Hey folks, this is me. This website is about Human Design and astrology education, and not about me as a person, and I'd rather not have myself on here. But it's not that I have something to hide, and for reasons of transparency, so be it.
I'm a withdrawn private person who loves to live in solitude. I love to study, to program, to optimize and perfect things, to learn about life by observing life and people, and to generally have a positive impact that makes a difference to others within my scope of reach. Day in, day out I work with Human Design and astrology in depth. For the last years, I have been consistently writing weekly transit reports, and I worked on content and a calculator on transparentmatrix.com, which has been an experience that massively deepened my understanding and pushed me to whole new levels.

I have successfully fought and healed myself from Lyme disease, Hashimoto's disease, Raynaud's disease, and other autoimmune diseases. I've experienced CPTSD (trauma over an extended period of time). I experienced all kinds of things that made me feel powerless and demanded me to develop solutions. A former flat mate who is a Reflector aura type once said if the earth would go extinct and we would have some kind of Mad Max scenario, I would be the last man standing. While I certainly do not see myself this way, there are physically fitter and tougher cookies out there, mentally I'm not going to be destroyed easily because I'm not very concerned with myself, nor identified with myself. I'm aware that I am just a spirit in a body doing my job just like everyone else. And I'm always willing to do what it takes.
Today I'm no longer at dis-ease. All these difficult experiences have given me the experience that I now build upon on, and they have lead me to develop solid solutions. Trauma also deepened my ability to think laterally and abstract, it has deepened my receptivity to higher input. It has deepened my capacity to see cross-connections, and to quickly link patterns mentally, which is essential for the work with Human Design and astrology that I am doing now.

I'm an absolute advocate of transparency when it comes to people's natal charts, explicitely when they offer services and information, or when they are in other public positions. We all have a right to know who we are listening to, and what their life is about - because that ultimately defines the perspective that they speak through and the information they share with us. Here is my life map:

On accuracy of birth time:
My birth certificate says 18:00 o'clock. My mum's diary says "right after 6". I'm positive that my call and my mystic encounters came through a Venus. Also, that 19.2, color 6, tone 6, and a 44.4▲ ascendant is what my life has felt like so far. From 18:04:10 on, I would have a Venus. So there is a 4-minute time frame that I'm likely to be born in (18:00-18:04:10)

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