This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

Chiron enters gate 21 (conjunct Mercury in 21.1▲): Take no shit. Healing through autonomy and other people's big heart, or wounding through interference. Understanding and communicating clear boundaries, and absolutely being willing to enforce them when necessary – or disempowerment, damage, and pain inflicted through having weak boundaries and having one's big heart exploited by others, or through having things forced upon us.

    9 April 2021 7:07 UTC: Mercury conjunct Chiron in (Aries)
    9 April 2021 8:02 UTC: Chiron enters gate 21 on the 5/2 cross of the clarion (Mercury and Chiron in 21.1▲)
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Chiron in gate 21 is a long-lasting transit, we will deal with this energy for years to come.

Last week, we already might have seen what this energy can bring. When people are well-aligned and mature it can bring great service, but it can also bring wounding through misplaced control and interference. Julian Assange has his Chiron in this gate, and due to underestimating his enemies, he was trapped in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for years while his space was infiltrated and surveilled.
With Chiron, the detrimental side can be highlighted and emphasized to teach us a lesson, so that in the long run we find more into our power and take back the control that we might have been giving away too freely or recklessly. These difficulties can push us to transmute the detrimental frequencies, and to move toward a life that honors us and a life environment that respects us. Nonetheless, even if there is no damage inflicted and if there is no enforced outside control to the point of mental torture such as in the case of Assange, it still can be extremely annoying to always have to deal with people trying to get in the way because they feel entitled to do so for whatever weird reasons. Yet, that's the energy of the coming years.

Last week, I stumbled upon this hilarious 47.4-wisdom gem, the title is clickbait and not exactly the content of this video:
The 47.4 is about external oppression, often being oppressed by other people's problems that they refuse to be dealing with themself (if they faced it themself and resolved it, there would be no oppression). The guy in the video is speaking from his 47.4 south node perspective among others, but what he is saying also applies perfectly to Chiron in gate 21, which is about interference from others, fending off interference to ensure manifestation, and biting through problems to ensure manifestation. Especially the coconut-island-story in the video, even without the hoarding- and greed-component, is the typical story with gate 21 that I'm seeing with 21-people over and over again: They build something with great discipline and work harder than everyone else in the company. They bring structure, organization, practicality, and solve all kinds of problems for the benefit of everyone involved, and then envious people from below who don't invest in themself sustainably, or an entitled 45 from above, a narcissistic boss, come along and try to claim it, or the moochy family steals the credit card. If there are no boss and no co-workers, but if the 21-person is an independent business, people from outside come and try to hop onto the boat that has already been build and is already sailing somewhere good toward manifestation, and some of them will not know their place and will be getting in the way of manifestation while trying to profit of what they didn't even build and earn.
Short summary from the video in regard to Chiron in 21: "The moral of this story is: other people are literally your problem, because when other people have a problem they will make it your problem." "If you are on an island with 5 other people, and if these people are having a bad time and you are having a great time, you are about to have a bad time. That's how people work."

Chiron in gate 21 will also bring a lot of wounding through severe measures of control, bad organization, and bad management that has devastating effects.
For example, many of the global and different local COVID-19 measures have not been very well coordinated and far-sighted, and with Chiron in gate 21 we will either see the tangible effect onto manifestation, businesses, companies, and cooperations, or/and we will see further measures that challenge and destroy companies and cooperations at their very core. It is a potential culprit to get so hung up on things that went wrong, so that we stop to evolve and don't focus on finding ways to adapt. Flexible adaptation will be a key. It can be the downfall if we just keep on heading into the old direction without even considering if it has a future or not.

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On the good side, the coming years bring healing and self-empowerment through a firm, determined, and zero-tolerance „don't mess with me“-approach. We recognize that learning never ends and neither does the path through life with all its challenges. We learn from mistakes we make, adapt accordingly, and are willing to harvest or to distribute rejection when it is necessary to defend our ground.
We truly start to understand interference and the need for being wild and untamed, but we also understand what it means to be of disservice and what it means to truly be of service. In connection to the right people who are healing rather than a problem and a drain, who are big-hearted rather than coldly interfering with us, the coming years will be about being helped and helping others by biting through problems and taking control of things where before there has been chaos. Healing can happen through good organization, structure, and thoughtful problem solving.

I've said it before in 2019 when I first talked about Chiron in gate 21: if you have been postponing to take care of heart problems, then this might not be the best time to continue to neglect it. This is a good time to reduce unnecessary stress and demands, and to evaluate what puts too much pressure and burden on us and to let that thing go. This will be a good time to evaluate where we have been doing things the hard way, and whether there is a way of less resistance.