This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

The previous solar week was about assimilation, tolerance, diversity, structuring, and individual explanation. It might have brought restructuring. Mercury went retrograde and brings a time of gaining wisdom through contemplating our experience, applied in service to others, or not.

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This solar week is about being able to be an individual example and role model through attracting the resources that we need for our journey. It is about making an individual contribution to a group process, or losing one's individual direction and voice in the conditioning of a social environment.

15 May 2022 8:19 UTC: Beginning of the new solar week in gate 8 ䷇ (Taurus) – active channels of the moment: the channel of structuring ( South Node- North Node), and the channel of beat ( Uranus-14.1 Earth). // completely open head/crown center.

Withdrawing from nonsensical and continued interference, and protecting our time and energy. Evaluation.

    15 May 2022 12:12 UTC: Venus conjunct Chiron in▽ (Aries)

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Being able to benefit from previous crisis experience and having the perfected response at hand - or withdrawing to protect oneself and to contemplate what can be done as an effective response to interference and threat. Will power and intention alone does not do the job, it has to be a response that is tailored to the circumstances and does maximum damage/prevention, ideally in an energy-efficient and very targeted way. This is a transit that's first and foremost about wounding through relationships and flagrant interference or even abuse from others. But it can also can be about material endeavors or all other sort of problem, especially when we are not following our authentic material path, or when we do not work efficiently and effectively on our tasks.

Composure and patience in the face of disorder and things gone wrong.

    15 May 2022 18:48 UTC: Sun in (Taurus) square Saturn in (Aquarius)

Being conditioned in detrimental ways and withdrawing when we are not in the right situation and not on the right path that can bring progress.
On the other side: Co-operation and sharing difficulties with others in order to find solutions and overcome limitations for the benefit of the relationship, group, or the bigger picture. When we are with the right people, relationships will remain healthy through communicating the problems and struggles openly, and making it possible for others to continuously relate to us, understand where we come from, and when we as well make an effort to understand where they come from. Even when we don't know what to do, or when we can't take effective action, maybe our partner or someone else in the team knows what to do and can take effective action. Problems and limitations can be overcome through sharing them and helping each other out with practical actions or with encouragement. Most people are not mind readers and need us to actually talk to them.

Shining light on the crisis. Honest communication and acceptance of limitations and failures. Moving past those failures, learning from the mistakes that lead to failure, and building a new order out of the ashes of the old.

    15 May 2022 19:14 UTC: Sun in (Taurus) sextile Neptune in (Pisces)

Doorway #2 of 2 for the second half of 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse of money hunger and manifesting power through higher principles - or wasting one's resources in ways that are not applicable, inefficient, and ineffective.

    16 May 2022 4:13 UTC: Lunar Eclipse in (Scorpio) opposite Mercury in▽, square Saturn in, trine Neptune in and Mars in▲ and Jupiter in, sextile Pluto in
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in (Cancer)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in (Cancer)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in (Cancer)
Rembrandt School 17th Century - An old Woman weighting Gold Coins

This is another window in time to make things more efficient, effective, and applicable.
Either we waste our resources ineffectively and we try to manifest by wildly throwing energy at problems and seeing what sticks (even a blind hen occasionally finds a grain of corn) – or we recognize when to fight another day and what not to fight for. We evaluate the situation properly, and we apply effective action. Such evaluation, as well as the development of skills in order to manifest and maintain power, empowers us and others, and furthers productive cooperation. It helps us to make our contribution to the whole, and it can bring about greater confidence and honest communication for the benefit of the whole.

