This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The previous solar week imprinted us with the evolutionary plan and with our personal direction for the next 12 months. It opened the quarter of civilization and manifestation. As much as the next three months are about manifesting, they also are about surrender and being patient with progress to manifest.

This solar week is about assimilation, tolerance, diversity, structuring, and individual explanation.

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9 May 2022 12:29 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 23 ䷖ (Taurus) – active channels of the moment: the channel of structuring ( South Node- North Node) // completely open ego/will center and spleen center

Mercury retrograde: Wisdom. Altruism and service, or being self-serving and instrumentalizing one's help for others. Recognizing negative influences and withdrawing from them, or feeding them and strengthening their bad effect on us.

    10 May 2022 11:47 UTC: Mercury retrograde in▽ (Taurus)

Both, altruism and self-service, has its place. If you are dealing with deliberate interference and abuse, it's not the right time to continue to be of service to that. If you are watching someone being interfered with, it might be good to help them out. For the one who interferes, it would not be the right time to continue to be self-serving at other people's detriment. When, on the other hand, something is worth nurturing and supporting, this is about doing that.

Dreaming about something and either lying to oneself but sticking to it, likely crossing people's boundaries or having one's boundaries crossed – or sticking to an answer that we don't know yet if it will turn out to be true (see: eclipse of the hermit: transformation in aloneness, or living in a fantasy world).
Together with Chiron in 21.6, this is creep's and stalker's paradise. Sticking to any kind of formula, just because it gives us a sense of purpose, can lead to deliberate and persistent interference and the need to strike back to defend oneself against such deluded interference.

Collective challenge: Being blind to the trouble in others, or to their problematic impact on our flow. When we fail to withdraw from them, paranoia and fear might strengthen as the situation worsens. Simply fending someone off might not help in the case of dealing with people who are severely distorted and mess with you on purpose. Striking out and taking effective action to defend yourself might be necessary. Such kind of people will not stop, but at least they won't just be able to exploit you without resistance, and you can push them back for a while.
The current times can be about keeping others stuck at standstill because one messes with them. On the collective level, this is the situation in Ukraine. There is a lot of movement, and at the same time no movement at all. There is loss on both sides, and no one really wins, everyone loses. But the perpetrator continues nonetheless. And this Mercury retrograde makes them stick to a delusionary fantasy that they can win this, even if the only thing that happens is that everything is torn apart and everyone loses. Some people are so nonsensical and ineffective, or simply covertly envious, they keep other stuck in a fight they win nothing from, just to keep the other person stuck as well because they can't tolerate that they have more. The person who is being messed with finds purpose in dreaming and sticks to their answer of ultimately overcoming this.
Chiron is going to bring shock soon. But later this year, Chiron is bringing back a continuing war of attrition. Chiron will only fully move away from that war of persistent and flagrant interference, and on to the shock by the end of March 2023. And from then on, we are dealing with shock and being empowered and initiated in challenge and shock, or not. The more sustainable we think in building or maintaining our foundation, the easier it will be to deal with challenges and shocks on the road, including the emerging global financial challenges. Altruism is generally a healthy trait, but too much altruism at the expense of securing our own long-term safety is not healthy.

Mastering the challenge: Nurturing is better when it is selfless without strings attached, but it needs to be selective. Ideally, we recognize the negative effect that others have on our life, and we withdraw from them. Some people will flagrantly persist to mess with others and deliberately violate other people and their boundaries. In such situations it can become necessary to strike out to defend ourself. Some people have such an abysmally low social intelligence, they only understand that language. They will not understand anything else. If you have tried everything else, and nothing got them to reason, you are probably aware (or becoming aware) that you are dealing with a person like that.

Alfons Mucha - Jan Amos Komensky

Observing people say and do stuff that has no collective value, splits people apart, and creates separation, isolation, powerlessness, and fear.

    13 May 2022 7:06 UTC: Sun conjunct the North Node in▲▽ (Taurus)

I don't know what's happening in people's private lives, but collectively, this is the splitting apart of some alliances. Obviously this creates a lot of problems and discontent. If you'd want to see the positive in this, not just the discontent with reality: A challenging situation like this shows you who your real allies and friends are, if you manage to not become paranoid over those real friends and over your secure foundation. The danger is to develop too much paranoia toward the right-for-us people, and to start struggling against them, as well. Another danger is to self-sabotage and procrastinate due to being insecure with oneself.
As much as this is about splitting apart and things going wrong, this also is about continued development in new beginnings with those who lead by example and who we respect.
I might repeat this with each report: We are in times of transition. It's not just trouble that won't take a no for an answer, but there is also good potential to move toward to, and to not loose sight of.

Inner alignment and congruency brings individuation Being internally fragmented and incongruent leads to action that creates fragmentation and fear.

    14 May 2022 23:30 UTC: Mars in▽ (Pisces) trine the South Node in▲▽ (Scorpio), sextile the North Node in▲▽ (Taurus)

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Collective challenge: Immaturity and a lack of inner alignment (inner disconnect/shadow/not-self/emotional apathy) leads to action and expression in disregard of the consequences. In consequence that creates paranoia and fear.

Mastering the challenge: If we are well-centered within ourself, if we know ourself from experience, and if our emotions, thoughts, and actions are in alignment with each other and “pulling the same string”, then this leads to individuation. Not everything has to have a collective value. Even if you are going for the impact on the collective – you can only add to the collective if you stand apart from it without being homogenized by it. Otherwise, if we let ourself be pulled into a standard narrative that has nothing to do with our individuality, we easily end up damaged, astray, and needing the support of the collective instead of adding to it. Think of health insurances and food, for example. The portion of healthy food in every super market is very small. If you blindly go in there and pick a random thing without evaluating whether this is what you want to eat, you are likely to end up with a diet that will not keep you healthy, but that will make you an more active customer of your insurance in the long run. If you assess what is best for you and leave out all the things that are not healthy for you, and let's say you end up with a diet of bananas and onions, people will think you are a total freak and it might alienate you to some degree in social situations that revolve around food. But you will be fit and functional with lots of energy to simply do you. Doing you might have no value for the collective, but it has value for you.

The next solar week is about being able to be an individual example and role model through attracting the resources that we need for that journey. It is about making an individual contribution to a group process, or losing one's individual direction and voice in the conditioning of a social environment.