Emotional Authority in Human Design

  ( Solar Plexus Center. No truth in the present moment, and emotional clarity only over time )

Around 47% of human beings have an emotional authority.

Emotional Authority in Human Design

If you have an emotional authority, your decisions are based on an emotional process of getting clear in the body. That process takes time. Regardless of your biological gender your emotions determine your life. You are here to feel. You are very deep.

Half of the planet has a defined solar plexus center, they are emotionally defined and thus they have an emotional authority. If you are emotionally defined, there is no truth in the now. Never. Never. Never is there truth in the now. Emotional clarity and emotional awareness only come over time. If you are uncertain with a decision, if you are afraid to meet the wrong decision and then regret it, take some more time to observe your emotional wave processing the issue - until you are certain that this is indeed the right thing for you. Time is your friend. Time is your ally.

The solar plexus is a motor that generates emotions. It generates lows, it generates highs, it generates every emotion you can think of; and many times there is no obvious reason for the moods that it generates. When you have a defined solar plexus, everything that you perceive in the moment is emotionally colored, because the emotional motor never stops moving. When you are happy, the good things happening might be more present to you and you might overlook critical things. When you are down, the bad things will get much more weight and you might miss the positive things that people say or you might even misinterpret them. When you read things twice being in different moods, they will sound very different to you. In that sense, you can't trust your perception in the very moment, it is all colored. Clarity can only come when you look at something over and over again from different emotional perspectives.
When you try to dissect your emotions logically, your emotions can be heavily confusing. Most of the time there is no reason for your emotional state, you were just moved into it. It's chemistry, it's a physical process, you can't interfere with it. Trying to find reasons for your emotions or justifying them towards others can really fuck you up. You don't need to find a reason, the wave will keep moving and tomorrow things might not be so different, but they will feel very different. Logic will not help you to get any emotional clarity in your life, at the worst, logic interferes with your emotional process. The mind is helpless. If you have an emotional authority, you are here to feel and to be guided by feelings over time.

Most people who identify with "being on a spiritual path" search for happiness. The joke is: you will find happiness, but it might not be the constant happiness that you expected. Together with happiness, you will also find pain. Pain is a catalyst for change and for evolving spiritually. After we suffered our deal we feel things more intensely. Pain can burn away everything that is false and make us move towards who we truly are and where we truly are supposed to go in life. We step into our power. And that is truly fulfilling. But expecting to always be happy simply does not work. It's time to be happy when it's time to be happy and it's time to be sad and cry when it's time to cry. There is nothing wrong with you when you are sad. You do not need to counteract and fight the sadness and emotional pain, it is simply a point in your emotional wave and it will pass. When you have an emotional authority, the most profound thing you can do for yourself is to surrender to your nature of having such emotional movements and to remind yourself that it is likely to pass. That is the biggest gift you can ever give to yourself.
At the same time, knowing the mechanics of your wave can help you to better understand it. The more aware you become, the less you identify with your wave. The emotions are a force within you, but they are not you, they are a powerful force moving through. Being aware of that can help you to experience it more even-minded and with a sense of inner tranquility in the middle of an emotional storm. To clarify: the emotions will not even out, they will continue to change. But the mind becomes more even because it stops to blindly believe all the emotionally charged stories that we tell ourselves when we are in certain emotional states. Also, the mind can become less afraid of the darkness of certain emotional states.

Often people with an emotional authority enter into something, for example, a relationship, on the high end of their emotional spectrum. They enter into it because right now it feels so good, they don't wait for true clarity. Then their emotions drop and they get to the low end of their emotional spectrum. They generate blame and search a scapegoat for having these feelings when in fact there is no one to blame. It is just the emotional life force in them that is moving while life happens. The emotional life force can generate a lot of blame. So they blame themselves, they blame others, they quit and leave behind huge chaos and mess. And often they regret it. Sometimes the emotions are unpleasant and painful, but the aftermath of acting them out can be far more painful than to endure the initial emotional states. Sometimes the emotions are unpleasant and painful, but nothing is going to stay the same. If one thing is reliable then it is that the emotions keep shifting and that bad days will pass.