The last eclipse of the hermit has the theme of honesty as a grounding energy.
Just like the last eclipse season which defined the first half of 2022, this pair of eclipses is still about the material plane and the money hunt. There is one major difference, though. Half a year ago, there was dishonesty and illusions woven into it. Now, it is about stopping to make excuses for other people's toxic shit, retreating, and going for what's healthy and can truly be successful in a healthy way. It's the hunger for money, but in an honest, genuine, and possibly very upfront way.
Personally, I like the people who are ambitious and honest in their pursuit for money, who openly say it without overcompensating and without trying to sell or prove. They just like the luxury, ease, and stability that money can provide, and that's all there is to it.
What I don't like are the people who claim that they are not money hungry, who complain that other people charge too much, who mask their envy of other people's success with complaints about other people's “unfair” way of earning their money. If the person who complains admitted that they were envious, they would have to admit that they are either incompetent, lazy, made bad decisions for themself, or had a strain of bad luck and maybe didn't stick to trying, and they would have to admit that not all is as unfair as it seems, and some things are on them to do something about. I'm not talking about people who complain about criminals who truly play unfair and earn their money in dirty ways, but I'm talking about normal people who complain about other normal but very successful people who have more or less good business plans and are more or less trying to help people in their own way. I certainly do not like the people who complain that other people dare to charge what they feel they are worth, but who feel entitled to judge what someone is (not) worth and what they should be charging (always less), most of the time without even knowing the person's work from experience. A non-envious person simply would say "I would not pay that much for that", which would make it clear that it's their personal choice and not a generalization. Those envious people though claim to be a fair underdog, but what they actually are is envious. At the latest you notice it when the minute you turn your face away from them, they grab your purse and try to do an unfair move on you do try to get your money or to profit in another way from the business that you built. Them masking their envy as fairness makes you unexpectant of being treated unfair by them, because they are so adamant about what they call fairness.
Chiron is in the, and people might continue to mess with others because they need it or at least in their mind think they need it.
This eclipse might be dealing with such kinds of issues, and bring about a decision to not engage in such crap. It is about withdrawing from the wrong thing, and engaging in the right thing only, that is genuine and honest.
Either one doesn't lust for the money and is honest with not being ambitious, or one is ambitious and driven to make money and is honest with that as well, and with how one goes about it. Both is perfectly fine. Being sneaky about it is not.
Are people walking their talk, or are they just talking and then doing otherwise, or are they getting lost in some impractical and inapplicable theory?

The last eclipse of the hermit from two weeks ago is energetically being grounded through the love of material success and through finding success through the right relationships that are healthy.
Other people and their ego distortion might be a problem, a situation might be a problem, there might be some kind of problem. And it can not be fixed by willpower alone and by biting through alone, but the action needs to be effective, and sometimes it's not going to be the right problem to tackle to begin with. Not every problem is your problem. And yet, people might want to make their problem your problem and continue to mess with you. But in combination with the other energies, the 21.6 Chiron says: “no, not my problem, in all honesty, it's not worth it. You will be sabotaging my success or trying to benefit from my success at my expense and get successful through me, but I do not benefit. You are just dumping all your crap onto me and keeping me from my success. Thus, the only thing I'm going to spend my energy on is to fend you off, and I'll do that effectively.”
The second half of 2022 is about effective action and about not wasting our resources, but holding on to them so that we can spend it on the right thing that's really worth it. On the other side, this might bring the energy to be reckless with money, especially when Chiron starts to transit gate 51. One penny saved is one penny earned. The resources that we don't spend on things that aren't effective nor important, remain in our pocket to later be spent on something that really makes sense to do.
The last eclipse's 24.4 is transpersonal, after all. It's about stopping to make excuses for other people's crap and cutting it out. Healthy love is successful love. The 44.4 says as its higher principle: I love being healthy and successful together, and if instead you are going to bring in your toxic patterns in here, you need to go. Bye and never see you again. Some people hide their stuff, but action speak louder than words, and then they still have to go. No toxic shit. Don't spend your energy on people who will keep you from being materially successful and stable, who might burn you out or sap your strength and power in other ways, or who might even actively sabotage your success. With the 14.1, many opportunities might come, but not all that we attract is good, and it is important to know what to say no to. By saying no to the wrong things, we can maintain our strength and energy in order to then invest into the right thing that can be a success, and that can be honest and sincere.
The lower principle of the 1 in this eclipse needs to go because it is being sorted out by the 4 (44.4/24.4). The higher principle of the 1st line (14.1) is: don't be artificial and fake and envious and resentful against people for simply having more than you, and for having that which you lust for. Don't ask for a place based on that artificial vane persona which isn't even you, but just a crafted persona based on wishful thinking - but instead know how to care for yourself first instead of actively trying to make others have less (and often ruining yourself in the process way more then you ruin others). Be real and modest and know your place. If something is not in agreement to begin with (and not mutual in social context), no amount of bending yourself and forming yourself to fit will be able to bring it to agreement. You can throw all money and energy at it that you have in your pockets. But if it's not your place to begin with, it won't work. You can buy someone a bouquet of roses every day for ten years. But if they are repelled by you, it won't make them change their mind. It also won't cause them and their partner to separate from each other if you start cutting their tires every day and terrorize them just because you can't tolerate that they have a good relationship and you don't. You will only be gifted with a restraining order and court case in return, and lose all the remaining options to have a healthy relationship with someone because all that you have left inside is growing resentment due to wasting all energy on envy. You can return to someone's company every year and ask for a job, but if your karma with that company is not a successful one, or if you just keep resentfully sabotaging the work process and create trouble, they will say no each time. You will be better off at finding yourself a more suitable company, or to work on your modesty versus entitlement.

