6 February 2022-24 May 2022: Chiron back in gate 21: Biting through problems. Control. Wounding through interference, or healing through hig-hearted service.

Chiron back in gate 21: The need to abandon tolerance in response to threat, and to strike out in order to not be victimized by others. Wildness and alertness helps preventing and dealing with interference and aggression. It also helps to eliminate inferior influences and toxic people to begin with – preventing failure by valuing QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

    6 February 2022 23:16 UTC: Chiron D back in gate 21 (21.1, Aries) // fully open ego.

Here is the original article on Chiron wandering through gate 21: https://humanarchetypes.com/chiron-in-gate-21/

On May 24th, Chiron will enter gate 51 for the first time, the arousing. It is the gate of shock, initiation, feeling alive, and having the maya come alive.