It is important to realize that you have to be patient and wait in order to know what is correct for you. For the emotionally defined person, clarity only comes over time. You need to look at the situation over and over again from different emotional perspectives and angles before you can get to a conclusion. It is like taking a picture of a flower every day. One day you take it from above, one day from the side, one day in the sunset, one day at noon, one day while it is windy and one day during the fog of dawn - and every picture looks different. You need a variety of pictures to get a really solid grasp of how it feels what you are entering into. For big decisions, it can take months, it can take years, you never know how long it is going to take until you finally know. Having an emotional authority is like a snowball, it starts very small and once it gets rolling it collects more snow (emotional data). Slowly but steadily it grows and grows and it takes a pretty big cliff to throw the snowball off its trajectory.
Emotions are simply energy and chemistry moving through you, they have no awareness. The awareness emerges from the mass of emotional data that you collect over time.

When people come to you and you are not clear, you need to tell them that you do not know yet. It's good to be honest and to tell them that you take your time with all your decisions and that you need more time to be really sure. In order to find the things that are REALLY made for YOU, until you have real clarity, an inner "maybe" equals an inner "not now". You have to stall for time until you are clear. Your mind can make up all kinds of reasons why "yes" or why "no", but the truth is: it does not (yet) feel right and feeling is not logical, it is not mental.
Do not be afraid while the world moves on and you still do not know. It can be really scary. But realize that everything that does not wait for you was never meant for you and would have gotten you into trouble. Everything that really is for you will respect that you need to take your time, it will wait for you.

Correct and reliable decisions emerge from the stillness that arises after you have waited long enough and the emotional storm has settled. In a moment of emotional calmness, clarity can emerge. It might take time and practice to recognize that moment, but the more you allow yourself to witness your emotions, the faster you will find an emotional balance that can strengthen the emotional clarity that can emerge. When the fear of making a wrong decision disappears, when you neither decide from total sadness nor from total excitement, when you are in a state of stillness where other options are out of the question, then you have reached your decision. And again: clarity takes time and patience. Lots of time and lots of patience.

If you have an emotional authority, recognize that guilt does not really exist. It might feel like it oftentimes, but in fact, there is only cause and effect. Cause and effect. Every action that we perceive as bad and horrible and awful, everything has a reason. We as humans are limited in our perception. We are deeply limited and most of us have been brought away from our innocent nature at a very early age, as soon as we entered into the world. We live in a world full of blame, false morals, suppressed fears, and repressed desires. Everyone has a load to carry, much of that load no one can and will ever see because it remains dug deep, deep inside. Imagine you were in their shoes and you would have gone through what they have gone through. Would you know better? Would you be able to behave better? Really?
It's cause and effect at work.

Emotional beings are often rejected for those emotions that do not feel so good. From early on, they learn to seek the high of the emotional wave and to suppress - or not to express - the low of the emotional wave. They often hide their pain, they often neglect it. But without the pain, there would be no joy, everything is a binary. Both joy and pain are valid and both are there, it is just a matter of acceptance. If you can let your pain be and run through you when you are on the low end of the emotional wave, then it can teach you a great deal about what is important for you. If you can openly share your pain and be vulnerable, people get a chance to comfort you and sit with you and both sides get a chance for a more intimate and more authentic connection. Be true to yourself and recognize with whom you can be true, who accepts and embraces the real you, emotionality included, and who only wants to ride with you when you are on the high end of the wave but tries to avoid you and tries to superficially cheer you up without real compassion when you are not happy. You feel how you feel and that is okay. Let no one pressure you to believe otherwise.

How long will it take you to find a decision? It differs. The emotional process is not logical, there is no time pattern to be found, do not approach it from this mental perspective. For the same person, it can take two years to buy a bike and 4 months to buy a house. It is not logical, it is not rational, it is emotional. You never know how long it takes until you finally get to the clarity.
When you enter something, it takes time, when you exit something, it takes time as well. Do not exit spontaneously in an emotional down. Wait it out until you have the clarity that this is no longer for you.