That shadow doesn't apply to most of you here reading this, but it will apply to some people, and they are going to be left aside by other people who don't want to deal with it. What is there left to do? Investigate these patterns, see them for what they are, and recognize that every action based on envy is not effective... at all. Envy can never be effective, it's at its core a deeply destructive mechanism. The one being attacked might keep the attacker at arms length and might sometimes be able to utilize the attacks for their own success and profit from the haters. But the haters and the envious person will always be held back from actual success by their own envy. They get stuck in that and will never do what it actually takes to get themselves in a position where they feel less miserable about themselves. They will stay stuck until the day where they really understand that they have a problem with themselves, not with everyone else, and when they truthfully start to change it.

The positive!


On the good side, this is not about struggling with each other, but it's about pulling the same string: “You want material success. I want material success. How can we get to it effectively so that we both benefit?” On the good side, the communication will be honest, clear, and upfront. Limitations are communicated openly, so that we can find the best way of working with them for everyone's benefit.

As the headline states, manifestation is the most effective when we manifest according to higher principles. Higher principles = Human Design, astrology, and the most healthy values described in these mechanisms that the program we live in is built on.
This eclipse states: Just because we mean well or act with good intentions, that doesn't mean it will work. Sometimes it's better to fight another day. Waiting is especially important, when otherwise we would act from a place of disarray. This eclipse either brings patience and effective action despite moments of impatience and dissatisfaction with what we see, or it brings inefficient application of energy and the resulting chaos because we are restless and can't wait. I think this eclipse is another hint at emotionally defined people (people with emotional authority who have their solar plexus defined) to act only once clarity has been reached. There are all other kinds of principles and approaches that you might want to apply, or that you might want to wait for while you evaluate the situation, but waiting for emotional clarity is the main one because 50% of the planet is emotionally defined.
If you are not acting from clarity, it's going to be chaos.

There also can be the need to evaluate what action can be successful, and to evaluate how exactly we need to do something in order for it to be effective. This eclipse can lead us closer toward seeing and understanding the bigger picture, and it can lead us closer toward the perfected form.

Crisis and transition. Perseverance, inventiveness, right action, and a solid foundation that ensures respect – or a draining situation.

    18 May 2022 6:33 UTC: Mars conjunct Neptune in (Pisces)

Flagrantly crossing boundaries, causing darkness, while the other party is drained (can be a sexual offender transit). Just trying to survive while being drained by others or by circumstances.
Or the big fat spiritual crisis, persevering throughout darkness, being inventive, manifesting correct action to transition out of it, and rebuilding oneself. The spiritual warrior. Maintaining the highest values in the midst of crisis, decadence, and when dealing with people that are completely devoid of healthy values and morals.

Unwilling to accept limitations. “You can't leave and I know best. You need to stay here and do what I say.”

