Aura Type in Human Design

Aura type is often simply called "type".
Your aura type describes the basic structure of your energy field (aura), nothing more, nothing less. It describes your basic aura mechanics, which are the most fundamental ways in which you meet the world through the workings of your energy field. It is one of the most important and most fundamental mechanisms, but it does not in any way lessen the diversity that is possible among the people of a certain aura type. People who have the same aura type as you will still be very different from you. Please keep that in mind while reading the aura type descriptions. They describe only the basic aura mechanics. They do NOT describe all the myriads of other details that are in someone's chart and that make people truly unique.
There are very few conclusions that you can draw from one person to another person of the same aura type. Very few conclusions. There are some basic things that make the aura operate the way it operates, and this is what we will focus on in this chapter.

An aura is sized 2 meters (~6.6 feet) in every direction on average, but it differs from type to type, from person to person, and it also depends on the state and condition someone is in.

There are 5 different aura types. Each type carries a different energetic signature:

• As a Reflector aura type your dominant energetic signature is disappointment to surprise.
• As a Projector aura type your dominant energetic signature is bitterness to success.
• As a Manifestor aura type your dominant energetic signature is anger to peace.
• As a Generator aura type your dominant energetic signature is frustration to satisfaction.
• As a manifesting Generator aura type your dominant energetic signatures are frustration to satisfaction and anger to peace.

Each human being has all of these within them, yet each aura type has a dominant signature as listed above.


Strategy describes a tactic, that you can use to smoothen your ride in life. Your strategy depends on your aura type. Some strategies are purely mental, some point to your body and to your inner authority.
Especially in the beginning of your process, it can be helpful for you to work with your strategy. But keep in mind that most of the strategies are mental and they can't trump your body wisdom and your inner authority. Your inner authority is the final judge, it trumps any strategy and what we think might be good to do. Ultimately, the more we get in touch with ourselves, our inner authority, and the flow of life, the less we need strategy because our inner authority determines what our strategy will be. If you want to take step by step and experiment with one thing only, it is suggested that you experiment with your inner authority.
To not cause any confusion: for Generators with responding authority and for Reflectors the strategy clearly points to the inner authority. For those two aura types, strategy and authority are pretty much the same.

Design to Wait, Do and Speak

The "design to do" and the "design to wait" as different modes of operation were the very first thing that Ra Uru Hu, the messenger of the Human Design knowledge, came up with in regards to type differentiation. At that time, the names for the aura types did not exist yet. I added the "design to speak" as a further differentiation and third mode in between the "design to do" and the "design to wait".