With an emotional authority, really take your time for reaching decisions. The things that really matter will wait for you. Life waits for you. That is no joke. If you wait long enough, the things that are not for you start dropping away. And it might even happen that the deal gets better the longer you wait. As an emotional being, you can move too fast, but you can hardly move too slow unless you already have arrived at clarity and postpone acting on it out of mind trips and mental fears.

If you have an emotional authority and either your spleen center or your sacral center is defined, you will have spontaneous impulses in the now or gut responses, but do not spontaneously follow them for big decisions. For the big stuff, wait for your emotional clarity.
A defined spleen center warns you when something is not healthy for you. When it gives negative signals, you most likely can trust it, and most likely your emotional wave doesn't even start rolling - you just know that something isn't for you. When it gives you a positive signal and intuition, you can follow this impulse as long as it comes from calmness and equanimity. But if the impulse starts off an emotional wave and you get all excited and all over the place, then usually it is better to wait until the excitement has settled and until a relatively calm certainty sets in.
Over time, as you consciously explore your emotional wave and your emotional reactions, you will get a very good feeling for when you are acting too quickly out of impatience and emotional amplitudes, and for when you are reasoning your way into waiting and procrastinating although your decision is already clear. It is all a matter of gaining experience and wisdom through experimenting and observing.

There are three different emotional waves, and the one that defines your solar plexus dominates your feelings. Potentially, you can also have all three of them defining your solar plexus, but that is rarer.

Tribal Emotional Wave (bargain, need and touch)

Tribal Emotional Wave Human DesignWhen your solar plexus is defined through the channels 37-40 or 49-19 you have a tribal emotional wave.

The tribal emotional life force is focused on your relationships and on the bargains inherent in your relationships. It moves back and forth, back and forth, and in that movement, it slowly ratchets up. Two steps forward, one step backward. Just when you felt good and thought you had figured it out, the next morning you wake up and you feel awful.
Seemingly meaningless issues in your relationships can accumulate and the emotions build up until they explode. Maybe you don't even know where it all came from, but the last issue was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
In those moments, you might feel as if you are in the wrong relationship, and you might be very tempted to leave it, but when you do not act spontaneously and take your time, the other day things might look good again.
It makes a huge difference to speak about any issues as soon as they appear, no matter how small they might seem. Having everything talked through and processing it together in a timely manner can delay the build-up of the wave and soften the crash. It's more pleasant to have many small things to work through and to experience a little pain or discomfort than to have an immense emotional crash that keeps you in its death grip for long. After talking things out, you will have a clean slate and a stronger understanding of each other. Upon that foundation, you can build a stronger relationship.

Touch is extremely important for you. Hugging and cuddling can help to ease the emotional down wave and take some of the severity out of it. If your people do not hug or otherwise touch you when you see them, it can feel really off. It can emotionally feel as if something is not right and somehow they have taken distance from you.
The bargain is very important for someone with a tribal emotional wave. Whether the giving and taking is balanced and whether your people are loyal to you is an important focus.

Individual Emotional Wave (romance, passion, acoustic)

Individual Emotional Wave Human DesignWhen your solar plexus is defined through the channels 55-39 or 22-12 you have an individual emotional wave.

The individual emotional wave is passionate and moody. Someone with this kind of wave might not seem emotional at all - until you witness them undergo an emotional spike. Most of the time, their emotions are pretty even, calm and stable with short little mood-swings here and there. As with every emotional definition, the moods of the individual emotional wave keep on changing because the Solar Plexus motor always keeps moving, but the majority of the time there is an evenness to it and most of the mood swings are non-dramatic. The spike is even more dramatic, though. Up to heaven and down to hell. It can be very dark.

