Chiron direct: No man is an island, and yet there is a need for self-defense against abuse and against loss of identity, and there is a need to find the weakest point and the root of a problem. Being organized together with others, or not. Refusing to work with the wrong ego, and possibly working with the ego that feels right for us and/or that we feel can change, transform, and transcend the limitation.

    19 December 2021 16:32 UTC: Chiron direct in (Aries) square Mercury in▽, sextile Saturn in, trine Mars in▲ and the South Node in▲

Refusing to be organized with people who are dangerously abusive because they lack self-confidence, but who might demand a whole lot although they are mediocre themself. Staying stuck in that limitation and in these restrictive relationships, or accepting it and having a feeling for what to do to transcend them. Accepting limitations for now, waiting for the right cooperation with those people who can keep up and can match us, and knowing what kind of team and team-work is worth waiting for. Maintaining inner harmony by staying in the present moment, moving forward day by day without any particular agenda, and recognizing what's of value at what time so that at some point we can transcend the limitation.
Sharing our feelings openly with those we trust (instead of repressing and hiding them), being practical about the situation, and staying calm when we feel we are falling back into old patterns. One step backward and two steps forward is sill one step forward.
All patterns take time to transcend, and especially those difficult and challenging ones take a lot of time.

Chiron went retrograde in the, on which I wrote: “Underestimating people's ego distortion, underestimating their sense of entitlement, and being overly naive all can lead to being victimized.” Most of the time, there are going to be people where it's going to be extremely healthy to reject to be organized with them. The wounding of one person (the rejection) can be another person's healing and protection. Either there are underlying personal motivations and agendas, and people are going to speculate off each other, or there is plain existentialism and taking the challenges of the changing times as they come.
The shadow, having personal motivations and speculating on other people's expense, also ties into the Saturn retrograde in the 13.1 (restriction through ulterior motives), and Saturn having gone direct in 41.6▲ and Jupiter going direct in 49.4▲ (people trying to convince others of investing into their fantasy that often has an underlying hidden agenda).

In the shadow, this can also bring unjustified demands: Demanding much of others, but actually offering little to back it up, and demanding things that either have not been earned and that others have no reason to give, or that one has not the depth or the drive to maintain.

Some people might either have a personal agenda, or they might be abusive and try to compensate for their insecurities with delusions of grandiosity or pride. Some people have what it takes to make it in a particular situation or setting, and some people do not fit into the particular framework at all, and better find their place elsewhere, yet they make unjustified demands. This Chiron retrograde was about wounding through underestimating those problems in others or generally underestimating the challenges in others, or it was about healing through being prepared for interference and developing a strategy to deal with it and to fend it off. We can only be organized with people who have what it takes. And that's where it will hurt many right now. But also, that rejection can sometimes push people to evolve.

Worse wounding might happen when we chose to be organized with the wrong people who are very abusive, who we underestimate or underestimated, and now can't get rid of and are stuck with for some kind of reason (for example contracts). The eclipse in 8.3^ with the Sun in 14.3 brought superficial intimacy and selfless service or greed (→ the ulterior motivation why someone would want to join with someone else could be hunger for their money or for job opportunities that come through them, a gold digger, or lust for sex, or energetic vampirism, or whatever else that is devoid of real intimacy and depth). So in the worst case, we underestimate the challenge and are stuck with someone like that for now, someone who is with us for hidden motives, but not because they like or love us as a person, and not because they made an open, honest, and outspoken bargain and agreement with us. In that case, we might be stuck there until the lesson has been learned and the transformation has accomplished of whatever this unpleasant situation is supposed to transform. When one person is not real and is in a relationship for personal motivations and not for appreciation of the particular person itself, it can feed that particular other person's insecurities. They might intuitively sense that something it not quite right, become more and more insecure when they do not feel honestly appreciated for themself, and, dependent on character, they might become abusive. Vice versa, when we are stuck with an abusive person, there is no possibility to go deeper, we are stuck with them on an artificial surface where one person manipulates the other.

That being said, this can also bring healing or relief through having developed the right strategy to be organized with the right person, and to ditch the wrong person and dodge the bullet.