Design to Do in Human Design

Around 40% of human beings have a design to do.

Design to Do

A design to do is a design with at least one motor center (turquoise in the graphic at the right) connected to the throat center (purple in the graphic at the right). Whether the connection is direct through only one channel or whether it looks like a curvy snake wandering through many centers before reaching the throat center - if a motor center is connected to the throat center, you have a design to do.

With a design to do, your design has a very strong transformative component. Whatever you do and wherever you go, you always bring the potential for transformation with you. If you have a process-based inner authority that takes its time, you still have to wait for clarity. If you have a more sudden and spontaneous inner authority, you still have to wait for your body signals to light up. But once your inner authority has decided, you can directly act upon that decision. As soon as you know what is the thing you want to do, you are off the leash and doing it. This means you can act independently and without seeking consensus with others. It also means that sometimes it can be tempting to act too quickly - head over heels.
People with a design to do are oriented towards, and capable of, accomplishing goals. Especially if your sacral center or your root center are the motors that connect to your throat center, you can be a very busy person and truly enjoy that.

Only manifesting Generator and Manifestor aura types have a design to do. 60% of the population does not have a design to do. 60% of human beings are not designed to operate as independently as a design to do. They need a lot more patience, especially if they do not have emotional authority and are rather quick to decide. Maybe they have decided upon something, but then the outside stagnates and nothing moves for quite a while. With a design to do, things don't move as we want them to, either. But the opportunity for change is always there, it is much less dependent on others. If you have a design to do, it's simply good to be aware of that, so that you don't expect everyone else to operate like someone with a design to do, because they can't. If in doubt and if there are misunderstandings, you can inform them how things work a bit differently in your world. You can let them know that you are more of an independent person who needs the freedom to act on your own. If you let them know that you can be a steam roller, most people are unlikely to stand in your way when they notice that you get rolling.