The guiding principle for someone with individual emotional definition is: honor your moods and do not do anything when you are not in the mood to do it.
Allow yourself not to be too fixed especially with the non-essentials in life, meaning: if someone invites you to a party in two weeks and you come to the conclusion that the party sounds great, it can still happen that when the day comes you are in a really bad mood. Rather than forcing yourself to it while being in such a mood, allow yourself to take your time off.

Abstract Collective Emotional Wave (experiential way, desire, visual)

Abstract Emotional Wave Human DesignWhen your solar plexus is defined through the channels 30-41 or 36-35 you have a collective emotional wave. This is also called an abstract emotional wave.

The abstract emotional wave builds up the desire for a new experience until it is ready for it. After having had the experience, it crashes down. This wave is based on expectation and on the desire for an experience. While in itself it is pretty impersonal, the underlying hidden evolutionary agenda is to bond and reproduce. It is visual and the more you imagine and get fixed on what things should turn out to be, the harder you crash when they turn out to be different.
In the abstract process, things always turn out to be different - there is no straight line from point A to point B. After you started your experience, you realize you need to go to point R and point L (or life just pulls you there). Having arrived at point L, you realize you need to collect something from point M in order to get to point B. When you are at point M, you realize that you have outgrown point B and point B needs to be adjusted. In order to get to the new point B, you start off your new journey towards point X. None of this was part of the initial plan to begin with, but on the journey, you have learned a whole lot and gained wisdom and experience.
The abstract process always gives you more than you think it will, but it gives you different things than you thought it would. It does not give you exactly what you thought it would give you. This is the experiential way, it is learning through experience. The ideal on the experiential way is to be fully consumed by an experience while being in it, and then to retreat and reflect on it after the experience is over.
This can be a very heavy process. The more you expect, the harder you crash. The realization that can free you is: life could always be worse. It is all about the experience and you do not need to stick with past experiences and disappointed expectations. You are free to move on. Not every person you are going to have an experience with might afterward turn out to be as great as you thought, but that is okay, you do not need to rely on them. Whatever happened and however things turned out to be, at some point you had a truly unique and beautiful experience, and you learned something valuable from it.
The key to the abstract process is not to expect anything, but to accept the limitations of fate, to make the best of them, and to embrace the moment.

Ideally, you also either gained financial resources, or you gained experience and wisdom that you can turn into financial profit. Which person are you going to hire if you need help with something - the one who has only theoretical knowledge, but zero experience validating it and working with it, or the one who can provide approaches and insights based on lots of experience? Are you going to have your bike repaired by the person who has studied engineering and can tell you the density of the metals that the bike is made of, but who never used a screwdriver in their whole life; or are you going to have it repaired by the person who can't read but who has been fixing all sorts of different bikes for their friends and family for their whole life since they were 8 years of age? Are you going to consult a mental or physical health professional who has no personal experience with what they are trying to treat, or are you consulting the professional who has experienced similar hardships, who found their way to overcome them and who has understanding and compassion for how you might possibly feel in facing a difficult situation that has similarities with the situation they once faced? That's the value of the experiential way.

The source of all three waves: The channel of mating (6-59)

When your solar plexus is defined through the channel 6-59 you have an emotional wave that is defined through the channel of intimacy. The 6-59 is a very complex wave. It is a tribal channel and touch is important. Yet, this channel governs the whole collective experiential circuit, and controls the emotional quality of the experience. It is also connected to individuality, because gate 6 is the source where all three other emotional waves are generated from.

