or simply have the advantage because they have the better team or approach.

I know this sounds harsh, but this is what I have been experiencing and observing the recent years. And I recognize it in the energies. Some people only want to collaborate and cooperate so that they can profit of your innovative capacity, of your great willpower to get things done and be first, and so on. But what they do in the process is to drag you down and keep you from doing your job, so they sabotage you just by their existence and by you having to deal with them while they add nothing for you, and they prevent you to be first or to tread new ground that is completely new and exciting for you. Others are simply a mismatch due to various reasons. Personally, the people who I would love to work with because of their character, they are in a different profession, and so far there has been no overlap. Most people did have something different than I needed, which is a typical 4th line problem. The one person who actually added a lot of expertise to my endevaours, I asked them whether they want to join me, and they said no. No, it's not their favorite work area and not what they see themselves doing in the long run, although it's fun for a while. In retrospect I am so happy that they said no, because they turned out to be self-absorbed and fake and we would have run into so much trouble, would we have been tied up together.
Different people require different things. Sometimes, a middle ground is needed, but difficult to find. If you search for the right employees, usually you can't afford to have people who NEED to be micromanaged because they have zero autonomy and who ask you every 5 minutes “boss what am I supposed to do with this?”. But you also can't afford people who will just do whatever they want to do and never communicate with you about the general plan.
Not everything is a match. And then, I know that for many people out there, some things are.

There is a focus on withdrawal and reclusiveness, sometimes because it happens naturally, and sometimes because this is necessary. It might be necessary because of the negative conditioning that's everywhere in this map for Chiron in gate 51. You meet a person, and they alter your karma and trajectory simply through conditioning you energetically, and it's not always for the best. Previous crisis experience might show us that. At least, it has shown it for me. Ra said that after 2027, the people most lost will be the people who will be found in groups – because they are the conditioned ones as long as they stay in these group environments. But it's not just about groups. It's about everyone who is not yourself, who you can meet within the game of life. Slowly I start to understand the scope of it. You talk to your neighbor on your way to the supermarket, or you stand next to a cross of Sphinx in the supermarket checkout, and your path is changed. The supermarket checkout is a thing that you probably can't avoid. But those who have a habit of constantly going to big events, or setting up dates with three new people every week, or hanging out with people who they know are not on a healthy journey, they receive a massive amount of conditioning through that. I think, conditioning has to be endured until you found what you sought and don't need to go outside to search it anymore. Once you have found, the search stops. It always stops. There is a point in the life experience where the search and being very social is essential and necessary. And then there is a point in the life experience where being withdrawn makes a lot of sense and might be essential. In between those two phases, there is a transition-phase that brings the analyzation of the effect of one's actions and of what didn't work. This is where many might be right now. Chance is, that when you have arrived at that point of being reclusive and focused on your own inner experience, you already have gathered the experience that empowers your discernment with the social realm and also in regard to survival. You might rather be empowered by challenge, because it doesn't catch you off guard.
Chiron can also bring wounding through encountering shocks and challenges that we haven't envountered before. I don't know if the collective is going to mass awaken through having crazy mystic experiences that currently no one would believe. But for example, climate change is something we have never experienced. We are not prepared for it. What many people will do is to retreat from that, to focus on their inner experience, and to enjoy their second class ticket. Maybe it's not possible anymore to do a lot of the things we did before. Maybe some things are not doable anymore socially or economically, after we have understood the consequences upon ourself or upon others, or seen some of the ugliness and problems, or simply due to the emerging material limitations. So we play with the cards we are being given, which is not a first class ticket, but a ticket with some limitations on it. Instead of getting lost in naive assumptions of common ground and in the resulting detrimental conditioning, we withdraw from that and we wait for a life of greater harmony and authentic communion to unfold. Such harmony is something that we can celebrate and will be able to celebrate.
A focus with this transit is on the inner experience and on finding greater self-awareness.

[Edit: I mentioned it in an earlier report, and it is to be expected as a consequence of climate change: Chiron in gate 51 is likely to bring an increase in natural catastrophes from hurricanes to earthquakes.]

Staying separate from people who are not the soul mate and with who we do not have the mutual unconditional transcendental love, but who are here to get something from us. Instead, staying in the present moment and waiting for the right union, communion, and applicable cooperation while certainty and faith grows.

    24 May 2022 3:26 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) sextile Mars in▽ (Pisces)

Self-actualization and maintaining balance in the face of disorder ultimately leads to slow but consistent outer progress.

    24 May 2022 11:05 UTC: Venus in▽ (Aries) sextile Saturn in (Aquarius)

There are two different ways in this transit:
1) Conditioning others to be supportive, and helping others through difficult times, or helping others, possibly due to conditioning and social pressure
2) Conditioning others to withdraw and to focus on their inner experience, or fixing one's own social approach and letting go of whatever we might have over-enthusiastically bitten off that was not in our best interest, or simply way too much to handle.

I'm feeling guilty conditioning you with this, due to my above writing on Chiron in gate 51. It's my experience and observation that most contacts are detrimental for ME personally and who I am tied to, and in the recent weeks I feel like I'm really starting to observe and understand the depth of this. Upon having contact with someone, you adapt to their energy, and take on their energy to some degree. You become part of their lunar nodes, and of the rest of their energy. They pull you into your mutual karma, and you pull them into your mutual karma. That can be a positive, but for me I've come to understand that for me, most of the time it's sadly not a positive and pretty messed up. But who knows if that's also true for you. After all, I have a design to be oppressed because others need that ( Design Earth, which is essentially victimization), to be at danger of being conditioned in my identity and thus sabotaged in my direction in life, and to be conditioned to get stuck in some really oppressive shit, or to end cycles that I'm supposed to be in until the end, to identify with what I can't identify with, or to stop identifying with what I authentically identify with (the difficult side of my Jupiter). So maybe this is why I attract what I attract and why my observation is my observation. It might not be true for you. Maybe your receptors for receiving conditioning are not that bad, and a few people might not even have any major ones. You do whatever feels right for you.

P.S.: No, you don't need to feel sorry for me missing out on anything by not being the social bunny. Some people try to deliberately include me, or they are feeling embarassed when I do not say hello to people and don't greet them. But I have the 22.4 that's socially bored easily, and I have that disinterested 30.6 Mercury as my mental/emotional process, which is mostly disinterested and often stoic, partly because it has seen it all. And today, I'm having an extra stoic and unbothered day. If that sounds like an asshole to you, that's ok. That's just what my process is, I absolutely LOVE being alone, and I only miss two people. I have always been rather disengaged, yet as mentioned I have seen it all, and by the end I had experienced what I had been looking for though only for a while. I'm just fine and relieved to finally be alone and to be searching for nothing because I had found everything and much more beyond my wildest imagination. It's very freeing and liberating.

Letting go when the lesson has ended, maintaining one's spirit although things did not work out, accepting and working with the giving limitations, and caring for oneself first. Enjoying to be alone, and not letting oneself be conditioned into following lower desires and questionable motives despite better knowing.

    25 May 2022 21:48 UTC: Mercury in (Taurus) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)

Why do these reports always get so long. Now I lack the time to correct the typos or weird sentences, I hope you survived it.

The next solar week is about identification, planning, and hopeful perseverance despite limitations while we avoid to attract negative attention from people who ask too much or who simply disturb our flow. Just like the week that started on the 16th of April, this week as well can bring sudden big energetic shifts and the emergence of a new order. Focus and attention to detail brings growing enthusiasm and identification, or if the detail does not add up, it can also bring a recognition on what might have been merely a naive assumption, and what better not to identify with and focus on.