Ego Authority in Human Design

  ( Ego Center. What you want, what's actually worth it, and what you have the willpower to go for )

Around 1% of human beings have an ego authority.

Ego Authority in Human Design

The ego authority operates on willpower. With this authority, you have willpower that you can use, or not. The ego center is the only motor center defined in you and while the Ego can work really really hard, it is not built to work consistently - it needs rest. The golden rule is: do not overwork yourself and get a lot of rest, otherwise you will burn yourself out.

The Ego can be expressed verbally, but in itself, it doesn't have an inner voice. It is a motor that provides energy or not. This is NOT mental will that derives from talking yourself into what you think you would like to do. There is no thinking and no words to turn the ego center on. Instead, the Ego is physical willpower, it is a clear and strong surge of power in your body. It switches on and BAM, there it is, ready to use.
If this power is not there, it is time to rest and wait for the proper use of the will. Do not try to force the opinions of your mind onto thy will and onto what has been orchestrated for you on your path through life, which ultimately determines the time when your willpower switches on and off.

When you speak, you can hear if your voice sounds true or not, if there is strength in it or not. It is very obvious when your will center speaks, the will and the ego speak with determination and power. If you are unsure, it can help to talk to someone who you trust and who doesn't want to force their agenda upon you, but rather just for the sake of you two listening to your voice while you talk. There is either power behind it, or the frequency sounds off.

With an ego authority, you have a lot of open centers - centers that you are tempted to mentally make decisions from. It can benefit you to look at the chapter on energy centers and to figure out what they mean for you, so that you can even better recognize when you are not true to yourself. You are not your emotions (open solar plexus center), you can't afford to make decisions from your emotionality and from how something feels emotionally. You can't make decisions in order to get rid of pressure (open root center), you can't make the right decisions based on your mind's logic, and so on.

Allow yourself not to be too fixed with the non-essential things in life, meaning: if someone invites you to a party in two weeks and right now there would be the willpower for it, tune in to yourself on the day of the event - maybe, that day, there will be no energy available.

When do I have an Ego Authority?

You have an ego authority when you meet all 4 of these criteria:
Your ego center is defined AND your spleen center is open AND the sacral center is open AND the solar plexus center is open.
Manifestor and Projector aura types can have an ego authority.

The Projector with an Ego Authority

An Projector can have an ego authority only through the channel 51-25, the channel of initiation, a mystic channel. It is a design of needing to be first. It is the only direct connection between the willpower (ego center) and the identity and direction (G center). This is the place where the ego surrenders to a higher sense of love and to a higher direction in life. This Projector has enormous willpower to leap into the void, but they still need to be recognized for their ability, and they need to be asked to initiate others. This Ego authority is not materialistic in the first place, it is looking for more, for something that goes far beyond the material plane. It is looking for the innocence, unconditional love, and for its spirit. The big potential of someone with this design is to initiate people to find themselves, to guide them to overcome the restrictive rules and standards of their communities and society, to bring them into their own unique frequency, potential, and direction. Someone with this design can also greatly help others to deal with the shock of devastating situations, to recognize them as an initiation towards greater love and greater self-discovery, and to ride the shockwave.

If you are a Projector with an ego authority, the danger is to get caught up in the wrong battles, for example, to get caught up in a competition at your workplace of who can work the most extra hours a week. But the ego center needs rest and Projectors are not here to work but to guide. Because of the enormous willpower, you can get much done for a while, but if it is not for the right thing, it is self-abuse. At some point, it will wear you out and you will have won nothing. The only motor and fuel that you have is the ego center, use it wisely and in an energy-efficient way. You are here to be wise in guiding others, not to work like a manifesting Generator energy type.
The important question is: are you recognized for what you actually have to offer or are you recognized for what you are not? Is the invitation right for you or not? What kind of borders are crossed, your own borders or borders that lead to true initiation and maybe even to a new mystical dimension? Do people recognize you for your capacity to guide and initiate them into new ways of being? Is it courage or folly? Most importantly: do you really want it, is your heart and your willpower in this with you?
It is vital for you to recognize which battles to fight.

The more you recognize others in their individual potential, the more you are recognized in yours. Especially as a Projector, it is tremendously useful to learn the mechanics, at least the absolute basics such as type, strategy, inner authority, and energy centers. When you know the basics of how people operate, you can make better sense of what you perceive from their aura when you focus on them. You will be able to guide and initiate others much more precisely. Until the right invitation comes, develop your innovative and unusual potential and use it in your everyday life so that people get the opportunity to see and recognize you for it.

The Manifestor with an Ego Authority

As a Manifestor, you are here to go after what your body guides you to do and to break new ground. Do not tolerate interference, do your own thing. You do not need to wait for an invitation, you are built to act independently.

When people initially get to know you, your ego and willpower might not be turned on. They might get to know you in a situation where you might not be expressing your strong will, but just be calm and peaceful. They might be very surprised and shocked to later encounter your powerful and determined side. But it is not "either...or", the people that are good for you will like both aspects, even if they are intimidated at first. When your Ego turns on and you speak from it, you can have powerful impact. As an ego Manifestor, you will have much more impact on larger groups than other people would have. When you are within a larger group, you easily attract people's attention. Use it wisely and responsibly. If you get caught up in your mental agenda, fears, belief systems or self-obsession, you can do great damage.

70% of the population on the planet does not have a defined ego center and does not have constant access to willpower. In addition, more than half of the population on the planet can't just go and do like you can, because they do not have a motor center connected to the throat center as you have with your design to do. They have no constant and direct possibility of manifesting their energy. It is helpful to be aware of that, that no matter how hard they try, they can't manifest as independently, and they have a really hard time keeping their promises, so they are better off not to make any. If you expect them to be like you, fast, reliable, and independent in action, it will never work for them no matter how hard they try. You will put them under a lot of pressure and they will end up feeling horrible and worthless. But they are not, everyone is here for a unique purpose that simply differs from yours. You are here to act independently and to impact wisely.

Not only is it important for you to inform, it is also important for you to be informed. Let others know the importance that clear communication has for you, so that they can respect your needs. It pays to play nice and respectful, but with uncompromising determination. You need to be uncompromising with what your heart and willpower signal to you. If people still get in your way, bomb through down your road in life. The important part is that you honk, "here I am coming, get out of my way". But if people resist that, you can't afford to be considerate and get off track. You can't. Move through. Do not compromise on what your inner authority (your inner authority, not your mind and not your emotions!) tells you to do.
In the end, people will likely profit from what you do and from the new path that you strike. But if you let them interfere, no one will get to that place where it was worth it.