Design to Wait in Human Design

Around 29% of human beings have a design to wait.

Design to Wait

A design to wait is a design with an open throat center (circled in red). All motor centers (turquoise) and all other centers can be defined, but the throat center is open.

With a design to wait, you are not designed to initiate speech or action. You will naturally attract attention. Transformation and manifestation mainly happens in interaction and it always comes through the outside. It is essential for you to learn to enjoy idling or to just keep on doing your thing until the opportunity for change comes.

Your open throat center takes in and amplifies other people’s throat energy, which puts you under pressure. There is an enormous pressure on you to speak or to act, even if it does not feel right to do so. You can feel pressured to interrupt others or to say things that make no sense, just in order to say something.
If your inner authority tells you from an authentic place to do something or to speak up, then that is to be trusted. Your inner authority always has the final say. It is important that you don’t let the mental knowing about your open throat center hold you back from what would be right for you. Yet, there is a lot of pressure on you to act or to speak when it is not authentic, or when it is not yet time.
Your throat will regularly be activated by others or by the planetary transits, which will temporarily give you easy access to manifestation energy. By authentically using it from your inner authority only, you will make sure to use it well. What this knowledge can help you with is to become aware of the pressure and to only give in if it is correct. Hopefully it also helps you to make peace with your idling and waiting phases. There is nothing wrong with that, it is supposed to be that way. You can become really wise about the nature of manifestation and transformation.

A design to do is the polar opposite of a design to wait. They complement each other.
People with a design to wait often feel inadequate because our cultural bias suggests that everyone should be able to initiate change and to get things done like a design to do.
Around 40% of human beings have a design to do where a motor center is directly connected to the Throat. Manifestor and manifesting Generator aura types have a design to do. For them, it is a lot easier to get things going than for someone with a design to wait. For them, it is not natural to seek consensus and mostly they do not need to, they just act. If they do seek consensus and inform, they mainly do it for the relationship and because they honor you and the relationship with you - especially if they are aware of their impact on you. For a design to do, impact is love. Making a difference for others is love. Transformation and manifestation is the first department of people with a design to do, which is the polar and complementary opposite of a design to wait. If you have a design to wait and are expected to operate like a design to do, that is an expectation that has to be disappointed because it was incorrect to begin with. The true potential of a design to wait is of another kind.

If you have a design to wait, it is important to recognize that initiating things, transformation and manifestation is not your department and first task in this life, but there is nothing missing in you. Your great and irreplaceable strengths lie somewhere else:
• With a design to wait and a defined sacral center (Generator aura type), you are much better at sustaining your workflow instead of starting new projects. It even is easy for you to get stuck in what you are doing although it might not suit you anymore. In such a situation, it can be very helpful to talk things through with someone in order to find a new direction that suits you better. In such situations, it can be beneficial to seek out the impact of a design to do or the company of someone who does not have a design to do, but who complements you into a design to do. But as long as change is not needed, you can be very satisfied just continuing to do your thing and maintaining what you love to do. Your sacral center keeps generating energy that wants to be spent, and this enormous energy of yours is your strength and power in this life - if you allow it to operate correctly by responding from the gut. Without Generators, life would not be what we know it to be. There would be no one to maintain it and to keep things going, continuously flowing and alive.
• With a design to wait and an open sacral center (Projector aura type), you are much better at recognizing what needs to be manifested and worked on, what can be manifested and how it can be manifested, than to do the manifestation and all the work yourself. You can be incredibly good at guiding others, so that they can manifest and do their work successfully. You can be a great guidance to those people who waste all their energy while they are confused, disoriented, or simply inefficient, and to those people who do not manifest authentically. Your great talent is to guide others rather than doing all the initiating and work yourself. As you guide those to their success who recognize you, you become successful as well and you can rise with them. You are here to tap into other people's energetic fields and identity and to guide them according to who they truly are - one on one, one person at a time. Without Projectors, essential guidance and orientation would be missing for many people.
Also, you can become very wise about manifestation in general. With enough patience, you can apply your wisdom and understanding in order to have life manifest things for yourself and for others.

Sometimes, people with a design to wait can get quite demanding, attention-seeking, and they can cling onto a relationship that gives them access to do and that offers them a Throat-motor-connection. If you do that, you might alienate and repel people that are essential in your process. It is important for you to recognize what the other person brings into your life, and to hold respect and space for the both of you.

If you want to understand the design to wait even better, you can read the information on the open throat center (Energy Centers -> Throat)