Gate 6 is the gate of conflict and friction, and much of this emotional wave is about resolving conflict before it can turn into a real crisis, or about creating conflict that can bring crisis and progress. Gate 6 controls the emotional field, which you can see especially clearly in line 6.4. Out of all lines, the 4th line is the most fixed on the influence and impact that it has on the other person. By controlling the emotional field, the conflict potential is damped or cranked up because those who are affected by the emotional field are either on edge and emotionally cranked up, or they are blissful and at ease. Gate 6 is a very powerful gate, but if you don't know that, then you don't necessarily notice its power because its emotional power is invisible to the eye, it can only be felt. With a gate 6 it is easy to create or fuel conflict, the art is to discern which conflict makes sense and brings healthy progress, and which doesn't. Gate 59 defines our genetic mating strategy, and gate 6 controls whether someone is open to the individual strategy of the other person, and whether someone is generally open to intimacy with the other person. Someone with channel 6-59 can quickly establish an intimate connection with someone, and often others perceive that to be more than it actually is because the 6-59 person feels so close to them and so many intimate details are being shared. This channel indirectly governs the whole experiential way of humanity. If you will, you can also say gate 6 can control the quality of experience starting from the fantasy, then going through crisis and unexpected things that happen on the way, and then leading to the progress and growth that every experience leads to. Gate 6 has power over the conflicts along the path, and by generating conflicts and friction, it creates the potential for growth and progress.

If you have this channel, being touched by another person can cause your body to release emotions. Because this channel is the source of all the three other waves (tribal, individual, and experiential), it contains all three waves in some way, it is a mix of them. Maybe you know these picture generators where you can merge the faces of two different people into one face. The resulting face looks like both original faces, but more evened out. Yet, the 6-59 can have many different flavors. But seeking for a common denominator, I would describe the 59-6 as more symmetric than the other tribal waves that stem from it, symmetric like the individual wave. But it is not as spiky and sudden in its swings, it's quite soft - until something extreme happens, then it can be very forceful and emotionally strangle you. It's more like a sinus curve with a base plateau that drops or rises dependent on the person's overall life situation (crisis or ease).
If you happen to have a 6-59, from my experience the 59-6 can emotionally strangle you temporarily when others touch you, because simmering emotions suddenly and explosively rise up in your body and are released into your awareness. Until that point, the unfelt emotions might strangle others when they are floating around in the emotional field that you share with them, and they take them in and amplify them. Touch can be quite healthy, essential, and necessary to clear the field so that no one involved is going to be chronically emotionally burdened by an unprocessed wave that just builds and builds and builds further up. Touch can be quite healthy to simply release the accumulated emotions and go through temporary darkness and conflict that arises when the emotions come to one's awareness. After having been physically touched by another person and having gone through that process of emotional release, the emotions are going to be resolved. Then, the level of the plateau that had built changes and drops back down, and the curve can continue on a more balanced level, with a clean slate if you will.
I have not done the research to see if it is representative, but my experience mostly is that touch calms down the tribal person with the 19-49 or 37-40 wave when they are in a bad mood, or after they have exploded on you and just couldn't keep it in any longer. But when you touch a 59-6 who is on the edge, the touch causes them to explode.

When you are in balance and nothing unfelt is left to accumulate, or when life simply doesn't bring stressful situations, the 6-59 is an emotional wave that can be quite at ease.

Children with an Emotional Authority

Children with an emotional authority often meet incomprehension from their parents who have no healthy way of dealing with emotionality themselves. They learn not to show and to suppress or deny their unpleasant emotions because their environment does not want to deal with it. In many cases, they learn that they are being emotionally rewarded by their parents when they are happy, so from early on they try to maintain such a state. Because this is impossible to do, they get caught in a vicious cycle. They didn't manage to keep their mood up, so they feel even worse. Emotional children who are not accepted and embraced in their emotionality can start to feel as if something is wrong with them. They can feel as if they have to suppress or hide their emotions. Deeply trained and ingrained in them, they carry into adulthood their parents’ incapability of dealing with emotions. As parents, as people who work with children, and also as people who simply encounter children in life, we have the responsibility to recognize that unpleasant emotions are also a part of reaching emotional clarity. We need to recognize that all emotions are valid. When our children are in the mood to talk, we can encourage them to express and discuss everything with us without punishment. We can cuddle them when they are down instead of making it worse by being overly strict or insensitively up in our heads. When they are not in the mood to talk or cuddle we can accept that, and we can leave them their space to be all grumpy and sad.

When do I have an Emotional Authority?

You have an emotional authority when the solar plexus center is defined. Without exception.
All aura types except the Reflector can have an emotional authority.

