Types of Centers in Human Design

Awareness Centers in Human Design

Awareness Centers

Spleen • Ajna • Solar Plexus

Three of the nine centers in the human blueprint hold the potential for awareness and consciousness. Thus, these three centers also are the root of our fears. The other six centers are purely mechanical.

Awareness evolved over time. Each awareness center represents a different stage in this evolution. The Spleen was the first awareness center to develop, it marks the beginning of consciousness in our evolutionary process. The Ajna evolved second, and the Solar Plexus is in the process of evolving in order for emotional spirit consciousness to emerge. Only when the Solar Plexus is properly understood and our collective emotional frequency rises, the possibility for spirit consciousness and thorough emotional awareness will emerge. At this point in time, us humans are the only species with an Ajna and Solar Plexus. Plants and animals have a Spleen but no Ajna and no Solar Plexus, they solely follow their survival instincts that are rooted in the Spleen. Mammals can connect to the human Ajna and Solar Plexus, so they can receive mental and emotional input from us, but they don't hold that kind of awareness themselves.

Energy Centers in Human Design

Spleen (plants, insects, birds, reptiles, fish, mammals, humans)
instinctual body consciousness • survival fears • survival instinct and intuition in the Now • awareness of the present

Ajna (humans)
mental consciousness • mental fears (anxiety) • thinking, investigating, conceptualizing • awareness of the past, present, and future

Solar Plexus (humans)
emotional body consciousness • emotional fears (nervousness) • moods, desires, needs • awareness in a wave pattern over time

Mental awareness is perceived stronger than splenic awareness. The mind can easily overrun our survival instincts if we don't pay proper attention to them. Emotional awareness is perceived stronger than Ajna awareness and can easily color how we think. Emotions can dominate our thinking. That's why it sometimes is so difficult to keep a cool head when we are emotionally upset. The Solar Plexus is an extremely powerful motor, and so it can easily happen that emotions overpower our better knowing and drive us against the wall. The more aware we become, the less we fall into these autopilot traps.

Motor Centers in Human Design

Motor Centers (Fuel, Drive)

Solar Plexus • Sacral • Root • Ego

In order to manifest anything in the world, we need fuel. That fuel comes from the motor centers. They provide energy that is ultimately going to be expressed and transmuted into something else through the throat center.
Out of the four motor centers, only one is an awareness center: the solar plexus. Yet, the solar plexus is the one awareness center that is not yet aware and has not reached its full potential. It is still evolving towards emotional spirit consciousness. Our manifestation is hardly motorized by awareness, it is motorized by mechanics and chemistry. The only way in which we can influence the manifestation and the quality of the motor, is indirectly. We can slowly shift and align the overall chemistry by experimenting with our inner authority and increasing mental awareness. In that process, the fuel for manifestation changes and its chemistry is being optimized.

Pressure Centers and Manifestation/Communication

Evolutionary Pressure: Root • Head Center (Crown Chakra)
Manifestation and Communication: Throat

Pressure Centers in Human Design

The root center at the bottom of a design does not only emit motor energy. It also creates pressure to push the energy of the other centers in between towards the Throat in order to be manifested. The root center is the strongest motor center and the driving force of evolution.

From above, the head center (crown chakra) pressures us to think and to express our mental concepts via the Throat.

These two centers pressure our awareness to evolve.

G Center in Human Design

G Center (Identity, Direction, Love)

This is where we are connected to the totality. Questions of self and our higher Self is located here, driving us through life.