    19 May 2022 12:10 UTC: Sun in▽ (Taurus) trine Pluto in (Capricorn)

This is a lot of ego distortion and self-serving actions. It can bring the refusal to hear the other person out, or the refusal to actually listen to what they say while they say it. One person could explain themselves, and the other person doesn't properly listen and doesn't try to understand, but they insists on having their way just like before.
When both people are humble, this transit can be about working through confusion and finding great transformation. But when one or both people are self-righteous, this is going to be a disaster-transit. It's going to be about talking past each other while insisting to be right, and trying to control the other person, even if they explain their position and make it clear why they can't do it that way. This kind of mindset might also be a reason why people feel that they need to end things and can't tolerate someone around anymore. Of course, such a decision to leave is just going to upset the person with the toxic mindset, because in their logic this is not a situation of their own making. In their logic they have no toxic mindset: They are right and in the right, and the other person should not dump them.
It might be, that during the recent transit of Saturn in 49.5 squaring the nodes, someone was not practical at all, and did not deal well with the given limitations, but behaved in really impractical ways. Despite that, they are still convinced of their own competence and continue to ignore the limitations that have been clearly and openly communicated. This might lead to struggles for the group (e.g. budget troubles and overspending), or this might cross the boundaries of an individual person (again, this transit can bring sexual perpetrator energy). They are being fired or put in their place, but they do not accept it and continue to be at war with those who rejected them.

On the positive side, we accept limitations for what they are. It is what it is. We work with those limitations to make our contribution. If something has ended and the other party does not want to reconcile, we accept that as well. Some things end, and no one can be forced into continuing something they do not want to continue against their will.

If you are in charge of a team or company and face the troubles described above with a self-righteous person, then make sure to restrict them timely, ideally before you announce to them that they need to leave. If they will also live out the other energies of this transit, they might spy on you or take backups, secret data, licenses, etc, and hand it to someone else or use it for their own purposes. They will feel in the right for being treacherous because they feel as if you wronged them, even if they were the ones who created problems and started the war that made it necessary for you to fire them.
This transit can bring a bit of disorder, shock, and unpleasant surprises that might need quick adaptation.

If you are separating from your ex or announcing divorce after shit went down lately with Saturn transiting gate 49, make sure that you are safe and protected. Most violence against women happens after breakup. When the ex-partner's fragile and entitled ego can't deal with the rejection, the time after breakup is when they feel that it hurts and wrongs them the most and when they need to control you, don't manage to control themselves, and spiral down into resentment and wanting to inflict pain on you because they can't have you. Obviously, such a person never loved you to begin with, otherwise they would consider your interest and would at least want to see you doing well even if they were hurt. So you do not need to feel sorry for themselves in any way, even if it's their trip to feel sorry for themselves. Such kinds of people have a habit of manipulating everyone into having sympathy for them and into developing a bad conscience about not giving them what they want. That strengthens their position, but it is a position that they have no right to be in to begin with. There is no place for sympathy for the devil. It's not actual love that they pity themselves over losing. It never has been. It's just control, control, control, and obsession, or resentment that you didn't stick to their imaginary bargain and didn't give them what they think they deserve and crave. This is service to self. It's a deprivation of your birthright to decide for yourself over yourself. It has nothing to do with love. Love does not want to hurt the loved one. Love always considers the other person's wellbeing and loves them whether they are by one's side, or not. Love doesn't stop once it has emerged, and it is not bound to conditions such as receiving something in return. Even if the loved one leaves, the love remains.

Intentionally limited understanding (“I am right!”) and conditioning others onto a restrictive path that doesn't fit their principles and then becomes a question of surviving it - or upholding the highest principles, simply treading our path, and silently meeting the challenges alone without provoking the attention of the self-righteous person to resume their war.

    20 May 2022 1:33 UTC: Mercury in (Gemini) sextile Jupiter in▲ (Aries)

The next solar week is about deepening our awareness through contemplation. At the same time, it can bring temporary increased energy levels to help get things done.