Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node: The way of wisdom. A possibility for a mutation in awareness. Altruism that is applied with the sharpest discernment and judgment. Self-emancipation, liberation, and taking back our power through finding the highest form of understanding of the world we live in where nothing really is what it seems to be. The authentic or inauthentic expression of having found awakening.

    6 September 2021 1:54 UTC: Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node in (Gemini) square the Moon in, trine Mercury in, trine Saturn in
Max Nonnenbruch - Woman on a dune

Liberation and breaking free through correcting our judgment and finding greater awareness, awakening, and joy as we understand that we head off to new horizons, but that the time might not have come yet where we have the necessary resources to complete transition. It also is about the understanding that when we are patiently in our rhythm and flow, life will at some point bring us the help that we need.

As a secondary interpretation, this can also be about trying to fix other people's awareness or lack of awareness. It can be about judging and correcting other people's self-righteousness, their ulterior motives, and their lack of altruism. Or it can be both: Finding embodied awareness and correct action through understanding that not all is gold that glitters, and through heightened discernment and recognition of all that is going on around us for good or for bad. It can be about bringing beneficial change to the whole and establishing right action in the larger social realm through being above things, watching with distance, and understanding and communicating the principles of interaction.

Lilith conjunct the North Node is a place in time where women are thrown back into the dark (such as in Afghanistan), or where they find liberation. This is about women, but also the feminine energy within men, emancipating themself through having found greater awareness, understanding, and wisdom. Knowledge is not always power, but understanding is empowering.
Feminine energy is extremely selective, and it is only becoming more selective and discerning through experience. This transit is about having developed the awareness that empowers such discernment, and that empowers us to set good barriers and boundaries and to emancipate ourself from what is inferior.

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Seeing beyond the illusion, and seeing the harsh truths is not necessarily nice, it can be very disappointing. At least this is not a conjunction of the 20.5, but the 20.6. It is deeply mutative, but we might not necessarily see many of these mutations in awareness.
Despite the disappointment with recognizing harsh truths, seeing beyond the illusion helps us to live our life with greater awareness, to not be distracted by this and that bullshit, and to just be ourself.
On one side this can bring a purely mental understanding of the maya – when you only think about things but don't apply any of it, you stay stuck exactly where you are. On the other side, we apply and embody our understanding, and we correct what needs to be corrected through seeing through the illusions and not being fooled any longer by smoke and mirrors.

I'd like to emphasize that this is not about the way of the form and suffering all the consequences blindly. This is about being wise. This is not about: “ok, life is handing me this pile of shit, and that pile of shit, and one more pile of shit, I will just stick it out although there is an opportunity to fix it, no choice.” It is about the potential for objective observation and the wisdom to know what to stick out and what to separate from – and when such a transition is possible.

That being said, Lilith and Rahu both aren't the easiest archetypes to embody in healthy ways, rather the opposite, and on the downside, there might be talking, but there is no right action, there is no understanding, and there is just the wild unknown coupled with a deep fear and a deep powerlessness and struggle. There might be the charisma to attract nurturing guidance, find greater understanding, and overcome delusions. Or there might be egoic demands that alienate others, and leave one alone basking in one's self-pity, bitterness, and absence of any joy.

As much as this is about knowing when enough is enough and separating from it, it also is about avoiding stasis and preparing to head off to new horizons. It might not be an immediate departure. In intimacy, the new horizon might be in sight, but there is great shyness and hesitation, and one needs to let the other person have their doubts and questions. Back and forth, back and forth. Doubts are of value! That's part of the wisdom. The standard is to establish right action on the social realm, and if right action can't be established, if there is no right action but only wrong action, then healthy and firm boundaries might be upheld and the guard might not drop, and rightly so. This can bring a fear of rejection, but it can also bring the ability to maintain our individuality after having approached someone due to knowing that we have nothing to fear as we act right, and we just watch and see and take our time, or let the other person take their time.