The Generator with an Emotional Authority

The Generator as well as the manifesting Generator with an emotional authority have a defined sacral center. The sacral center pulls life towards the person who carries it. You attract life and then you respond to it and give your energy to what you love. You are here to bring energy, fertility and life to the world through the correct energetic response within your body. If you want to know more about that response read the chapter on the "Responding Authority", but keep in mind that you are not as spontaneous as somebody with a responding authority will be. What you have in common is that you respond from your gut and its energy. But, in addition, you need time to decide. Do not give away your energy instantaneously.

As a Generator with an emotional authority, you need to experience and observe multiple responses over time. Do not blindly jump on the wagon just because it feels so good in that moment. When facing a decision, take your time to feel into it. Every now and then, check back with your response and see if and how it has progressed. That means that you immensely profit from an ally who repeatedly gives you questions to respond to throughout your emotional process.

For example, when you are asked if you want to join a project, that is the time when the emotional decision process starts rolling through response. In the end, when the final decision will be made, it will also happen through response. But in between there is time, the process takes its time. During the process, you tune into yourself again and again and it can also help to be asked about it. It can help you in your decision process when you have someone to talk to who understands how to ask you the right questions that your body can respond to. The general rule is: as long as you do not know, take some more time.

The Manifestor with an Emotional Authority

As an emotional Manifestor, you are here to manifest, transform, and impact others from a place of emotional clarity. It can take a lot of time until you reach that point of knowing, but once you are there, you are a very strong force and you can have a tremendous impact for good. It is important to inform before you act, so that people around you can stop being consciously or subconsciously suspicious and so that they can relax and get out of your way. If you need help with whatever you are doing, it's best to let them know and then ask them or invite them - according to their aura type and inner authority. Not only is it important for you to inform, but it is also important for you to be informed. Let others know the importance that clear communication has for you, so that they can respect your needs.

It pays to play nice and respectful, but with uncompromising determination. You need to be uncompromising with what your emotional authority tells you, once you have reached clarity. If people still get in your way, bomb through down your road in life. The important part is that you honk, "here I am coming, get out of my way". But if people resist that, then you can't afford to be considerate and get off track. You can't. Move through. Do not compromise on what your inner authority (your inner authority, not your mind and not your emotions on the very high or low end!) tells you to do.
In the end, people will likely profit from what you do, from the new ways that you pave, and from the doors that you open. But if you let them interfere and push you off track, no one including yourself will get to that place where it was worth it.

For the Manifestor, it can be extra hard to wait because the potential to act is available. But if you act without having clarity, you will bring chaos in your life. And not only in yours: as a Manifestor, you have impact, you will bring chaos to the lives of the people around you as well.

The manifesting Generator with an Emotional Authority

Manifesting Generators are a hybrid between Generators and Manifestors.
As an emotional manifesting Generator you follow the same process as the Generator (see above) and in addition it is very important for you that you inform. Once you have clarity, it is important for you to figure out who is impacted by what you are going to do and who to inform. It's always good to let people know - but for you, as a manifesting Generator, it is a focus. If you haven't arrived at a decision yet, it can also help to inform people that you like the idea and simply need time to decide because you are not spontaneous with big decisions.

For the manifesting Generator, it can be extra hard to wait because the potential to act is available. But if you act without having clarity, you will bring chaos into your life. And not only in yours: as a manifesting Generator, you have impact, you will bring chaos to the lives of the people around you as well.

The Projector with an Emotional Authority

For the emotional Projector, patience and careful deliberation are essential. When you think you might have been recognized, wait before you take the next step. It might feel so good in that moment, especially when you have not been recognized and seen for who you are in a long time - still, wait. You are not yet seeing the whole picture, it takes time to develop, and it is hard to see in the moment if you are being recognized for yourself and if the other person is correct for you. If the person or the project is really for you, the person or project will still be available for you when you have clarity. Life waits for you and everything that is not in your highest interest falls away. Everything that is true remains. Waiting only serves you.